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The Time Of Secrets



a part of The Time Of Secrets, by thenotsoinnocent.


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Hekat [15] She's a small wolf, with a big heart, and a bigger temper.
Red [15]
Bleu [13] She's the future Alpha, and Calamus' current headache. There's no one that loves life more.
Vix [1] Vix firmly believes in head before heart. She's calculating, and prides herself on being one step ahead of the enemy.
Rose [1]

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A smile graced Red’s lips as she road into town. She had been gone for about three months this time. Red had chased a bounty for some jewelry thief. The job took so long because the idiot got on a ship. Red was furious she had to cross part of the ocean for him. Red was more furious when the man surprise attacked her with a dagger. The silver blade hurt like hell. In the end, Red won the fight. She had to hold back from killing the man. He was worth more alive. Though, this didn’t stop Red from beating him into a bloody pulp.

Instead of going home, Red decided to spend a night at Jolly’s Inn. Red lived in Jasmine’s, Quinn’s wife, brothel. When she had first lived with her aunt and uncle, it was too much for her to be in her family’s home. She saw the bloodbath reoccur at the randomness times. It was finally decided she should stay somewhere else. The only place available was a room at the brothel. Jasmine’s sister worked there, so she kept an eye out for Red. All the girls looked out for Red in all honesty. Red was rarely at the brothel though. She was too busy exploring the town.

Red made sure Winter was settled in the stables before even thinking of leaving for her room. Winter was her white Shire horse. The horse was eight years old and huge just because of her breed. Red adored the horse. The horse seemed to be fond of her as well. Red would get unwanted jokes when strangers saw her with Winter. The horse towered over most people, but especially over Red. Red was at the mere height of four feet and eleven inches. She brushed Winter, gave her sugar cubes, and kissed her nose before leaving to her room.

Once in her room, Red washed up and changed. She changed into a black dress with long and fitting sleeves. Red slid on her red cloak after. She lifted her skirt to secure two leather straps to each thigh. The straps held four silver throwing knives each. Next, she slid a dagger into her left riding boot’s hidden sheath. Red looked at her bow and arrows as she put her collar on. It was the collar Rose had made for Red. The collar had been too small as Rose gave an inaccurate description of her new pet. She had called Red a cute little wolf pup.

In the end, Red decided to leave the arrows and bows. If anything happened, she had enough weapons to defend herself. It didn’t take Red long to walk to the bar. The bar was buzzing with life. She navigated through the room and was glad to find an empty seat at the bar. Red wondered if she would overhear some good information tonight. The information she had was stale, and she was no closer to finding the pack or wolf that ruined her life. Red couldn’t wait for the day she would find them. Though, after so long, Red wasn’t sure what she’d do to them.

As she sipped the beer she ordered, her light green eyes wandered around. Her hood was up, so her eyes were luckily shaded. Red didn’t need to have a fight start up because of some silly eye contact. She watched with little interest as people gambled, argued, laughed, and even danced. A soft and content sigh escaped her lips. It felt good to be back in town. Red wondered if anything interesting would happen tonight. She smiled at people who came close enough to catch her gaze. Red wondered if flirting would be needed to get information tonight.


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The Red Moon Tavern; a paltry little bandit's paradise on the edge of town. All sorts of renegades and social pariahs filtered in to the quaint little hub to escape their daily problems. Some had months worth of coin on them from being expert swindlers, and con men. Hekat was there to con the con masters. Dressed in a leather tunic and breeches, her slim form was apparent among the crowd of men. It wasn't common for women to frequent this area, and she bore her people's symbol-the silver wolf on the sash around her waist-so that made her an anomaly twice over. The Tavern women who served the mead, and rum didn't know what to make of her- but she could smell their curiosity.

Hekat was alluring in ways most people couldn't understand. And she owned that part of herself.

Wolves always intrigued humans.

No one here knew what she was though. Except Bleu.

Her littermate; and partner in crime.

Bleu was everything she wasn't; tall, with a dimpled smile, and pension for trouble Hekat always supported.

The woman was built like an amazon, and frequently boasted she could outfight one too; according to Bleu she was the original warrior woman and the Amazons decided to follow in her footsteps. It was endearing, and the enthusiasm she spoke with made people want to believe her. Even now Bleu was spinning some captivating tale about how she'd rolled the dice, and tested her luck against a whole assortment of soldiers with nothing but the sword on her back; and the luck of the gods on her side. And some poor, gullible serving girl was sitting in Bleu's lap, drinking the story in with wide eyes.

"You really tipped the scale of the whole battle by yourself?"

"I mean Hekat helped a little." Bleu smiled, dimples flashing dangerously. And Hekat chuckled because the fact that she was getting credit for even a small part of Bleu's notorious "victories" was amazing.

"She doesn't look like she could do a damn thing." A man with a deep baritone interjected. The words themselves were ripe with hostility, but that isn't what gave Hekat pause. He was eyeing her like she was prey, and it made her hackles rise. The wolf inside her rumbled at the challenge, and slowly she stood up from her chair. Mead in hand, she stepped passed Bleu who had gone quiet, eyes narrowed at the potential fight brewing. The serving girl was slowly deposited to the side, so she wouldn't get caught in the crossfires when things inevitably went to shit.

"Would you like to place a wager on that?" Hekat all but purred, a delighted grin quirking her features, because he had no idea what he was signing up for.

"I won't fight a woman half my size."

That was a typical male response that Hekat never bothered to acknowledge anymore. Crossing the distance between them, she watched him stiffen as she invaded his space. "I would take you and any other man in here, blindfolded and still win. But if you're afraid-call a champion for yourself. I'm sure a woman would be happy to finish what you started." It was a challenge, and an insult all at once.

Hekat was confident though.

She hadn't seen anyone in here that might be competition for her.


