Yes I'm a princess, but that doesn't mean I can't handle myself.

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a character in “The Tale of Three Worlds”, as played by Fatal_Flaw_Enki


Age: 22
Type: Beastly humanoid/ human mix

She has very fair skin, one of the palest in her current country. She stands about 5'7" and has a slim curved figure. Her eyes are a beautiful blue-green that typically matches the oceans of Ophidia. Her hair is cropped short and has a messy look to it. A golden woven beret given to her by her mother is always in her hair to keep some of the stray strands from falling into her face during battle. It is often that she carries a winged staff made out of the finest blue gold with the design in a metallic silver. Between the middle of the sphere that has the two wings a top it are little flecks of light that float within, moving from side to side at all times. These flecks resemble the life force of her rod. Her clothing, due to her status, is very elegant. With rich colors of red, flowering designs in the patter of blues and silvers. She typically wears a skirt that parts in the front attached to a pair of shorts that are in the same type of material. She wears fine jewelry at times, but not often because she doesn't want to damage anything that has coast too much money.


Ocenia, unlike some of the natural Vall and humans was blessed with two forms. Her Vall form does not occur often, typically only during very stressful events or battles. This form has even paler tones than her human form and is blessed with a set of wings whiter than the first fallen snows of Ophidia. Her hair grows to about mid-waist and holds a very pale white that seems grey in comparison to her beautiful wings. Typically she would be in the same clothing that she would wear around the palace, but to trick some of her caretakers Ocenia had figured out how to warp her magical abilities to change the clothing to a tatter old grey dress that fit to her body almost perfectly. It flows around her like a ghost reflection to what she has become. The only person who knows about this alternate form at her palace would be her Professor Ka'dar. It was a secret that was kept to the two of them so not to frighten the people of Ophidia more.



Ocenia is a very shy person at first. This has grown into her because she was use to her father dealing with a lot of people and telling her to listen instead of talk. With this she has grown into a very quiet young woman, though she will speak to those she has grown fond of, gotten to know, or when she is angry. Once Ocenia opens herself up to those around her she is a very sweet loving person who wishes that the small battles that play out between the three kingdoms would fall short allowing peace to travel throughout the lands, though these are similar ideals to her mother. When agitated, Ocenia will lash out, often using magic that typically causes more annoyances.

Ocenia is also known to the people as a "Peaceful Spirit" this is due to her abilities to control the emotional levels in the room. Often she uses a flute that she keeps on her at all times to play music to sooth the souls of the irritated. This goes along with her personal opinion to bring balance and peace to the three realms.

Though Ocenia is known for these personality behaviors she does have an alternate side to herself as well. Involved in her fighting she can change from her human form to a form more like her Vall nature, a blessing and a curse her Professor has informed her. This change in her body also effects her personality, making her a little harder to deal with. She becomes more blunt with her words and typically ignores even more instructions than her normal personality would. In this form as well she uses her music to consume people to the point of controlling their own body to her will. This is how she typically tries to win battles, though if the music goes unheard she is not able to control the bodies. At times this form can stick with the princess for a few days, though it usually wares off when she is out of danger.


Her elegant clothes that her parents provide her. The beautiful staff that was made for her to use her magical abilities. A small flute, this is with her at all times because her main magical ability is to calm people with the music she produces. She is known as a peaceful spirit for a reason. Another object she keeps with her at all times is the beret in her hair that was given to her by her biological mother.


Ocenia is a magi in her abilities, meaning she can use magical properties. Her main source of power comes from music which she omits through a small flute that she keeps on her person. Ocenia was trained well by person tutors in both magic and combat, though she would prefer to stay out of fights and work on the sidelines with her abilities. At one point her father had pointed Yo'Von as her personal trainer to bring up her own experience in weaponry. Through a lot of hard work he managed to help her work with some daggers of her own, the only weapons she could move with freely without harming herself along with anyone else. But her main training came from a Professor Ka'dar from the Opal Spire who specialized in healing and water properties. Soon she mastered many different abilities that keep her on her toes with everyone. The people may love her, but she can only show so much power before they begin to fear her for all the magic she holds dear to her.

In her private lesson she had also unlocked an ability that shocked both her and her professor. She was able to break the seal from her human body and turn into her Vall counterpart. This was achieved through irritation and anger. Because Ocenia is often a calm person, her professor started to try and train her to control her counterpart. With this he was able to bring trigger memories to bring out the woman that was hidden deep within the princess, once she mastered this she was able to change at will to the Snow Angel, as they called her. Though before she decided to disappear on the castle they were still trying to figure out how to return her to her natural state without having to wait for the effects to ware off.


