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The Terror

The Terror


It had been thought that the Age of Enlightenment would bring knowledge and prosperity to Europe, but instead it brought revolution. The Vampires of France face this new threat, with all that comes with it.

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some elements are taken from history of course, some from 'assassins' creed: unity', and a little inspiration from a web comic called 'bite me' (





It had been thought that the Age of Enlightenment would bring knowledge and prosperity to Europe, the great philosophers filling the parlors and coffee shops of Paris and the other great capitals, and the industrialists developing new machines and techniques to drive the great kingdoms into the future. Though war between the expanding and competing countries was common and somewhat costly, the status-quo remained intact, and Europe was filled to bursting with new and amazing things. The halls of Versailles shone with huge mirrors, and echoed to the sounds of new music and instruments. The Bourbon dynasty towered over France and the world, spectacular monarchs, ordained by God and all-powerful. But, alas, it was not to be.

The dissenting ideas of men like Voltaire, Locke and Diderot merged with a growing dissent among the middle and lower classes of France. In 1789, protesting against the power of church, nobility and king, the Third Estate broke away from the Estates General, forming their own ‘National Assembly’ and beginning the revolution that would plunge France into over a decade of turmoil. The king overthrown, the power of the nobles shattered, and the Catholic Church broken, the Revolution began a letting of blood unlike anything ever seen before. Nobles and supporters of the monarchy went to the guillotine in droves, the revolutionary leaders even turning on each other in the chaos left in the wake of the Ancien Regime. France burns as the rest of Europe declares war, aiming to purge the new and dangerous idea of violent revolution.

Among and beneath all of this lay the nightwalkers, or ‘Vampires’ if you will. Immortal creatures cursed to walk the earth forever, feeding on the living to sustain themselves. In France, these Vampires banded together to ensure their survival, forming the ‘Council of Shadows’ to lay down their laws and police themselves. The Elder Vampires on the Council directed much of French policy from the shadows, using their influence as nobles to hide vampiric activity among the tresses of the regime. However, now their existence is threatened. The trusted human nobles are dead or in hiding, and all the noble influence in the world cannot help them with the revolutionaries. To save themselves, the Council of Shadows and the Vampires of France must save the monarchy, or else flee the land, leaving France to its fate.

The few humans with knowledge of the Vampires know this is a time of great change. Those who serve them see this as the time to prove indespensable, and perhaps gain immortality for themselves. Those who hunt them realise the Vampires are as weak as they ever will be, and that now is the time to strike. Holy water, stakes and silver crucifixes are prepared, for now is the age of the hunter, a revolution against the dead.


This roleplay takes place in Paris, in February 1793 a month after King Louis XVI is executed in Paris and at the beginning of the period known as ‘the Terror’. The Eighteenth Century was a time of discovery and new ideas, and this roleplay also incorporates a shady underworld populated by the creatures of the night. Vampires in this reality are hidden in society and are very similar to the Count Dracula of Bram Stoker and the more modern film ‘Dracula Untold’. Essentially these vampires have control over the creatures of the night, supernatural strength, the ability to morph into clouds of bats, a form of thermal vision, and a natural ability to attract prey ( Weakness to silver, crucifixes, stakes, and death in direct sunlight can be taken as a given.

Obviously this roleplay will involve some violence and ‘R’ rated stuff, so it is intended for a mature audience. Please do a little background research before creating your characters. I have provided a little overture, but I would strongly suggest that you do a little more digging. The French Revolution was quite a complicated affair. With that in mind I do have a central plot quest, however, I am more than open to suggestions for events or changes. Don’t be shy when it comes to taking part!



There is some freedom when it comes to characters you can create. The ‘Council of Shadows’ will remain unseen throughout the roleplay (unless absolutely necessary), so any vampires created will be operating around them and the rules set by them. Most vampires are Royalists due to the power it gives them, however, that does not stop you from creating a Revolutionary. It is up to you as long as their story makes sense. You can also create a human character. Some were trusted with knowledge of the vampires, and some were hunting them. I would prefer that hunters are kept to a bare minimum before we have more Vampires. Werewolves are also an option, though I would prefer to have as few as possible. Obviously, in this modern age werewolves are in just as much danger as the vampires, but it is up to you after all how your character plays out. The Werewolves of this universe can transform at will, but each time they do, they lose more control of themselves, releasing the beast within.

Character creation for this RP is detailed on purpose, so that it shows your dedication to your character and that a lot of thought has gone into them. Any type of image is acceptable for your characters, but I would prefer if you steered clear of Anime. The more realistic the better. Please try and provide a couple of images, so that people can really get an idea of what your character looks like. As the RP is taking place in Paris, I would expect most of the characters to be French and speak French, but of course you can do what you like so long as it makes sense.

1. Vampires - Mostly Royalist nobles, bent on the preservation of the royal family and their own shadow power.
2. Humans - Some served the vampires, some hunted them, most were not aware of their existence.
3. Werewolves - Numbering few in France, they are even more wary of the humans than the Vampires. Uncontrollable in their beast form they often isolate themselves for fear of going completely feral.

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[u]Is your character literate? In what languages?[/u]

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