Jacqueline Deschanel

"Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'etre aime."

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Jacqueline Deschanel

"Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'etre aime." / / "There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved."

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Name: Jacqueline Deschanel

Nicknames: Jacquie (Jackie) and Colombe (Translated as Dove. Called so only by her step brother).

Ethnicity: French

Born in: Paris, France.

Age: 18

Class: First

Appearance: Jacqueline is breath taking with an elegant type of beauty and style that screams that she comes from old money. Everything about her is polished and enthralling, constantly putting her in the center of attention. She stands at 5'7", slightly taller than average but not much so, and has a delicate frame. Her arms are thin and though she has some muscle there is hardly any definition to her arms. Her legs are long, shapely, and lean from growing up with acres to run around on. The overall shape of her body is a thin hourglass, accented by the corsets she wears, and allows for a narrow flat stomach, womanly hips and bottom, with a full and voluptuous bust. She has an olive complexion that glows with youth and health, free of blemishes or freckles. Her face is heart shaped with a delicately pointed chin, high cheek bones, a slightly up turned small nose, and full cupid bow lips. Her eyes are wide and almond shaped, the most stunning facial feature, and are a sexy chocolate color with flecks of rich gold around the dark iris. They are framed by thick dark lashes, curled out in an almost feline fashion, with thin arched brows. Her hair is thick and falls to her bottom in full corkscrew curls and is often left down with the front pulled back. It is a rich brown in color with slight dark gold undertones that shine in the sunlight.

She is rarely seen without makeup, though she does not cake it on like some women. She usually has a nude lip with a smokey eye and little else. Expensive jewels often grace her neck, wrist, ears, and fingers and she enjoys wearing beautiful and elegant dresses with corsets to accent her shape. Despite being only 18 it isn't uncommon for people to think that she is in her twenties due to her appearance and confidence in the way she looks and acts.


Personality: Jacqueline is a fire cracker. She is highly competitive and doesn’t give up very easily, making her stubborn and sometimes exhausting to be around. She is flirtatious, playful, opinionated, determined, sarcastic, outgoing, bold, and honest to the point of being rude at times (a trait she inherited from her older brother). These characteristics often intimidate people which is unfortunate because Jacqueline is a really kind and loyal person. She is very protective of those who are close to her and would do absolutely anything for a friend. Jacqueline has a kind heart and is a fantastic friend, but if you loose her trust and respect… then it’s gone forever. She is quick witted, intelligent, and tends to think outside of the box which makes her fun and interesting to be around. Daring and willing to take risks, she wants to live her life to the fullest and is often the first one to step up to plate when something adventurous is proposed. She favors things from the past and has been told she has an 'old soul'. She loves being the center of attention and rarely has to do anything but be herself in order to get it. Jacqueline enjoys partying and can often be found drinking in the evening when possible. Jacqueline is very educated, but her real skill and knowledge comes with knowing how to act around people to get what she wants. She can talk her way out of almost any situation and when talking doesn't work, she isn't afraid to use her good looks. Jacqueline is quick to act with her gut and isn't opposed to breaking the rules in order to succeed (which she does more often than not). Her most severe flaw, besides vanity, is the fact that she craves attention and love in order to feel good about herself (a trait that she gained when she lost her mother). She is a very passionate young woman when it comes to two things in life: Acting and Love. Acting is her life and she will fight until her last breath trying to get that illusive "big shot" that you always hear about. When it comes to love she is very open minded to many different 'types' of men and has had her fair share of one night stands, flings, and passionate affairs. Age and status do not matter to her... what does matter is how she feels about the person. Despite her sometimes cold exterior she is a die hard romantic. Jacqueline is like a great wild animal: Gorgeous and alluring, but untamed and unable to be caged.

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Reason for traveling to America: Jacqueline is traveling to America to try and break into the film industry. She has done some things in Europe, but knows that in order to make it big you need to be in America. Besides wanting to break into the film industry, she just wants a change and breath of fresh air. Her family has always been rather protective of her and she has rarely been allowed to venture out on her own without a parental figure. Since turning 18 her father and step mother have backed off slightly, though Jacques continues to be protective of her and has decided to come along as well.

