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Leslie Jean Harlow Carpentier

"Everyday I wake up, I feel like a new man!"

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a character in “The Titanic: Ship of Dreams”, as played by Alise120




Leslie Jean Harlow Carpentier


First Class

-Famous Nickname(s)-
Platinum Bombshell
Golden Girl
The original Sex Symbol
A Mans Woman
The Baby
(But everyone in the international mass media, movie fans, and the general public know her name just as Leslie)

-Reason for travelling to America-
Being an American citizen, Leslie was coming back from a half year excursion from India and it's oriental seas. She wanted to spread the feminist movement there and help out with the cause.

Fatally beautiful and most stunning at the tender age of twenty, no one who is fairer and ethereal-like, graced so beautifully as Leslie did. Truly a work of lovely attraction, Leslie's delicate, yet angelic features made men and women, alike, be enchanted and mesmerized by her especially when her image was played on the silver silent screen. Blessed beautifully by youth, her ivory, porcelain colored skin is almost near flawless to perfection.

Her hair used to fall in platinum ringlets down her back, flowing smoothly in freshly scented waves when she was a child, but now it's cut short in a curly bob about her lower neck; this is her rebellious hairstyle from the pinned-up bun and long mousse hair. Strangely miraculous, Leslie's eyes is of a lavender hue, hinting of platinum swirls that sparkle, mischievously, in the light. Bodily, although not bone skinny, it has a lithe silhouetted appearance to it from exercising and staying on a healthy regiment; another rebellious act from the docile, weak young lady.

A button nose, dainty arched eyebrows, heart-shaped ears, profound chin, pale pink dewy lips, pearly white teeth, and rose hued cheeks add as accessories to her gorgeous, enticing facial profile. Height wise, Leslie is average; her personality, amazingly scary, made up in that department. Lastly, her weight....well it isn't "lady like" to gloat about her density in size as her mother would say. Born from a well to do family, Leslie's mother always naturally cherished raw-colored gems, diamonds, and pearls, having Leslie be adorned by jewelry on her neck, wrists, ankles, and ears on the movie set even though Leslie secretly hated it.

Leslie's favorite attire is always something elegant and refined, yet has a natural simplicity to it. Her signature shades are always black and white. Never following the women of the era, Leslie stuck with a few outfits that fit with her which, surprisingly, were radically ahead of time. She mostly, on a daily basis, wear's a white linen blouse with matching white sailor slacks and white tennis shoes. She never cared when women, older particularly, spoke against her wearing that type of apparel knowing that she was a trend-setter and an idol to look up to by young women who wanted to tear away from the old-fashion norm of "repressed" women clothing.

Most people would think that Leslie had a femme fatale risque smart-ass type persona about her, seeing her in mostly movie roles that represented her as like, but if they knew her personally, which were only a selected few, she had an earthy-like personality. So let's show her real personality from the false cinema one.

Leslie has an ethereal disposition, making everyone around her feel immediately at ease. Leslie's approach to life was to keep her head held high and to never give up, trying her best to keep her own sanity and peace. Her kindness extended out to everyone, spreading joy to anyone she gracefully presence. Even though her outer appearance looked deceiving to any intellectual and/or any elite background, she would always have a broaden mind of higher learning; she would be seen reading intensely and with a book clutched in her arm between movie scenes and sets.

But she was human, having flaws within her natural persona, unfortunately. Leslie had a vendetta against anyone who crossed and did her wrong (well let's just say the fake "Italian prince" didn't see the day of light anymore...); the trait inherited from her vengeful mother who still hated Leslie's biological father who divorced her for a younger woman. If you came across in a thorn-in-the-side like way, she would repay you with a wrath that was hardly to be denied and/or ignored. Cynicism and depression was one of her worst attributes and she would courteously excuse herself, embarrassingly. This was matched all too well with her movie "bad girl" roles and that's why she played her character's so well.