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0.00 INK

Red had now walked around the tavern three times. She had to leave the bar as it had become too crowed for her liking. Although, Red had ordered some rum a while ago. Her eyes wandered around as she looked for the serving girl. She finally found the girl. The girl was in some woman’s lap. The woman was speaking, and the crowd around the woman seemed captivated. Out of curiosity, Red headed towards them.

By the time she reached her destination, the woman had stopped speaking. Though, Red did catch the serving girl’s question. Her eyes wandered over to who she presumed was Hekat. Red caught the woman’s eyes, and she felt her wolf stir. It had been disturbed. She felt odd towards a woman she didn’t even know. Red recognized her eyes for some reason. Her subconscious screamed at her to figure things out. She was distracted when some man had spoken.

Her curious eyes only watched as Hekat stood. She wondered what the woman had planned. An amused smile graced her lips when she entered the man’s space. By the time Hekat finished speaking, Red’s smile turned mischievous. A soft and pleasant laugh escaped her lip. If things hadn’t quiet down because of the tension in the tavern, the laugh likely would have gone unnoticed. Red ignored the odd looks she received. Since she had attracted attention, she decided she’d be the idiot’s champion.

“I’ll finish what he started,” she said. She had to raise her naturally soft voice to be heard. The challenge had excited the crowd. Red stepped from between two men and came to stand near Hekat. She ignored the man’s graze as he looked at her in bewilderment. As she prepared for the fight, which was simply taking her cloak off, the man went on a rant. Red had just placed her cloak on a chair when she heard the insult. Red froze as she realized he was insulting her in his rant. The wolf in her wanted to rip his throat out.

No words left Red’s lip at first. She slowly stretched as she tried to calm her wolf and anger. It wasn’t working. Her lips pressed together in a tight line. When she looked at the man, her eyes looked dangerously wild. The man had called her a whore. Red was accustomed to these insults. They came naturally because she lived at a brothel, which was on the other side of town. She was often seen coming and going from it. The man obviously hadn’t known that if anyone used the insult slut or whore around her, especially used the words to insult her, she’d kick their ass.

“Did you just call me a whore?” she asked, her sweet voice now icy.


Before he could give a proper answer, she shoved him. She watched as he stumbled. He regained his footing quickly and stormed towards her. Red let him grab her shoulder and slapped her across the face. He deserved to get one hit in. Her body shook ever so slightly from anger and from wanting to change. The wolf in her wanted blood.

“Look you little who-”

Within seconds, Red escaped his grip and directed a front kick to his gut. He stumbled again, and this time he hit the ground. Red didn’t give him time to stand. She covered the distance between them and kicked him in the face. It pleased her when she heard a crack. She saw blood flow from his nose. Next, she placed her right foot on his crotch and pressed down. Red simply watched as he tried to remove her foot. She pressed down harder and smiled when he gasped in pain. He tried to speak, but no words came out. Red lessened the pressure before he could pass out. She grabbed his collar and leaned in. Red was inches from his face. He looked at her now in pure fear.

“Next time the word whore or slut escapes your lips, and I am around, I will cut your balls off. This is a promise,” she hissed in his ear. She kept her voice low enough just for him to hear. Red knew the humans in the tavern wouldn’t be able to hear her. “Do you understand?” she added. The man nodded quickly. He stopped nodding when Red punch him in the nose again for good measure. She heard another crack. She watched as his body went limp. Red let go of him and was happy he hit the ground with a thud. When Red turned around, her gaze landed on Hekat. Her eyes still burned with fury. Red felt her wolf stir in that strange way again.

“Let’s fight Hekat,” she paused to roll her shoulders back, “Unless you were all talk a few minutes ago, just a spineless little chicken shit who’s all bark and no bite.” Red was agitated now and needed to take her residual anger out on someone. Unluckily, the someone tonight was Hekat. Red decided she would piss off Hekat and provoke her to fight. Red couldn’t put her finger on the reason, but she wanted to fight Hekat. She could sense this fight might be a challenge as well. Her eyes stayed on Hekat, daring her to run. Her wolf hoped Hekat would run. Red's wolf wanted to give chase.


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Hekat didn't expect anyone to have the gall to challenge her.

Most didn't like the idea of tangling with a woman her size, and the ones that did were usually men who were compensating for something; They tended to be the easiest to undermine So when someone new rose to the occasion she was pleasantly surprised. Until she heard them speak. I know that voice. Her leisurely posture straightened, and her wolf made a quiet noise of recognition because Red was standing in front of her. Her Red- was no longer a girl. At her full height she was taller than Hekat, and she appeared to be just as capable. Something akin to pride flared in her chest because the way Red was acting was familiar. It was all wolf. The man that had been instigating trouble was dealt with swiftly.

Red's threat to cut off his balls made her chuckle.

But her amusement quickly faded when she became the new subject of Red's ire. “Unless you were all talk a few minutes ago, just a spineless little chicken shit who’s all bark and no bite.”

Who did this pup think she was?

Irritation made her forget herself. Her eyes flashed a deep translucent amber as her true nature bled through; and she offered Red a smile that was all teeth. It seemed the days where she looked after Red were over. They were at a new crossroads now. "Cute. You think just cuz you can put some unwashed jack ass on the ground, you can put me on my back too?" She laughed, a throaty noise that accompanied the sound of her discarding her weapons, and sash on the ground.

"This is such a bad idea." Bleu murmured behind her, and Hekat threw her an annoyed glare. Her friend held her hands up in surrender and mimed shutting up. It was a bit late to worry about consequences when a challenge had been issued and accepted. Hekat rolled her neck, waiting for a satisfying crack to split the air before fluidly moving into a fighting stance. One foot slid behind her, and her hands were angled in front of her so the palms were facing Red-ready to catch whatever attacks she decided to throw.

However, she didn't give the woman in front of her much time take the offensive.

