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Nena Anohana

0 · 128 views · located in Feudal Japan

a character in “The Tea House Truce”, as played by Finneline



Nena Anohana. A name given by her late parents, obviously not something she is proud about. Yet she still sticks to that certain name, whatever the reason there is to do that. Often she lets her guests call her Na-chan for it to be more intimate, well anyway, it's merely for business. To be honest, she loathed that nickname due to the sound of disgust swinging with it. It arouse memories, she wouldn't like to be awakened. That's why, as already been said, it's only for business. The other Geisha's are obliged to refer her with the last name with of course, the correct honorific, Anohana- san, or else it won't end up good for them.

Really now, who asks a woman for her age? Ridiculous. Ask her that, and she'll answer 18 years old for sure, even though it's actually 21.


Sexual Preference

She is a beautiful woman, slender and almost flawless, she has a soft and well kept skin of a tan complexion which complete essence completed that of a graceful woman. Her hair goes until her shoulders, falling down her blades with almost no light, as if it's so fragile and vulnerable. It's complete raven black, with shades of a miracle blue colour that captivates and lead to her on the other hand sharp and prideful eyes. It seems to be a given that even without a beauty manipulation, her eyelashes are long and pretty, letting her eyes at first has that heavy-lidded expression, wherein the intention to dirty urges dwells. A charm, that makes her naturally a target for the lust of many men. To add into it though is her determination within and a confidence no one knows comes from, which make men in their subconcious alerted. Within lingers someone who thinks thoroughly, someone you mustn't put trust into, whatever happens. And that certain enigma about her is essentially her main charm.

No one knows about it but... Nena was abondened as she was a little child. A woman didn't last long in the world of poor villagers, who didn't want to bother feeding a child that couldn't do hard work like a boy could. They preferred a boy than a girl, so it came that they just go ahead and put her on the edge of the street near a forest. Not much she could remember, that time she was only 6 years old, but she faintly saw in her dreams, tears upon a blurry face coming down her cheeks as she released her warmth from her, getting more and more distant until she vanished, no where to be found. These were her nightmares, that seeked her even up until now into her sleeps, bothering her, not wanting to let go. It was an old couple who took her in, who did not have much time left and so dwellt in the forest to have their own last moments together. It was a romantic scene and Nena really loved the two. She learnt many things from them, one thing are knowledge about medicine and the skill using needles as something to heal someone. Both were doctors, she figured. Sometimes, people came to them, wanted to be healed by their skills playing with the needle. Due to their old eyes though, there were once an accident... the patient died due to blood loss. A very unfortunate event, that happened to cause the tragic death of both elders. Only for the sake of revenge. At that time, Nena already reached the age of eleven. She understood already what happens around her, even though she doesn't show it. She knew, she had to keep a cool head. She knew. However, that advice she received and cherished was not long 'til someone broke it. They took her by force. They introduced her into the world of adults. They were the cause of her being what she is now. A wicked woman, who find it wiser to only think about herself. As you find betrayal everywhere...

She is known as a bitch and is very well, the whole essence of it too. Owning that certain superiority complex, she doesn't hold back resorting to methods which she is aware of getting others in a disadvantage, even into a situation near death. No, she fears not, on the contrary, she feels only satisfaction while watching others vanish from the scene and thus, getting her on it. It's yeah... gettig rid off those, who are an eyesore for her reaching the objectives. She is, no kidding, a very purposeful essence, so don't even have a hope that she'll give up on something she'd put her mind into. At least, there is something that prevents her to be actually as cruel as she appears to resident geishas. Something fairly difficult to tell, that has slightly to do with a past story and her life principles she goes by. Never though she shared a thought with anyone, in particular what she truthfully think. She dislikes to have them see her weakness, though many doesn't seem to see that as a weakness. Everything that has to do with her speaking up her mind IS for her a weakness and so, to be prevented. As anything goes, she is perceptive and very sensible, however, it is the case of not showing, not wanting to show, that leave an expression of arrogance on her face when talking to other woman. Exceptional acting skills, she deceived many to reach goals of what she thinks significant. She is a woman who is familiar with hatred and loneliness for a very long time, so she doesn't find her life the least sorrow. Even though there is a layer upon her whole essence, which screams without her consent, for someone to love.

[â™Ĩ Money
[â™Ĩ Traditional dance
[â™Ĩ Tea
[â™Ĩ Samurai
[â™Ĩ Attention

[✘ Men, Greedy geezers
[✘ Sex
[✘ Naoko, Kiyomi -- anyone who is playing against her will
[✘ Failure to charm a man
[✘ Ignorance of her presence

Secret possession
Poison -- something she got from a costumer not long ago. He was very drunk, and Nena just steal it away from him. Now she kept it inside her Yukata everytime and is ready to use it when really necessary. Needle -- a skill to heal. But also a skill to kill.

Dance || She loved to dance, even though it doesn't shine through. It was only through dancing that she could express what she feels, which is why many are captivated without Nena even want them to be. She dances, due to it relief her stress. Her concerns. Which is why often her dance gives off an expression of loneliness, darkness, but also strength and elegance which is truly a rarity. Her dancing was the thing she owed so that she didn't get kicked out yet.
Tea Ceremony || Every Geisha had to master tea ceremony. Though you might notice her secret love towards tea which is why she could do it very gently when she wasn't around the other Geishas.
To get around/ please a man || A skill she likely received even before coming to the Tea House.
Knowledge about human body || From the elder couple long ago. It is needed when handling the needle to heal someone. Therefore she knows where to sting it into, and where it'll be dangerous.

Others N/A

So begins...

Nena Anohana's Story