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Nagano Kiyomi

"Hello sir, would you like me to poor your sake?"

0 · 209 views · located in Feudal Japan

a character in “The Tea House Truce”, as played by ShyFox


"A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power."

Full Name
Nagano Kiyomi



Sexual Preferences

Not as tall as may of the other Geisha but what she lacks in height she makes up for in poise and grace. Most when knew to the tea house, when seen with Naoko expect Kiyomi to he her daughter, due to their striking resemblance to one another. However this is not so, perhaps after living with Naoko from such a young age, she has taken on allot of her traits. Either way it is easy to say that Kiyomi is beautiful, however it is rare that the young woman smiles at least when she is working..., most people describe her look as almost somber. But that hasn't stopped the customers from asking for her company time and time again.
Once again this is something that has formed over the years to be very similar to Naoko, but the difference is Naoko is in charge so certain personality traits that some of the other Geisha see as signs of a good leader and Geisha. They see has stuck up and conceited from Kiyomi. But much like Naoko, Kiyomi doesn't let any of this bother her, she does her job efficiently and almost to perfection. She is there to entertain and give company to the patrons of the tea house, and she will do anything to prove her worth to the woman she calls okaasan.

She has great respect for Naoko and practically idolizes the elder woman, but most of all she loves her as if she were her mother. This is only natural considering Kiyomi has been in the woman's care for thirteen years. Deep down, Kiyomi is a loving person who cares for all the girls, whether they like her or not. If any harm were to come to any of them she would surely seek some sort of revenge on whomever would do anything to them. She is typically not a hateful person but if you want to get on her bad side, hurt anyone she cares about, this is especially touchy when it comes to Naoko.

Likes & Dislikes

Rainy days
Unruly patrons
Getting something on her kimono.
Someone threatening the girls.
Being taken advantage of.
The spring.
Cherry blossoms.
Naoko and the other Geisha


* All things required by Geisha- These involve, musical instruments she favors the koto, tea ceremonies, and dancing
* Singing- Something that many Geisha do but not always well. Kiyomi on the other had is very good at singing.
* Reading and writing- Not something many common people know how to do, however Naoko insisted that Kiyomi learn to read and write.
* Cooking- A skill she picked up from Naoko, having lived with her since she was seven.
* Connecting with others- Kiyomi is compassionate and her ability to comfort and relate to the patrons is what draw them to her.


Naoko didn't know quite what to expect when she found the young girl in the middle of winter sleeping on the front steps of the tea house. She was so very young and small for her age the woman couldn't help that her motherly instincts kicked, scooping her up and bringing her inside. The child had nearly frozen to death in the night, but after a hot meal and sometime by the fire the little girl was alert and smiling. When the question of what her name was and where was her family. Naoko say and listened to a sad tale, the little girl stated that her name was Kiyomi Nagano, that she grew up in the neighboring village, and that she was an orphan. Seems the girls father had been a farmer, and her mother had died just a few months before giving birth to a baby. It had been just her and her father for the end of the fall months, and on into winter, however her father had come up sick and had died in his bed just a few days before. With no one to care for her she had wandered the streets of the village, eating out of the garbage and sometimes swiping food from the market place. She her nights were spent finding the warmest places to sleep, but as the thick of winter started to set in, young Kiyomi found it harder and to find warm places to sleep. Most people would not take in an orphan, it being difficult to feed their own children let alone an extra that was not there to feed, and with her garnering a reputation around the market place as a thief people would turn her away. Naoko watched the little seven year old tell her story, and having compassion for the little girl she offered her a place to stay at the inn.
Kiyomi was amazed, by everything around, and Naoko was kind treating her as though she were her own child in fact she was excited to learn that Naoko had a son that was not much older than her. Over the years of living in the tea house and being around Geisha it was no surprise that the young orphan girl would want to be one. But it was something that Naoko didn't immediately allow, she wanted Kiyomi to have the chance to be a child, before she started her training. But around the age of thirteen, Naoko finally agreed to allow the young girl to train, she was of course a natural having observed since she was young. Much like Naoko, Kiyomi quickly rose through the ranks, and now is as renowned as Naoko herself. She lives to make the woman she mother, proud of her and would do anything for Naoko.

So begins...

Nagano Kiyomi's Story