Any special possessions?: A locket that belonged to her great grandmother (can be seen in her pictures). It is elegant and beautifully crafted out of ivory and gold, opening to show a picture of her mother on one side and step brother on the other. She wears it almost all the time, but when she is not she insures that it is kept safe because it is her most prized possession. Besides the locket she has a shocking amount of precious jewels (such as diamond necklaces, emerald earrings, and ruby rings) along with her and expensive dresses/shoes/hats/etc. Her jewels are kept in a safe at all times and her clothing is packed away neatly to avoid damage or theft.

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Brief History: Jacquie was born on a rainy night in Paris, France to two very rich, but different, parents. Her mother was an artist with a very loving heart and her father was a rather serious business man whose family had always had money. She grew up just outside of Paris in a large mansion with many acres of land surrounding it. Jacqueline was home schooled and only socialized with the children of her parents friends, meaning that she only socialized with those who had money. Everything was perfect in her life and she felt like she was living the dream, but it was shattered when her mother unexpectedly died from a heart condition that the doctors could not explain. Jacqueline was thirteen at the time and it crushed both her and her father.

Her father had loved her mother deeply and had decided never to marry again (though that would change) and put all his energy into his work to keep from thinking about her mother. He spent little time with Jacquie, but was quite strict and over protective of her when he did. Jacquie did her best to bear with it, even though she did sometimes snap. During these few years she sought love and affection from other men in her life, enjoying the feeling of importance that it gave her. Her mother had always been the one to support her, tell her she was beautiful, and make her feel happy... but without her she found those same feelings and more with boys and men around her. She began to venture off into Paris alone, lying and saying she was going to the neighbor's house. She made friends with many people and found that she enjoyed being friends with them just as much as her more wealthy friends.
She also grew to love dancing, drinking, and the more promiscuous parts of Paris.

When she turned seventeen her father married a new woman who he claimed to love. She was more strict than her mother had been and the only good thing that Jacqueline found about the marriage was that she gained a step brother: Jacques. Though he was a few years older than her the two bonded quickly, liking many of the same things, and soon became nearly inseparable.

Her desire to be the center of attention drew her towards acting and she did fairly well in Paris acting in plays, but she wanted to become a movie star. It was because of this that she persuaded her father to let her go to America, though he only agreed once Jacques said he would join her.

Relationship Status: Single.

Traveling companion: Jacques. He is the son of her father's new wife and now Jacqueline's step brother.

Other: Speaks fluent English, French, and Italian.

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So begins...

Jacqueline Deschanel's Story


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#, as written by Kenzi
The smell of the ocean filled the air, a cool April breeze carrying its scent through the crowd which stood amassed on the massive boarding dock to the titanic. The ship loomed in front of the crowd, steel shining in the morning light and glistening with the hopes and dreams of all the passengers waiting to board. The crowd was electrified with excitement, the noise of which had begun to rise as more and more people arrived with their luggage, traveling companions, and family's to wave farewell to. Standing by herself near the front of the crowd, a vision in awhite lace day dress, stood a young woman. Her dark chocolate brown hair cascaded down her back in tight curls, lifting and floating around her in the breeze, a stunningdiamond and pearl hair clip tucked into her hair on side in order to show off her face. From her ears hung a pair of earrings which matched her clip, adding to the overall impression that she was outrageously wealthy. Her rich brown eyes regarded the ship with excitement, as though trying to drink in as much as the sight as possible.

"Out of everything that you own, surely you could have chosen something more modest to wear?"

Jacqueline snapped out of her daze and looked to her side to see her handsome step brother eyeing her in amusement. The white lace dress had a deep V-cut neckline, uncommon and risque for the times, but did have a lace front and sleeves that she thought made up for it. Shrugging her delicate shoulders, sending curls bouncing, Jacqueline laughed, "And why would I wear something boring on a day like this, Jacques? I suppose you would have preferred me to wear a sack." She responded, brows raised in amusement.