Still though as such, Leslie tried her best to help out people in need and would secretly, behind her mother's back, give food and clothing to the poor who suffered greatly in poverty. Lastly, she taught children in secrecy, giving them higher academic knowledge, knowing they needed it to be successfully (she secretly wanted a family of her own but, unfortunately, hasn't come true for her yet). All in all, Leslie is a strong-willed, gracious, classy peacemaker, in the eyes who loved her and who were her close companions, who would rather make love and not war.

-Brief History-
On film she often wore white satin and silk gowns, which combined with her ivory skin and platinum blond hair, gave Leslie an unparalleled luminous quality. She glowed from the screen, reached out and grabbed the attention of the viewer and never lost it. She was not an unreachable goddess like all the other movie stars, but human with an earthy sense of humor which made her a superb bad girl comedienne. As the original blond bombshell, Leslie set the trend for actresses and fashionistas for decades to come. She wowed the audience and mass media, leaving a lasting impression that would last forever. Carpentier was nicknamed "The Baby" by her family and the name stuck with her. She was known as "The Baby" around the studio as well. She claimed she didn't know her real name until she started grade school, ironically. Somehow the nickname suited her, with her cherubic baby face and kewpie doll lips painted a deep red; she played well at being the femme fatale but with an underlying childlike quality and a roaring sense of humor which set her apart from her contemporaries.

No matter how tough the characters in her films were supposed to have been, the audiences always loved and cheered for her. Carpentier would say about those characters with a certain disdain: "I never like playing hard-boiled girls. It's so different from the real me." In fact, Carpentier, who was educated in upscale private schools, actually came from a fairly well-to-do family. Her grandfather never supported or approve of the idea of a movie career for his granddaughter and would have multiple arguments with Leslie's mother on why it was or wasn't the best for her. Leslie was born and raised in Vermont, New England. Her father was a dentist and she had a comfortable middle class upbringing. Her parents then divorced when she was the age of nine, due to their own incompatibility reasons that resulted with her father running off with a younger woman who knew how to show him some "fun". She remained close to her father but went to live with her mother (through strict custody issues), β€˜Mama Jean’, who then promptly moved out to Los Angeles to try and find work as an actress.

This was originally Leslie's mother's dream to be an actress but it was thrust, unwillingly, onto Leslie. Leslie wanted to make her mother happy and proud so she eventually pursed the career avenue. While her mother was in Los Angeles and was turned down for any type of movie roles, because she was too old to play the part of a younger woman, She met Marino Bello, who she married not soon after much to Leslie's hatred for him. Eventually, lack of work meant the family returned to the northeast and Leslie was enrolled in a select boarding school, Ferry Hall, when she was fourteen. When Leslie turned seventeen, Marino Bello, her stepfather, moved the family back to Los Angeles, when he found a mafia job position from a close relative who was closely associated with the boss. The Carpentier-Bello family struck "gold" and now were filthy rich. Around that same year, now in the elite social wealthy group, a new friend of Leslie's mother, Fox Studios executive Joe Egli, suggested that she be an extra in movies. Her mother agreed quickly to the idea and forced Leslie into being an extra in Laurel and Hardy's new silent comedy movie skits.

Most would say that's when she got her big break but she was soon to have that shortly after. When Laurel and Hardy's skit with her in it came onto the screen, she instantly was bombarded by directors on the whole studio lot. One director in particular, who secretly liked her, named Howard Hulls brought her in personally and screened her for a female lead role in his award-winning movie, Angel's that Fall from Heaven. He was moved by her performance and cast her as the femme fatale character "Crystal Shards". Right there was what propelled her into to super stardom and her career never looked back or slumped afterwards. She would make one more lead role movie, Platinum Girl, from Fox Studios before she was signed over to the new Warner Bros. Company who made hit after hit movies. Fame didn't matter so much to her like it did for her mother making Leslie sink into a slight depression. However the show must go on, as Leslie herself put it, so she went on to make more movies that included: The Secret Six, Goldie, Public Enemy, The Night My Life Ended, and so forth.