Moving only slightly faster than a human was capable of; she darted forward feinting for a blow at Red's head, only to drop at the last second to attempt to sweep her legs out from under her. This would put them in a position to grapple, and that was Hekat's specialty. Once she had an opponent on the ground she didn't need to rely on the strength of her wolf. Wrestling was all about finding holds and angles that worked.

Reaching around Red, she tried to put her in a choke hold-while pinning her arms to the ground. Red would need to be flexible with her legs to escape. Or maybe get lucky enough to elbow her in the face, but Hekat had no intentions of letting go anytime soon.

She'd been training her whole life to take down people bigger than her.

But this was different-Red was a wolf of her line.

Hekat couldn't let herself be dominated by someone that had been changed with her fangs.

"Tell you what, when you lose you can tell me what's worse-my bark or my bite." She promised with a snort, while keeping a tight hold on Red.

It occurred to her if she actually wanted to win she'd have to adjust her position so she was cutting off Red's airway.

The other wolf would never submit otherwise.


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Red’s anger dimmed as uneasiness took over. Had Hekat’s eyes flashed amber? The thought disappeared when Hekat smiled. The smile irritated her. Red had gone to answer Hekat’s question, but the woman began to discard her weapons. She watched Hekat have a small interaction with her blond friend. She planned on discarding her weapons, but it was too late. Hekat was already coming towards her. She stayed frozen for a few seconds before she went to block Hekat’s head blow. This was a mistake as her legs were swept from under her.

Her irritation grew when she realized she was trapped in a choke hold. Her arms were pinned to the ground as well. Red had to remind herself to pay attention. If Hekat had been face to face with her when speaking, Red would have glared at her. She decided she would need to stay in this position or escape Hekat’s grip. If she stayed in the position, Hekat wouldn’t be able to cut off her airway. Red knew if Hekat cut off her airway, she’d pass out before giving up. Red was stubborn and too prideful to tap out of a fight. She’d rather die than tap out.

In her mind, she should have died when she was born. She should have died again when she was mauled by a werewolf. Since Red lived, she lived as if she couldn’t die. Finally, Red decided she should get out of the position Hekat had her in. She tried to free her arms with the normal force she used with human males. It didn’t work. Red tensed as she realized Hekat wasn’t human. She couldn’t be human. No human had ever been able to overpower Red. Red took a deep breath to clear her mind.

“You’re not human,” Red whispered. Red’s anger faded because she realized she could lose this fight. The last thing she wanted to do was lose to Hekat. Red felt like she’d never hear the end of it if she did. Though, who said she’d even see this stranger again? With only a second of hesitation, Red moved her feet and legs to try to escape. It didn't help her predicament much. Red let out a low growl as her feet hit a table's wobbly leg. A smile graced her lips though as she hit the leg again. Red realized she could use the table to her advantage.

She quickly hit the table's wobbly leg multiple times with her feet. Red was glad when she realized the table was going to fall over and hit them. She knew Hekat would need to move if she didn’t want to get hit. The table and whatever may be on it would hurt when it made contact. Red knew she’d get hit too, but she did not care. She knew she had to escape Hekat’s grip and get at least a few feet away. Though, at this point, Red just planned on hitting Hekat with a chair once she was freed. She was done with the fight and wanted it to be over soon.


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"You're not human."

The words were a revelation that made Hekat tighten her hold. "Would you enjoy this if I were?" She whispered back, so the humans wouldn't hear them. There was no point continuing to hide what she was from Red-if the woman in her grasp was in touch with her wolf at all she'd sense that Hekat was different. Wolves could detect each other with the right amount of practice. It seems Red had grown more than just physically in their time apart. These were the thoughts that distracted her from Red taking advantage of the nearby furniture. She was so preoccupied in her head she didn't notice the table wobbling till it fell. It would have landed on them, and possibly disorientated her but Bleu chose that moment to step in.

She knocked the table away, kicking it back so it skid a few feet out of reach, and then with a quiet sigh she grabbed Hekat by the collar of her shirt, and hauled her and Red up in the air so they were both dangling. "Drop her." The command of an Alpha traveled through the air and Hekat bared her teeth at her friend defiantly. Bleu's eyes sparked with humor. Because in her own right Hekat was every inch as dominant as she was-the only thing that separated them was size. "Hekat. Don't make me ask again."

Bleu was using that I'll throw you voice.

Fucking cheater.

Rolling her eyes Hekat unceremoniously dropped Red on the floor.

She didn't even have the decency to feel bad for the rough treatment. Red had challenged her-and called her spineless.

Clearly the girl she used to protect from the shadows didn't need it anymore.

Smiling at her belligerent expression, Bleu gently deposited her on her feet. "Good girl." She cooed at Hekat ruffling her hair like she was a pet that had just accomplished a good deed. Hekat's teeth snapped together with an angry click, forcing Bleu to withdraw her hand before she lost fingers.

"Fuck you?" Hekat turned her back on Red to shove Bleu for good measure.

They were playing in jest now, and the assembled crowd began to go back to what they were doing. The fight was over, and so the intrigue was dissipating too. The Tavern Keeper had a weary eye on the trio because if anything else broke they were getting thrown out on their asses.


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Red was still tempted to hit Hekat with a chair. She wasn’t sure if she was glad or not that the blond stepped in. Slowly she got to her feet and brushed herself off. Before she took a seat, she picked up Hekat’s sash that was discarded. Red sat in the chair where her cloak was. Her light green eyes took in the details of the sash. She glanced back at Hekat who was still interacting with the blond. Red rolled her eyes, but wondered what the woman was. Red knew there were many types of nonhumans, and she didn’t want to assume. Though, she knew her wolf reacted to the woman. Her wolf even reacted negatively when the blond told Hekat to drop her.

