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August Wilhelm

"Victory or death!"

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a character in “The Tales of Mundi”, as played by StormerJohn


Aliases: N/A
Race: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Empire/Faction: The Farsivillian Empire
-Hair: Dark brown, usually in a military haircut
-Eyes: Black
-Facial Features: A sharp nose and thin lips
-Frame: Like majority of the soldiers, he is thin and muscular enough
-Weight and Height: 55kg; 170cm
-Skin Complexion: Caucasian
-Clothing/Armor: He always wears the standard Farsivillian armor. He wears a thin suit of armor that can deflect shots from small calibers up to 20mm low velocity guns. Above his armor is a gray bulletproof material that makes up his uniform. His collar has the insignia of the army, and the insignia of a lieutenant. He wears the standard epaulettes, as well as the armored black boots. He also wears the standard armored gas mask, and the standard Mark V helmet.
-Weaponry: August specializes in machine gun combat and marksmanship. By default, he carries these weapons: a service pistol, an MG 92, a 10mm rifle, a saber, and a dagger, though he is also skilled in gunnery, being able to accurately put fire into an enemy vehicle with a 75mm tank gun from the sharpshooter Drachen.
-Miscellaneous: He carries around a metal canteen, a camouflage net for himself, and a compass, being the leader of a small unit.
Personality: August isn't too much of a fanatic, but he is very nationalistic, serving his nation whatever the cost may be. He is a good friend to his unit. August is also respectable, and respects others as well. He dreams of what his monarch dreams of: a world under Farsivillian leadership, but that was a long way to go, but he trusts that after his death, a century later, the world would be under his dominion. He isn't really silent, and communicates well with others.
  • The Empire
  • Fighting
  • The Emperor and his ideals
  • Gunnery
  • The enemies of the Empire
  • Those who do not accept imperial rule
  • Specifically Karaanex and his empire
  • Traitors
Biography: August was born to a family of five, with him being the eldest. He has a sister and a brother, and two loving parents. At this time, he was living in an area right before Karaanex annexed it. He loved it there. He had good friends, good education, and even a lover. That, however, all went to hell when Karaanex betrayed the Emperor. He gathered a mighty army, a fourth of what the Emperor had, and took control of the northern lands, where his men slaughtered the residents just to appease his love for chaos. His entire city was in flames, including his university. He escaped with his siblings, but his parents were killed in the chaos. He attempted to call for his love, but even she had perished as well.

With only bitterness, anger, disdain, and sadness in his heart, he travelled with his siblings, day in, day out. The inhumane treatment of the soldiers, who were mainly composed of lesser Galacktarrahats and lesser demons who once served under the Farsivillian Non-human Wing. Only a few Galacktarrahats were left under the Emperor's rule, and most of them were officers and allies, and no demons at all were left. August kept walking south with his siblings with only food and water that would last them a day. Eventually, they reached the familiar sight of desert landscapes topped with snow, and realized that he had already arrived at the Tsin area, where there were various traders and travelers.

When the Emperor began a campaign to help the victims who escaped Karaanex's wrath, August and his siblings were the ones who were helped. Here, he grew more comfortable living under the care of his uncle. One day, however, his uncle was called to war, to fight against Karaanex's troops. His heroism, which was recorded by his superiors amazed him, and he even survived the war, returning home with only a few scratches and wounds. While this happened, he studied sociology and history. At the point where he graduated, the entire empire also celebrated victory against Karaanex's forces, which was pushed back further to the west, to the point that Karaanex himself was locked up and banished to an island in the northwest, in the Western Ocean.

When August graduated at 22 years old, he joined the army, and has been fighting ever since.

  • Sharpshooting
  • Gunnery

So begins...

August Wilhelm's Story


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Character Portrait: August Wilhelm Character Portrait: Emperor Johan Darkcrown
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AUGUST Wilhelm was one of the few thousand men sent by Darkcrown to negotiate with Burgan and fight against the 300,000-man invasion force. What they didn't expect, however, was another army of a million to approach so quickly. The Landers have gotten into place long before the Imperial Navy began taking care of the bigger ships.

The entire frontline had been pushed back as more Burgish troops began to gather on the front. They'd already lost ten kilometers of land, including a few towns. Twenty thousand Farsivillian troops, three thousand Devotees, two thousand from the Grand Echelon, five thousand from the Stormtroopers, and another five thousand Paratroopers had landed. The Paratroopers had mainly landed behind enemy troops, or are currently setting up ambushes, but the rest were still on their march southward.

Wilhelm had his entire platoon set up on the pre-made trenches, while their tanks were dug up, revealing only their hulls. Unfortunately for August, they only had the not-so-mobile Lion tank, thanks to their Drachen 75s getting their turrets and guns jammed after the recent engagement. August could have easily fired the gun of the Drachen's 75mm, but he didn't know how to properly handle the 90mm on the Lion. So, August just stood on the trench, his legs aching as he firmly gripped the MG 92.

"Lieutenant Wilhelm," called his superior. "What is it, Colonel?" asked August, depressing a button on the radio on his shoulder. "We've made an offensive battle plan for our regiment. Our crucial plan will be to retake Hill A, which has a few buildings, but what we need there is the bell tower. If we carve a path toward Hill A and retake it, we can send a bunch of artillery and tanks, because from there, we can put effective fire into virtually every village they've garrisoned. Is that clear, Lieutenant?" "Yes, sir," replied August. "Get over to our command station. You will organize with a the rest of the platoons making up our regiment, and we show these bastards true Farsivillian firepower."

