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Peter Cromwell

"Hail to the Emperor!"

0 · 328 views · located in Mundi

a character in “The Tales of Mundi”, as played by DarkLancer


Aliases: Pete, Death's Head
Race: Human
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Empire/Faction: The Farsivillian Empire, Stormtrooper Corps and Imperial Guard
-Hair: Short and black; usually swept back
-Eyes: Grayish
-Facial Features: Cromwell has high cheekbones and a sharp jawline, with thin lips and a sharp nose.
-Frame: Ectomorph
-Weight and Height: 140 lbs, 5'10"
-Skin Complexion: Light yellow
Cromwell usually wears a bullet-resistant gas mask that covers his entire face made of metal alloys and covered with brown leather. Above his head is always a black peaked cap with a winged silver skull at the front. His body is covered by a black uniform made of a thick bullet-resistant material. The uniform has multiple aiguillettes connected to his right epaulette, but in battle, his uniform is covered up by a steel breastplate that could stop an autocannon bullet with a caliber of 20mm, but won't be going to hold up against a 20mm anti-material rifle. His pants cover up some armor plates made of the same materials, while his shined black boots are covered with the same armor, painted black. Sometimes, he also wears black gloves, a military coat with fringed epaulettes, and a cape.
-Weaponry: Cromwell carries a 9mm blowback service pistol and SMG, along with a saber and dagger.
-Miscellaneous: Peter carries a photo of his family, an ancient ceremonial dagger, as well as a fairly big canteen.
Due to his sadism and brutal torturing of enemy spies and officers, Peter was called 'Death's Head.' He believed that those fighting under the corrupt were corrupt as well, and had to be converted, whether through diplomacy, or through torture. His men both respect and fear him, while the enemies of Farsivil have only both fear and contempt for him. He is a silent killer, employing the use of assassins and spies to gather intelligence and kill or capture opponents. Not only was he a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Guard, he was also a skilled general in the army. His mens' morale are always kept high by promises. As a family man, he's kind and loving, but in the battlefield of both politics and war, he is cold, calculating, and intelligent, just like his monarch. He is always loyal to the empire, and would follow orders without questions, but sometimes, he employs unorthodox tactics to accomplish the orders given to him. He is known to have a profound hatred for power-hungry, corrupt people, thus drawing him closer to the empire. When in the capital, he sometimes leads great purges against people found to be corrupt and people who attempt to rebel.
  • The Empire
  • Silence
  • Intelligence and data
  • Corrupt people
  • Power-hungry leaders
  • Criminals
  • Enemies of the Empire
Peter had been born to a very poor peasant family in what is now known as Western Farsivil under King Folger. In his time there, he learned to hate the corrupt, specifically Folger and his government. In his time in the farms, he received no income. After all, all the credit went to Folger's government, so all the money went to them instead of the men who actually worked. His father died at an early age, but it wasn't revealed to Peter as to what happened. His mother became overprotective of him, and never allowed him outside the field. Of course, curiosity got the best of him.

While on break, Peter snuck out the farm to see just what happened. Outside his farm, he saw the other farm beyond the wall that separated them all. There were soldiers who were quarreling with someone who Peter recognized as the owner of the farm. A few moments later, the angry farmer lashed out, and was shot with a rifle. The other soldiers, carrying SMGs, stormed his home, and began firing. After that, they all laughed, stealing his food and crops, leaving the farm. From this, he received a mixture of feelings. He felt hatred and fear, and yet, he gained inspiration.

For the meantime, he learned to be a calculating little liar, always following what the power-hungry, corrupt soldiers asked of them. Food and crops with no exchange for money. Years later, his mother finally got angry, lashing out at the soldiers the same way the owner of the farm on the other side of the wall did. The soldiers did the same, shooting her, and killing all the other farmers. Luckily, Peter was hidden behind tall grass. However, he watched on. After the commotion, they burned the farm, forcing Peter to leave without his mother's body. When the fire was extinguished days later, he found the entire hours burnt down, all the crops turned to ash, and almost nothing from inside the house survived.

Peter found a photo of his family which managed to survive, along with a ceremonial knife passed down from generation to generation. To remind himself of his origins, he kept them, and ran away from the scorched farm, wearing only a conical hat, loose brown farmer's robes, loose black pants, and a pair of slippers. He travelled the nation for a month before he heard of the creation of an independent Farsivil to the east. He crossed the border almost immediately to find a new way of living there, just like thousands of other civilians. Then, they began recruiting for the army. At 25, Peter joined with only hatred and despise for Folger. He joined the army only because he learned that they were going to be attacking the west, and Peter wanted to do that. Originally, he wanted to return to farming, but soon, he began enjoying his job as a soldier, and became interested in Darkcrown and his ideologies. From then on, he climbed the ranks quickly before the creation of the Imperial Guard. He reached the rank of colonel before he finally was relieved from his duty, keeping his rank and riches. When he finally had a home made for himself, he married a woman named Aliyah and had three children: two boys, one girl which he learned to love and care for.