Her attention was shifted when rum was placed in front of her. Red looked up and smiled at the serving girl. She nodded a thanks to the girl. If she had gotten her drink earlier, the fight wouldn't have happened. As she sipped her rum, she grabbed her cloak and folded it on her lap. When she folded the cloak, she tucked the sash into it. Red was still irritated with Hekat. She decided to keep the sash. It likely would bother the woman when she realized it was gone. Red had finally finished her rum and was ready to go, but then she heard barking. Her body tensed. She knew who the barking belonged to.

It was a minute later when she saw a black hunting dog. It was Layla. She watched as the dog happily ran up to her. Red gave Layla a friendly smile. Red placed her cloak on the table before she petted Layla.

“Hello Layla,” she said sweetly. She grabbed the dog’s head to kiss her on the forehead.

“Ah, I heard you were here tonight, glad the rumors were true,” said Ian. Red flashed him a fake smile. She hated Ian. He was the reason she ended up as Rose’s pet. She only glanced at the group of men behind him. His hunting group was smaller than normal.

“What do you want?” she asked. She moved Layla off her and made her sit. She stroked Layla’s head to relax. Her wolf liked Ian even less.

“We need someone who’s good with a bow and arrow. We trapped some werewolf in a pit trap, and we’d rather catch it without any casualties,” he said. Red rested her hand on Layla’s head. She wondered what she had done for her night to have gone to hell. First Hekat and then Ian.

“What happened to George?” she asked.

“He fell. We’ll pay you for your work. Do something to make your father proud,” he said, ending his sentence with a laugh. Red tensed even more. She hated when people mentioned her family. It just made her think of the night of the bloodbath.

“Doubt he’d be proud, it’s just a pup,” said one of Ian’s men. She watched with amusement when Ian glared at the man.

“Are you such a bad hunter than you couldn’t bother to find an adult?” she asked.

“A catch is a catch, I’ll split what the king gives me,” he said. Red rolled her eyes.

“So, I need to finish what you started, but I only get a small share?” she asked. She wondered how she could get herself out of this mess. Red wondered how she could help the wolf, especially if it was a pup. Red didn’t have a love for werewolves, but she believed it was wrong to harm children. If the werewolf was a pup, it likely was a child. She thought of when her wolf attacked her. She didn’t have the opportunity to defend herself. The werewolf pup Ian caught wouldn’t either, especially if trapped in a pit. Also, it was very outnumbered. Red decided she would need to somehow help it without risking herself. She had no idea how the hell she was going to do it. If she went back to the inn, her conscience would nag her.

“We just need you to wound it enough so it isn’t a threat. I want to see if I can get information out of the dumb animal,” Ian said.

“Do you not know how to shoot an arrow?” she asked in annoyance. He didn't need to call it a dumb animal.

“Are you coming or not?” Ian asked, irritation lacing his voice as well.

“I’ll come. Give me a minute,” she said. She grabbed her cloak and stopped a serving girl. Red arranged it so her cloak would be taken to Jolly’s Inn. She tuned back to Ian.

“I’ll need to get my bow and arrows,” she said. She wanted to buy herself more time to think of a plan.

“We have a bow and arrows for you,” he said. Red decided not to protest, but cursed in her head. She touched her collar. Red wondered if she should leave it. Red wore it to keep herself from changing. It was a small reminder to double think. Though, she knew she’d be stupid to change with Ian around. She’d have to help the pup in her human form.

“Why do you w-”

“Let’s go. Where is the pit?” she asked suddenly. He always asked about the collar. She never gave an answer.

“It’s in the dense parts of the woods, give or take a mile from the river. You know where that rotting tree trunks are?” he replied. Red nodded. She took a deep breath before following him out. Red wondered how the night would turn out and if she bit off more than she could chew.

“What color is the wolf?” she asked, just before they exited the tavern.

“It’s black. It isn’t you wolf,” Ian said. Her wolf was the one who attacked her. She had called dibs on it ages ago. Red had said if anyone killed or even harmed it, she’d cut their head off. She reminded everyone of this at each hunter meeting. The meetings were held once a month in a secret location before the full moon. Red was allowed because of her family's hunting history. It didn’t matter that she didn’t take up werewolf hunting, especially after what happened to her.

Red walked behind the group. She stayed a few feet away. Red knew the walk to the pit wouldn’t be too long. She wondered if she should ditch the group. She could turn to get to the pup quicker. If she got there first, she could help the wolf escape. Red reminded herself that Ian likely had men guarding the pit. They would be an issue for her. Red didn’t change much and always felt less than 100% in wolf form. After all these years, Red still refused to fully accept her wolf self.

As they entered the woods, Red figured out Ian was missing three men. She assumed they were the ones guarding the pit. She walked a foot or two more behind the group. She took in her surroundings. Red wonder if the pup had many any noises that would attract other werewolves. If any other werewolves appeared, she’d have to leave. She’d let them all kill each other before she was a part of another bloodbath.

“Almost there, about ten minutes or so,” Ian hollered. She foolishly hoped that Ian caught a normal wolf. She could see him being stupid enough to do that, even if he was a werewolf hunter.


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Hekat traded a few more blows with Bleu, irritated that she was so tall and smug. Who allowed her to be like this? It was a travesty "It's okay I know you have to do something to feel big." Her friend crooned pinching her cheek, and Hekat swatted her away with a scowl. They were in public, and Red was right there. She could only imagine what the prickly woman thought of her already; she didn't want any delusions of her abilities. There were some people that weren't allowed to see her vulnerabilities and Red was one of them-but when she turned to address her former charge- Red was gone.

The disappointment that coiling in her gut was unexpected.

"Hey don't look so down, we can make some coin at the next place." Bleu's jovial suggestion made her grin but Hekat wasn't worried about the gold they had missed out on. Sighing dismally, she gathered her things; her fingers automatically reached for her sash and found it missing.

What the hell?