He laughed shortly in response, clear blue eyes breaking away from her gaze to look across the crowd, "Not at all. Just maybe not something that is going to cause someone to fall off the boarding dock because they can't take their eyes off you, Colombe." He replied, watching one of the men loading their suitcases onto the ship. They had not brought an obscene amount with them, having decided to ship the majority of their things separately (since they were moving to New York, after all), but had certainly brought a fair amount.

Jacques wore a fine traveling suit, made of slightly more durable fabric than his usual clothing, and looked sharp and handsome. They stood in the first class passenger's area, however, and so the majority of people looked attractive and wore fine clothing. His eyes searched the crowd out of habit, looking at the women in the group. A few stood out to him but he made no attempt to start a conversation yet, there would be plenty of time for that on the Titanic.

"Oh stop leering, would you?" Jacqueline said, irritation present in her lightly accented voice, as she playfully shoved Jacques and made her way through the crowd towards the ramps that would lead them onto the titanic. Her heels gave a satisfying clicking sound as she walked, carrying her gracefully up the steps to the attendant who was taking tickets.

"Good morning miss and to you sir." The young man said, flipping through the sheets of names, "May I have your names?"

"Jacques Vallembrose and Jacqueline Deschanel." Jacques said, coming up behind Jacqueline. He handed the boy his tickets and watched as he scratched their names off. Though his easy going appearance and cool collected smile did not show it, he was very excited to be boarding the ship. The elegance off the ship was astounding and he had the feeling they were going to be in for a treat. He could not wait for the evening to come and the party to commence.

The step siblings made their way onto the boat, Jacqueline barely noticing the men stealing glances at her for she was too excited, and made their way to the first class rooms and stopped outside of their rooms: 35B and 36B.

"Now remind me again why you didn't want to share a room with me? I'm a wonderful roommate." Jacques said with a coy grin, opening the door to room 36B.

Jacqueline opened her own door and rolled her eyes, "Yes, except for when you bring women back at all hours of the day. I think I'll pass on walking in on you and some woman in the midst of some 'afternoon delight', Charmant." She said, giving him a quick smile before slipping into her room. They would unpack some of their things while waiting until the ship was fully loaded and then make their way up to the deck to wave goodbye to those who were still on the boarding dock. Her father and Jacques mother had not made the trip to say farewell, but that would not prevent Jacqueline from waving to the crowd!


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#, as written by Kenzi
A quick glance at the grand clock on the ornate wall told Jacques that it was now 11:30 and that boarding would soon be complete. He turned his attention back to the massive mirror on the mall and regarded his change in clothing. A three piece suit, black with a white dress shirt and bowler hat, and smart black shoes. His hair fell in layers across his forehead, drawing attention to his clear blue eyes. Handsome. Perfect. He gave his reflection a confident grin, not hearing the door behind him open.

"You'd marry yourself if you could, wouldn't you?"

Jacqueline appeared in the mirror, standing behind him with the door connecting their rooms wide open. She had not changed, obviously feeling that her clothing choice was appropriate for the afternoon, and was giving him a playful look as laughter sparkled in her eyes.

He turned, chuckling and straightened his jacket, "You know I'm not the marrying type, Jacquie." He replied with a wink, not denying her statement, and sauntered past her to shut the door. He took one quick look into her room and noticed Maria, a personal maid, getting things in order and hanging paintings on the wall. He caught her eye and he gave her a dazzling smile, causing a blush to flame across her cheeks, and then smoothly shut the door.

"Well, you can stay here all day admiring yourself and eyeing up maids or you can join me on the deck. Your call." Jacqueline said and walked out of her step brother's room and into the busy hall. She didn't look behind to check but knew he would follow her, he always did. They took their time walking to the upper deck, pausing to look into the dining hall (which was breath taking), peeking into the ball room (massive and elegant), and various other rooms that were exclusive to those in first class. Eventually they made it to the upper deck, the cool sea air filling their lungs with hope and the craving of adventure.

