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"As the sun sets, ye chosen enemies of the gods beware. I am not as nice as they are."

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a character in “The Titans Return”, as played by XShishioX


Name: Aiza. He has no last name.

Who do you fight for: Gods. The titans... his mother... betrayed him. He holds a grudge against her in his heart. Always. He never forgave and he will never forget.

Age: 18

Height: Aiza is 5'10". Not too tall, not too short.

Weight: Aiza weighs roughly 150 lbs. He's lean, and not overly muscled, but don't let it fool you. He's very strong. Enough so to wield his massive claymore, "Lunatic" with one hand.

Patron Goddess: Artemis, though he was born of the Titan Selene. Since he matches her beliefs and ideology, even though he is a boy, she has claimed him as her champion. He is on a very short leash with her though. If he puts a single toe out of line, he will incur the wrath of every god on Olympus.


Aiza is very proficient with his claymore, "Lunatic", and uses its size and weight to his advantage. He is capable of shattering boulders with a single strike. He cn move quickly while he carries it, however, he cannot maneuver with it very quickly, even when using both hands. Aiza is incredibly intelligent, he plans out every step of an encounter such that he wil be two steps ahead of his enemy, so long as he's done his research. Those are his own traits. The powers given to him by Artemis, through his heritage, are as follows:

He can manipulate the blue “Soul Fire” that is as cold as liquid nitrogen, and use it to fuel “higher-end” attacks with extreme martial proficiency. As a relatively simple action, he can cover his body and blade with it.

• Creates a shock wave centered on Aiza. It bursts out from him with a radius of 60 feet. T

“Crescent Moon”:
• Creates a slashing energy attack in the shape of a crescent moon. Anything caught by it is frozen solid. Can be held inside the blade to retain its slashing power in his regular attacks.


~A black robe/cloak.
~Light armor, colored black like obsidian. He covers everything but his head, he doesn't like the way the helm impedes his vision. He does, however, have a black hood on his cloak.
~His claymore, "Lunatic", and an unnamed longsword. He carries "Lunatic" on his back, and the sword on his right side.

Personality: In a word, Aiza is angry. He can generally hold back his fury, but when the Titans are mentioned his ire explodes. For the most part, however, he's usually decently nice. He's not too bad once you get to know him, however, he's not the type to let you get too close to him. He generally keeps his distance, plans things out, and things get done his way or the highway. He is, however, recklessly loyal. If you manage to get close to him, he will hold you dear in his heart for as long as you're friends.

History: Aiza's mother is Selene, the titaness of the Moon. She gave birth to him and made his blade, “Lunatic” simultaneously, so the weapon would be bound to him. However, being as how she was imprisoned when his birth took place, sired by a mortal man at that, her Titanic powers were not passed to him on as great a scale as they should have been. He should have been born with enough power to rival the gods. Instead, he grew up almost a normal human, though his divine heritage is by no means under dispute. She then pretended to love him, and made him promise to set her free, as during that time, most of the Titans were locked away in their eternal punishments, designated by Zeus. She promised that it was so she could live together with him and she would love him and take care of him. In actuality she needed a mortal to break her seals so she could wreak havoc on the Olympians and free her brothers and sisters. This truth took a heavy toll on Aiza when she cursed his existence after his failure to “save” her. After she insulted him, cursed him, and nearly killed him, he forswore her company, her love, and his heritage, vowing to make the Titans, especially Selene, pay for hurting him. He carries this grudge in his heart always. Now that the Titans are coming back, Aiza has aligned himself with the Olympians. He was given the title of "Luna Diviner", for his efforts to bring about the truth of the Moon's treachery. He was made the mortal champion of the Night, and has made a deal with Artemis, the goddess of the moon. As long as he vows to serve her until his death, she will allow him to live in service of Olympus.


Extra Fluff:

So begins...

Aiza's Story