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Dr. Sara D. Gordon

"You could say I'm a muti-disciplinary scientist..."

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a character in “The Time Traveler's Obsession”, as played by rockerr69



Name: Sara D. Gordon
Age: 35
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 63 Kgs
Nationality: Scottish/Welsh
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin color: White
Shape of Face: Round
Distinguishing features: N/A

How does he/she dress? Sara has a versatile wardrobe, with different clothes for different occasions, but the one thing remains constant is that whenever she is working she wears her fathers old white lab-coat.
Mannerisms: She tends to curse alot, act a bit of a cynic, and sit cross-legged even when it seems less comfortable than the alternative. Sara is a fairly laid back person, lax when it comes to work ethic and the cleanliness of her personal space. Yet, there are a few things which she nit-picks about, including personal hygiene, fashion and music taste, and ability to comprehend the basics of her non-relative space-time theories.
Habits: Sara is a bit of a drinker, and a light smoker. She also has the compulsion to organize her things into some kind of easily comprehensible order, be it alphabetical, chronological, or something other...
Health: Sara is in fairly good health, blessed with a strong Scottish immune system. He body is also in good condition, she wakes up for a morning run early each day before classes, and that habit continues on into her captivity in Titania.
Hobbies: Sara spends her free time pursuing more creative hobbies, such as painting and playing piano.
Favorite Sayings: "An' I was told that all great scientists required a mustache..."
Speech patterns: Speaks fairly quickly with a thick Glaswegian accent, making it difficult for most to understand her.
Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Slim-fitting, casual/relaxed, modern

Occupation: Theoretical Physics professor at Glasgow University
Talents/Skills: Phd in Physics, Bachelor in Chemistry, Bachelor in Psychology, Artist, A base knowledge of musical composition


Relationship skills: Sara has had he share of boyfriends in her time, but never managed to find anyone that was right for her. She's not particularly shy when it comes to dealing with the opposite gender, or the same gender for that matter, and can usually pick up on the hints others give her. She's not exactly the most people friendly person, but usually acts in the nest interests of the masses.
Greatest flaw: Self-depreciation.
Best quality: Modesty
How does Character see himself/herself?
She sees herself as a lonely 34 year old woman who takes her work too seriously, and is overestimated in her ability by others.
What would most embarass this character?
Being shown up in front of her personal heros and peers. (I dunno, the usual stuff...)

Strengths/Weaknesses: Sure Glasgow wasn't the place it used to be, but during the nineties and thousands it was still a rough city, and that reflects in how Sara deals with things and other people, as a cautious approach can save alot of pain. Her intellect, vast background knowledge, and problem solving skills are another powerful asset of hers. She's pretty idealistic though, a natural born optimist, so when things go bad it can hit her pretty bad.
Introvert or Extrovert?
What does the character want out of life?
Sara doesn't have any clear cut goals in life, all she wants is to be happy and maybe up the feminist movement with another female icon. She has a dream of finally finding the right person for her and settling down to start a family.
What motivates this character?
The hunger for knowledge.
What frightens this character?
Being absolutely alone in the world. (and insects.)
What makes this character happy?
People in general, solving a difficult problem, music and art, and children.


Family History/Personal History before and after Titania: On August 1st, 1991 Sara Gordon was born to Mr. James Gordon and Mrs. Haley Smith. Sara's father, himself a pharmaceutical chemist, inspired Sara to take up the sciences from an early age, and though she showed much aptitude in the areas of the arts she decided to study physics after passing her highers. She earned her Phd in physics at the age of 24, and took up work at an observatory located in the Scottish Highlands. Soon after she started work though, she found out that her father had been diagnosed with brain cancer, and reluctantly put away her telescopes and moved back to Glasgow. During this time she worked at a private academy in Glasgow while spending more time with her parents. After her fathers death, she started studying chemistry at the University of Glasgow, while acting as an assistant professor in the school's physics department. She proved her aptitude during her time there, and was offered a full time teaching career at the university after she completed her bachelors in chemistry, she accepted. Now a professor of theoretical physics, she has plenty of space to conduct her own research and come up with new scientific theories. During her time as a professor she also attended psychology lectures, eventually she earned her bachelors in that as well. At age 35 she was about to publish a journal containing new theories in her field when she was stolen away by the great Mr. Wite.

So begins...

