Evelynne Valentina


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a character in “The Titanic: Ship of Dreams”, as played by Kenzi


Evelynne Valentina

"I'll do whatever it takes to live the future I want."


Name: Evelynne Valentina

Nicknames: Eve, Evie, or E.

Born in: New York, America

Age: 18

Class: Third Class

Job: Waitress/Servant

Appearance: Evelynne stands at 5'11" with long slim limbs and ivory white skin. Her thin frame is not frail, though it may appear that way. She is surprisingly strong and flexible from her many years of being a dancer. Much to her dislike, however, she has very little curves. Her hips are only slightly defined, the same goes for a back side, and her breasts are a modest fitting B cup.

Evelynne has shockingly red hair. It is bright crimson with rich golden undertones that make her hair seem almost unnatural (though it isn't). It's very thick and falls in long loose curls and waves to her mid back. It’s full of layers and is most often down, in loose waves, but sometimes she puts it up for special occasions.

Her eyes are very unique and sometimes cause people to stare. They are almond shaped and mossy green in color with radiant flecks of gold around the dark iris, framed by long naturally curled lashes that fan outwards in a dramatic and almost feline way. Her brows are a fair red in color and have a dramatic arch, highlighting her eyes even more.

She has a brilliant smile with straight white teeth and full pink lips. Evelynne has high cheek bones which are accented by a strong angled jaw line. Her nose is average in size and dusted with light freckles, as are her shoulders, and her ears are average as well.

Personality: Eve has a bit of a cold exterior due to recently being betrayed by the man she loves, but under that she is a fun loving and loyal person. She is passionate and dedicated, living her life with determination and optimism. She is very opposed to violence and has no problem making her opinions heard. She has a kind heart and is a fantastic friend, but if you loose her trust and respect… then it’s gone forever. She is selfless, helping others whenever she can, and confident in herself. She is intelligent but does not flaunt it.

Reason for traveling to America: Working on the ship to make money in order to pay for attending a very prestigious dance school in New York.

Any special possessions?: Dancing shoes and outfits. A very small selection, though.

Brief History:

Relationship Status: Recently single.

Traveling companion: No one.

Other: Can NOT swim.

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