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Theodora Aerni

0 · 949 views · located in 1800 London, England

a character in “The Time Keepers”, as played by LostRiver


"This job is fun and all, but do I really want to do this for the rest of my life?"

Basic Info

Full name
Theodora Aerni
Theo or Teddy



Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5’1
Weight: 109lbs
Piercings: Two in each ear
Tattoos: A vine tattoo that wraps around a majority of her back and part of her stomach; and a small scorpion at the base of her neck.
Scars: None

+Days Off - She’d much rather be in bed than working.
+Old-Fashioned Things - From cars to fashion to music, she loves the romanticism of the old days.
+Men - It’s not that she is manly, she just prefers the company of a man as opposed to a woman.
+Competition - While she is very lazy, competition always wakes her up.
+Spicy Food - She’s been pouring hot sauce on everything since she was little.
+Warm Weather - Everything about it makes her smile.
+Traveling - Just travelling to new places around the world. It’s one of the few things that excites her to no end.

-Snow - She finds no beauty in it. All snow does is mess things up.
-Dogs - She will never admit it, but she is frightened of them.
-Fathers - Needless to say, she has some issues with her own father.
-Secrets - She is good at keeping them, but hates when people keep them from her.
-Stressful/Rushed Situations - She’s not one to be stressed or rush in any way unless she is in immediate danger.
-Routine - One thing that she hates is doing the same thing day after day. She has a severe case of wanderlust.

~Target Practice - She doesn’t normally practice unless she is angry or sad.
~Story-Weaving - She loves telling people fake stories about herself, a friend, or family member and seeing who believes her.
~Language Practice - She is well-versed in several languages due to her photographic memory and can often be found reading books or watching movies in other languages.

-Routine - It’s not that she doesn’t like the job, she’s just afraid that she will get caught doing the same thing for the rest of her life.
-Betrayal - She is afraid of a fellow Keeper betraying her and leaving her in the past.
-Deep Water - It’s just always been a fear of hers

Weapon of Choice
Normally her customized pistol, but she also carries an old hunting knife with her, and sometimes her 9mm.

Time Profile


Keeper - Theo never wanted to be a Keeper, she applied to the position as a joke and the agency contacted her, seriously asking her if she wanted the position. Theo knows that many people resent her for this, but she doesn’t feel bad at all. Starting out, Theo loved it for the most part, but her love slowly started fading. Now, she is having some doubts about her career and life choices.

Theo has always wanted to make the past, present, and future the way it should be, as she believed was the overall goal of the Time Keepers; however, recently she has had doubts about the true motives of the Time Keepers and has been having urges and temptations to alter time to her own liking.

Character Thoughts
On Time Control: To be honest, I think controlling time could really help people. It’s just that the Keepers have a stupidly strict rule that none of us are aloud to alter time. Sometimes I wish I could just help people that need help and not have to worry that I’m going to be punished for it.
Favourite Era: Definately 12th and 13th century Europe. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something about the High Middle Ages that constantly intrigues me.
Killing: It’s okay... I guess. I know this might sound horrible of me, but I have no problem with killing someone that deserves it.


Theo is normally seen as bitter and sarcastic, but most of all she usually comes off as an apathetic woman. It’s not that she doesn’t care about anything, it’s just that she does things at her own pace which often seems too slow for people and she normally does not take kindly to being told to do something she doesn’t want to do or work faster than she would like. Theo also rarely seems overjoyed to be a Keeper. She seldom cares about her line of work, but cares enough to keep her job. The one thing that Theo cares deeply and passionately about is her relationships - be it familial, friendships, or sexual.

Theo has a very dry sense of humor which can sometimes cause her to come off as mean and bitter; however, those closest to her understand that she is only joking and rarely means any harm. Although she will never admit it, Theo’s sarcasm is also a defensive wall that she puts up often to hide her true insecurities. She absolutely despises when anyone thinks she is weak and would never admit that she is soft or insecure.

Despite her insecurities, Theo is stubborn and rarely goes down without a fight. The cause of this is not her pride, but rather Theo’s refusal to let go of what she believes in. This part of her personality makes Theo a fantastic person to have on your side during a fight. She will almost never admit that she is wrong even when all odds are against her.

