Rufus Henry Wite

The Time Traveler and ruler of Titania

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Name: Rufus Henry Wite
Age: Physically, 65; Actually almost 200-years-old. Due to the lack of time and aging in Titania, he has been able to extend his life.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 195
Nationality: British
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: White
Skin color: Pale
Shape of Face: Triangle-ish
Distinguishing features: His fluffy white eye-brows and bright color outfits

How does he/she dress? He is usually dressed formally from head to toe, though his clothes are very old and worn. He enjoys the victorian era men's coat and ruffled shirts.
Mannerisms: Fidgety, socially awkward; Constantly is found adjusting his clothing.
Habits: He has a bad habit of kid-napping people, or as he called it, 'time-napping'
Health: Fairly good health for being so old.
Hobbies: Science, time travel, creating a new civilization
Favorite Sayings: "Easy to solve but a pain to execute"
Speech patterns: Sometimes stutters if overwhelmed
Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Elegant, formal, industrial chic


Occupation: Mad scientist/ time traveler
Talents/Skills: Solving any science problem given to him; Can manipulate people when necessary if it betters his own situation.

Relationship skills: He is awkward but does love the things he cares about and is most comfortable talking about his passions.
Greatest flaw: Incapable of understanding the trauma he has put people through by kid-napping them from their era.
Best quality: His amazing genius and determination.
How does Character see himself/herself? He sees himself as a mastermind, innovator, and ruler of a new civilization. He prides himself of bringing other trade masters together from different eras so that all can share their creative ideas.
What would most embarass this character? If he ever answered a scientific question wrong, he would hide himself away from any contact for weeks until he could recover.

Strengths/Weaknesses: He is smart on one hand, but naive on the other. He has little street smarts and has to rely on those stronger than he to protect him from those who rebel; he also is naive when it comes to not understanding why people aren't happy to be in Titania.
Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert
What does the character want out of life? A perfect world, utopia, made by his own will.
What motivates this character? Science and time travel
What frightens this character? Death
What makes this character happy? Stealing a new genius to live in Titania.


Sole keeper of the time machine.


Family History/Personal History before and after Titania: Most of his history is shared in the intro to the roleplay. Picking up from after he has made it to Titania: Rufus spent years upon years building up the secluded, desolate land into a civilization of growth and innovation. The land grew and beautiful, classic buildings were formed. After time passed and the population reached a abundance of collected humans from across the time spectrum, Rufus finally took a break from stealing people and decided he needed to carry on his legacy. He calculated a perfect mate for himself through multiple mathematic equations and found the woman who would become the father of his only child, a girl named Bur. The mother of Bur and his daughter stayed in the castle he had built for himself. So the Bur would age from a new born, he spent many years bringing her to Earth so that the aging process would work its magic. By the time she finally aged to 18, he brought her back to Titania and hasn't let her visit Earth since.

So begins...

Rufus Henry Wite's Story


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Colette Bodreaux In Delinquent Cove

It had been a week since Colette had awoken with a start in completely unfamiliar territory. Her last memories were of arriving in Africa for a "business trip" as she called them and having a meeting with an ambassador. She had stepped out the door to her waiting transportation and the world had fallen dark. When she awoke she was surrounded by other individuals of every age, color, size, and origin. One thing she noted was that most appeared to be more supple and strong than herself. At first she thought she was dreaming and she reached one hand up to rub almond brown eyes but failed to awaken. Not one for panic she stood up and assessed the situation. She was in some sort of holding cell, her deep red hair hanging around her shoulders a bit tangled from travel and her clothing matched what she had been wearing the last day of work--knee high leather boots over closely fit dark washed denim, a white t-shirt that fit to flatter but was not tight enough to be trashy, and her familiar leather jacket. Thank heavens for that jacket. Everyone around her seemed just as confused about what was happening, and Colette spoke to no one. Instead, she lowered herself down sitting and waiting, surely the American consulate would realize her absence soon. As if on key she heard a voice cry out "Colette Bodreaux!? Colette Bodreaux!?" and a wave of relief washed over her as she stood up and approached the one calling her name. "Come with me." was all the short bald man said and Colette seemed to know better than to refuse. As they exited the holding cell a chill ran over Colette, this was definitely nowhere she had ever been before. The man who had called her name walked quickly, turning back every so often to make sure Colette was following as they walked what felt like miles to the gates of a large palace. The man was admitted to the palace without question and Colette continued to follow, eyes wide as she took in her ever changing surrounding until she found herself in front of a man who introduced himself as Rufus, leader of the land. He continued to explain that she had been brought here with a group of his "athletes", whatever that meant, and that he may be in need of her assistance soon. His eyes had scanned her as if assessing her worth and Colette in her typical stubborn ways held his gaze with her own despite the small pang of fear that ebbed at her mind. After that moment she was dismissed to "live as she saw fit" according to the man until she was needed.

She had been a week now of street wandering, unsure what to do in her new environment. She had reached in her pocket to fish out her cell phone more than once but appeared to have been lost or taken away before she awoke. She had managed enough odd jobs, and wins at cards to keep a steady supply of cigarettes in hand. Smoking-she loathed the habit- but her nerves were shot, her nails chewed to the quick, and it was a vice she just couldn't shake at times like this. On this particular day she had that flash of red hair pulled back into a high pony tail, the only set of clothes she currently owned she was wearing, and she heard word of a fight between a man named Chang and a giant of an individual named Amun. The fight didn't last long, Amun was the easy victor. As the crowd dispersed she decided it was time to seek real work, but where she wasn't sure.