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Danil Yadin

"What kind of person would I become if I never learned another thing?"

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a character in “The Thousandth Floor”, as played by electric


{"When dealing with people, remember you are not
dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”

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Danil Cephas Yadin ben Simeon v'Ofra
Dan / Dani
6 April 2100 / 26th of Adar II, 5860
Central Tel Aviv
Hebrew, English
Illegal Hacker

intuitive; charming; quiet; humble; curious;
Danil has a way with technology and language. He is adaptable and intelligent, allowing him to work efficiently on projects and figure out how to overcome problems in code. He takes on to new languages very well, especially coding languages, and is curious to no end, always going out of his way to learn something new everyday. Because his parents are doctors, he has never been squeamish, and often deals with his own medications and injections. However he does have a habit of smoking when he is nervous, but takes care to hide this from his parents. Dan is a quiet kind of intelligent, and is rarely pretentious (when he is, that is not his intention), he mainly offers his opinions when asked, instead he mainly listens. His curiosity can get him into trouble, and sometimes his quiet nature is taken for disrespect, even though he rarely is disrespectful despite his circumstances. He likes to stand up for what is right, which often surprises those who believes he is taciturn, and he can get talking about things he loves once he gets going.

Despite his family's situation, Danil is optimistic most of the time, and humble. He is kind and outgoing when necessary, and has no trouble making new friends, but does have trouble making deeper connections because of his situation and job. He puts work into staying healthy and fit (despite the cigarettes), and makes sure that he is presentable most of the time. Danil, though quiet, is not a shy person in any way. He loves being around other people, and gets a sort of energy from conversations and laughter. He does not necessarily need to be involved in speaking or listening, and is, in his own way, a rather taciturn person, but he enjoys sitting and working in public places, listening to the chatter around him.
smoking when nervous or stressed; licking his lips; staring into space; listening in on conversations;
learning; languages; problem solving; conversation; listening; charisma; playing piano, his mother taught him and he is quite talented; physical activities;
too curious at some points; unafraid to take risks; quiet and reserved; accent can prohibit speech; resting bitch face; overthinks things; not good at being alone; blunt; weak in his right shoulder from an old wound;
being alone; the death of his parents; living unfulfilled; guns and gunshots; fireworks; being misunderstood; unsolvable problems;
walking down streets in the middle of the day to take a break; playing piano anywhere he finds one; working in cafes or in public; exercising early in the morning; striking up conversations with strangers, but only if he has something to say;


Danil was born at the beginning of April 2100, to Simeon and Ofra Yadin, two doctors living in Tel Aviv at the time. His parents raised him as an only child, and sent him to the public school, all the while encouraging that he learn things out of school as well. Danil was a happy child and very kind, which ended in him getting bullied often. Surprisingly, the meanness of his fellow students did not bother him, and he sound solace in books and the friends he made playing soccer in the park hear his childhood home. He was quiet as a child too, but always loved to talk about what he learned in school or about the new book he was reading at the time.

When he was eleven, the air strikes began again, and Danil and his friend often found themselves sitting in bomb shelters in front of televisions or the computer, where they first began to learn how to code into systems. When he was thirteen, Danil was shot in the right shoulder in a terrorist attack, and his parents decided, a year later, to move into the Tower in New York City so that the could all live safely from the growing violence in their home country.

When they moved, they found themselves unable to receive work in their medical positions, and were demeaned to doing menial work on the lower floors as Dan continued his schooling and tried to pick up the language, which he did very quickly. Despite the young boy's accent, he was much better at speaking English than his parents. He continued to learn how to code, and realized that he could help make money for his family. Under the guise that he worked in a cafe a few floors up, Danil set out to find work as a coder and hacker, though it was illegal. He was determined to help his parents who had given up so much for him to live safely and in a new environment. He worked for people on much higher and lower floors than him, and has managed to make a solid sum of money, although not nearly enough to satisfy his goals.

Dani became friends with Atticus and they began to hang out together, often in places with other friends and they formed a small group that did things together after class or work. The two became the closest out of the group, and found common interests despite the difference in floors and incomes. Danil graduated, and continues to work as a hacker, and he has just received an interesting job from a girl named Natalie, who intrigued him as soon as he set his eyes on her, and now he will try to make money, not get caught, and do things that quietly undermine the authority and structure of the Tower.

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So begins...

Danil Yadin's Story


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Danil woke up earlier than usual, before there was light shining in through his window. This was alright he supposed, since he was going to get his hours in for work early in the morning so that he had more time later in the day to work on the project given to him by a jealous businessman. He contemplated the project as he slid silently out of bed, slipping on socks to stand on the cold tile floors of the apartment he shared with his still sleeping parents.

He shuffled to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, sure to leave the pot on the stove so that his father could heat it up later when he awoke. He sat and sipped on the hot mug in his hand. The project he was focused on at the moment was an easy one. Of course the businessman who hired him did not know that, so Danil was to end up with a solid sum of money that he could use to slip into his parent's bank account and brush it off as taking on extra hours, which he often used as his excuse. All he needed to do this afternoon was to gain access to a private email system to derail a rival company by exposing some of the secrets that lay inside the server on chats and email exchanges. It could take an hour at most, and then he could spend the rest of his time hanging with friends or finding another job. He wondered if Atticus was free today, and, figuring his friend was probably doing yoga some time in the morning, would wait to text him until he got to work.

Danil finished his cup of coffee and popped a supplement into his mouth before returning to his bedroom to put on his uniform.The blue shirt that could pass as an everyday t-shirt of a work uniform laid out on his dresser from the last time he wore it, and Dan slipped it over his head with ease, kicking of his pajama pants and putting on a pair of dark jeans. He pulled on a black sweatshirt and pulled his work cap onto his head. He put his keys, laptop, and apron into a bag and slung it over his shoulder before turning to check his clock. 6:30, just enough time to make it up 568 floors to the cafe on 873 where he worked for the privileged customers that came in to order their fancy lattes and smoothies. It made him rather bitter, to have such a low-brow job, but at the same time he was grateful for the guise that allowed him to complete his real work.

He stepped into the transportation pod and checked his phone casually as the pod sped up towards his destination. He had a few potential jobs lined up in emails, most of which were rather rudimentary, but they still meant money, so he wasn't complaining. The pod opened and he stepped out, walking quickly past the few people that were on their way to work in the early morning. He arrived and pulled his apron over his front after throwing his bag onto a chair in the back room.
To Atty:
Meet up later?

He typed quickly into his phone before sliding it into his back pocket and stepping up to greet the first customers of the day with his usual lazy smile. It wasn't terrible work, he at least got to interact with people, and that was something he enjoyed immensely, especially when the customers were nice. An hour or so later the front door opened with a chime and another customer, seemingly a richer young woman stepped through; Danil recognized her as a regular.

"Welcome back, what can I get for you today?" he said with his slight accent, leaning forward to rest his palms on the counter.