Theo may come off as sharp, but she also has a highly-trained flirtatious, manipulative side. Theo is well-versed in flirtations with men - especially those of high social and monetary status. While she is a good shot with a pistol, Theo can also be dangerous without a gun. She has - allegedly - scammed multiple men out of a sizable portion of their funds. Ever since she was a teenager trying to help her brother make some cash, Theo had been practicing her manipulation of the male mind. Normally as a teen is was stealing twenty bucks from some jock’s back pocket, but as she grew older, it became habit and she raised her standards to wealthy men with big wallets. She understands that many clever men do not fall for her trickery, but Theo has always loved a challenge. Some may see her as a dirty thief; however, Theo simply sees it as an art. Besides, she always makes sure that her targets are rich men that can take the loss of a few hundred dollars.

Theo does not like to martyr herself by telling people her sob story, but it is certainly not the typical backstory of a Keeper.

She was born to a slightly messed-up, yet loving mother, Lillian, and a twelve-year-old brother, Callum. Before Theo was born, her mother was a drug-addict who was being taken care of by her pre-teen son. Callum worked as long as a twelve year old could and other times, stood on the street dressed as Oliver Twist while simultaneously pickpocketing passer-bys. With this money as well as the money from Lillian’s sleezy dealings, they were able to pay for a food, water, and a small, run-down apartment.

When Lillian found out that she was pregnant with another child, she completely broke down. She was angry at herself for not giving Callum a proper upbringing and decided to clean herself up for the coming child. By the time Theo was born, Lillian had a full-time job at a grocery story and was slowly getting her life back together.

Theo’s mother did not know who the father of either of her children were; so, when Roger Caparter showed up at their crappy two-room apartment, claiming to be nine-year-old Theo’s father, no one knew what to think. After getting their DNA tested, Roger’s claim was confirmed and he quickly demanded that Lillian give up Theo. Lillian refused to give up her young daughter, insisting that she wanted to give her own daughter a good life and raise her to be a beautiful woman. Caparter left angrily, claiming that he would be back and Lillian would pay for refusing him.

A few months later, in the dead of night, Caparter knocked on their door once again, this time drugged up, and shot Lillian, killing her instantly. Both nine-year-old Theo and 21-year-old Callum were woken up by the shot. Theo still speculates that at that exact moment, Callum already knew what had happened to their mother because he immediately grabbed Theo and the two huddled in their small closet. Caparter stumbled drunkenly through the house before leaving out the apartment door, never to be seen by either Theo or Callum again. Before anyone from the police could find them, Callum took Theo, all the money he could find in the apartment, and a few items of jewelry from his mother’s hollowed-out book; and then proceeded to climb out the back window in a matter of minutes.

In the coming weeks, Callum spent every cent that he had taken from the house and bought both himself and Theo new IDs under the name Theodora and Callum Aerni. Despite his lack of a college degree, Callem eventually got a full-time job and enough money to rent another small, two bedroom apartment for both himself and Theo.

When Theo was about fifteen, Callum met and started dating the daughter of a wealthy investor, Cristina Stinlor. The two fell deeply in love and were married within a year and a half. Despite their financial differences, Cristina’s family loved both Callum and Theo as if they were their own children. They ended up paying for almost all of Theo’s schooling including college.

It was not Theo’s hard work or effort, but rather her eidetic memory that caused her to be a straight A student in high school. As usual, many people resented her ability to simply recall things without putting any effort into it. Without making many friends but having several boyfriends in high school, Theo made it into a decent college where she felt exactly the same as in high school.

Directly after graduating, Theo began looked around for a job - feeling like she was intruding by staying with Callum and Cristina - and she stumbled upon the Keepers. She had heard of them, but had never really been interested in becoming one. Just for fun, Theo looked into becoming a Keeper. It was simply a joke to her; however, when she was contacted and told that the agency wanted to speak with her, Theo became more and more interested in the possibility. After several interviews, Theo eventually got the job due to her natural intelligence and her skill with a gun, and she slowly began to pay Cristina’s family back for the college tuition - despite the fact that they didn’t want the money back.

