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Marcus Crawley

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a character in “The Titanic: Ship of Dreams”, as played by Calvazara



Name: Earl of Devonshire Marcus Lewis Crawley ll
Age: 23

Appearance: Marcus is your text book English gentleman, standing 6ft 3 with a slender yet sturdy build he is considered to be a handsome and desired bachelor by the women of his society. He has very prominent and sharp features in his face, his eyes are large and blue with sandy blonde hair which is usually slicked back in the common style. Although somewhat lanky in his youth Marcus has now defined muscle in his legs, arms and chest from sporting activities such as cricket and horse riding. His skin holds a light healthy glow from spending long periods of time outdoors, although being the less vain of the siblings he won't deny himself the fancy clothes that may win him a beautiful wife or lover.

Class: First Class

Personality: Marcus is a kind man, however having being brought up in a very wealthy household he is somewhat sheltered and incredibly stubborn when it comes to most things in his life, being the man of the house his word goes and rules with a fair but iron authority however he does have his weaknesses one of his main ones being his youngest sister. He likes to have fun and this includes hunting and riding his horse along with social functions and balls. He definitely prefers the finer things in life and is quite willing to splash out his cash, his sister teaser him about being 'flash' but he just shrugs it off with a laugh.

Reason for travelling to America: Treating his sister to a trip across the Atlantic.

Brief History: TBA

Any special possessions?: A safe full of money, fine suits.

Relationship Status: Single

Travelling companion(s): His sister Gwen




So begins...

Marcus Crawley's Story


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Marcus and Georgiana Crawley, First Class, 10th April 1912, 11 am.

Georgiana stared up at the ship with a mixture of excitement and anticipation; she had travelled across the Atlantic only once before, when she was ten and that had been a ghastly trip. But this ship, the ship of dreams as the papers called it, looked positively marvellous; she couldn’t get over the sheer size of it. As Georgie stood there she turned her head back to Marcus who was instructing the valet on where to dispense their luggage, a smile graced her lips, she had been overwhelmed when he had told her he was taking on a belated birthday trip to New York, although she couldn’t help but feel that it was a slight attempt to marry her off to a wealthy business tycoon or politician, not that she minded it’s just American men could be such cad’s.

“Sally” she turned around to her maid who was helping an usher takes bags and trunks off their car “you run along to our suits and start unpacking” she smiled at the younger girl.

“Yes Miss Georgiana” she said hurrying past her.

Looking around she could see an array of different people, the first class passengers stuck out like sore thumbs, but then again she supposed she also did, with her navy blue travel dress and wide brimmed white hat. Then there was the second and third class passengers, she suspected they were also getting a treat on this voyage as she had heard that the accommodation below decks was quite exceptional compared to other ships. And then the third class passengers in the inspection queue, being checked for lice and god knows what else, she felt a little sympathy for them, singled out just because of their class yet it happened with every aspect of the social ladder she reasoned.

Seeing people who had already boarded the ship waving from the deck made a wave of sadness rush over her at the thought of leaving her beloved England, even if was only for a mere three months yet it was still her home and she was bound to miss the greenery the most. Georgie had heard stories about New York from friends, with building scraping the sky it sounded like a future city.

Shaking the thought from her mind she turned back to her brother “Marcus darling, are we nearly ready?” she asked growing impatient, eager to see if the Titanic was as grand inside as it was out.

Hearing Georgiana’s voice tore Marcus from his conversation with the valet “What? Oh yes, just give me a moment” he replied seeing that she was eager to board, not that he could blame the ship looked positively marvellous. Turning back to the smaller man he thought for a moment about where he was up too “yes, so the trunks in this car are for Suite 34B and then these are in 33B, understood?” he asked looking down at the man with a slight stern look in his eyes.

“Yes sir” the valet replied hastily.

Marcus’s gaze softened and a smile appeared on his handsome face “good man” he stated giving the valet a nice tip. Once the valet walked away he turned back to his sister “The grandest ship in the world this Georgie!” he stated dramatically with a playful gleam in his eyes.

Georgie rolled her eyes “Are the dramatics really necessary Marcus?” she smirked with a roll of her eyes.

