Commander of the Dark Guardians

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a character in “The Temple Of Light.”, as played by Jake Raikyu


These are the guardians from The Temple Of Light.


Name: Yokai.

Last Name: Unknown.

Age: 21.

Sex: Man.

Special Card: Adreas, Keeper Of Armageddon, Rainbow Dark Dragon.

Look: Eye Colour is blue, he has short spiky pitch black hair. He waers a black T-shirt, pants & shoes. He has a dark brown jacket he uses as a cape.

Personality: He's Overconfidence, think he's able to do everything. He has a thing for snapping during duels or when he feels pain, which makes he's insanity strikes. Yokai is also The commander of the Dark Guardians.

Background: Theonly thing anyone knows about Yokai is, that h's been alone untill the corrupted light gave him a place.

(Dark Guardian Head Commander)

So begins...

Yokai's Story


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