Initially, Theo loved the excitement of time travelling and deeply believed that the Keepers were meant to do good in the world. However, lately Theo’s thoughts have been changing and she is questioning the true motives of the Keepers. Often when she is travelling, she will see something that she wishes she could change, but that she knows she cannot due to the strict policies of the Keepers. Lately, Theo has played with the idea of going rogue and leaving the Keepers to travel on her own in order to do things that she believes could make the future a better and safer place.

On The Road||Keane

Have you been feeling that pull?
And are you hearing that call?
'Cause you've got everything that you need to make a start

I had a dream of my own
Just walking out of my home
And going I don't know where to sing beneath the stars

So begins...

Theodora Aerni's Story

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#, as written by Issa
Paige Ceres

The stark white corridors of the Time Institute Headquarters were brimming with life. The communications room and and research library also bustled with purpose. Finally things were happening. The Keepers were sending a group of their best and brightest into the past. The recent disappearances had cast a shadow over the institute. The past few weeks had left everybody itching to do something. And now, finally, the researchers had figured out where to start.

Paige Ceres walked purposefully through the corridors, strapping her twin handguns to her side. Usually they would sit around her thighs but now, given the time she was traveling to, they were hidden beneath the folds of her jacket. Paige was always immensely thankful for the Keepers synthetic clothing. While she was forced to wear a dress in order to fit in with the time period, the material it was made from had been altered to allow for ease of movement. Her dress, a simple one of dulled browns and dirty whites, would have her fitting in perfectly with the lower class of 1800s London.

Up ahead the doors into the mission room were opened, giving the young woman a clear view of the Time Keepers she would be traveling with into the past. In front of them, the only one dressed in modern clothes, stood Mr Haran, the Director of the Institute. That he was here indicated the seriousness of the case. Paige entered the room, again double checking that everything was where it should be. Her jacket covered her guns, the sleeves hid the watch that was their time travel device and she was dressed appropriately for the time period they were about to jump into. The room itself was empty of any furniture or decoration. It was circular, white and seemed to echo whenever someone spoke.

"I thank each and everyone of you for embarking on this mission." Mr Haran began, his voice ringing throughout the room, "Find our people, stop these fools from destroying all we work for and, above all else, remember our code: Do not disturb time."
He nodded, his eyes making contact with every agent in the room, before leaving. The door closed behind him.

For the group of Keepers in the room it was now time to begin. Paige stepped into the middle of the group, raising her wrist to reveal the small watch that was wrapped around it. The time read 09:29am. Paige pressed a button and the screen flicked to the current date.
"London, England. 1827." She told the Keepers gathered in the room, adjusting her device as she spoke. "The dockside, behind the fish markets. Let's say midday."
She waited for the other keepers to input the data. Then, when everyone was ready, she smiled and began the countdown,
"Three... two... one.. " On one her screen flashed and Paige's world flashed a blinding white.

Time traveling, as far as she had gathered, felt slightly different for everyone. Sure, there was always that rush of air as it tried to fill in the space you had left, but she had heard of some people feeling squeezed, while others felt ripped in two. For Paige it felt like she was spinning. The sensation lasted less than a second each time she traveled and she had grown to accept it, if not like it. It took no time at all to reach the 1800s, the time would still be reading 09:29 back home. The further back you traveled the longer it generally took.

Paige glanced around at her companions, checking that everyone had made it through intact. They were all standing behind a debilitated warehouse, the smell of fish, shit and smoke thick in the air. The sounds of the fish market on the other side of the warehouse could be heard as well as the squawk of seagulls. It was an overcast day, grey clouds threatened with rain and Paige doubted that they would see the sun anytime soon.

"We have our instructions." Paige reminded the group, "The reports pinpoint an old textile warehouse just beyond these docks. We split up and make our way there individually or in pairs to avoid detection." She glanced at her watch again, it now showed the current time in London of 12:00. "We'll move in at 12:45"
She smiled at them all before giving a final nod. She turned and began to leave. If someone wanted to pair up with her to reach the warehouse then they would catch her up, if not she was perfectly happy to get there alone.