“They are when you’re talking about the Titanic my dear” he chuckled offering her his arm which she gladly took “Now come let’s go get settled shall we?” Georgiana nodded with a smile and the siblings began to walk towards the ship, after going through the light inspections they finally made their way up the gangway towards the first class entrance.

“May I have your name sir?” A steward asked Marcus, after saying their names they were quickly ushered inside and towards their rooms. The walls looked magnificent, polished oak panelling with golden covings added to its grandeur; there was still a smell of fresh paint in the air although it had obviously tried to have been covered up with exotic aromas.

Already Georgiana could see why the ship had been the most talked about and ultimately why her brother had decided to postpone their trip a few months just so they could sail on the Titanic, just like so many other families.


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Rachel decided to go up on deck. Strolling along, she felt a slight lurch as the ship left the dock.

Up on deck, many passengers were enjoying the sea breeze. Smiling, Rachel leaned against the railing, watching the people on land wave goodbye to the ship. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind blew, and Rachel staggered slightly, smoothing down her skirt. As she struggled to regain her balance, she bumped into a young lady wearing a white dress. "I'm so sorry, are you alright?" she asked, taking in the lady's clothes and her companion. She could see that they were rich, much like herself.


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Seeing a flash of chocolate brown locks and white lace darting passed Marcus caught his attention, his gaze followed the woman hurrying down the promenade deck, she was breathtakingly beautiful, her long dark hair and olive complexion gave her an exotic aura, something Marcus found extremely fascinating, especially with this woman. A smirk appeared on his handsome face as he watched her travel down the deck, her lace dress billowing at her ankles, even in a hurry she seemed so elegant to him.

Georgiana cast her brother a sideward’s glance, seeing the smirk on his face caught her attention, following his gaze her eyes landed on the woman climbing the steps to the upper deck, with a roll of her eyes she let out a short laugh “Really Marcus you would have one believe you have never set eyes on a woman before” she teasingly mocked, It seemed every time Marcus would lay eyes on a beautiful woman he would turn to mush, in life women were one of his biggest weaknesses, he was truly a Casanova, he could charm a woman right off her feet and into his bed, she would be branded naive to think otherwise. Casting a glance back to her brother her eyes caught those of a dark haired, devishly handsome stranger, momentarily flustered she looked back out to the crowed. Georgiana had never been one short of male attention, her beauty had warranted her many admirers but they were all the same stuffy upper class gentleman who wanted nothing more than a trophy wife and Georgie wanted more than that. And although she could tell this man was first class like her there was something definitely alluring about him.
Marcus felt the boat lurched slightly as it pulled away from the docks, he let out a little chuckle as his sister stumbled slightly, grabbing her arms to steady her, leaning out over the railing slightly he looked up at the upper deck and spotted his beautiful mystery woman, a smile tugged on his lips as he opened his mouth to talk to the woman yet shut it promptly as another voice over his own.

"I'll come up there and get you if I need to, Colombe." Marcus’s head towards the source, a tall man located a little further down the deck, he looked at the two, smiles on each of their faces and with a sigh he shook his head a small chuckle escaping his lips, it was foolish to believe that a woman of that beauty had not already been claimed, even if it was by that man.

Upon hearing the sigh her brother made Georgiana looked up and saw the woman from earlier leaning over the railing looking down upon their deck, she was indeed very beautiful, an exotic beauty, Georgiana thought to herself and could understand her brother’s sudden infatuation with her. Yet the woman did not appear to be alone, she was conversing with the handsome stranger she had locked eyes with moments before, she had to admit it was a shame that the man did not appear to be single yet she refused to let it bother her.

Turning away from the couple she placed a hand on Marcus’s arm and gave a gentle smile “Smile my dear, this is the start of a wonderful adventure” she gushed before coming up with an idea, smirking she grasped onto the top railings and stood on the lower ones, grasping onto one of the ventricle poles she waved with her free hand and bright smile on her face.

Marcus let out a groan upon seeing what she was doing “Georgie, if you fall I am not diving in after you” he stated his protective streak coming into force but Georgiana just seemed to love making him fret like that.

Georgiana simply laughed loudly, yet feeling someone knock into her she wobbled slightly before grasping the pole with both hands, once she was stable a small, slightly nervous laugh escaped her lips as she looked at her brothers paled complexion “I’m fine” she mouthed to him.

