Julius Chrome

"You're flesh will be beyond sunburnt!"

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a character in “The Titans Return”, as played by SolidSnacks


Julius Chrome

Who do you fight for: Titans

Age: 20 years old.

Height: 6'1

Weight: 82kg

Patron God: Helios

Patron Titan: Hyperion



Julius is a smart and evil person. He hates the Gods for leaving him and not even showing that they are watching over him. He doesn't speak much but he can easily be annoyed. He doesn't like to lead but he can follow orders pretty well, but that day hasn't come since he hasn't met anybody like him. He dislikes humans, Gods and even Titans, but he respects the Titans.

To get an idea of his personality, this is his theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJik5N7qmso (look at this page while his theme is plaiying.)



The power of Helios was passed down to Julius giving him the power of the sun. He can cast the burning light of the sun out of his bare hands and can control the heat of the sun in the sky. He also commands his own burning chariot but barely uses it. He can also insert the burning light or even flames inside a persons body just by touching them.

Julius does not carry any equipment except for the clothes on his body.



Julius was one of the only few to be taught by their father. Helios taught Julius how to use his power and how to command his burning chariot. Reaching the age of 16, Zeus had destroyed Helios because he and Julius were planning to destroy all of mankind. This enraged Julius and he wanted to destroy Zeus after separating him from his father. At the age of 18, his grandfather, the Titan Hyperion came to his aid. He also wanted revenge on Zeus for killing one of his sons. Hyperion taught Julius all their was about the power of the sun and the light.

After years of training with Hyperion, Julius has perfected the power of his father and his grandfather. He is now so powerful, he could replace Helios if he wasn't at war with the gods.

So begins...

Julius Chrome's Story