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a character in “The Time Of Secrets”, as played by thenotsoinnocent




Age: 18

Species: Selkie

History: Since Rose’s earliest memories, her parents never got along. When her mother escaped, Rose wasn’t surprised. Her heart did take a blow. It hurt to think that her mother abandoned her. The next blow to her heart came when her father began his war on nonhumans. He called them demons. King Vladimir insisted humans should be the only race. This hurt Rose as she was a Selkie.

Over the years Rose would write and visit her mother often. Rose’s mother was the queen of a group of islands. She lived there with her werewolf lover and people. Their relationship changed when Rose was thirteen. Her mother gave birth to a baby girl. This was another blow to her heart. This had the effect of Rose keeping in touch and visiting her mother less and less. It seemed to her that her mother found a replacement for her. It came to a point where Rose only visited her mother once a year.

Rose learned to bottle up her feelings after her mother left. Her father cared little for her. Rose knew she’d have to get through things alone. Rose proceeded with her life, never showing any “bad” feelings. Though, there always seems to be sadness in her eyes. She followed most of her father’s wishes. One thing that irritated the king was when his daughter would wander off. She would disappear, and it was impossible for the guards to find her. It was her way of being defiant.

Besides it being her way of defiance, it was her way to cope with life and tighten the bottle. She often found herself ending up at some body of water on these trips. The woods had rivers and even a large lake or two. Her trips were nice as no one ever found her, well, until Vix came into her life.

Vix came into her life as her old handmaiden decided to leave. The old handmaiden didn’t feel safe. The king had started to hire people to kill werewolves and the like. Her old handmaiden wasn’t human. Rose knew of a few other nonhumans who worked at the castle, but she did not care. She’d protect them before harming them.

Rose plans on having peace between all creatures when she becomes queen. The hunts and terror would stop. She would hopefully be able to make up for the king’s sins. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too late to fix things. What her father was doing was tearing her apart inside. She couldn’t overthrow him though. Rose was his prisoner as he had her seal skin.

Crush: Vix

So begins...

Rose's Story


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A smile graced Red’s lips as she road into town. She had been gone for about three months this time. Red had chased a bounty for some jewelry thief. The job took so long because the idiot got on a ship. Red was furious she had to cross part of the ocean for him. Red was more furious when the man surprise attacked her with a dagger. The silver blade hurt like hell. In the end, Red won the fight. She had to hold back from killing the man. He was worth more alive. Though, this didn’t stop Red from beating him into a bloody pulp.

Instead of going home, Red decided to spend a night at Jolly’s Inn. Red lived in Jasmine’s, Quinn’s wife, brothel. When she had first lived with her aunt and uncle, it was too much for her to be in her family’s home. She saw the bloodbath reoccur at the randomness times. It was finally decided she should stay somewhere else. The only place available was a room at the brothel. Jasmine’s sister worked there, so she kept an eye out for Red. All the girls looked out for Red in all honesty. Red was rarely at the brothel though. She was too busy exploring the town.

Red made sure Winter was settled in the stables before even thinking of leaving for her room. Winter was her white Shire horse. The horse was eight years old and huge just because of her breed. Red adored the horse. The horse seemed to be fond of her as well. Red would get unwanted jokes when strangers saw her with Winter. The horse towered over most people, but especially over Red. Red was at the mere height of four feet and eleven inches. She brushed Winter, gave her sugar cubes, and kissed her nose before leaving to her room.

Once in her room, Red washed up and changed. She changed into a black dress with long and fitting sleeves. Red slid on her red cloak after. She lifted her skirt to secure two leather straps to each thigh. The straps held four silver throwing knives each. Next, she slid a dagger into her left riding boot’s hidden sheath. Red looked at her bow and arrows as she put her collar on. It was the collar Rose had made for Red. The collar had been too small as Rose gave an inaccurate description of her new pet. She had called Red a cute little wolf pup.

In the end, Red decided to leave the arrows and bows. If anything happened, she had enough weapons to defend herself. It didn’t take Red long to walk to the bar. The bar was buzzing with life. She navigated through the room and was glad to find an empty seat at the bar. Red wondered if she would overhear some good information tonight. The information she had was stale, and she was no closer to finding the pack or wolf that ruined her life. Red couldn’t wait for the day she would find them. Though, after so long, Red wasn’t sure what she’d do to them.

As she sipped the beer she ordered, her light green eyes wandered around. Her hood was up, so her eyes were luckily shaded. Red didn’t need to have a fight start up because of some silly eye contact. She watched with little interest as people gambled, argued, laughed, and even danced. A soft and content sigh escaped her lips. It felt good to be back in town. Red wondered if anything interesting would happen tonight. She smiled at people who came close enough to catch her gaze. Red wondered if flirting would be needed to get information tonight.