"I'm so sorry, are you alright?" Stated the woman who had knocked her.

With a kind smile Georgie nodded “I am fine, there’s not harm done” she replied.


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#, as written by Kenzi
Jacqueline reached Jacques side and was about to speak when the boat shifted underneath her. She wavered slightly but did not fall for it was only a slight movement as the ship moved away from the dock. The cheers and shouts of goodbye became deafening as people scrambled to make their way to the edge of the ship to wave to their loved ones, faces alight with excitement and joy.

"And so it begins!" Jacques said, breaking the comfortable silence between the two brunettes.

"Do you think they will come to the port in France to see us before we leave for America?" Jacqueline mused, dark chocolate brown eyes now looking over the ship's deck at the other passengers. Her usually light tone had darkened slightly. She was talking about her father and step mother, of course, but had little hope that either would take the time to make the trip to the coast. She was not close with either of them, but that was not by her own choice.

Jacques shrugged his broad shoulders, shaking his head once and tipping his hat back to get a better look down at Jacqueline, "You know they are busy, Jacquie. Besides, we have more exciting things to be doing than wasting time waving goodbye to a crowd! Now, buck up.. or whatever it is that the American's say." He said with a boyish grin, pushing himself away from the edge of the ship and turned to head towards the stairs when he saw a young woman stagger into the stunning blonde girl from before, who was on the rail. For one brief second he thought she was going to slip backwards off the ship but she managed to regain her balance. He let out a sigh and shook his head, "See? That is why you shouldn't hang on the rails. I love you, Colombe, but I'm not sure if I love you enough to jump into the Atlantic to save your pretty little behind."

Jacqueline looked towards where he had been looking, seeing the two beautiful young women now conversing. "I bet you would jump in after her, Jacques. Either one of them actually." She teased in irritation, not commenting on his warning. Truth of the matter was that she would certainly be hanging off the railing at some point or another, how could she not? She opened her mouth to make another remark and then shut it promptly when a man stepped into her view of the two women, a protective arm around the blonde girl. He was tall, perhaps even taller than her step brother, and handsome in a somewhat stern English way. He was broad and muscular, with a suave appearance and confident stance. There was more of a reserved sexuality about him than the men she had met in the past who walked around exuding sex appeal. Truth be told, it got boring after a while...

"Don't be so quick to judge me, darling." Jacques said in a low whisper as he leaned in closely to her ear, eyes following her gaze to the gentlemen across the ship deck with a knowing smile. Before she could make a retort he pushed himself off the railing and walked back towards the upper deck, mounting the stairs in confident strides, leaving Jacqueline alone on the deck glaring at his retreating back. As he was walking up the steps he heard an odd voice that was deep though had a distinctly feminine edge to it.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer!", Leslie retorted at them causing the couple to speed up their walking.

His mouth broke into an amused smile as he continued up the steps and saw an odd pair appear at the top of the large flight of steps. Their was an older gentlemen in a fine three piece black suit, bifcols, and a beard that looked slightly askew. Next to him was a lad, or so it appeared, dressed in all white with white-blonde hair and sunglasses. They were laughing hysterically, causing even more people to stare and walk quickly past them but he slowed his pace.

"I got it! I'm Monsieur LaRue and your my son, Cristo Giovanni", he giving fake names for the both of them with much gleeful chipper.

"Don't you just hate it when you forget your name?" Jacques spoke as the pair came within a few steps from him, mouth pulled into an amused smile, and laughed, "I find that writing it on my hand seems to help. Or making up a little rhyme to jump start my memory." He added, walking up the remaining steps until he was the only one close to the pair. He had no idea who the two were, whether they were first class or not, but he knew a disguise when he saw one. Men of importance (and women) who came to the red light district often wore disguises and he had gotten quite good at detecting it.

He chuckled and stepped to the side, gesturing for them to continue while he smiled in an amused and knowing way at the pair, "My apologies for stopping you, have a lovely day." He said and took a step to leave before turning and adding, "Oh, Monsieur LaRue, your beard is a tad crooked." He said and with that made his way to the top of the stairs and towards the doors that would lead inside.


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Smiling at the lady, Rachel apologised again. "I'm really sorry. I'm glad that you're okay. Is this your companion?" Her eyes roved over the tall, handsome man standing slightly behind the lady. "I'm Rachel, what's your name?"

