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Haruka Hijiishi

0 · 222 views · located in Feudal Japan

a character in “The Tea House Truce”, as played by Finneline



Full Name- Haruka Hijiishi. He isn't born into the clan which is why his last name is different. However he is adopted due to his skills as a samurai. Preferred to be called 'Haru' than his full first name 'Haruka', only because it sounds feminine. Nonetheless he objected changing his name to whatsoever, even didn't want to change his name he goes by: Hijiishi. A name that he would want to carry without fail until the day of his death.

Age- 23 years old.

Gender- Male.

Face Claim- Harada Sanosuke

Description- He is a man that stands almost 6 feets high (which was quite the deal in the era) and his built was slim, yet solid, erasing the fact that his face as slight traits of a female essence. His hazel eyes appear firm and heavy-lidded, allow him to appear strangely serious, but attractive. Stocky in a way regarding his figure, there is nothing speaking against the fact that he is slender. With an exotic complexion, he didn't only attract females, but also males when taking a peek on his oval face, perfect positioned nose and its form, additionally the crimson hair that never fails to be messy all the time. You can say, he takes from his father a lot, his face and appearance, but the hormones of her mother allowed him to grow further (yes, his mother was taller than his father). In any way, as there is often a smile played on the lips. He had left a good impression in almost every village, so he was not hated by people, perhaps it's additionally to how well he treated them in contrast to other samurai. Anyway, aside his good nature helping, people, there is a certain charisma about him, whether it is due to his attractive face or due to his almost carefree demeanours. For sure is, that everyone's probably already acquinted to his cheerful essence. What is kept hidden is a scar along his back, left by a deep strike of a sharpen blade. How he was able to receive that blow however, is to be revealed by him and him only.


Background- His father was a farmer from the neutral zones within the lands, so he never particulary participate in the war going on against the strongest clans. His mother on the other hand, was a woman out of ordinary, smart and assertive, widely known in the village they were in. You couldn't say he grew up within good living conditions, but he was loved, loved by his parents, loved by the villagers who made him as cheerful and carefree as he was, that time. At the age of nine he already helped his father with the work on the field, which didn't fail to develop him into the fine man he was now. However, such peaceful days didn't last long. The war expended to the widest places, until it reached their village. It was, as if a tornado had befallen them -- nothing was there left to live..., and many died along the way, as it was also with the parents of Haru. Died, protecting their village. Died, for nothing.

Once was a phase, where Haru didn't want to eat nor drink anything. He merely shut his mouth and with a blank stare he regarded the wall in front of him, every single day. He actually felt guilty. Feeling a thought of attempting suicide crawling up to his brain having seen the fateful scene in his head repeating and repeating, like it's hunting him down to eventually get him desperate. As unpleasant that sounds like, that is the only thing he'd done for four days straight. Afterwards, when the people reached the time that they'd decided to give up on him, a certain man came to the very village who just started to be built straight back to its original state. He was not a stranger, in that area. In fact, he was very known. Known, as the man who slayed down innocent men and women without even flinching. It was the man, who let the war expended itself, the man who was responsible for Haru's misery. It was a man ought to be striked to death.

There it went, Haru's memories went wild when seeing his essence. It was the man. It was the man who let him shiver and go numb, unable to warn his parents for his arrival. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. And now, you're only going to crawl into your little mouse hole and starve yourself to death? Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. That day was his first combat, and his first defeat with him going without killing Haru. Saying he'd come back when he got better. Haru took his words as the truth and trained, trained like crazy alone in the forest with a simple wood sword. However, it turned out that he found a speer, that he honestly adored. It was a very rare samurai pole weapon, the metall and the skills used when creating it had to be superior and expensive. Back then, he had perceived it as lucky. Now? He didn't really know what to think now. It couldn't be a mere coincidence, could it?