Ocenia was born in Konclave to a human mother who had mated with a beastly-humanoid from the Herth. Upon realizing that their daughter had given birth to a child with a beastly father, Ocenia's biological mother was thrown out of her own home. With a small baby girl in her arms the new mother had no idea what to do with the child, but she knew they would not both survive out in the cold of winter. Traveling for the longest time the mother managed to find people helped her travel to Ophidia. Within the Realm of Order, Ocenia's mother tried to find a good home for her daughter, but no one wanted a Konclave child in their home, let alone a Konclave child that had dabbled in some Herth blood as well.

Beginning to lose hope that her child would ever leave a peaceful happy life, the new mother heard rumors that the King and Queen of Ophidia were having troubles giving birth to their own children. The queen had many miscarriages and was soon declared unable to had children. Hope had been lost for the king and queen, but the mother had an idea. She made her way to the castle and was able to convince a guard to let her speak with a maid. The maid agreed to the pleading mother's wishes and told her to stay at the front gate while she presented the lovely child to the queen and her king. As soon as the woman vanished into the doors of the castle, the new mother made her way into the crowds and vanished. She would never know what happened to that lovely red-brown haired child of hers.

The queen was shocked to hear what the maid had to say about the lovely little girl in her hands. She responded with a yes at first, but then demanded to speak with the mother to find out reasons for wanting to depart from her own child, but the maid was never able to find the lady. Worried that the child would die without her help and excited to finally have a child to call her own, the queen accepted the vanishing woman's wishes and raised the child of her own. At first this caused protest from the people of Ophidia, but they soon noticed the love and kindness their queen and king showed to this child and accept the young girl to be their princess. Now Ocenia is a well-known magician in Ophidia. She is known for her water, ice, and healing abilities along with her calming musical abilities. People sometimes worry that the princess could use her music to force people to fight, but the young woman has not tried this and doesn't plan to anytime soon if possible.

Now at the age of 22 she wonders about herself and the vanishing woman that was her biological mother. The queen and king never hid who the girl really was. She knew that her mother was human, but wondered what her father was. Due to her magical touch she thought he could have been an Orlary, but she does not look remotely similar to the Orlary people. Instead she came down to the conclusion that he may have been another human or even a Vall with a beastly twist. She discovered this after one night of playing her flute when the queen, her mother, stepped into her bedroom and claimed to see faint wings on the young girl's back. This caused her more curiosity from that point to where she started to talk to her tutor about her mother's claims. Within a few months of her birthday they were able to discover ways to change her into her Vall form, but not completely figure out how to return her back to normal before she decided to follow after Von.

Ocenia decided to follow Yo'Von one day after a summoning from her father. It had been after a large upset between the three family members. Deciding that she wanted to learn more about her true parents, she argued that traveling through the realms would be the only way to discover who she really was, though her father had to argue. His argument stated that she was now the daughter of a very well-known king and queen who would soon need an heir to replace them. Though Ocenia was not their biological daughter she was the absolute closest relative the queen and king had to keeping their name on the throne. It had also been a very rough time for them as well to have the young woman claiming to find out more about her heritage since the council in Ophidia were attempting to converse with the king on said matters anyway. When Yo'Von had been summoned to the palace, Ocenia took this opportunity to sneak away with him without his realization. She had taken a few coins that would keep her healthy in food and supplies along with places to sleep. Though at one point in their travels the princess had gotten the wrong times on a departure and was separated from the man she was staying so close to. It was weeks before she heard about the Wind Spire departing from Konclave that she decided to hop aboard. It did not matter where it took her, she just needed to move from the Brass City for she had already found as much information as she could in this single location.

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Ocenia's Story


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The door looked so foreign to her as she stared at the wood that separated her from Gavyn. Had it not been long ago that she meet him as the princess who now hides in the caverns of their mind? Had she not listened to him when her emotional power was on high and she could not control her vall powers? He had been the only one on the ship that seemed to understand or try to understand her point in the whole mess the princess had gotten them into. Now Gavyn seemed further away than ever even in his sleep, and she could tell that the princess refused to resurface even with every soft whisper Layla sent her way. Taking in a deep breath, the vall turned away from the door and steadily headed down the hall toward the captain's room.

She'll return... and he'll be there... the man with the silver eyes flashed before her mind as she pushed into Von's bedroom. She could feel the dark power that boiled underneath her icy features, but could not understand where the man had come from. When did he first come to them? In the bridge betweent he worlds? He only seemed to nod his head when she visualized him. With a soft sigh she fell back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.