As she was was waiting for an answer, something distracted her. A crowd seemed to be gathering a short distance away from them. Rachel could distinctly hear chanting. Upon further inspection, the crowd as shouting, "Fight! Fight!" A fight was breaking out between two passengers. Rachel sighed. She debated with herself whether to stop them or not. Making up her mind, she suddenly remembered the young lady. Turning to her, she excused herself. "I'm sorry, could I leave for a minute? I'm really sorry."

With that, she darted away into the crowd. Pushing her way into the middle, she caught sight of the two fighters, two young men. She leaned in for a closer look. Was that long blonde hair poking out from under the smaller man's hat? Come to think of it, he did look rather feminine.

That did it. Rachel hated fighting of any sort, much less one involving a woman. She strode quickly into the space around the two. "Stop it!" she demanded, grabbing each of them by the shoulder to stop them swinging at each other.


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Georgiana waved her hand dismissively as the woman apologised once more “No apology needed there was no harm done” she replied with a kind smile, "I'm Rachel, what's your name?" the woman introduced herself letting her gaze slip behind Georgie “I’m-” she began before Rachel cut in, seeing her attention had drifted towards a scuffle happening further down the deck and hurried off in that direction. Georgiana shook her head in dismay turning back to her brother “Really Marcus you would think we were in steerage” the disgust in her tone clearly visible.

Marcus however had seemed not to have heard what his sister was saying he was too captivated by the brunette he could have sworn he saw her looking in his direction, a gentle smile passed his lips as he nodded curtly towards her. Tearing his gaze away from the beauty he caught sight of his sister looking at him sternly “I’m sorry my dear did you say something?”

Georgiana raised a perfectly sculptured eyebrow and shook her head once “It was nothing” she replied slightly bitterly before turning back towards the sea, they were nearly out of the dock now, the crowed could no longer be seen without leaning out and looking back yet their deafening roar was still audible if slightly muffled. They passed other moored boats within Southampton’s socks yet Titanic overshadowed them all, she even towered many of the dockyard buildings, it was truly a wonder that man could create such a machine.

Sensing the bitterness in Georgiana, Marcus shook his head in amusement and grasped her shoulders lightly, turning her to face him “jealousy does not suit you Georgie” he mocked with a quick wink.

Georgiana scoffed “Don’t flatter yourself Marcus, I just don’t like being ignored” she stated pointedly, not being able to help the smile creeping onto her lips, she never could stay mad at him for more than five minutes. Quickly glancing back towards the couple “Now stop being a child and go introduce yourself, or would you like me to go over for you?” she smirked.

Before Marcus could reply Georgie had started her way over to the couple “Georgie!” he hissed yet his attempts fell on deaf ears as his sister approached the couple.
“Good afternoon” she greeted with a friendly smile “Pardon the intrusion but I just wanted to come over here and introduce myself, I am Lady Georgiana Crawley and this is my brother Marcus Crawley, Earl of Devonshire” she introduced as Marcus also approached the small group.

“You’ll have to forgive my sisters bluntness” he spoke casting a warning glance which in return she rolled her eyes “It is a pleasure to meet you both” he held out his hand to shake the gentleman’s yet his eyes wondered over to the beauty.

Georgiana briefly looked away trying to hide the smirk that appeared on her face, once she had regained her composer her eyes drifted towards the male, he was even more attractive up close, noting the way his sharp blue eyes seemingly stared into her own. Clearing her throat she looked away quickly back at the woman and smiled fondly “That is a wonderful gown you are wearing.”


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The lady relaxed, staring at Rachel. The man apologised for upsetting her. With a curt nod, she accepted his apology. She sighed, watching the two depart. I hope they don't come to blows again. Pursing her lips, she took one last look at the dispersing crowd and made her way back to where she had been standing before the intervention.

Looking around, Rachel noticed that the pair were gone. She turned around, wondering if she had been too rude in leaving suddenly. Suddenly, she caught sight of the two further down the deck, chatting with another pair. They seemed happy enough. Should I go over and join them? Rachel wondered. I wasn't very polite to leave like that just now.

Too late. All four turned and walked off. Rachel decided to try and socialise more during lunch later on.


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