Vance Savage

The man stood by the window, watching the street below the warehouse through the dirty glass. There were always people everywhere in London, one of the reasons he had chosen this place and time for the base of his scheme. It was relatively easy for a man of money to make things work for him here.

Behind him, set within an arm's distance was his crossbow. A casual observer might mistake this weapon for some old artifact from the medieval period but on closer inspection one might realise that the material it was made from wasn't wood, or anything that could have come out of that time. Vance Savage had designed and made it himself in the 23rd century. It shot a laser arrow with deadly accuracy, especially when in Vance's hands. Now, turning from the window, he picked up the weapon and slung it over his back.

He left his private study, striding along the corridor. Below him was the whole of the textile factory, the old machines creating a maze of metal. He entered into what had once been some sort of office. Now it was alive with futuristic technology. Screens blinked figures and videos gave the team unlimited access to the streets around the warehouse. Vance went straight towards a lone computer, it's screen showing a single spike in the graph that ran along its face.
"They're here." His mouth formed into a satisfied smirk, his light brown eyes seemed to sparkle with dark energy.
He lifted his hand to his ear and spoke, knowing his message would be transmitted to all the rogues who had gathered here.
"Time to come in, we've got some guests to entertain."
Wherever they might be in London, and whatever they might be doing they would know that the real fun was about to begin.

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Aaron sighed as he adjusted his pocketwatch. He had always loathed the 1800's. Patiently tapping his foot he'd look around the room. No one least he didn't think anyone knew. His second goal...the reason he volunteered... was so he could find his father... the man who made the Time Keepers seem like a dream job. His green eyes glanced at the door when a woman came in. She was dressed as the lower class, as he was dressed as the upper. His black velvet coat, with a gold trimmed vest, and shiny black shoes would say he was dressed as the upper class. The pocketwatch... a small token of the past. On the back of it, ingraved was, Johnny Thornhill , his fathers. Casually tipping his hat to the woman he looked back at the director. As the man gave his speech, it felt as if his eyes lingered on Aaron... mostly when he was speaking of their one motto. Do not disturb time. He'd smile and nod in agreement before the director left. Then the woman spoke, adjusting his wristwatch he'd sigh...just another day. After inputting the information, he felt it...time... shifting...flying backwards.

His body seemed to turn to liquid as time turned back. Though it was as if a force were going against him. Aaron always said Time was like a river, flowed only one way...and this was one of the reasons. People wern't ment to go back in time...though some always thought it be fun to do so. As his travel ended he'd gasp and adjust his clothing and check to make sure his hat were still on his head. Scrunching up his nose he almost gagged at the scent. He wasn't sure if he could get used to the smell of places.

"Ugh... couldn't have picked a better smelling place? It reeks." He'd say checking his shoes making sure there wasn't any shit on them. Hey... he was supposed to act like upperclass. Good thing his brittish accent sounded genuine. He'd give Paige a smile to show he was only playing before she spoke of splitting up or going in pairs. The warehouse... this was going to be fun. He could already feel his throwing knives in his coat, as if they were yearning to enter flesh, stop people from messing up the time stream. Taking a few breaths, he had an agenda of his own.

A fellow Time Keeper had gave Aaron information about his father's dissapearance, and the first place he had suggested to look was the tavern. He made a mental note of the location of the warehouse. It was time he searched for his father... afterall, family did come first. Aaron wouldn't mess up the time stream if he...found his father... would he?

He hoped no one wanted to pair with him, as that would make them suspicious as to why he would be going to the tavern... though Aaron was a good liar, he could probably bullshit his way through, its just he didn't want to...looking at his pocketwatch he'd nod to himself.

He had plenty of time... I mean afterall... time was on his side.

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London's smell hit Wes like a punch in the face. "Damn. I thought I could deal with anything since the Middle Ages, but this is wicked awful," he said to nobody in particular.

It took a moment to get the scrunched, "that smells gross" look off his face. He half-listened to Paige's reminders about the warehouse. They'd gone through the details of this mission more times than he could count back at the agency.