The upper deck was crowded with people from all different types of class, not just first class. Jacques wrinkled his nose, moving away from the crowd, "Lets go down to the promenade deck where there is more space." He said, leaving his step sister's side to move through the crowd. He had no problem with the passengers from the lower classes but he had no wish to stand jammed up against them and pretend to wave goodbye to family that was not there. He strolled down the steps, his tall muscular frame filling out his suit handsomely, and cast a glance across the deck to see who was there. There were a number of people though it was far less crowded. His eyes caught a flash of gold hair and he turned his attention towards a young beautiful woman not much older than Jacqueline. She was standing with a blond man who seemed a little serious and... what was the word.. dull. She placed a platonic kiss on his cheek and he smiled to himself, turning away. For a moment he thought that the exquisite woman was with that dull man, but he would bet his last dollar that they were brother and sister. Good news for him.

Jacqueline slipped through the crowd until she reached the railing. Leaning against it she smiled down at the crowd and blew a kiss into the sea of faces, heart pounding with excitement for the adventure they were about to embark on. It did not matter that there was no one there to say goodbye to because it wasn't a person she was saying bye to... it was her old life.


She turned and made her way to the ledge of the upper deck, body pressed against the immaculate railing. Her hair and dress floated around her in the breeze, dark eyes searching for the Jacques. She peered down to the promenade deck and eventually located him almost directly below her next to the railing at the edge of the deck. He gave her a grin and tilted his chin in a gesture to show he wanted her to come down and join him. She raised a brow in response, a smile playing on her lips, and gave him a look that said she had no intention of joining him.

"I'll come up there and get you if I need to, Colombe." He said, leaning back against the railing casually, "But you and I both know you want to join me down here." Jacques said, waiting patiently for her. She was impulsive and he didn't want to have search the entire ship for her... at least not this early in the trip. He had promised his mother and step father that he would keep her safe and he could not do that if she was not by his side.

"Vous pensez que trop fortement de vous-même, mon cher!" Jacqueline called with a bell like laugh, playfully rolling her eyes, but made her way down the steps towards him.

OOC: Translation: You think too highly of yourself, my dear!


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Seeing a flash of chocolate brown locks and white lace darting passed Marcus caught his attention, his gaze followed the woman hurrying down the promenade deck, she was breathtakingly beautiful, her long dark hair and olive complexion gave her an exotic aura, something Marcus found extremely fascinating, especially with this woman. A smirk appeared on his handsome face as he watched her travel down the deck, her lace dress billowing at her ankles, even in a hurry she seemed so elegant to him.

Georgiana cast her brother a sideward’s glance, seeing the smirk on his face caught her attention, following his gaze her eyes landed on the woman climbing the steps to the upper deck, with a roll of her eyes she let out a short laugh “Really Marcus you would have one believe you have never set eyes on a woman before” she teasingly mocked, It seemed every time Marcus would lay eyes on a beautiful woman he would turn to mush, in life women were one of his biggest weaknesses, he was truly a Casanova, he could charm a woman right off her feet and into his bed, she would be branded naive to think otherwise. Casting a glance back to her brother her eyes caught those of a dark haired, devishly handsome stranger, momentarily flustered she looked back out to the crowed. Georgiana had never been one short of male attention, her beauty had warranted her many admirers but they were all the same stuffy upper class gentleman who wanted nothing more than a trophy wife and Georgie wanted more than that. And although she could tell this man was first class like her there was something definitely alluring about him.
Marcus felt the boat lurched slightly as it pulled away from the docks, he let out a little chuckle as his sister stumbled slightly, grabbing her arms to steady her, leaning out over the railing slightly he looked up at the upper deck and spotted his beautiful mystery woman, a smile tugged on his lips as he opened his mouth to talk to the woman yet shut it promptly as another voice over his own.

