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The Tower » Groups » The Believers

A clan of humans dedicated to serving the Creator, and of purging the realms of the evil fragments that reside within it. Only heroes with more Faith than Intellect may join this group.


At the beginning, there was a man. The first man, to roam the 12th Realm, brought into existence by the Creator; the man who started it all.

This man was to attempt to live in the new realm, for the Creator had failed 11 times beforehand to create a Realm fit for his subjects to exist in.

This man was truly the noblest man ever to live.

His beginning was weak; the first week of his life was his worst, as the unforgiving wilderness assaulted the poor man, and almost brought him to death, and so almost brought the Realm to its destruction.


By the second week, he had created his own masterpiece; the first primitive weapon, a spear, a tool to rid himself of the monsters, evils and horrors that plagued the Realm, for the Realm was not perfect.

By the third week, he continued inventing; every day, a new idea came to him, and he'd bring it to life before the sun fell.

By the end of the first month, the Creator was pleased.

The Creator gave him the news that another man shall join him. The First was elated, and by the next morning, he had a brother. The Second.

The First taught the Second as well as he could. The two complemented each other nicely; where one was reckless, the other cautious; where one was aggressive, the other was peaceful.

By the sixth week, the two brothers had come up with their greatest invention yet. They took the clay from the earth and molded two "women"; beautiful figures to have as companions.

By the end of the second month, the two begged the Creator give their creations life. So he did.

By the end of the first year of their life, the two brothers had happy lives, with their wives, and even children.


At the eve of the second year, the Second had left his home to search for anything of use to his family. What he found was EVIL, in it's purest incarnate. It beckoned him, promising him power, riches, everything he wanted.

The Second took the deal gladly.

On the start of the second year, the Creator demanded that the two siblings separate, and create their own empires on their own terms. The brothers obliged.

However, something was not quite right.

The EVIL within the Second festered within him as time passed.

Whereas the First created temples, shrines and brought prosperity to his people with every passing decade...

The Second shied away from those religious actions, creating libraries, academies and daring to interact with the evils that he once hated with much content.

Upon the 50th year, the two siblings met. The First was incredibly mad with the Second, for daring to betray the Creator and his greatness.

The Second grew cross with him for speaking so horribly of him, stating he hasn't acted rashly upon any man.

Their argument heated into a heated battle, where both drew their blades and clashed.

However, in the end...

The Second had slain the King of the Believers.

Soon enough after, the King of the Non-Believers had fallen sick, and met a similar fate.

Without their two kings, the two grand cities fell into war.

But then...

For the first time, the Creator himself dropped from the heaven, and placed himself at the threshold of both countries.

He uttered...

"You all fight to see who is superior! Do you really need to know? Well then!"

With this, he struck the floor, and from the core of the earth, a gigantic spire rose from the earth, and kept rising so high up it brought the Creator back to the heavens where he came from.

He yelled from above:

"If you wish to give thyself and your country the reason, come to me, and meet me at the top of the tower... if you can make it."

The Great Race begun shortly after? Who won?

No one did.

In the end, the two countries tied. With a treaty and a truce, they promised to never harm each other again.

The promise still stands today.

For now.

- An excerpt from the History Tome, Chapter 1, Page 4, Lines 23-89

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