As time wore on and her Warner Bros. contract was set in stone, Leslie was loved by the crew members and actors who worked with and on her films. They remembered her as being very kind, down-to-earth strong-willed woman. In those pre-Las Vegas days, one of her favorite getaway spots was Agua Caliente, a high end Tijuana gambling resort which is still in existence. There she would relax from the stresses of being a movie starlet and would always ride horse-back through the desert valley. When she turned twenty, she registered herself with the feminist movement and registered herself to vote alongside men. She hated the world being dominated by males and fought alongside feminist leaders for equal rights for women. To spread the idea, Leslie went all over America and Europe through commercial success. Not everyone agreed, including women, bashing heavily on the movement, some calling it a defeminization of the common woman and feminizing the common man.

To rebel against objections, Leslie threw away her "lady-like" norms and began to wear masculine type apparel (of course with a feminine touch) and cut off most of her hair, leaving it with a short wavy look. She even presented herself with a manly-feminine approach with her; her favorite quote which is to be remembered: "Everyday I wake up, I feel like a new man!". Her next stop was Asia, leading her to travel to India to continue spreading feminist ideals. Through much zeal and courage she won the hearts of India and some of the feminists there. After a half year stay there, Leslie and her mother, who accompanied on the trip mostly for publicity reasons, packed their bags and hopped on the first boat that would take them to Britain. From there they would take another boat that would take them back to America. Unfortunately, they boarded the Titanic, not knowing that their lives might be at stake.

And so of Carpentier's history so far....but will it end there when the Titanic goes down one ill-fated icy cold night....

-Special possession(s)-
Leslie's silver chain heart necklace which she is seen around her neck at all times. She also has a silver anklet which she is seen with (she uses it as a good luck charm).

-Relationship Status-
As of now, Leslie isn't seeing anyone in particular ever since she was "bamboozled" by a fake Italian prince who was really a New York fortune hunter (gold digger).

-Travelling companion(s)-
Of course her mother. (Her mother is always seen around her, seeming obsessed by her daughter's fame.That is why everyone, especially in Hollywood, call her "Mother Obsession")


So begins...

Leslie Jean Harlow Carpentier's Story


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#, as written by Kenzi
Jacqueline reached Jacques side and was about to speak when the boat shifted underneath her. She wavered slightly but did not fall for it was only a slight movement as the ship moved away from the dock. The cheers and shouts of goodbye became deafening as people scrambled to make their way to the edge of the ship to wave to their loved ones, faces alight with excitement and joy.

"And so it begins!" Jacques said, breaking the comfortable silence between the two brunettes.

"Do you think they will come to the port in France to see us before we leave for America?" Jacqueline mused, dark chocolate brown eyes now looking over the ship's deck at the other passengers. Her usually light tone had darkened slightly. She was talking about her father and step mother, of course, but had little hope that either would take the time to make the trip to the coast. She was not close with either of them, but that was not by her own choice.

Jacques shrugged his broad shoulders, shaking his head once and tipping his hat back to get a better look down at Jacqueline, "You know they are busy, Jacquie. Besides, we have more exciting things to be doing than wasting time waving goodbye to a crowd! Now, buck up.. or whatever it is that the American's say." He said with a boyish grin, pushing himself away from the edge of the ship and turned to head towards the stairs when he saw a young woman stagger into the stunning blonde girl from before, who was on the rail. For one brief second he thought she was going to slip backwards off the ship but she managed to regain her balance. He let out a sigh and shook his head, "See? That is why you shouldn't hang on the rails. I love you, Colombe, but I'm not sure if I love you enough to jump into the Atlantic to save your pretty little behind."

