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Lenora Morris

"I'm leaving Lena Morris in Belfast. From here on out, I'm no-body."

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a character in “The Titanic: Ship of Dreams”, as played by Imagine That!



Name: Lenora Claire Morris, but everyone calls her Lena.
Age: Eighteen
Appearance: One Two Three Four Five Six
Class: Steerage.
Personality: Lena is what you would call a child trapped in an adult's body. She turns everything around her into a joke, and it's rare that you'll ever see her without a bright smile on her face. If Lena isn't playing around with you or smiling, then you know that something is wrong. The only time that she is ever serious, is when she's working. But even then, she still tries to crack a joke to the paying customer every now and again. If he doesn't reply though, she turns straight back into the robot that she is supposed to be, doing everything that the customer asks her to do. When not working, you'll usually find Lena at the nearest pub. chugging down a pint of beer with the rest of the locals. She'll talk to anyone around her - ther'es no point in being picky with who you hang around with when you're in a situation like hers. If someone's there, she'll talk to them - usually about the most pointless of things. She's incredibly confident and bubbly for a girl of her age and profession, but that's just who she is, and always has been. She loves life and tries to live it to the fullest, no matter what it puts her through - she knows that somewhere, there is a light at the end of the long, long, long, long, long dark tunnel, and she's determined to find it.

Reason for travelling to America: Lena has a bad reputation in Belfast. She's moving away to a new town, a new continent, where she can restart her life on a blank slate.
Brief History: Lenora Claire Morris was born in a small house on the coast of Belfast, to a single mother named Marie. She didn't grow up a charmed child, and never became one. Her life was difficult from the word go, having to fight with a bad immune system ever since birth, having inhetrited the trait from her mother. Ever since she could toddle around on two feet, she was helping her mother in what ever way she could. She put dishes away after dinner, washed her own clothes occasiionally, helped her mother collect ingrediants from the vegtable patch, and as soon as she was old enough, she was working. Any way to get money into the house was a God send for the Morris family - however, no-one wanted a young girl with no father working with them, and no-one wanted a divorced woman working for them either. So, whatever job came about, Lena took. She was a newspaper girl at one point, standing in the street, calling out headlines, trying to get someone - anyone - to buy a paper. One day at the age of fifteen, whilst she was helping the grocer sell his vegetbables to customers, she was spoken to by a man. This man offered her a job that paid more than five times what she was earing at the moment, and she instantly took the offer, no matter what it entitled.

So, she took her first customer that night. She really ran away screaming when she found out what he wanted her to do, but their family needed the money. Her mother was everything to her, so she went through with her night's work, and came home with a pocket full of cash that could feed the family for at least two weeks. However, soon her mother became ill, contracting a weakened version of the bubonic plague, and she slowly deterioated, until she was bed ridden. Lena worked harder and harder, trying to earn the funds to pay for an expensive doctor, but she didn't reach her target in time. With her last breaths, Marie took her daughters hand and slipped a piece of paper into it. "My darling, I spent all of my life savings on this ticket for you. Use it, and start a new life. Make me proud."

So now, she's boarding the ship to America. She's leaving behind everything that she knew and loved, and she's leaving behind who she is. She doesn't want to be known as the "best prostitue in Belfast" anymore. In America, she'll just be another name-less face in a sea of people. It's perfect.
Any special possessions?: An old photograph of her mother, grandmother, and her, her mother's favourite bracelet and her comfort teddy bear, Rory.
Relationship Status: Single
Travelling companion(s): No-one.

So begins...

Lenora Morris's Story


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Lena stared at the ceiling as she lay in her third class bunk. She had been the second person to get into their room of six, and she had quickly jumped onto one of the top bunks - there was no way that she was sleeping underneath something that could crush her in a second if it snapped. Of course, that wasn't going to happen, because the Titanic was supposed to be "The Ship Of Dreams" and it was built to perfection. Even the steerage rooms were the best that she had ever seen in her life - they were better than her small family flat in Belfast. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she traced the swirling pattern that twisted along the ceiling. She was dressed in a comfortable, but plain dress. She didn't have many things that covered up the entirety of her body or didn't show off her curves; she hadn't enough money to buy two sets of clothing - one for work and one for every day life, so she just focused on the more important of the two. Her work.