She cast her gaze too and fro, searching aimlessly for where it might have fallen. But it was marked with the crest of her clan-and hard to miss when contrasted against the hardwood floor. "Where did it...?" She trailed off in confusion, because she saw it before the fight with Red; but had lost track of it since then.

Red took it.
Her wolf supplied unhelpfully, and the thought made her growl in consternation.

"What's wrong?" Bleu asked, taking her new sullen mood into consideration before guiding her outside away from the humans. "You've been acting weird as hell since we met that girl."

"That was her. Red. She took my sash." Hekat informed her friend, unable to stop her wolf from crawling to the surface. She didn't enjoy being played. And it felt personal, having her things being appropriated by someone she'd devoted so much time to protecting. Did she figure out who Hekat was? Was she being led into a trap? Is that why she'd taken her sash? Her feet found new purpose-following Red's scent out of the village. Bleu trailed behind her, concern stilling her tongue-because normally a jaunt in the forest would be fun for them. They'd joke and laugh, and tumble through the trees together.

But this was different, they were hunting now.

Bleu had never forgotten the significant part Red had played in her childhood.

It had shaped her into the wolf she was today.

"Hekat I don't like this. She might be laying a trap for you."

"Let her." Hekat shrugged carelessly, and increased her pace.

She only slowed when she heard the distant cry of a wolf pup. It keened in pain, begging any werewolf who could hear for help. The closer they got the more recognizable the voice was. "Briar. They have Briar." Bleu whispered, all traces of humor gone from her tone. Red's scent intermingled with several others, in the direction the anguished sounds were coming from. "None of our patrols have found him-because he's been here. I'm fucking tired of these hunters."

Briar had disappeared some time ago.

They thought a bear had gotten him, or he'd gotten lost in a human settlement. His mother Soraya had spent moons mourning him, and running herself ragged searching for him. Calamus had barely been able to keep her from tearing a village apart to find him. But the pup was here-with Red of all people.

If she sided with the hunters; then she would be eliminated like them too.

"We're getting him back." Hekat said stonily, crouching down as her bones began to shift. The transformation wasn't painful; but it took a moment to acclimate to having fur; and her senses being heightened. When the change was complete Hekat sat leisurely on her haunches waiting for Bleu to shift as well. When they both assumed their true forms, Hekat shook herself-silky auburn fur rippling at the gesture and she darted forward. Bleu had a longer stride then her, so when they lunged into the camp of hunters-Bleu came into contact with the enemy first.


The resounding cry was the only real warning before Bleu descended on the nearest human with a snarl, and before his companion could throw her off, Hekat collided with him, clamping her jaws around his neck until she tasted blood. They didn't bother with easing into a fight anymore.

When a pup was at stake- they went for the kill immediately.


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Red went rigid when the wolf pup cried. She saw the pit and the three men guarding it. Red had been handed the bow and quiver of arrows. Ian had spoken, but she didn’t hear a word. Red was on the edge and the pup’s cries didn’t help. Slowly, she walked towards the pit. She could see a whole bunch of branches, foliage, a ladder, and the wolf pup.

Red walked away from the pit. She thought over her awful plan. She took in a deep breath. She would need to shoot the men, grab the pup, and run away. Red would need to explain her actions later, but she wouldn’t worry about that now. None of the other men had bow and arrows, which was good. She would just need to stay out of their reach.

“Where are you going? The pup’s in the pit,” Ian hissed. Red turned around to retort when someone yelled wolves. She felt her blood turn cold. Her heart seemed to slow when she saw the first wolf. When she saw the second wolf, her eyes widen. It was her wolf. Memories of the bloodbath flashed in her mind. Red came out of her trace when she saw one of Ian’s men charging her wolf.

She loaded an arrow and let it go. The arrow entered the man’s hands. He dropped his weapon and screamed as he held his hand. “That’s my wolf. Stay away from the auburn wolf unless you want to get hurt,” she said, raising her voice above the chaos. She wanted to make sure everyone heard her. She shot another arrow into someone’s shoulder as he went after her wolf. A few of the men got the hint and decided to run off.

“Kill the bloody wolf if you don’t want anyone touching it,” yelled Ian. Red was surprised when she was shoved. When she fell into the pit, she gasped. Red quickly got to her feet. She glared up at Ian.

“I’ll kill your bloody wolf and you won’t have to worry about it anymore,” he hissed. As Ian disappeared from her sight, she growled in annoyance. She had to ignore her inner wolf who was dying to come out. Red knew she couldn’t allow herself to change. The wolf pup caught her attention when the pup cried out. He was stuck in the ladder. She cautiously approached and grabbed the pup’s nape.

“I am here to help you. If you hurt me, I will hurt you,” she said. It only took her a few seconds to help him escape the ladder’s grip. Though, she kept her grip on the pup’s nape as she scooped him up with one arm. Red nudged his head with her cheek to make it rest on her left shoulder with his paws. She used her free hand to prop the ladder against the pit’s wall. Slowly she climbed the ladder.

“Close your eyes or you’ll likely have nightmares for the rest of your life,” whispered Red as she reached the top. She turned and sat on the edge of the pit. She was glad her boots were new. They had good traction still. As she stood up, she wrapped her free arm around the pup for a better hold. She didn’t feel safe putting him down in the chaos. Her eyes narrowed as she saw Ian heading toward her wolf. She placed the pup down between two bushes.

“Stay here,” she whispered. Red jumped when Layla appeared at her side. She stroked the dog’s head.

“Layla, stay here,” she ordered. She snapped her fingers and watched happily as the dog sat. Layla glanced back at the pup. Her tail wagged. Red let out a small laugh. She wondered how the dog could still be so happy. She turned to see Ian a few feet behind her wolf. He was about to throw a throwing knife at it. Without a second thought, Red shot multiple arrows at him. Her heart lightened when he dropped the knife. She watched as he snapped an arrow in his forearm. He turned to glare at her, slowly backing away.