August did as his colonel asked of him, and inside, they organized their plan of attack. "Hill A is currently held by an orc officer, so expect heavy resistance from any incoming enemies. So, we'll be splitting our forces. The first group, Assault Battalion, will be composed of half the entire regiment, numbering in at six hundred soldiers with fifty field guns and a hundred heavy tanks. We'll climb the gentle slope of the hill, and meet the enemy head-on. Luckily, their artillery serves only as artillery and cannot be aimed downwards, so an attack from underneath would be great. I've coordinated with a colonel from the air force, and they will begin strafing the city with high-caliber machine guns in a few moments. Assault Battalion will be comprised of the Eighth Armored Infantry Company and the Fifth Heavy Tank Company. The rest of you will climb the steeper slope, so you will be attacking with lighter vehicles. Wilhelm Detachment, along with their Lion and halftracks, will be climbing the southern slope, while the Jameson Platoon will bombard the enemy with artillery shells from that hill to the hill right beside our trench. Seventh Armored Infantry Company will attack the more heavily-guarded flank, so don't worry, Wilhelm, the slope your force will ascend will not be too heavily guarded, but expect heavy resistance nonetheless. Orcs are vicious, and therefore, everyone under their command will be, as well. Get back to your stations. I will give you thirty minutes to prepare, then I'll give the go signal."

August went over to his officers and laid out the battle plan. "Officers," he began. "Lieutenant!" the two other officers said, saluting. He sat down on the dust along with his men. "Corporal, you will be in control of half the infantry and armored vehicles. Your designation will be Section One. You will lead the forces up the slope, and take down any Green in sight. We climb up the southern slope of the hill, where we will expect heavy resistance from enemy forces. Meanwhile, you, Sergeant, will take control of the Flame Group. I will go with the rest of the infantry and the armored groups. My force will come with the Corporal, while the Sergeant blasts fire into the enemy after you climb the eastern slope toward their rear. In fifteen minutes, we will receive a call from the colonel, and we charge ahead with the rest of the regiment. Clear?" "Yes, sir!" replied the two. "Dismissed."

As they waited for the colonel to call, however, they heard shouting from within the jungle. "Oh crap!" cursed Wilhelm as he grabbed his MG 92. They screamed, firing their guns while some only carried axes. August hid his head behind one of the thick sandbags as he began firing. Man after man fell as the MG 92s ripped them apart. The Flame Group did their job and blasted fire at the charging force, but they didn't stop. A few even made it to the trenches, screaming bloody murder as they burnt, forcing some of the men to begin melee combat using their daggers. Axes weren't effective in close quarters.

The tank's MG 92 coaxial machine gun was finally mounted after the crew got in and started spraying the enemy with bullets. They just didn't stop coming. One of the belts ran out eventually. The fire continued getting sprayed as the wave of enemies came along. Eventually, the bastards were getting too close, and the MG ran out of bullets from the bullet box. There was just a constant swarm of goblins and hobgoblins rushing at them with nothing to do.

August eventually dropped his MG and took up his rifle with an affixed bayonet. They eventually came so close, and one goblin tripped, allowing his body to get stuck on the blade. The hideous creature gurgled out blood before he pulled the bayonet off the goblin's body. He fired and fired his rifle with his men until they stopped coming. There could easily have been half a thousand coming at them. Luckily, they had no major losses, mainly thanks to their armor.

Eventually, an entire flight of planes began coming in, and began strafing ground targets. August checked his watch. "Soldiers!" he called, "Let's get ready to go!"

The vehicles' engines roared to life as the Lion moved out of its own trench. It then moved over the infantryman's trench. August, meanwhile, grabbed two bullet boxes with two thousand rounds each, and attached them to his back belt. He took his MG 92 and reloaded it. After he finished reloading, the colonel finally ordered their men to move out. "Move out!" repeated Wilhelm. The vehicles roared to life and began to move up.

The entire regiment got into their positions. To the Wilhelm Detachment's nine, the six hundred-man unit charged forwards, while Jameson Platoon climbed up the hill right behind the trench, and began opening fire. The air support came in as the Wilhelm Detachment thrust themselves into the forest. They encountered no resistance, only a few scouting units, but nothing else. When they climbed the hill, there was only chaos as the Assault Battalion began their push. The enemy units immediately spotted them, and began sending men and tanks toward them. The infantry, mainly composed of goblins and orcs, charged with their giant guns, but the infantry hid behind the armored vehicles, which were impervious to the fire from the enemy 30mm bolters. The guns on the halftracks did their jobs, and cleared the resistance. When they got to its peak, they gunned down the enemies supporting the hill's frontline, which was being pushed back by the heavily-armored Assault Battalion.

Wilhelm opened fire with his MG 92, and his fellow infantrymen used their SMGs and assault rifles as the Lion got up. The pillboxes were taken out by the Flame Group, which opened a back door to the cement havens, and burned everyone inside alive while the Lion's high explosive shells hit clusters of enemy soldiers. They continued pushing for hours, until finally, the last enemy tank with a small unit of Greens retreated. The Lion's 90mm cannon immediately destroyed the tank, knocking the entire crew out with a HEAT shell that completely blew off its turret, while the MG 92s took care of the rest. The men raised the flag over the hill before entire artillery batteries moved up the hill to fire upon the other enemy strongholds.