Instead he spent the time taking in his surroundings. Carriages and carts clogged up the street, and the crowds of people pressed close against each other on the sidewalks. The midday sun beat down on all of them. Wes caught snippets of conversation as people passed by. Complaints about rising fish prices, scraps of gossip, inquiries about a neighbor, but nothing helpful.

He glanced around for a likely person to have information. Someone busy with errands wouldn't stop to talk to him, so he eliminated the women with shopping baskets tucked under their arms. He did the same for the men and women working the busy stalls. A dockworker on a lunch break might do nicely, he thought.

The group of Keepers started to disband. Wes felt a flicker of panic. Despite the number of missions he'd run with the agency, he'd never come to London or the 1800s before. He wanted a buddy, at least until he got to know this place better.

Most of the group had already paired off or left. Many had disappeared into the crowd. He spotted Aaron, but something in the other man's body language stopped Wes from following. He guessed he wouldn't be welcome there, and he didn't want to impose.

Paige hadn't left his sight yet, either. He might be able to catch up to her if he ran. Wes didn't know her well, but an acquaintance was better than no company at all.

The crowded street slowed his progress. He followed the back of her head, dodging and weaving through the crowd. "Pardon me, sir. Sorry about that, ma'am." Wes could barely move through the crowd without bumping into people. He felt bad about moving so aggressively, but he couldn't slow down without risking losing Paige.

After almost knocking an armful of groceries away from an old woman, he ran right into Paige, stopping just short of slamming into her. He touched her shoulder to get her attention.

He flashed his best smile at her in case he'd bothered her."I'm so sorry about that. You walked away before I could talk to you. I was wondering if you'd partner up with me?" he said, slightly out of breath.

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#, as written by TushoKa
Jason sniffed in the filthy air around him as he reached 1827. The easiest way for him to get adjusted to the smell was to take a few deep breaths, that and a drink of course. He removed his flask from his pocket and took a big gulp. The spirited liquid warmed his insides which was a very welcome side effect. Getting dressed for the mission he did went for genuine and not for comfort. In retrospect, traveling to London he should have known better.

The group started to split up, and lost in his own thoughts he was one of the last to move. He saw Wes team up with Paige. Splendid, Jason thought as he saw them together. There goes my plan to once again let her know what a bad feeling I get regarding this mission. His mind went back to a private meeting between Paige, Mr Haran and himself where he had expressed his concern. Something was off on this mission and it wasn't just the fish for sale at stall number 3.

Jason was dressed as a dock worker, or simply Docker as the English would say it. Checking his pocket he found the old English coins he had brought from the Time Institute Headquarters. He was to far away from his favorite tavern, The Ten Bells at East End, but he was sure he would be able to get a drink at one of the local watering holes.
"Well ladies," Jason said to the two colleagues left behind, "I could sure use a drink, see you in 45 minutes."
With that said Jason made his way across to the fish market and dissappeared in the masses.

Halfway over the market Jason noticed someone touching his pocket. With a quick reaction Jason caught the arm of the young boy. He couldn't have been older then 8 or 9 years. The boy looked at him with big white eyes.
"If you don't want to lose that hand I suggest you keep it out of other peoples pockets, do you understand?"
The boy nodded and Jason loosened his grip on the boys arm. At that moment the boy kicked him in the shins and ran away. Blasted Oliver Twisty kid,Jason thought as he rubbed his shin. The boy had not been able to get any money from him, so he decided not to chase it. If I would chase him, I might be late at rendezvous point.

Coming to the other end of the fish market, Jason dove into an alley. This was the shortest way to approach the rendezvous point from the east. The alley was filled with drunks and tough guys and Jason did not feel particular excited to take this route. At that moment he felt the flask in his pocket and took it out. If you can't beat them..., Jason thought and he started to sing in a drunken tone.

"Maxwelton braes are bonnie, where early fa's the dew
Where me and Annie Laurie made up the promise true"

Jason got a few weird looks his way, and the drunk seemed to wake up out of their street naps.