Jacqueline looked towards where he had been looking, seeing the two beautiful young women now conversing. "I bet you would jump in after her, Jacques. Either one of them actually." She teased in irritation, not commenting on his warning. Truth of the matter was that she would certainly be hanging off the railing at some point or another, how could she not? She opened her mouth to make another remark and then shut it promptly when a man stepped into her view of the two women, a protective arm around the blonde girl. He was tall, perhaps even taller than her step brother, and handsome in a somewhat stern English way. He was broad and muscular, with a suave appearance and confident stance. There was more of a reserved sexuality about him than the men she had met in the past who walked around exuding sex appeal. Truth be told, it got boring after a while...

"Don't be so quick to judge me, darling." Jacques said in a low whisper as he leaned in closely to her ear, eyes following her gaze to the gentlemen across the ship deck with a knowing smile. Before she could make a retort he pushed himself off the railing and walked back towards the upper deck, mounting the stairs in confident strides, leaving Jacqueline alone on the deck glaring at his retreating back. As he was walking up the steps he heard an odd voice that was deep though had a distinctly feminine edge to it.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer!", Leslie retorted at them causing the couple to speed up their walking.

His mouth broke into an amused smile as he continued up the steps and saw an odd pair appear at the top of the large flight of steps. Their was an older gentlemen in a fine three piece black suit, bifcols, and a beard that looked slightly askew. Next to him was a lad, or so it appeared, dressed in all white with white-blonde hair and sunglasses. They were laughing hysterically, causing even more people to stare and walk quickly past them but he slowed his pace.

"I got it! I'm Monsieur LaRue and your my son, Cristo Giovanni", he giving fake names for the both of them with much gleeful chipper.

"Don't you just hate it when you forget your name?" Jacques spoke as the pair came within a few steps from him, mouth pulled into an amused smile, and laughed, "I find that writing it on my hand seems to help. Or making up a little rhyme to jump start my memory." He added, walking up the remaining steps until he was the only one close to the pair. He had no idea who the two were, whether they were first class or not, but he knew a disguise when he saw one. Men of importance (and women) who came to the red light district often wore disguises and he had gotten quite good at detecting it.

He chuckled and stepped to the side, gesturing for them to continue while he smiled in an amused and knowing way at the pair, "My apologies for stopping you, have a lovely day." He said and took a step to leave before turning and adding, "Oh, Monsieur LaRue, your beard is a tad crooked." He said and with that made his way to the top of the stairs and towards the doors that would lead inside.


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Smiling at the lady, Rachel apologised again. "I'm really sorry. I'm glad that you're okay. Is this your companion?" Her eyes roved over the tall, handsome man standing slightly behind the lady. "I'm Rachel, what's your name?"

As she was was waiting for an answer, something distracted her. A crowd seemed to be gathering a short distance away from them. Rachel could distinctly hear chanting. Upon further inspection, the crowd as shouting, "Fight! Fight!" A fight was breaking out between two passengers. Rachel sighed. She debated with herself whether to stop them or not. Making up her mind, she suddenly remembered the young lady. Turning to her, she excused herself. "I'm sorry, could I leave for a minute? I'm really sorry."

With that, she darted away into the crowd. Pushing her way into the middle, she caught sight of the two fighters, two young men. She leaned in for a closer look. Was that long blonde hair poking out from under the smaller man's hat? Come to think of it, he did look rather feminine.

That did it. Rachel hated fighting of any sort, much less one involving a woman. She strode quickly into the space around the two. "Stop it!" she demanded, grabbing each of them by the shoulder to stop them swinging at each other.


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The lady relaxed, staring at Rachel. The man apologised for upsetting her. With a curt nod, she accepted his apology. She sighed, watching the two depart. I hope they don't come to blows again. Pursing her lips, she took one last look at the dispersing crowd and made her way back to where she had been standing before the intervention.

Looking around, Rachel noticed that the pair were gone. She turned around, wondering if she had been too rude in leaving suddenly. Suddenly, she caught sight of the two further down the deck, chatting with another pair. They seemed happy enough. Should I go over and join them? Rachel wondered. I wasn't very polite to leave like that just now.

Too late. All four turned and walked off. Rachel decided to try and socialise more during lunch later on.