Dr. Sara D. Gordon's Story


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Sara sat cross-legged in her small room hunched over a sprawl of papers scattered across her desk with no apparent order, but there was always an order to the way Sara did things. Her room was dimly lit by a small alcohol-burner, with the morning light shut out by the heavy wooden shutters on the window. Suddenly Sara uncoiled herself with a monumental sigh. She rose from her perch, placed the cap over the alcohol-burner to put out the flame, then set off to the window to allow some light in. It was only when the mid-morning light spilled in that she realized that she had managed to pull another all-nighter. With another sigh she muttered to herself, "How am I suppos'd to know... If this place is as it seems, then all theories of planar spacetime are shattered... How does the actions of a time traveler effect the universe though... Are we in a closed loop? If not, does Wite have access to more resources than we could possibly imagine?"

Sara's mind was in turmult as it so often was after spending sessions trying to figure out the mechanics of the spacetime pocket that was Titania. Still mulling over the conundrum at hand Sara's subconscious forgot to remove her father's lab coat, signifying she was still at work. Everything about this place was crazy, it so groundbreaking she was still unsure if it was ever real or not, ever since she had been 'time-napped' from her office in the Physics department of Glasgow university she had immersed herself in research into Titania's structure. Regular Newtonian physics applied here, which meant that Titania was located on an object of mass, the gravitational pull of the object was about 1.12 times that of earth as far as she could figure from her crude experiments, she couldn't check on sub-atomic and quantum theories with her limited resources, but as far as she could see everything seemed almost... Normal. The area was habitable with an atmosphere of Oxygen and Nitrogen with trace amounts of Helium and other elements, and the most abundant substance seemed to be this 'Titantium' stuff which was an puzzle to Sara, who had found no way of recognizing it's composition as of the moment.

While lost in thought, Sara's feet had carried her to her usual hangout in the Smuggler's Cove, a dingy Pub by the name of 'The Gagging Mare' which strikingly similar architecture to a pub she had once been in when she visited some cousins in Edinburgh. She had only been in Titania for a week, but she had made sure to get on good terms with the bartenders and found at least one person who she could buy smokes from. Sara spoke up to the tall, barrel-chested man cleaning glasses behind the bar, "Hey, Teddy, the usual please."
Looked up, then nodded and spoke in a gruff Irish accent, "A Talisker on tha rocks, comin' righ' up... Ya lookin' fer Jacob as well?"
"Yup, where is the little bastard?" Sara snatched up the glass of whisky as it came sliding down the bar towards her and took a sip, eyeing the bartender.
Theodore scratched his mess of jet black hair before replying, "Last I heard he was goin' ta watch the fight between the African and tha' oriental."
Sara nodded and downed the rest of her drink, and spun round on her bar-stool to leave, "Thanks mate."
"Wait," Teddy called before Sara could leave, he nodded at her labcoat, "Ya were workin' right? Y' can pay off yer tab with information y'know... Have ya figured anythin' out?"
Sara slowly turned back, "Teddy, I've told ya, I've not been working on anything you guys can use yet..."
The hefty bartender's eyes lowered with dissapointment. Sarah continued, "However, I do have this." She pulled a vial out of her pocket and placed it on the bar, "You can trade it to any half-decent doctor for quite a bit, just be careful they're not trying to rip you off... See ya then."
This time Theodore didn't stop her leaving and she strode out onto the streets of the cove looking for her tobacco supplier.

She found him at the edge of a gathering crowd of people, a small Indian man dressed in and elaborate sherwani. Before she could get a word in the man silenced her and demanded in a thick Indian accent, "Quite northern woman, the fight begins soon, help me find a better spot."
Sara would rather have slapped the little man, who only stood to about her shoulder height, but she knew the repercussions of that would be much more severe than no more tobacco. The man before her was a minor noble, one with a lot of ambition, a taste for gambling, and connections to all the wrong kinds of people. Reluctantly she assisted the man to the front of the crowd, nudging aside those who were in their way.
"I have a bet on the Imperial." Jacob stated out of the blue, "He has a dangerous look in his eyes, that of a hard man, unlike the man of the desert kingdom."
Sara made no comment on the matter, instead she observed the scene before her. The two men were stripped down to nothing but a loincloth, and oiled up for the fight. The Egyptian had size and weight on his side, but Jacob was right, the smaller Asian man had a threatening quality to him that was completely devoid from the Egyptian. Either way the battle would begin soon, and she could only get her tobacco after it finished.