Darvic Lowwes

A former inmate, rescued from his sentence by the Hydra Corporation.

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a character in “The Tomorrow Project”, as played by PirateofPie


Name: Darvic Lowwes
Age: 34
Appearance: He stand at about 6"3 and has a fairly muscular physique. On his chin is a recently shaven grizzle of hair. His current clothing is a white prisoner's jumpsuit.
Occupation: Former prisoner, current guinea pig
Lab: Hydra Corporation (though not a scientist)




Growing up on the harsher side of the Extrimis System, Darvic hails from Tyrus, an neighboring planet of Aegolius. Starting out small time in the various street gangs that grew up in the harsher side of town, Darvic earned his "first blood" when he slew a member from a rival gang that had jumped him, using only a broken shard of glass. He eventually moved up to working 'big time'. Working as a hitman under those who like him had started off in the seedy underbellies of town, but had made enough money to climb their way to the top and cover up their illegal activity with bribery, extortion, and occasionally giving to charity.

His skills grew considerably and he made a name for himself in the underworld. He was making thousands and had grown overconfident, soon not accepting job's unless the pay was considerably higher than what he was offered last. Needless to say, this angered many of his employers. He was good assassin, sure. But there were others just as skilled as he was. Which meant that he was expendable. Four years ago, he was offered a quite a 3 billion ral to eliminate a Corp colonel on Aegulios. Little did he know that this was a set up. One of his employer's had anonymously tipped the Corp off to his activities and they laid an ambush to him. He was eventually tried and put in prison.

His case was a strange one, as his trial was constantly put off and delayed. He was sent across from prison to prison to the point that he got used to transferring from place to place, prison to prison. Two years after his imprisonment, however, during one of his transfers, something unexpected happened. He was taken, not to a prison cell, but a new one in the Hydra Corporation laboratories. There he was told that it was inevitable that he'd receive a life setence in prison. But they offered him an alternative. Dedicate himself to essentially be their guinea pig for two years and he they'll let him go, drop him off in another system and made a promise to have him start life anew there. Darvic figured he had nothing to lose and accepted.

So begins...

Darvic Lowwes's Story