"I'll come up there and get you if I need to, Colombe." Marcus’s head towards the source, a tall man located a little further down the deck, he looked at the two, smiles on each of their faces and with a sigh he shook his head a small chuckle escaping his lips, it was foolish to believe that a woman of that beauty had not already been claimed, even if it was by that man.

Upon hearing the sigh her brother made Georgiana looked up and saw the woman from earlier leaning over the railing looking down upon their deck, she was indeed very beautiful, an exotic beauty, Georgiana thought to herself and could understand her brother’s sudden infatuation with her. Yet the woman did not appear to be alone, she was conversing with the handsome stranger she had locked eyes with moments before, she had to admit it was a shame that the man did not appear to be single yet she refused to let it bother her.

Turning away from the couple she placed a hand on Marcus’s arm and gave a gentle smile “Smile my dear, this is the start of a wonderful adventure” she gushed before coming up with an idea, smirking she grasped onto the top railings and stood on the lower ones, grasping onto one of the ventricle poles she waved with her free hand and bright smile on her face.

Marcus let out a groan upon seeing what she was doing “Georgie, if you fall I am not diving in after you” he stated his protective streak coming into force but Georgiana just seemed to love making him fret like that.

Georgiana simply laughed loudly, yet feeling someone knock into her she wobbled slightly before grasping the pole with both hands, once she was stable a small, slightly nervous laugh escaped her lips as she looked at her brothers paled complexion “I’m fine” she mouthed to him.

"I'm so sorry, are you alright?" Stated the woman who had knocked her.

With a kind smile Georgie nodded “I am fine, there’s not harm done” she replied.


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#, as written by Kenzi
Jacqueline reached Jacques side and was about to speak when the boat shifted underneath her. She wavered slightly but did not fall for it was only a slight movement as the ship moved away from the dock. The cheers and shouts of goodbye became deafening as people scrambled to make their way to the edge of the ship to wave to their loved ones, faces alight with excitement and joy.

"And so it begins!" Jacques said, breaking the comfortable silence between the two brunettes.

"Do you think they will come to the port in France to see us before we leave for America?" Jacqueline mused, dark chocolate brown eyes now looking over the ship's deck at the other passengers. Her usually light tone had darkened slightly. She was talking about her father and step mother, of course, but had little hope that either would take the time to make the trip to the coast. She was not close with either of them, but that was not by her own choice.

Jacques shrugged his broad shoulders, shaking his head once and tipping his hat back to get a better look down at Jacqueline, "You know they are busy, Jacquie. Besides, we have more exciting things to be doing than wasting time waving goodbye to a crowd! Now, buck up.. or whatever it is that the American's say." He said with a boyish grin, pushing himself away from the edge of the ship and turned to head towards the stairs when he saw a young woman stagger into the stunning blonde girl from before, who was on the rail. For one brief second he thought she was going to slip backwards off the ship but she managed to regain her balance. He let out a sigh and shook his head, "See? That is why you shouldn't hang on the rails. I love you, Colombe, but I'm not sure if I love you enough to jump into the Atlantic to save your pretty little behind."

Jacqueline looked towards where he had been looking, seeing the two beautiful young women now conversing. "I bet you would jump in after her, Jacques. Either one of them actually." She teased in irritation, not commenting on his warning. Truth of the matter was that she would certainly be hanging off the railing at some point or another, how could she not? She opened her mouth to make another remark and then shut it promptly when a man stepped into her view of the two women, a protective arm around the blonde girl. He was tall, perhaps even taller than her step brother, and handsome in a somewhat stern English way. He was broad and muscular, with a suave appearance and confident stance. There was more of a reserved sexuality about him than the men she had met in the past who walked around exuding sex appeal. Truth be told, it got boring after a while...