He found a job as a factory worker to keep the flow of money constant, but with the creation of the Imperial Guard and the opening of the Devotee Group to outsiders, he found new opportunities. He himself became a Devotee, giving him an opportunity to receive more compliments as he learned the inner workings of advanced technologies, being able to use them. Eventually, he became a founder of the Stormtrooper Corps, before joining the Imperial Guard. He became a high-ranking officer in both groups, eventually becoming a general in both. Ever since then, he has organized cleanups, leading groups from the Imperial Guard in killing both corrupt men in the local governments, as well as rebels.
  • Shooting
  • Leading purges and hunts
  • Hunting game
  • Organizing strategies
  • Gathering intelligence

So begins...

Peter Cromwell's Story


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Cromwell was visiting the Goldmine Islands for the third time when that happened, but this time, it wasn't to check up on their police force. On the surface, it seemed like any other island under the Farsivillian Empire: it was completely developed, with airships flying in the sky, buildings and castles strewn about, and little farms where the children played in the field and the older men tended to the crops. Underneath it all, however, was a complete mine filled with natural resources. To the far west, in the smaller Goldmines, it was complete with natural gasses and oil.

Peter had only begun a purge in the main island, where there were rebel activities being reported by the locals. This was confirmed by a failed terrorist attack that occurred near the outskirts of the city. Authorities say that it was a bomb that exploded prematurely. This was, however, followed by a secondary attack in the docks that killed around twenty people and injured a hundred more. Travel to and from the island was completely restricted, and yet, the terrorist attacks continued to pile up. That was when they were sent in. A three hundred-man battalion of Grand Imperial Guards called the Cromwell Detachment had been called for by the viceroy of the islands, who had earlier refused to install a Grand Imperial Guard base within the islands, saying that he could prove that Goldmine Islands was completely safe. Peter believed that he's rethinking this. The viceroy told them about a base in the forests that reeks of terrorist activities, but the police didn't have the proper weaponry to defend themselves. Cromwell stepped foot on the wooden docks.

A bunch of Stormers, the slang term used by the Grand Imperial Guards for soldiers in the Storm of the Fatherland, stood by the docks. Some carried the banner of Farsivil with the flag of the Goldmine Islands underneath. Some carried rifles. Peter put on his peaked cap. "I assume that you're the people assigned to take care of the incoming terrorists?" asked Peter. "Yes, sir," a man in a brown peaked cap replied. "Keep doing your work," Peter said, "I was told that there would be vehicles waiting for us." The Stormer stepped aside, revealing a convoy of armored vehicles.

From behind Cromwell, a bunch of men stepped out the fairly large cruise ship, carrying SMGs and rifles, and covered from head to toe in armor. They all stepped inside the armored vehicles, which all moved at a quick pace into the forest. However, as they turned to an alleyway, the convoy was stopped dead in its tracks by two civilian vehicles that blocked them. Cromwell, who sat at the front seat, looked through the slits at the front of the vehicle, and saw two men with SMGs stand up, while another with an RPG fired. The grenade, however, misfired and fell into the cement. The two men with SMGs opened fire, the bullets ricocheting off the front of the vehicle as they covered the man reloading the RPG.

Suddenly, there was an explosion from the side, rocking the entire vehicle, but somehow, it wasn't strong enough to pierce the armor. One of Peter's men mounted the remote machine gun. He pulled the trigger, allowing the machine gun to rip apart the vehicle and everyone inside it. A bunch of men ran out from the buildings, carrying weapons, while some shot at them from the windows. The machine gun aimed up at the buildings and began to fire through the windows. Peter and his men got outside and began to fight the terrorists, but not before he had put on his iconic gas mask. Peter fired his SMG into the mass of terrorists, tearing some apart as the 9mm bullets hit.

When his first mag was expended, he threw the magazine down and picked up another from his belt, reloading the gun. His men finished the job.

When it was clear, they checked for casualties, and luckily, there was none. One of the survivors was brought into the vehicle for questioning, his feet and hands bound together. "Tell me, you bastard," Cromwell began with his interrogation, "Where is your base?" He already knew the answer, of course. His network of spies all across the empire had told him. He just thought that if he told the truth, maybe Peter could finally throw someone into jail instead of killing him. Although, Cromwell suspected that this kid would tell the truth immediately. He was young and inexperienced, and he was chosen by Cromwell to be spared. A young mind was a fragile one. Enough pain would get him talking.

