The Testing Initiative

The Testing Initiative


Trapped miles underground in a old genetic facility, you emerge from stasis how long have you been here? Can you overthrow the hostile AI and escape?

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Plot: You have awoken from a stasis pod no idea how long you've been under, the room you are in is merely a brick cell with a door and a timer which is counting down from 10 Minutes. In reality you were plucked off the street for testing several centuries ago, you were sealed in a stasis pod. All was going smoothly they were activating a super computer one that would be aware however in the first nano-second it was activated it sealed all the exits and murdered everyone, they managed to shut her off for several centuries by overriding her power source but not before dying. The computer rebooted itself several centuries later, you kept safe in stasis are all that's left of this dilapidated facility, plants bloom, overgrowth and decay have worn over this place, the computer however has began running tests as it was programmed to with you as the Guinea pig.

Facility: The facility is miles underground and seemingly goes on forever, right now the facility is in the edge of decay the structures and rooms are falling apart, and plant life has began to grow. The computer has the ability to manipulate some of the facility at will.

Genetics: Shortly into the roleplay you will meet a genetic altering machine that will make you test worthy, for example it will make your bones as hard as steel so you take no damage from falling, it will also pump nanobots into your blood stream and bond them to your DNA this process is painful, but worth it as your healing rate will be drastically quickened, you'll also be immune to any type of disease. The last effect it will give you a unique ability, that will be based on your personality.


Cell 1:xfaithyx123
Cell 2:Choclate~Pyrus
Cell 3:LeNarcissus
Cell 4:Me
Cell 5:
Cell 6:
Cell 7:

Character Skeleton:
Ability: Will be determined shortly into the roleplay, I shall message you, your ability you can suggest what one you would like however.


Equipment: Leave this blank, you'll be wearing a white shirt with white pants.

History: You may have a history, but you will not be able to recall it at the start of the roleplay.

Toggle Rules

Please be literate no one-liners.
Be suggestive I like it when the group steers the roleplay not just me.
Have Fun! Pretty simple, eh?
Be active, one post every two days.

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Character Portrait: Zoey Lonite
Character Portrait: Victoria "Tori" Garcia


Character Portrait: Victoria "Tori" Garcia
Victoria "Tori" Garcia

Is Beauty Truth or Truth Beauty?

Character Portrait: Zoey Lonite
Zoey Lonite

"This is rather improbable."


Character Portrait: Victoria "Tori" Garcia
Victoria "Tori" Garcia

Is Beauty Truth or Truth Beauty?

Character Portrait: Zoey Lonite
Zoey Lonite

"This is rather improbable."

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Character Portrait: Victoria "Tori" Garcia
Victoria "Tori" Garcia

Is Beauty Truth or Truth Beauty?

Character Portrait: Zoey Lonite
Zoey Lonite

"This is rather improbable."

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The number of cell doesn't matter but i would like to be incarcerated.

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I would like to reserve the place for "Cell #2" please. :)

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