"Don't be so quick to judge me, darling." Jacques said in a low whisper as he leaned in closely to her ear, eyes following her gaze to the gentlemen across the ship deck with a knowing smile. Before she could make a retort he pushed himself off the railing and walked back towards the upper deck, mounting the stairs in confident strides, leaving Jacqueline alone on the deck glaring at his retreating back. As he was walking up the steps he heard an odd voice that was deep though had a distinctly feminine edge to it.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer!", Leslie retorted at them causing the couple to speed up their walking.

His mouth broke into an amused smile as he continued up the steps and saw an odd pair appear at the top of the large flight of steps. Their was an older gentlemen in a fine three piece black suit, bifcols, and a beard that looked slightly askew. Next to him was a lad, or so it appeared, dressed in all white with white-blonde hair and sunglasses. They were laughing hysterically, causing even more people to stare and walk quickly past them but he slowed his pace.

"I got it! I'm Monsieur LaRue and your my son, Cristo Giovanni", he giving fake names for the both of them with much gleeful chipper.

"Don't you just hate it when you forget your name?" Jacques spoke as the pair came within a few steps from him, mouth pulled into an amused smile, and laughed, "I find that writing it on my hand seems to help. Or making up a little rhyme to jump start my memory." He added, walking up the remaining steps until he was the only one close to the pair. He had no idea who the two were, whether they were first class or not, but he knew a disguise when he saw one. Men of importance (and women) who came to the red light district often wore disguises and he had gotten quite good at detecting it.

He chuckled and stepped to the side, gesturing for them to continue while he smiled in an amused and knowing way at the pair, "My apologies for stopping you, have a lovely day." He said and took a step to leave before turning and adding, "Oh, Monsieur LaRue, your beard is a tad crooked." He said and with that made his way to the top of the stairs and towards the doors that would lead inside.


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Georgiana waved her hand dismissively as the woman apologised once more “No apology needed there was no harm done” she replied with a kind smile, "I'm Rachel, what's your name?" the woman introduced herself letting her gaze slip behind Georgie “I’m-” she began before Rachel cut in, seeing her attention had drifted towards a scuffle happening further down the deck and hurried off in that direction. Georgiana shook her head in dismay turning back to her brother “Really Marcus you would think we were in steerage” the disgust in her tone clearly visible.

Marcus however had seemed not to have heard what his sister was saying he was too captivated by the brunette he could have sworn he saw her looking in his direction, a gentle smile passed his lips as he nodded curtly towards her. Tearing his gaze away from the beauty he caught sight of his sister looking at him sternly “I’m sorry my dear did you say something?”

Georgiana raised a perfectly sculptured eyebrow and shook her head once “It was nothing” she replied slightly bitterly before turning back towards the sea, they were nearly out of the dock now, the crowed could no longer be seen without leaning out and looking back yet their deafening roar was still audible if slightly muffled. They passed other moored boats within Southampton’s socks yet Titanic overshadowed them all, she even towered many of the dockyard buildings, it was truly a wonder that man could create such a machine.

Sensing the bitterness in Georgiana, Marcus shook his head in amusement and grasped her shoulders lightly, turning her to face him “jealousy does not suit you Georgie” he mocked with a quick wink.

Georgiana scoffed “Don’t flatter yourself Marcus, I just don’t like being ignored” she stated pointedly, not being able to help the smile creeping onto her lips, she never could stay mad at him for more than five minutes. Quickly glancing back towards the couple “Now stop being a child and go introduce yourself, or would you like me to go over for you?” she smirked.

Before Marcus could reply Georgie had started her way over to the couple “Georgie!” he hissed yet his attempts fell on deaf ears as his sister approached the couple.
“Good afternoon” she greeted with a friendly smile “Pardon the intrusion but I just wanted to come over here and introduce myself, I am Lady Georgiana Crawley and this is my brother Marcus Crawley, Earl of Devonshire” she introduced as Marcus also approached the small group.

“You’ll have to forgive my sisters bluntness” he spoke casting a warning glance which in return she rolled her eyes “It is a pleasure to meet you both” he held out his hand to shake the gentleman’s yet his eyes wondered over to the beauty.