The man shook his head, breathing heavily. "Come on, if you tell the truth, you might land in jail instead of enduring torture and dying," Peter said with a malicious tone in his voice. The terrorist, however, spat at Cromwell's boots. "Lieutenant," Cromwell said. One of the men sitting on the chair who carried a little leather suitcase filled with Peter's trinkets. The first thing the lieutenant gave him was an ironwood baton, which Peter smacked across his face with so much force that if he hit his jaw, it would have been dislocated. The man screamed in pain. "This is only going to get much worse, traitor." Still, the man spat at him. "Hold him down, keep his eyes open." The other guards held him down and kept his eyes open by force. Peter pulled out a very high quality pepper spray and sprayed it across the man's face, who soon began screaming in pain. "TELL ME NOW," demanded Cromwell. "They're by the forest! Please! Just stop!" Peter kept his promise. "Oh fine," he mumbled to himself. "Driver, stop in front of the police station," he said. The driver did as asked of him, and Peter grabbed his service pistol as both men walked out. The chains rattled as the terrorist walked, a gun pointed to his head. The policemen in front of the station wore leather helmets and blue uniforms, and were surprised to see this person being dragged in by an Imperial Guardsman. "Officers, this man was caught committing an act of terrorism. I suggest you arrest him."

He threw the man to the ground as the officers seized the terrorist. Peter returned to the vehicle, which drove straight toward the forest. Four of the men, carrying RPGs, surrounded the enemy base. With their high explosive shells, the walls were blown open, including the iron gates. The armored vehicles stormed the base as Peter put on his armor. He looked outside and scanned the area. The open area was filled with trainees carrying actual weapons. The bullets eventually started hitting. As they did, Cromwell checked his pistol and SMG, and when he was ready, he opened the door. The machine guns on the armored halftracks slaughtered the trainees and the soldiers as they attempted to gun down the vehicles. Some surrendered on the spot, kneeling and putting their hands behind their heads. Those that surrendered were captured while those that didn't were shot, as per Cromwell's orders.

Cromwell himself lead the storming of the castle, gunning down whoever held a gun in his hands. He counted how many he had killed. He had taken care of twenty-nine terrorists himself. According to papers and propaganda scattered across the base, they were fanatics under Karaanex, who sought to bring hell upon the citizens. They were traitors to the empire, and a traitor to the emperor. He had his men pick up and take all of their propaganda. Some returned to their ship and gave the helmsman orders to return the papers to the Imperial Guard office, but didn't go home yet, as per Cromwell's orders. The rest of the men piled up the bodies and burnt them before using explosives strewn across the castle to blow up the base.

Cromwell and his men weren't done yet. They had to thoroughly purge the island, and convince Viceroy Matheson to establish a base for the Grand Imperial Guard. Before they could go about doing that, however, the sirens across the street blared, before someone climbed the top of the tower and blew the large horn thrice. The sound echoed throughout the city, signaling the Rising Contingency. He ran to the PA office and forced his way to the top, where a man was saying through the PA systems, "Keep calm and get to the bunkers." Cromwell grabbed the radio from the man's hands, saying, "This is General Cromwell of the Imperial Guard. All Stormer Battalions, form up, and all Cromwell Detachment soldiers, get to the armory! This is not a drill! Rising Contingency has been activated!"

Within a few minutes, the armory had filled up. The civilians from the Storm of the Fatherland, consisting of a majority of the civilian population, formed up. They put on their armor, and mounted the Derith Missile Systems and the naval guns, getting into their bunkers and turrets. The men began attaching machine gun clips to the machine guns mounted on the bunkers. Navy ships began rolling in as the sirens continued blaring. For the next thirty minutes, there was only silence, besides the shaking of guns and the blaring of the sirens. Soon, Cromwell's radio blared to life. "General Death's Head?" asked the man on the other side, who Cromwell recognized as General Walker. "What is it, General?" asked Cromwell. "The rest of your division will be rolling in with the navy ships. We will attempt to cover you as best we can, but we have our own invasion force right here in Burgan. Do your best to hold off the approaching army." "Will do, General," said Cromwell before he put down his radio.

He picked up a telescope, putting it over his eyes, and saw a bunch of wooden ships rolling in. 300mm rockets atop the wooden ships flew, hitting the shore, and causing a gigantic explosion that was as large as multiple grenades strewn about in an area. The civilians had finished pulling the artillery guns and field guns into position. "Sir!" Cromwell heard from behind him. He looked around to see a factory worker armored with a bullet-resistant vest. "The wooden ships are within range of our naval guns." "Tell them to open fire as soon as they can," said Cromwell before looking back through the scope. "Yes, Sir!"

He relayed the order through a radio. With that order, the naval guns opened fire, sinking multiple wooden boats and ships at once. This was the beginning of the battle.