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Henry Clayton

Captain and tank commander in the Scum 363rd

0 · 232 views · located in Warhammer 40k

a character in “The Tide of WAAAAAGH!”, as played by Irish Wolf


Henry is a rather average man, not being of great height or muscle mass. He’s not short, skinny or fat and could blend well with nearly any crowd of people. His skin is pale, from spending dawn to dusk underground or inside his tank. His blue eyes are hard. His reddish-brown hair is styled in an overgrown crew cut and he only shaves every few days, so he normally has a stubble-covered face, which could be described as kinda blocky with his square jaw. Like most in his regiment, his uniform is dirty, stained in several places and smells like engine oil, with once brown boots like look kinda black. The leather tanker’s cap he wears is a little torn and scuffed.


Henry is a rather laid back guy. He enjoys the small pleasures in a guardsman's life; smoking, gambling and crushing the Emperor's foes beneath the treads of his tank.


Weapons: laspistol and a twelve shot revolver stubgun

Vehicle type: mars pattern Leman Russ Battle Tank

Name: Emperor’s Fury

Armaments: battle cannon, one hull-mounted heavy bolter, two sponson-mounted heavy bolters and a pintle-mounted heavy stubber

Crew: commander, driver, gunner, loader, two sponson gunners

Extra: Improved comms


Like many others on Luggnum, Henry’s father work in the mines and his mother worked as a server in a eating establishment near the mines. When he was old enough, he followed his father into the mines. When he was around twenty years old, he happened to be working near one of the large tunneling machines, when several slaps of rock broke off the ceiling of the tunnel and crushed a worker. Before they could even remove the body, he hand jumped on board and volunteered to take the man’s place.

This act would prove to be lucky in the future, when he was remembered by the mine bosses, while they were looking for a new shift leader At the grand old age of twenty-seven, he was made shift leader. It was at this point when he bought his stubgun. You see, every now and then, men from other mines would make raids, aiming to break equipment and make their own ore quota look better as production fell in other mines. Mostly they would end in brawls, rarely leaving any dead. Now he hasn’t shot any raiders, preferring to make warning shots but production didn’t drop because of outside influences I his five-year run as a shift leader.

Two years ago, at 32 years old, he was drafted for a new guard regiment, the Luggnum 129th and chosen as an officer because of his experience as a leader.

So begins...

Henry Clayton's Story