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Yamamoto Naoko

"Chin up, don't slouch, back straight. You are a Geisha a vision of poise and grace, never forget that."

0 · 336 views · located in Feudal Japan

a character in “The Tea House Truce”, as played by ShyFox


"Our world is no more permanent than a wave rising on the ocean. Whatever our struggles and triumphs, however we may suffer them, all too soon they bleed into wash, just like watery ink on paper"

Full Name
Yamamoto Naoko



Sexual Preferences

Naoko is a tall thin woman, with long dark brown hair that is usually pulled up into a bun at the base of her neck. If it were to be let down it reach almost to her waist. Her eyes are a warm brown color, and angular face and high cheek bones makes it obvious that even for a woman of her age she is quite beautiful. It is also understandable that she was a renowned Geisha in her younger years. However you will never find her dressed in anything of that manner these days, she doesn't want to outshine her girls. She typically wears a simple yukata so that she can tend to all of her duties without being obstructed by what she is wearing.
Naoko has always been somewhat serious, having started her training as a Geisha and the young age of thirteen she has spent more of her life working than she has being a child. However this has never bothered her, always having been more mature then her age. But just because she's quite serious, and a bit of a workaholic that doesn't mean she's harsh. She deeply cares not only for the girls, that she has taken under her tutelage and for her son. The result of the one time in her life when she let her guards down, to a young Samurai by the name of Kyo. She never regretted this and she does her best to show her love for her son. But she is a strict woman, who expects things to be done a certain way and become displeased if her instructions are not followed like they should be. Her son is the one person that brings out her softer side, because when she looks at him she see's so much of his father in him.

Likes & Dislikes

Her orders not being followed.
Getting stiffed on payment.
Someone harming or taking advantage of her girls.
Quarreling amongst the girls.
Playing the shamisen.
Her son
Keeping busy.
The girls


* Playing the shamisen- This is a typical instrument played by Geisha, typically accompanied with the koto. It took her many years to get to the level of playing it that she is now.
* Tea ceremony- Another skill that is expected from a Geisha, and takes years of training to perfect.
* Dancing- Something not all Geisha are good at, but some how Naoko has managed the trifecta. Perhaps that is why she was such a renowned Geisha in her younger years.
* Cooking- Not something she originally did, considering most Geisha do not cook for themselves. But over the years she has showed a talent for it, now running an inn, she must cook to provide for her guests, and the girls of course.
* Sewing- This is something that carried over from her childhood, her mother was a seamstress.


Naoko was born into a home with five older siblings, the daughter of a farmer and a seamstress, needless to say they were quite poor. Both her parents worked hard to provide for their large family of three son's a two daughters. However when a wave of sickness rampaged through the village Naoko's older sister Suzu died. Naoko's mother was devastated at the loss of her eldest daughter, and it seemed that every time she saw Naoko it only reminded her of this fact. She was thirteen years old, and her mother couldn't stand the sight of her, for sometime Naoko blamed herself for this, believing her mother would have been happier if it had been she that had died as opposed to Suzu.

Naoko now being the only girl and the family being quite poor, her father made the decision to send off Naoko to train as a Geisha. He knew that he would never be able to get enough money to make up a decent dowry for either of his daughters so it seemed to him that this would be the better choice. So the thirteen year old was sent to train. But Naoko never saw it as a negative that her family had given her up, she saw this as her opportunity to show her worth, the them and especially her mother. The training was rigorous, but Naoko took to it like a duck to water, and she never looked back, the Geisha was now her family. After many years, Naoko was one of the most sought after Geisha in the land. Her beauty and grace was unmatched, and she was proud of herself, of what she had had accomplished despite her meager beginnings. Things were going smoothly until she met a Samurai by the name of Kyo. She was twenty-two years old, he was a seasoned fighter in his early forties, and she fell madly in love with him. Going against her personal restrictions, she opened up to him and several months later she found out she was with child. Now most women would think of this as a death sentence, who would be able to suffer the dishonor of carrying the illegitimate child of a Samurai. Naoko had never been the type to give up in hard situations and she wasn't about to now, she had thoughts of settling down and marrying Kyo. But sadly that chance would never come, not long after she found out she was pregnant she heard that Kyo had been killed in battle.
It was then that she made the hardest decision of her life, she retired as a Geisha to concentrate on raising her newborn son by herself. This was almost unheard of, especially for a woman who was never married in the first place. But she didn't care what the people thought of her, she took the small fortune she had saved up from her years as a Geisha and bought an old run down tea house. And the rest as they say is history, it always seems that when life is troublesome for Naoko she is able to turn it around to her advantage. After a few years on the land a hot spring was accidentally discovered, she saw it was a way to draw in customers, so she started expanding the tea house to include an inn, and the hot spring baths. Then she saw an opportunity not only to make even more profit, but to give young girls the opportunity she was given so many years ago. So she started hosting young Geisha in the tea house as well, her business has grown immensely over the years. As popular and renowned as she had been as a Geisha, the Tsukiakari Tea House is just as if not more well known.

So begins...

Yamamoto Naoko's Story