“You traitor! I am going to tell everyone that you are on their side! I will put a bounty on your head!” Ian hollered. Red stood still and watched Ian run off. She watched the men, that still could, follow. She was in shock because of his words. She was now Ian’s enemy and that was bad. Red felt her heart sink. What had she done? What had she been thinking? Had her life been ruined again because of werewolves?

She knew she should rush to the inn for her things, but she felt defeated. She didn’t see how she could explain herself to Ian. She leaned against a tree and slid down to the ground. She pulled her legs up to her chest, wrapped her arms around them, and buried her face into her legs. Red knew the wolves were still around, but she didn't care. She was trying to think of ways of how to fix things with Ian. Red doubted words would help her situation. She always was the outcast of the town. Ian accusation of her being a traitor would have many negative effects.


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Alot of things happened at once. Hekat disabled one opponent only to nearly be crippled by another. A lucky arrow landed in the human's chest though, robbing him of the chance to kill her. Amber eyes tracked the shot back to its source and landed on Red. She didn't know how relieved she was to see the woman till right now. She had really been afraid of them being at cross purposes. The child she'd turned into a wolf- was now fully grown and had every reason to be a hunter that killed without remorse. But Red was better than that.

It made her breathe easier.

Hekat was able to devote her full attention to the next enemy with a blade-because she was positive Red wasn't going to shoot her in the back now.

To her right Bleu was a indiscriminate blur. Moving with all the grace and power of an Alpha who had been provoked. It would be a cold day in hell before a Human could put her down; and since they worked in perfect harmony it didn't take long for them to turn the tides of the battle. The hunters that didn't die by their fangs, were herded into corners and reduced to sniveling husks of their former selves. Hekat and Bleu were relentless; their attack driven by the cries of the pup until they couldn't hear him anymore.

Eventually it was just Ian.

Hekat turned to face him- a snarl erupting from her chest.

“You traitor! I am going to tell everyone that you are on their side! I will put a bounty on your head!”
He was screaming, but not at them. Hekat watched him run off with narrowed eyes, and she really considered following him. A cursory sweep of her surroundings told her Briar was safe. The pup stumbled forward from the little surreptitious bushes Red had left him in. On clumsy paws he teetered over to her, and nuzzled into Hekat's leg. Seeking the warmth and comfort that that had he had been deprived of. Being separated from the pack at his age was traumatizing.

'I was so scared.'
He whined, burrowing his face into her fur.

Hekat licked the top of his head, reassuring him in the less verbose way and shared a discreet look with Bleu.

Her friend nodded- trotting up to her side, and picking the pup up by his scruff.

Bleu would deal with one puppy.

And Hekat would deal with her human one who hadn't moved since Ian left.

Cautiously, Hekat approached the prone figure on the floor, taking care not move too fast.

Anything she did could provoke Red. When she was close enough to touch, she shifted- assuming her human form in a flurry of dust and cracking bones. "You really didn't need to do that. If you want we can still catch your...friend?" The word sounded wrong. Ian didn't act like a friend. But she was the last person on earth who could judge. "We owe you a debt. For Briar. You didn't have to save him-but you did. That's worth something so what do you want Red?" Hekat sounded older, and impossibly tired.

She didn't have any more energy left to expend on the ruse of being a stranger to this woman.

Red deserved to know.

And Bleu would make sure Hekat didn't pay a price too high for finally telling her everything.


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Red felt very overwhelmed. She had to blink back tears. Her night had been ruined. The events of the night wound her up. When Red got this overwhelmed, tears would flood her eyes. She highly disliked the quirk. She lifted her head as she was approached by her wolf. Her breath caught when her wolf transformed. Her face, especially her eyes, flashed with a range of emotions. There was surprise, anger, curiosity, confusion, and even a little fear. It took Red a minute to rein in her emotions and put on a blank expression. She took a deep breath. This is when she caught Hekat’s scent.

Her wolf found the scent familiar. Red leaned against the tree and wiped away the tears that escaped. As she listened to Hekat, she thought of her cloak. Her cloak always seemed to calm her wolf. When Red was a child, she always slept with it. Red didn’t even wash it until she was sure the scent on it was gone. It was a scent that came to have a calming effect on her as she slept. She had no idea why. Red remembered how she had worn the cloak religiously. If she didn’t, her wolf wouldn’t be as calm. Red wondered now why the scent was so familiar to her wolf. Had her wolf caught the scent on those occasions Red allowed herself to turn? Red was a bit shocked the scent was Hekat’s.

“I have what I want you could say. All my life…I have wanted you…I had wanted to find the wolf that ruined my life,” she said. She took a deep breath. Her hand went to her right shoulder, the one Hekat had mauled. She looked away from Hekat to look up at the night sky. A soft sigh escaped her lips.

“I don’t know what I want now, but going after Ian will make things worse. I am pretty sure a few of his men escaped when I was defending you,” she paused to catch Hekat’s gaze again, “I do have a request though, but I need to make something clear, you and your pack owe me nothing for saving Briar. I couldn’t allow for a child to be harmed, especially one who couldn’t defend themselves. Although, you do owe me for failing to murder me all those years ago, and, in turn, ruining my life.”

“To make up for what you have done, I would like to be allowed to live with you, with your pack. I can’t live in town anymore…Ian would try to have me killed. He could even hurt people I know to get to me,” she said. She shifted so she could sit on her knees. Red rested her hands in her lap. Red felt calm once more. Red had a small hope Hekat would bring her to live with her pack. Hekat did owe her, and Red could always change her mind about the pack too. They could, in her mind, suddenly owe her too for saving Briar.

“Also, I’d like to be the one to carry Briar back to where you live. This is if he is okay with it. He’d have to wait a bit longer to be reunited with the pack. I need to get my things at the inn first. I assume your pack wouldn’t be too hostile toward me if I bring back a lost pup, especially one I helped save from hunters,” she said. She stood to her feet and smoothed out her ruined dress.