"Made up the promise true, and ne'er forget will I
And for bonnie Annie Laurie I'd lay doun my head and die"

The drunk had joined in at this time. Jason was past the middle of the alley and started to gain more confidence in his plan then he originally had.

"She's backit like the peacock, she's breistit like the swan
She's jimp aboot the middle, her waist ye weel may span
Her waist ye weel may span, and she has a rolling eye
And for bonnie Annie Laurie I'd lay doun my head and die."

Coming to the end of the alley all the men ended the song together. Jason at this moment must have looked pretty smug, at least that was how he felt. Jason turned his back to the alley and continued on his way.

Walking from one alley to the next without much trouble Jason smelled the brewing of good old English ale near one of the buildings. It seemed to be a gambling house. As Jason approached the door slammed open and a couple came out. They seemed to have been in an argument as the man looked upset and held his hand tightly around the ladies arm. Without them noticing him he entered the gambling house and approached the bar.
"One scotch please Keep." Jason put some money on the counter while the barkeeper was pouring his drink.
"What happened to the two lovers I just saw coming out?"Jason asked in order to start a conversation. He looked at his glass and thought he saw dirt floating around in his drink.
"Those damned foreigners,"the barkeep sighed, "I'm thinking of putting up a sign, Englishmen only."
Jason's mind went into overdrive, foreigners..., making a scene in a gambling house. Even for foreigners such amount of feminism is unlikely, at least in the 1800's.Jason made a quick decision to follow the two. He put his glass, which he hardly touched, back on the bar.
"Better sign then Englishmen only...: no women allowed," he said with a wink to the barkeep. He stood up and walked to the door.

As he opened it he could see the couple turning into a street not to far away. He put some haste in his step and turned into the same street half a minute later. He would have thought to still see the couple in the distance, but he could not see anyone. He saw he was standing right behind the old textile warehouse. Shit, they are working together,Jason thought. He looked at his watch and saw it was 12:41. He had 4 minutes to warn the others.

The setting changes from 1800 London, England to Time


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#, as written by Amelia_
(wrong place, sorry!)

The setting changes from Time to 1800 London, England

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#, as written by Amelia_
"Pick one and follow. Keep well behind them, I do not want you to be seen. When they enter the base you can close the door behind them. Be sure you do not get caught near the warehouse floor, you do not want to be caught in our surprise."
"I'm on it"

Eva smiled. This is what she had hoped would happen, and she knew exactly how to do it. She regarded the 6 rouges, all of them splitting off from each other now.

Two of the women hadn't done anything yet. They were probably waiting a few minutes to follow on so there was some distance between them and the others. They'd have to go straight there though, probably, to meet the rendezvous point, so there was no point in following them- she'd be noticed straight away.

Two of the men had gone off on their own. One was walking quickly- with purpose. To follow him she'd have to match his pace and probably wouldn't go unnoticed there either. The other was wondering towards and alleyway she knew, even in her own time, to avoid like the plague.

This left the man and the woman who had originally drawn her attention. A blonde woman with authority in her step walked towards the fish market and the gentleman followed after. They began to talk, too quietly for her to hear, and Eva turned to the side and tried to blend in with the crowd. She let them move away. She needed a head start to remain unseen, and she knew exactly where they were going. And she wanted a back up plan.

She noticed a stall packing up next to her and walked over slowly. It was run by an elderly couple in tattered clothes and ashen faces; they had barely sold any of their stock. She rapped sharply on the wood, and the old woman looked up.
"How much for the cane?" Eva said, nodding at the decrepit walking stick that was propped against the stall.
The woman looked from the cane to Eva in confusion, and politely answered that it wasn't for sale, that she needed it to get home. Eva rolled her eyes, and then softened her expression.
"I've really hurt my ankle, ma'am. Sorry, but I can pay ya"
"And I'm sorry, dear but I really can't I-"

She put a pound note on the table. The wide eyes of the poor woman answered Eva's question and she took the cane with a curt nod and walked off, leaning on it as if she had sprained her ankle. She left the fish market, limping falsely with her eyes on the Keepers.

