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Vera Anwen

"Sometimes, Its best to just be alone."

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a character in “The Thousand Year War”, as played by WAAAGH!




Vera Anwen

None to her knowledge.




Like all elves, Vera is tall at 6'2 and slender. She has long blond hair that falls to the middle of her shoulders, but it is ruggedly cut as she did it with a knife during a hunt to keep it from her eyes. Her ears are half a feet long, and barely poke out of the top of her hair. She has bright, crystal blue eyes and a small, thin nose. Her lips are also thin and drawn which Vera thinks is ugly, and they bother her to no end. She is not the most curvy of elves being flat-chested, and if someone were to mention that fact to her, it tends to aggravate her greatly. In general, she is sensitive of her looks.

Vera is just into adulthood, so she is a little nervous about what she is supposed to be doing. She is unsure of herself and lacks the confidence of some of her peers, but she is old enough to hide her turbulent emotions and doubts, but they still eat away at her. She was never as good as other elves at magic... she can barely heal cuts and bruises. Her inability to cast simple spells, and her sensitive over her looks has given her a complex. She views all magic users with envy that reveals its ugly head as distrust and mockery while she will try to impress others with her bow in order to give herself some sense of self-worth.

Vera is not used to flirting or compliments and tends to get awkward when it happens. She has little experience with non-elves, so the thought of someone eating meat revolts her to the point she wishes to throw up, but decides her numerous flaws, she is very clever. Being a Ranger, she is used to crafting and setting up elaborate traps to catch her prey and is skilled in staying in shadows and being one with the silence. She is a little anti-social thanks to her complex, and her tendency to roam the forest alone. She finds both men and women to be... attractive.


Silvans. She wants to defend her people of course.

Ranger, just a scout for the Silvans.






So begins...

Vera Anwen's Story