“Would you like to accompany me back to my inn to get my things? Or would you like to meet back here in a half hour or so? I doubt Ian and his men will come back tonight,” she added. She looked at Hekat expectantly. Red was starting to feel like herself again. She placed the bow on the quiver. As she waited for Hekat to answer, it occurred to her that the woman knew her name.


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Hekat had expected a laundry list of demands.

Red had the right to ask the world of her.

Instead she reminded her of past mistakes; and asked for reparations she was owed. Hekat had ruined everything for her, and had inadvertently taken not one-but two homes away from her now. The stray wolfling just wanted an inkling of her life back. And giving Red a place within the pack was preferable to being hunted by her. The woman in front of her had wasted years of her life to vengeance-Hekat couldn't return that time to her. But she could offer her a future.

Her instincts were geared towards supplication. Easing the pain of the last decade-and giving Red a reason a smile.

She couldn't really say why the drying tears on the woman's face bothered her so much.

Nodding slowly, Hekat rose in tandem with her charge.

"You found me." She agreed softly, but her eyes were sharp, and cutting in the moonlight. "What the hell was your goal though? Killing me? Cutting off my head? Mounting my carcass on your wall like most hunters do?" Hekat snorted because she could see that as a real ambition Red had aspired too. "If that's still what you plan to do-if that's your long game in coming with me-then you had better make a move now. Once we're among the pack there won't be another chance."

She inclined her head, exposing her throat and behind her Bleu snarled. Violently.

A warning if Red decided to become a threat in that instant.

Hekat was undeterred though. She reached out, letting her hand hover in the air between them to be shaken. "If you really want to be one of us though-you gotta deal little Red. You can stay with me-and I'll vouch for you. In a way the pack already sees you as mine-you don't need Briar to convince them you belong there." She told the woman wearily, her eyes doing a cursory sweep of the huntress. Before settling on her cloak.

It was the most important gift Hekat had ever given anyone.

And Red still had it after all this time.

"Bleu will go on ahead with Briar. His mother has been worried sick-so that reunion shouldn't be delayed. I'll wait for you here while you get your stuff." The words were said solemnly as Hekat leaned back against a tree to get comfortable. "I'm going to warn you now that the pack won't warm up to you right away. You look, and act more human than the rest of us. And you reek of death." Hekat's nose scrunched up-because Red's scent was off putting even to her.

The woman smelt like leather; humans; and the steel end of a blade.

She smelt like a huntress.

Bleu made a low keening sound of annoyance at being volunteered-before loping off into the woods. The pup was dangling from her jaws, jostled with every step. Once Briar was safely with his mother her friend would return. Escorting Red alone to their territory was not something Hekat wanted to do.


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Amusement filled her light green eyes as Hekat spoke. Red never knew what she was going to do when she found her wolf. Her wolf just wanted to find Hekat since she could remember. Red had acted more wolf than human as a child. It was the reason she was the town’s pariah. No one wanted to deal with her as she had a habit of biting. Red had been quite hostile to most. She remembered how her uncle always tried his best to keep her indoors. He soon realized it was best to just let her roam around. If no one bothered her, she wouldn’t cause too much trouble. Her aunt scowled her often, but it fell on deaf ears.

If Red had found Hekat before returning home as a child, she likely would have never left her side. Since she hadn’t found Hekat, she was forced to return home. She had to return to the human world that she no longer fit into. Red pushed her thoughts away as Hekat continued to speak. She glanced at Hekat’s neck with disinterest. She paid no mind to the other wolf’s snarl. Red slowly let her hand out to shake Hekat’s. It felt odd. She only shook her hand for a second before she crossed her arms. When Hekat said the pack considered Red to be Hekat’s, she had to resist the urge to roll her eyes.

Red didn’t speak until Bleu left. She decided she’d rather not have their conversation overheard on anymore. She hoped Briar was okay in Bleu’s grip. It didn’t seem like he’d be comfort dangling from her jaw as she ran. Red pushed the thought away. She returned her gaze to Hekat. Her lips pressed together into a line.

“I just wanted to find you. You could say my wolf was the one with the want. As a child, I couldn’t do much about the want, but it filled my thoughts constantly…” she paused as she pushed some unwanted thoughts and memories away, “Let’s just say my goal was to find you…anyhow…it doesn’t matter if the pack warms up to me or not. I am the reject of the town, and I will now be the reject of the pack. I have accepted I likely never will be wanted anywhere.”

Red didn’t say anything else. She felt like she had already said too much on this night. Red turned around and ran off into the woods. When Red returned, she was on Winter. She had to bring Winter to a sudden stop when she was a few feet away from Hekat. She patted the horse’s neck before hopping down. Winter only wore reins. Red had changed into a light green dress with short sleeves. She had event taken the time to wash up with peppermint infused water. This was as Hekat had said she reeked of death. She had no idea what the woman had meant, but it offended her. Also, Red had put her cloak on. She had the hood on for now. She took a deep breath before walking over to Hekat. Winter stayed where she was.

“I had to bring Winter. She doesn’t really listen to anyone besides me. I was hoping she could come with us. I may need to rehome her if there are issues, but I couldn’t disappear on her. I’ve had her for years now,” she said. Red adjusted the rucksack on her back. It held food, weapons, Hekat’s sash, clothing, and the like. Red had left her own bow and arrows back in town. She asked the inn owner to deliver it to her uncle. She had hidden a note in the quiver. She had to inform her uncle and those she cared about that she was okay.

“Are you ready to go?” she asked. She looked at Hekat from under the cloak’s hood. Red knew it’d make her more comfortable to keep her face somewhat hidden. She’d be less exposed when she was taken to the pack.


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"I have accepted I will never be wanted anywhere."

