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The Tower » Places

Places in The Tower

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Tower.

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The Tower

101 posts · 6 characters present · last post 2016-02-21 04:21:29 »

         The next stage of the fight began. Asdom was still fast, although not as fast as he was initially. Lance felt great, like he could move a thousand miles per hour, leap across the entire stadium, and dodge and deflect so fast, it couldn't be caught by the naked eye.

So, he did.

Every punch, kick, and jab thrown in his direction was dodged, blocked, or deflected in some way, shape, or form. A right hook was stopped by an elbow block. A left cross pushed inward. Lance straight up front flipped around a roundhouse kick. And he wasn't even tiring from the constant barrage of attacks. He was getting faster and faster.

It got to the point where it became almost too easy to see the next attack and prepare to defend against it. It was this moment that he chose to strike. Another punch whipped forward. Lance instead chose to use Asdom's outstretched arm against him, using it as leverage to leap up and kick him with both feet at once, like a sweep to the legs, only aimed at the head. The force and momentum behind the kick would most likely send Asdom flying and Lance corkscrewing into another stance, ready for phase three.


The Tower, 5th Floor

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         Asdom decides to answer Lance's question. He throws a series of punches, kicks and jabs at the warrior; albeit not quite as quick as the first strike, but it is much more prolonged.

Sanul continues to struggle to cast his spells, the strong aura of the chamber making it impossibly difficult for him to cast.

The fifth floor of the dreaded Tower.

The Tower, 4th Floor

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         The duo of highwaymen see Lance's transformation, and come up with a rather spooked reaction: nonetheless, they stand their ground. While one of them loads their hand cannon, the other attaches a bayonet to his blaster, placing himself between Lance and his companion.

The fourth floor of the wicked Tower.

The Tower, 2nd Floor

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         Koko didn't like the idea of heaving to carry the weapon, but did so just to please Lance. The young mage preferred staves and staffs like the one he was carrying now. It kept things at bay so he could attack from a distance, and the Leech enchantment was just a bonus. He followed Lance carefully, uneasy from all the emptiness of the Tower at the moment and half expected something to just pop out of nowhere. When the found the destroyed area it set Koko on edge, since it was fresh and indeed violent in nature. Koko strode light into the area and found the stairs up to the third floor, turning to Lance and pointing it out to him. "If these are the stairs to the next floor, perhaps this is the aftermath of it's guardian after a fight with a adventurer."

He didn't have to say the second thought that came to mind. He wanted to know who had won that fight, and whether the guardian was still lurking around somewhere. Then again, he didn't really want to run into it if it was still alive. On that note Koko starts up the stairs to the next floor, making a ward in front of him just in case a trap was still present.

The second floor of the dreaded Tower.

The Tower, 3rd Floor

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         Elyzabeth hated other people, and every step in the tower reminded her why. Nothing reaffirmed it as well as some dumbass getting her attacked by two undead, then cowardly running off immediately thereafter.
"What an asshole."

Elyzabeth armed herself appropriately. She'd tangled with the semi-corporeal before, and hoped that this particular variety wasn't sword proof. Gakgak lifted the lantern to illuminate the shades of evil and death incarnate. "Rakshat."
"Yeah, I was thinking that, too."
Gakgak scratched more symbols in the air that Elyzabeth ignored while she called on Elsir for "Guidance, or divine judgement, or whatever the hell you're good for." Her relationship with her patron was not like that of most religiously motivated warriors. As unmotivated as her prayers were, they were either answered, or she was extremely lucky with the first swipe. Maybe specters were scared of her, maybe her swords held some unknown and unimaginable power. Either way, the first one she hit dissipated. Cool.

Gakgak put the lantern down and stepped in front of it, casting the other attacker in shadow. "Dammit, Gakgak!" Elyzabeth retreated behind him so it would pass back into view or the goblin would move, but rather than getting out of the way, Gakgak walked directly into the creature while screaming. Elyzabeth lowered her swords and watched with confusion. "...what the f-?"
Gakgak sat and crossed his mishapen arms, wrapping his overlarge hands around his thin biceps. "I... did you kill it?"

The Third Floor of the dreaded Tower.