David Reynson

"You were expecting a more striking figure to be top student, weren't you? That's a shame."

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David Reynson

"It's definitely possible we'll die from this, but it's also a chance to change our futures."

General Overview
Full name:David Reynson

Titles:Top Student at Liberty's Wings Academy



Age:18 years of age.

Nationality: 'MURICA!...I mean America.


Family status:

  • Duncan Reynson--Father, dead
  • Sharla Reynson--Mother, dead

Physical Appearence

Height:180 cm

Weight:68 kg

Hair colour: Pale Blond

Eye colour: Dark blue

Physical description
There isn't really anything to describe outside of the picture.

David's clothes include a red vest, a blue sweater, brown shorts, and dark red shoes. His clothing is thick, and actually contains some pieces of light metal in it, to make up for the fact that he does not own any proper armor.



General Attitude:Basically a nerd.

Personality description
Despite being the top student of the Liberty's Wings Academia, David is rather humble and lacks a lot of the bravado and pride other students feel. He's rather softspoken, and not exactly charismatic or leader-like. Between classes, he's always in the workshop working on a new weapon, or the library to study different kinds of enchantments.

  • Making/enhancing weapons.
  • Gathering materials for weapons (even if he has to go to junk piles to find them).
  • Trying out new magic.
  • Studying magic and magical weapon crafting.
  • Insults to his style of weapon crafting. Especially if those insults are just because he uses scrap to make them.
  • Older students who mock their juniors for being weak.
  • Students who got into any Academia on money rather than skill.

  • Losing the Aermorgen.
  • Watching people die right in front of him.
  • Functions surprisingly well under pressure.
  • Determined to finish any task he undertakes, no matter what.
  • Creative, always willing to try something new.
  • A bit obsessive about his crafting.
  • Socially awkward most of the time.
  • Carefully calculates his tactics, which often makes him seem slow.
  • Has extremely erratic sleep habits.
Aspirations: Not quite sure right now. At the moment, his only concern is doing well in the Academy. There's a lot of pressure on him for being the top student...
Hobbies: Crafting enchanted weapons.



Weapons: David carries two swords with him, both made from scrap metal. The first is a conventional sword which normally hangs from his waist; it is curved, long, and dark grey in color. The material used for it did not have much capacity for enchantments, so it has no special abilities other than being abnormally sharp and able to be swung around quickly, despite its weight.
The other weapon, a red futuristic-looking sword, is David's most prized possession. Dubbed the Aermorgen, the blade splits in two when activated, as an energy blade about as long as David himself is tall extends between the two halves of the weapon. The clear circle in the guard is a face of crystal, and it glows with a symbol when David activates it. The Aermorgen draws its power from the earth itself, so David can use his own thaumaturgies to his heart's content. And as it is an energy blade, the Aermorgen is very light and easy to swing around, and its blade can slice through most substances. However, after an hour of usage, the Aermorgen becomes overcharged and will be dangerous to wield. For every second of usage, its cooling time takes an additional 10 seconds.

Eventual armors: None.

Tools and supplies: None. Wouldn't it be so nice if he had a bag of holding?

Magical talents

Mana Attunement: Unusually, David seems to have no attunement to any element in particular. He tried studying in many different elemental thamauturgies, but never found affinity with any of them.

  • Enchanted weapon crafting, A. Despite using scrap for his weapons, the methods David uses to create them put them on par with newly-forged swords.
  • Weapon enchanting, A.
  • Aermorgen's Barrier, B. By channeling his power through the Aermorgen, David can create a spherical barrier composed of hexagonal plates of golden light around anyone he chooses, including himself, in a 4-meter radius. The barrier can block most physical or magical attacks without any physical harm coming to the person being protected, but it shatters after only one hit, and David's mana is depleted proportionate to the force of the attack. Theoretically, if David had full mana, he could block up to an A-rank thamauturgy, but his mana would be completely drained. Furthermore, the barrier can only be used every 5 minutes.
  • Aermorgen's Elemental Attacks, D. By striking enemies with the Aermorgen, David can burn, poison, shock, or freeze the opponent. The effects are all as strong as techniques of C-rank specialists of the same elements, but as he needs to hit the target with the Aermorgen for them to take effect, they are ranked as D instead.
Proficiency in Sorcery: None

Mana capacity: B

Tools: Despite it being a hobby, David carries no tools for crafting or enchanting. It would be too problematic to carry so much gear.

Miscellaneous: Enchanted Weapon Crafting

Swordsmanship and enchanted weapon crafting.


Birthday:November 18th, 1994


Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, David Reynson was born to a blacksmith, Duncan Reynson, and a sorcerer, Sharla Reynson. As they did most of their work at home--both were involved in creating enchanted weapons for people with freshly-acquired Spiritus licenses--more often than not, David would find himself wandering into the workshop to watch his craft. While neither of his parents approved at first of David sitting in such a dangerous environment, the father reluctantly agreed to show David how to create weapons, from refining the materials to shaping them, and the mother showed him her technique for enchanting the weapons that the father created.


Unfortunately, when David was 10, the Second Leviathan War broke out, and both of his parents were called to the front lines. In order to keep him safe, they sent him to live with another family whose family members all possessed magic and who they were friends with. Despite his parents being such good friends with that family, however, David did not feel quite so happy with them, and ended up secluding himself most of the time.

Tragically, both Duncan and Sharla Reynson were killed in the war, and David had no choice but to stay with the family friends. Not sure what to do, the three brothers of that family took him under their wing and started trying to teach him magic, going by what their parents had taught them, and, eventually, what the eldest two of them learned at the Liberty's Wings Academia.

-Present Times-

At age 18, David finally entered the Academia, and is doing extremely well, due to the teachings of his parents and friends. He currently is the top student at the Academia, due to his exhaustive studying and hard work.

So begins...

David Reynson's Story