Anyhow, due to his skills, he was acknowledged by the Clan Leader and finally being adopted by him so no one complained about him being a stranger. To be honest, it was nice to have something like a bond, even without it to be blood. However, Haru figured that his 'step father' only adopted him for his competence and not due to him feeling any devotion, so that's why he dropped that subject. Though, it is clear that he was being used, he still respected him given the fact that he was competent as a leader, whatsoever people saying about him being cruel and very focussed about his objectives. Haru deemed that as something positive and so, he stayed loyal. Although he wasn't allowed to stay in the main house. Even though he didn't get the respect he deserved... and never, ever did he tried to get closer to her step sister, the oldest daughter, even though he developed feelings for her. Forbidden feelings.


Personality- Haru is to be described as odd. He isn't the kind of usual samurai, that's for sure. Sometimes he goes against the written rules and is solely doing what he want to, knowing exactly it's inappropriate. He is just the kind of person who is appreciating his freedom. Everything goes as his knows leads him to yes, but he do know the boundaries, of course. Even though he appears to be so very carefree, he knows to show respect to individuals who are over him. He isn't a complete idiot, though his demeanours sometimes let people think accordingly. Anyway. Even though he is sometimes a pain in the ass, asking questions like there is no tomorrow, he is an assertive and trusted individual, who will obey if he sees the need to, and he always seem to know when he ought to follow it. There are always boundaries within his impossible behaviours, make him be able to be accepted as an 'Honourable Samurai' into the Clan.

Selfish perhaps, but that's just how his nature goes. He is unsatisfied when not going along his own will -- it won't suit him and people starts to accept him being likewise as he is always at place and time when he is truly needed. And really, no one can actually dislike Haru. He is a people person and goes around much. Known in almost every corner, he is quite popular with old and young, even often mistaken as a mere villager due to his easygoing attitude and his open demeanors. Then again, he is friendly and helpful, willing to do even a small thing that other samurai won't even bother to regard due to its redundancy.

Sake and tea, prefers both equally, though Sake is easier to get resp. prepare
Bets, game of luck but he also Shogi, in which he is pretty good at
Hot bath
Japanese dancers
Meaningless fights/ Able to be avoided
His loyality to be questioned, goes against his pride
To be called by his full first name
Tight and warm clothes
His feelings towards the daughter of the clan leader


Weapons- A speer and a sword. The samurai pole weapon, or to be exact that Akoroshi, is out of rare wood and metall, very skillfully made with a raven upon the grip, carved into the auburn wood. The sword, a mere Tachi, is only a simplicity and do not have a particular rarity value which is solely for the use in emergencies.

          Using his Pole Weapon/ Akoroshi resp. Sword/ Tachi- When fighting, he is aggressive and strategic, doesn't recklessly attack when it's hopeless. Though there are times where he just goes as his body took him, only due to him knowing that the fight has already been decided. Amusement and fun is always needed in battles you know? The only thing which has to be criticised here is that he often is reluctant to kill the enemy, even though he is acknowledged as a samurai. A weakness that is very hardly to overcome.

          Shogi/ Strategy games - Observation- He was always good at those things, observing the enemy, doing fake things to irritate them and eventually get them into a clutch they won't free themselves very easily. And if, he'd already won. That's why many aren't likely to want to play with him when he asks. And he can be pretty stubborn and selfish at times, like a child.

          Unable to get drunk- It is a mystery, indeed. Five, six, seven... eleven bottles of Sake doesn't make him drunk the slightest! Though pssst, don't say it to anyone. He is pretending to be drunk only to be allowed to get crazy. Weird eh? Well, that's Haru for you.

          Arranging ones hair- Oh yeah, I didn't mention it in the Biography, did I? The family who took care of him had a little girl, and she became really attracted to Haru. Once or twice after practice, he'd play with her when her parents were gone, working and ocassionally arranged her hair. Now, he became quite skillful in that, even sometimes arranged the hairs of the maids in the main house where his adoptive family lived. However, that's a secret of course.

Sexual Preferences- Heterosexual.

Anything else- This is optional as well, a place to add little things to your character to make them unique. Maybe they have a pet, or you want to add a theme song, but none of those things are required.

So begins...

Haruka Hijiishi's Story