The reasoning behind the cane was simple. Should she be noticed by the Time Keepers, she could fall over and claim injury, explaining that she had hoped one of them knew what to do about her leg. She's say she assumed that the gentleman was a philanthropist for coming to this part of London and she thought he could help her. And if she were discovered by them, then it would do just fine as a weapon if she aimed for the head and ran fast enough.

She'd limp along behind them, sticking to the crowds and listening in to what they talked about when she could. When they reached the warehouse she would hide, wait, and when they were all in there she'd slam the doors and lock them, taking the fire exit and joining the rest of her team on the balcony. She knew exactly what Savage had in mind when he said 'surprise'.

Then she'd watch them burn.

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#, as written by TushoKa
Jason turned around and walked back out of the dead-end street behind the warehouse. His way out was blocked by two burly looking man. Although the air already smelled loathsome, it wasn't hard for Jason to notice that these two smelled much worse. As if they washed their sweaty armpits with the freshly caught fish from the fish market.
"Strange, a lost docker right after payday. Time to hand over the money little guy."Jason was surprised to hear the man talk in full sentences. He had a slight smile on his face and raised his eyebrows before speaking.
"I'm in a hurry ladies, so how are we going to do this, dance-off, arm wrestle, HALO 4 tournament?"
The ugly grim on the face of the dockers in front of him disappeared. The one on the left went into attack mode. He raised his left arm and started to swing his fist towards Jason's face. Jason easily dodged the fist and planted his own in the stomach of his opponent. He grabbed the belt of the man with his left hand and his collar with the right and slammed his head right into the wall. The other man looked a bit confused. He quickly got over it and launched his own attack. Before he could however, Jason had already launched his right hand uppercut and hit the jaw of the teabag in front of him. Jason looked up and saw the
two guys laying on the ground.
"Come on fellows, I was beating up blokes before your country was even founded. This is not even exercise."Jason looked at his watch. Even though it wasn't exercise it still had taken time away from his mission.

When looking at his watch he started to panic a bit. Every second ticking away was one less to warn his fellow Keepers. Somehow he had the feeling it wasn't a good thing that two potential Rogues just arrived at the place where the Keepers wanted to surprise them. He had the feeling there wouldn't be much of a surprise if the Rogues knew they were coming. There was a good chance the Keepers would run into more surprises then the Rogues would. If these Rogues had been to the future they might have weapons that the Keepers never even heard of.
Jason had never been to the future himself, very few Time Keepers had. It was against their philosophy to travel to the future. If the future was meddled with it was a task for the future Time Keepers to deal with that. The current Time Keepers only deal with the present and the past. Of course no Rogue was bound by this code, which often lead to some surprises for the Time Keepers.

Jason thought of who to warn first. Naturally Paige came to mind first. It had been seven years since Jason was adopted by the Time Keepers and he had known Paige since the first minute. Of course she hadn't been a Keeper as long as he had, but with parents like hers she easily could have been. Over time he had grown fond of her like he would a sister, a sometimes annoying little sister. He knew he would do everything to protect her. For now at least she was paired up with Wes, but that wouldn't help much if they were being outnumbered by Rogues. They had left the fish market quickly and would probably be the furthest at the moment.

As time was ticking away Jason was scared he wouldn't be able to reach everyone on time. Jason knew what he had to do, although knowing it didn't make him any happier about the situation. He had to use one of the very few tools that was from out of this time. If he would use it however, and the Rogues had equipment to learn the Keepers were here, it would pinpoint his location to the centimeter. To give himself some protection he decided to go higher up. He located some crates and climbed on top of them. From here he was able to hold onto the ledge of the building on the opposite site of the alley and climb up. He made sure he could not be seen from the windows of the warehouse, of course this also meant he could not look inside. On top of the building he was able to jump to the roof of the warehouse. He checked his watch one more time and saw he had 30 seconds left. Here it goes,
it is now or never.
He touched his earpiece. When he spoke he voice sounded urgent.
"Everyone, it is a trap, they are expecting us. Paige, I'm not being paranoid, I swear on our mission in Paris, 1789."
Okay, now at least they can keep themselves safe. Now let's see what the Rogues do next.