Those words haunted Hekat from the moment Red left till the moment she came back sitting astride her horse. Guilt thrived like a living thing in her veins because Red would probably be so much happier if they'd never met. However she couldn't apologize because if faced with the chance to storm the girl's village, and take part in the battle again; Hekat wouldn't do a damn thing differently. Except maybe instead of turning Red into a wolf she would have left her as a human.

Seeing her now- entrenched in a cloak she wore like armor-made her wonder what the woman could have been if she hadn't spent a lifetime hunting her?

She'd probably be married, barefoot, and pregnant by some peddler with dreams of rising above his station.

The thought made her snort, and she turned away from Red to face the woods. "We're ready- we have stables you can put your horse in. The only real problem will be if that mare can make the trip-Our town is at the base of a mountain-its a hike from here." There would be alot of steep inclines that probably didn't agree with a steed. But maybe the horse was hardier than she looked. Nodding one last time in acknowledgement at Red-Hekat spun on her heel, and began sauntering north.

She moved with the ease and grace of someone who had spent years combing through the woods.

Hekat had grown up in this forest. Every tree and rock was familiar to her. And it didn't take much to effort on her part to keep pace with a horse that hadn't traveled the same beaten paths that she had. She kept her silence as they traveled, not wanting to ruin the relative peace they had fostered since rescuing Briar. Red appeared to have a formidable temper, and she didn't want to risk provoking her into fight right now. She wanted to nap, after passing out drunk off her ass.

Fighting could come later.

Preferably after someone peeled her off her floor.

Amused at the route her thoughts had traveled, Hekat almost didn't notice the trees were thinning out and the scents were changing. She'd made the climb so many times she barely noticed when They were entering Pack territory. The minute they stepped foot on the apex of the hill-A long angry howl split the air-and Hekat winced because their presence was expected. Calamus knew they were almost home. They barely made it to the edge of the village before two wolves shot out of the little cleft that hid the entrance- one soared over towards Red-and Hekat had to bodily grab them out of the air and slam them into the ground before they spooked the poor horse that had made the long journey there.

Teeth snapped at her brazenly, and she slammed the wolf into the dirt again, this time hard enough to stun them.

A petulant whine garbled from the little antagonizer- who shifted in her grasp.

"You're the worst. I'm telling Calamus you broke my damn nose again." Talyn, a young wolf who was two years her junior cradled his face, to stop the blood from gushing out, and staining this leathers. He was honestly just an unrepentant little imp, that liked to talk big, and provoke everyone for attention.

"They told you I was bringing someone you little shit. You should have just greeted her like a normal person. Red this is Talyn, Talyn this is Red--He'll take Winter and put her in the stables while we go introduce you to Calamus." Red wouldn't be staying anywhere if the Alpha didn't meet her first. She led her former charge into a narrow opening, that was surreptitiously buried between a wall of bushes. It opened up into a whole village where life was bustling, and wolves in both forms were scattered everywhere.

Bleu caught wind of her arrival, and nearly bowled her over as a greeting.

The huge goofball wrapped her free arm around Red like they were old friends. "You made it." She cheered- every word colored with enthusiasm. "I thought for sure you were playing about wanting to be here."


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Red was glad Winter would be able to stay around. She wouldn’t have felt right rehoming her. Red followed Hekat. Red didn’t bother to grab Winter’s reins. Red knew her horse would follow. As she thought of their impending hike, Red didn’t worry. She knew they’d be fine. They had been on all types of adventures together with difficult terrains. The silence was pleasant to Red. She didn’t have anything to say to Hekat. Well, not anything that wouldn’t ruffle feathers. She was lost in her thoughts when she heard the howl. Red stepped in front of Winter and placed a hand on Winter. Her free hand slid into her pocket, undid the button, and gripped one of the knives attached to her thigh.

Lucky, she didn’t pull her knife out right away. Red had planned on pulling it out when the wolf was mere centimeters away. She was glad she didn’t need to use it. Red wasn’t looking forward to another fight, especially against a werewolf. Amusement lit Red’s face when Hekat slammed the wolf again. Red stroked Winter. The horse’s muscles felt tense. Winter began to relax as she petted her. Red took note of Talyn’s name when introduced. She would need to get revenge on him for his actions. She didn’t like how he upset Winter.

With some trust, she handed Talyn Winter’s reins. She kissed Winter’s nose so she would go peacefully. Red intentionally didn’t tell Talyn to not pet or mount Winter. If he tried to mount Winter, she’d likely end up kicking and or throwing him. If he tried to pet her, she’d try to bite him. Once she sensed Winter would corporate, she followed Hekat. Her eyes took in the village with curiosity. Red had to resist the urge to avoid Bleu’s touch. She forced herself to give her a smile. The smile looked genuine. Red even returned Bleu’s gesture. She wrapped an arm around Bleu’s waist.

Uncomfortable. Any type of physical contact from others made Red uncomfortable. She only felt comfortable with physical contact if she initiated it. If she initiated it, she knew the interaction would be quick. Since Bleu initiated the contact, she was uncomfortable and unsure how to end the contact. Red relaxed as her fingertips lightly tapped Bleu’s waist. She needed something to do to release her building nervous energy. She leaned into Bleu. Red decided it would be best to be over friendly and affectionate.

“I am full of surprises Bleu,” she replied, her voice at its normal sweetness. Her green eyes glanced around. Red avoided looking in Hekat’s direction. The woman’s mere presence caused her brain to be filled with questions, unpleasant memories, and much more. Red rested her head against Bleu to hide her face against the gazes of others. “On another note, how is Briar? Is he safe with his mother?” she asked. Red knew it’d be best to make conversation. She knew she would need to try to build some foundation for friendship with a few people in the pack for survival and maybe protection. Bleu would be a good friend. Red had saw Bleu fight, and it’d be better to have the woman on her side.