Georgiana briefly looked away trying to hide the smirk that appeared on her face, once she had regained her composer her eyes drifted towards the male, he was even more attractive up close, noting the way his sharp blue eyes seemingly stared into her own. Clearing her throat she looked away quickly back at the woman and smiled fondly “That is a wonderful gown you are wearing.”


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The lady relaxed, staring at Rachel. The man apologised for upsetting her. With a curt nod, she accepted his apology. She sighed, watching the two depart. I hope they don't come to blows again. Pursing her lips, she took one last look at the dispersing crowd and made her way back to where she had been standing before the intervention.

Looking around, Rachel noticed that the pair were gone. She turned around, wondering if she had been too rude in leaving suddenly. Suddenly, she caught sight of the two further down the deck, chatting with another pair. They seemed happy enough. Should I go over and join them? Rachel wondered. I wasn't very polite to leave like that just now.

Too late. All four turned and walked off. Rachel decided to try and socialise more during lunch later on.


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#, as written by Kenzi
Jacqueline had decided to explore the Titanic a little further, opting for an earlier lunch. This decision caused her to miss the large group now sitting together (Georgiana, Rachel, Christian, and the others) but she hardly would have cared. There were far too many wonderful things to see on the ship to waste time sitting down for a sandwich with strangers. She had ordered a salad and eaten it on a small elegant patio some time earlier and, once finished, had quickly left and made her way down to second class. She wandered through the halls, elegant white dress swirling around her calves as she took long confident strides. She stopped to chat with some people, but rarely stayed too long in a conversation. As long as she was alone she wanted to explore the ship, and she knew that Jacques would eventually catch up with her and insist she stay in first class.

She looked quite out of place, even in second class, with her well polished hair, expensive dress, and elaborate hair pin though she hardly noticed or cared. Her dark chocolate eyes locked with strangers, a mischievous and flirtatious glint in them, as she continued to explore the Titanic.


Jacques found himself in the beautiful dining room, casually walking around the edge of it while his eyes danced lazily over his surroundings, looking for an empty chair. His conversation with that woman-man had caused him to be later than he would have liked for lunch and thus, nearly every table was full.

"Excuse me, sir, do you have a preference as to where you would like to be seated?"

He turned to see a young blonde boy smiling eagerly at him, obviously very pleased that he was working on the ship. Jacques smiled in return and chuckled, "As long as there are beautiful women at the table, I don't care where I am seated young lad." He replied causing the boy to laugh sheepishly and quickly lead him into the thick of tables. A few times he glanced back at Jacques to see if he liked the table he was leading them to, but Jacques politely shook his head and they moved on. Finally the boy lead him towards a table of people who were vaguely recognizable: Georgiana, the girl that had bumped into her, and the peculiarly dressed man that had been with the man-woman. Perfect.

"I've got it from here." He said to the boy and made a beeline for the table, stopping the waiter just as he was leaving.

"Excuse me, so sorry to turn up to this table late, but could I have the beef in the romande sauce with some fine wild rice? Thanks so much." He said to the waiter (Angel) and then promptly took the last remaining seat at the table, a wide handsome grin on his face.

"Hello everyone. Lovely to see you again," he said, smiling cooly at the stunning blonde from the deck, "and you Monsieur LaRue it has been too long." He said barely allowing the man a moment of a attention before he glanced towards the final member of the table. "My apologies, it seems I haven't introduced myself. I am Jacques Vallembrose and what might be your names?" He asked the two beautiful women.


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#, as written by Kenzi
"Georgiana Crawley" she smiled brightly holding out her gloved hand for him to shake "You are Jacqueline's brother are you not?" she enquired.

Jacques took her hand in his own and placed a smooth kiss on the smooth glove that covered her fine elegant hand and then released her and relaxed back into his seat with an amused smile, "Ah, so you have met Jacqueline? I do hope she was polite." He mused, wondering how those introductions went down. Jacqueline often rubbed women the wrong way. Men, on the other hand... well that was a different story.

