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A dimensional traveler. Worgen. Male. Prefers words then to violence.

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a character in “The Terrarum”, as played by IEatBubbleMan


Physical Description: Worgen. Pitch Black fur. Pure Red eyes. Tall, 6.7. Wears Ebony armor, though it is often covered in cloth and leather. His arms are covered in red tribal markings. His body is almost always pristine, no marks or scars.
Personality: He is a calm and collective Worgen, Prefers speaking and is very good at it. He's also very manipulative, as he prefers speaking to someone he'll often use his silver tongue to get what he wants.
Equipment and Abilities: He uses a Bastard sword which he carries on his back during his travels. He dawns Ebony made plate armor that is covered by garbs of cloth and leather, those colors are a combination of black and blue. He carries a pack of travelers gear. His Abilites are man, his body heals quickly, he can open portals to the plane of travelers with a snap of his finger and he knows a variety of different rituals. He is skilled in survival, hand to hand, speed, tracking, and heavier weapons.

So here we go! Ulysses is a bit complicated to say the least so I'll try and make this as coherent as I can, wish me luck.

Worgen are large, lupine humanoids reminiscent of a werewolf that walks upright, but lopes on all fours to run.
(In short, much more civilized Lycans.)

So once upon a time a baby Worgen was brought to a primordial human village. He was a gift that the humans never asked for
but they did not decline. The Worgen grew in the tribe and was taught the ways of tracking and hunting. A Worgens natural strength
is higher then most creatures but this Worgen seemed to be even stronger. On top of natural strength, Worgens possessed a high
perceptive nature as well. They smell,hear, and see with uncanny accuracy such as any lupine creature. So he quickly became respected by his
human tribe. On his sixteenth birthday his tribe began to disagree with each other on the future of their people. A civil war began
and the first battle was to begin on the largest mountain in the tribes territory. On top of the mountain stood the Worgen.
He did not want to see his tribe fall apart, he not only possessed high fighting and hunting skills but he soon learned he had
a nack for speaking. He stopped the civil war with just words before the first battle even began. He was praised for saving the
tribe from blood shed and was given the title of Ulysses, the name of an old Legend from the Tribes history, a man who united
two flags, such as the Worgen did. Years passed and Ulysses seemed to be a master at ending conflicts. The tribe realized his potential
and decided to exile him from the tribe. Mind you this was not due to ill will, they felt that he had the power to make the world
a better place and they felt selfish to keep him confined to only their tribe. So Ulysses left the tribe and traveled the world.

Ulysses spent many years traveling his supposed native world, during this time he began to notice that his flesh was not changing over
time like the humans around him. When he peaked in his physical form he never seemed to change. He was sixty five now and he had the
same body as he was when he had been 20, his fur pitch black and his eyes a deep red.
He found this to be very curious for many reasons. On top of his lack of ageing, his
body seemed to heal incredibly fast. A deathly wound that would put a human down for months only took him weeks to heal.
Small cuts would be gone in days. And no cuts that had hit his flesh had never left a scar.
So he searched everywhere he could in his world to find the answer. After searching the entire planet he realized that the answers
he searched for would not be in his world. So he began to research methods of teleportation and other supernatural travel.
At the age three hundred he was the first of his planet to discoverer teleportation.

With a mix of magic and soul arts he traveled to a new world to discover the truth of his own origins.
He was surprised to find himself not on a planet, but in some sort of ethereal plane. A dark forest that glowed a constant dim green.
There he met many creatures. He explored this plane for some time and found that he was in a hub for all creatures that possessed
the ability to travel planes of existence. There many different creatures passed through, demons, gods, spirits, ghosts,
revenants, and many others. The creatures that pulled the strings of the mortals around them. Ulyssess spent seven hundred years
in this plane. He learned much from all the creatures he met, many did not have the ability to teleport to any plane as Ulysses could.
So many creatures hired Ulysses for an assortment of different jobs and work.
He traveled to worlds and observed kingdoms being built, he would nudge a developing race into a certain direction a higher being
wanted them to go, he ignited revolutions on thousand year old empires, he saved millions of lives and millions of worlds, just
by making the slightest adjustments to their planets and people. He soon gained a reputation in the Travelers plane, many gods and demons
saw Ulysses as an assets. He was paid with magic weapons and armor, ancient powers that had been lost to time, techniques for healing,
fighting, running, tracking, even cooking. He was paid with knowledge and magical items. But once he was awarded something new by one
of the most powerful gods he had ever met, she gave him a title. The Traveler.

He looks nothing like he did back in his original world. His irises are now outlined with a golden trim. The gift of everlasting sight.
His fur marked by countless tribes he had helped develop. His arms being covered in red markings and war paint.
He dawns Ebony plate armor that has a light purple to its sheen. He carries the blade Velka on his back, a bastard sword that
is engraved with ravens and crows, a gift from the god of order and vengeance. His fur still black but if shined in the light,
glows a faint blue. He is not the same man. Now he is more then hundred thousand years old, the Primordial Worgen they call him,
The everlasting Traveler, The Courier, he had gained many titles. All ethereal creatures knew of him, and some planets even depict
him as a god in their mythology. He now resides in a new world. He watched as the cities of the Sanguarians were built. He watched
as they destroyed and conquered the land around them. He watched as new Queens and Kings took over the kingdoms. Though none have ever
seen him. What brought him to this world? Is he on a job? Is he changing this world? Or did he find something here he has been looking
for? One thing is for certain, he will not be hidden much longer, The Travelers claws have touched Kans soil, something is coming.

Okay! So here is a little personality add on.

Due to his charismatic nature and many years of practice he is a savant of the art of speaking.
He can make a sentence sound as if it was poetry. This is one way he finds information and to get what he wants., through his ability to speak.
He has spent much of his time with the tribes of the worlds he has visited. He is most comfortable with tribes and is known
for being able to unite them.
He has been alive for a very very long time, he has mastered his emotions. In most social situations he seems to always be calm and
collective, like he always has a trick up his sleeve. Either surrounded by guards or in front of the Empress of a nation, he always
holds a certain cool to him.
Due to his long life span, he now looks past peoples physical form and sees them for what they are. Due to this fact, his choice
of lovers he does not prefer any specific race or gender. He finds comfort in other living creatures, even if you are a women,
a man, a Lycan, a vampire, a snake hybrid, or even a dragon. He only sees them for their personality.
Ulysses is beyond observant and can see though lies and deceit very easily. He is a expert at analysis of people and situations.
He is an expert swords man, but prefers not to use Velka unless absolutely necessary.
Ulysses appreciates life over all things.
Ulysses has visited over four hundred thousand worlds.
Ulysses can not impregnate someone due to his first ritual of teleportation, this may be for the best as he does find much comfort
with others and if he was fertile there may be many little Worgen baby hybrids running around.
Ulysses speaks almost any language.

So begins...

Ulysses's Story