Weston the Owl

"Man cannot have his cake and eat it too."

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a character in “The Thaumaturges of New Year's Eve”, as played by Ninjasaur


Age: 12
Sex: Male
Colors: Gray, mostly.
Mood: Serious. An owl has little time for play.
Mindset: Logical, objective.
Frame of Consciousness: Preservation, cooperation, and the greater good.
Weakness: He is all too trusting.
Powers: Razor sharp talons and a mind that outwits even humans.

So begins...

Weston the Owl's Story


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"Late, very late.." Weston pushed down with his massive wings, lifting him from his perch atop a street pole. It was hard to organize people--and even harder to organize animals. Tonight marked the second annual Meeting of Familiars. What a site to see should somebody stumble upon it: animals of all shapes and sizes gathered around rubbish that was setup almost like a table. And in a park of all places!

He didn't much care for the antics, or even who would show. To him it was only those who made the conscious choice to attend that even mattered at all. Simply by arriving they'd have completed the first trial in his wide-eyes. Certain qualities were fundamental in his plans, ironically one being punctual. Flying as fast as he could, Weston the Owl swooped from the night skies to warn his companions of the dangers soon-to-be.

Not that he was one for excuses, but the reason he found himself in this position to begin with was because of a little worm. Recently he'd decided that every animal was valuable, even down to the last mouse. He was a very busy owl and had no time to stop and see if the animal he was about to prey on had the ability to communicate with him. So he took it upon himself to become a vegetarian of sorts: feasting only on worms. This resulted in hours of wooziness and a battle with his stomach he wouldn't soon forget. He didn't understand how the lesser birds could manage.

It wasn't that he felt superior to a certain bird. He was simply a better engineered bird in the same way he was inferior to most eagles and an equal to some hawks. This was the way of life and to Weston the Owl there was no way around that.

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The Raven flew overhead in the moonlit sky, back to the confines set by the laws of familiarity, however his disappearence from his masters side would not go unnoted, and he knew there would be consequences to pay.

The Raven looked somewhat broader, less rugged and alot more bullish than he did when he departed, only he knew why, and when he swept in through a high window and perched on the high beams inside the cathedral he creeched to let his master know of his return.

News had reached his ears of the meeting set to be held by Weston the Owl. He'd never much liked the owl, but he never much liked anyone.

The Raven was prepared to attend but of course, he had his own agendas.

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#, as written by Lerke
The Anthropomorphic Council was a convention of magic animals that was held twice a year and also in times of despair and threat. every animal that was companion to a wizard or witch had to come, of course not everyone followed those orders. This time things seemed to be different, something had happened, something was going on and so almost every magic animal had come.
The Council stood under the principles of Balance and Protection of the Living which lead to the fact that every magic animal was some kind of potential spy to it's master, was he evil or good. Of course a lot of those magic creatures sympathized with their hosts and kept everything a secret, not every animal inclined to the principles of the Council, some just came to spy on the others in order to seek advantage for themselves.

Something was coming, something purely evil, something so dark, that even the darkness was afraid of it. Something was growling under the Park Monceau. To the passing pedestrian it sounded like the Metro or construction work , but every magic animal would now know, that something was preparing to rise, something very old and very forgotten. The cold got stronger, especially in this place, it was minus 6° Celsius and the animals where instinctively looking for a shelter.

They approached a small building and those that where capable to do some spells, changed the inside of the rotunda into a warmer place, with candles and a little more space. It would be still a little narrow, but not like in a tin of sardines. As Weston the Owl arrived and flew over their heads whooing "Late, very late.." a miniature pony and an otter already started complaining. 'Oh dear, couldn't you find some place warmer? Why must you lead us to this dangerous place? Are we bait or something?'