Mortica Elisibetta Botticello

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The Order of The Negative's Glory

"Who the fuck are you?" -Morti

Morti's an elf that follows Maro around and is also a member of The Order of The Negative's Glory.
She's roughly 23 years of age and is a snarky introvert with a bad attitude.

It all started when Gressil, Lucifer's right hand man, decided to marry Dinalagosbes, a captured subject from the Demonwebpits, which lies in the Abyss; Lolth the Spider Queen's region of reign. The marriage of the two caused Lucifer to drop Gressil as a subject. As a result, Gressil began his own kingdom on Earth, in the deep forested areas of Aughnanure, Ireland, with Dinalagosbes.
At first, it was just a forced and arranged marriage, but eventually Dinalagosbes fell in love with Gressil and his charming qualities. As a result, they had a child, Mortica.

When Mortica was about five years old, Lolth's subjects attacked the kingdom and caused the death of her parents. So while the raid was going on, like any other Disney movie, Mortica had a savior. One of her chamber maids happened to be in the room with her, scooped her up, and carried her off into the forested area near the castle. Since she was around the age of 60, her body could only carry her about halfway into the forest. Then, she told her to go straight, and only straight, and she'd come across a nice lady's home. She would take care of Morti.

See, a year or so after Morti was born, Gressil made arrangements for a close friend of Dinalagosbes to be Mortica's godmother and to take on Mortica if something like this had ever happened. They just hadn't expected it to happen this soon.

So eventually, Mortica does in fact reach the home, and the woman, whose name is Aline, takes her in. Within the next two days after her arrival, they got up and left to a kingdom nearby to the one in Aughanure. The woman had already had two foster kids: Daedor, the older brother, and Mirrow, a sister about Morti's age.

Daedor was quite the character while growing up; he was the one who caused Morti's early childhood blindness as well as her early-teen sterilization. He was a few years older than Morti and Mirrow, so when the two girls reached the age of 13, he was already 16 and playing with fire: lab work. Of course, Daedor absolutely despised Morti, which she believe was hard to do as she was nothing but nice to him, and in fact avoided him just because of this reason.

By the time Morti was 14, Aline was growing sicker and sicker each day. Due to her old age, she contracted Scarlet fever easily and died soon after. This left Morti and Gabi to do as they pleased. Although they were close, they chose to go seperate paths. As for Daedor, he too, chose a seperate path, but to them it is unknown.

Moving forward, of course Morti left Daedor, as he would do nothing but cause her trouble. She moved around for a long while before finally settling in an area where the portal to the Thought Realm so happened to be placed. Upon it opening, and upon being introduced to it, she landed in the Negative's territory.


Magical Abilities
Lengthening and manipulation of limbs
  • Mostly her tail
Her tail can turn into gelatinous tendrils
  • She can shoot the gelatin and use them as an extended weapon of herself.
  • It can harden, though in its gel form can act as an acid that eats away at organic tissue.
  • The acid can be used as a way of redirecting energy, as it is a conductor.
Magic resistance; fire, dark, and shadow magicks.
  • Can also dispel these types of magicks
  • This includes the different variations of fire [holy fire, black fire, etc.] Also ties in with the below ability.
Can create demon hell-fire
  • As stated above, with hell-fire comes immunity to the other variations of fire.
Can learn the complete history of an object by touching it.
  • Usually just uses her tail to hoist herself up
Astral Projection
  • The ability to 'go out' and communicate with other magic-users in a bodiless psychic plane.

Physical abilities:
Increased agility
Increased strength
Has an extreme amount of stamina
Extremely flexible
Enhanced reflexes
Decelerated aging
Contaminant Immunity
Nature channeling
  • This is what gives Morti her high tolerance for pain as well as her high endurance and stamina
Simple environmental adaptation
  • This can be, but it not limited to, simple tasks such as lowering the body temperature in extreme cases of heat.

Mental Abilities:
  • Because Morti has been blind for the majority of her life, she has developed a rare ability known as synthesis. Synthesis has caused her other senses to be heightened so that Morti can paint a picture in her head. Basically, she can smell and taste colors as well as smell and hear objects. Becomes harder to use in the dark, considering the majority of 'color' in darkness are shades.
Can detect lines
  • By way of static noise she can determine if a statement is a lie or the truth.
Can sense emotions
Manipulation of emotions
Detect invisibility
Enhanced intelligence

Known to use an axe, kukris, piano wire,as well as a war hammer as weapons.
Ankle-length teal hair, cloudy eyes, alabaster skin.
4'9", 102 lbs, prominent bones.
Pointed ears, troll-like tail.
Full body Morti
Over-sized black sweater, black spanks, no shoes.
Sometimes has black ribbons in her hair when it's put into twin braids.
Sometimes has steel armor covering her tail and chest area.
Sometimes appears to be wearing a mask that is either much like a gargoyle statue, or a tiki carving.

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