She slowly sat up and dragged a hand through her messy hair, getting stuck on a few knots as she did so. She then climbed down from her bunk, avoiding the other two women who were now talking quietly in the room, and she left. She hadn't had time to explore this ship yet and she was going to start now - maybe by the time that the ship docked in New York, she would have finished! A soft song played on her lips as she trundled through the corridors, weaving in and out of the stragglers with their trunks in the hallways, still trying to find their rooms, or trying to use the key to unlock them. She stopped to help one family with their luggage, as it was falling about everywhere, as the mother and father had no more arms spare as they were carrying children and the details for their room. She carried their bags in for them and bid them a farewell, as she again made her way around the ship. She wanted to begin on the boat deck and look out at the beautiful horizon. Lenora wasn't paying much attention to the signs as she made her way up the winding staircases, and it only dawned on her that the scenery was becoming more and more ornate and beautiful, the further she went up. A small, mischievous smile played on her lips as she carried on up the stairs, and soon she saw a sign saying "A Deck."

"Hello Miss, are you from first class?" A steward wearing a perfectly while outfit asked her, smiling politely. Wow, okay, she could pass for a first class passenger? Maybe this outfit was a little more revealing than she expected.
"Yes, yes I am." She smiled, bringing her hands in front of her, clasping them poshly at her waist. Her thick Irish accent shone through in her voice, as well as her colloquial tone indicating straight away that she wasn't first class. From here, she knew she was busted.
"Because I didn't see you come in, and it's my job to know every single one of my passengers."
"Okay, you got me, I'm a second class passenger. However, I'm just so curious to see what first class looks like. Would you, please, let me just take look? I will not over stay my welcome, I promise." A flirtatious smile flitted upon her lips, one that she knew all too well from her job back in Belfast.
"Well, I suppose, M'Lady. Just don't tell anyone I let you through." He winked at her, before opening the gates and letting her in.

Lena felt lost walking around underneath the glittering chandeliers of first class, and she couldn't stop her mouth from falling open slightly. She had never seen anything like this before, and it overwhelmed her. She wandered around, taking a glance at everything that she passed, trying to avoid bumping into these upper class people who were late to lunch. Lunch, eh? That smile appeared on her lips again as she pulled the cheap hair-band off of her wrist, and wrapped it around her hair, pulling it back like this to fit in some more. A waiter, who looked more Italian than English directed her over to one of the remaining tables with empty seats, along with a blonde woman and a male who were talking. Another female had just joined too, and she slowly sat down in the seat, her eyes turning into saucers as she saw the amount of cutlery there was to use.

Good going Lena. Now what!?"

"Perché tu sei meglio di me! Sei interessato solo i vostri soldi ei vostri gioielli, invece di morale e dei valori?" Angelo knew that the woman who had flung him out of her cabin had no idea what he was saying, but that was her fault for not having paid her tutor to teach her Italian as well. He sighed as he picked himself up from the floor and straightened out his White Star Line waiter's outfit, and fixing his bow tie so that it looked perfect once again. He had knocked on the door, and waited like a gentleman until he heard the lady say "come in." Well, what he thought was "come in." It was actually, "don't come in", but he hadn't heard the prefix to the sentence. So, he had walked in, offering to escort this upper class lady to the dining hall for lunch, and he caught her getting changed. She had flipped out at him, and even though he apologized profusely, she hadn't forgiven him and shoved him out of the room, slamming the door into his face, clipping his nose.

The class differences on this ship were so distinct that it frightened Angel slightly, and he took in a deep breath before he made his way back to the dining hall. It was a completely different world here, one that he wasn't used to, but wanted to be. He wasn't even supposed to be here! He had explained his situation by saying that Giovanni had come down incredibly ill, and that because they were such close friends, he had offered him the position and he had graciously and quickly accepted. It took a lot of convincing to the stewards to actually let him into first class, and he even had to get an officer down to explain the situation to them, again showing the class divisions that he so hated.

Angel smiled politely as the women, men and children entered into the dining hall, trying to ignore the pain that was throbbing in his nose as he stood there. That old bag had actually clipped his nose quiet hard, and it was hurting. But, he didn't let it show, as that would just be "oh so incredibly bad, showing the first class passengers that those of another status also had feelings too", so he ignored it. Once everyone was seated, including a girl that he didn't recognize, probably from second class, he started taking the orders of the people at tables. The choice on this ship was extreme, so extreme that without the pencil and paper that he had in front of him, he wouldn't have been able to remember everything.

Angel walked over to where he had seated the brunette girl, and he smiled down at them. He had sat her with a blonde woman, Georgiana Crawley, and Christian Holloway, who had just started a conversation. "May I take your lunch orders, signorinas e signor?"