Pulling himself from his thoughts he chuckled and nodded shortly, "I'm her step brother, actually. No blood relation." He corrected Georgiana, not sure why he felt the need to say they were not actually related. Was that an odd thing to do? Whatever, it mattered very little. Jacques reached out and grasped the glass of wine that had been placed infront of each guest and brought it to his lips, taking a deep sip of the delicious drink before turning his attention back to Georgiana and the others, "How have you been enjoying the Titanic so far?"


Jacqueline had spent the last hour walking down corridors, finding herself delightfully lost in third class amidst the strangers. The scents reminded her of the dredges of Paris: alcohol, cigarettes, and an endless array of other smells. Then, suddenly, the salty smell of the sea hit her senses and she decided that she wanted to see the ocean again, since third class had very little windows to the outside world. Within minutes she had located the door to the small and far less elegant deck. She walked out, a vision in white, and stood amongst the crowd that chatted loudly and horsed around with a football while drinking. Out of the corner of her eye she could see steps leading up the decks on the higher levels, including the promenade, and was interested to find a staff member blocking the steps (obviously to keep the lower classes out of the higher class decks).

"What's an angel like you doing down here, hmm?"

Jacqueline turned, tight curls bouncing in the cool sea breeze, and faced the man who had spoken with a thick Irish accent. He was a few years older than her and quite burly with dark hair and the shadow of facial hair on his jaw. His breath stunk of alcohol and his clothing was dusted in grime, cold grey eyes regarding her with unnerving interest. He obviously thought himself charming and brave, approaching the upper class woman, and the men around her watching seemed to agree as they cast each other impressed looks.

She laughed, a short amused chuckle, and raised her brows at him, "Not looking for a barge rat, that's for certain." She replied, head tilted to the side and hips set with confidence and attitude. She didn't care for men trying to intimidate her while hitting on her, as though the manliness they exuded was supposed to be enough to impress her.

The man was clearly taken back by her boldness, expecting a pretty thing like her to be polite and meek which was obviously not the case, "You better watch what you say to me, wench." He growled, any attempt at being charming (if that is what you would call it) now vanished as his pride lay crushed on the ground between him and the french woman.

Jacqueline narrowed her dark eyes at him, taking a step towards him as her cheeks flushed with color and anger. Having spent much of her youth in the underbelly of Paris, unbeknownst to her father, she had gotten used to confrontations and fights and had very little patience for people who disrespected her or her family. "It's you who should watch what you say next." She said, not noticing that some of his friends had gone to distract the staff guarding the stairs who had begun to see the confrontation.


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#, as written by Kenzi
The man's cold grey eyes flicked to the side, a cruel smile playing on his lips as he saw that his gang was causing a scene with the staff and that no one was watching him and the French woman, "Youre not in any place to make threats, girlie." The man said in his deep gravely voice, regaining some composure as he looked down at her body that was draped in white, "I think you and I are going to go for a walk. I'll teach you how to behave with men." He said crudely, leering at her without any attempt to hide his intentions.

Jacqueline stood her ground, despite knowing the smart thing to do would be to call for help or even make a dash for the door. It was broad daylight and there were many people around, but because of the large crowd and chaotic game of football on the deck their confrontation was hard to notice. Though she looked like a proper French woman she had a very bad habit of being an adrenaline junky and she could already feel it pulsing through her veins as she watched the man before her become more enraged. She raised her chin, staring coldly up into the brute's face and spoke in a calm and cutting voice, "Believe me, I know how to behave around men. It's pigs I have a hard time with."

Suddenly there was a crushing pain around her wrist as the man lurched forward and grabbed her hand roughly in his own, crushing it in his grasp.


"Merci." Jacques said to the waiter and took a bite of his food as Georgiana spoke. The food was delicious and far better than he had expected food on a ship to be.

"It's certainly been interesting so far, so yes I am enjoying it." He responded with a laugh, recalling the encounter with the woman dressed as a man.