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The Tower



The Tower is a part of The Tower.

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The Gamemaster [71] The guy that says what's what.
Lance DeBrinn [68] "My destiny shall not be bested by inferior mongoloids."
Sanul, the Caster [29] A disciple of the Black Heavens Cult, one of the original parties of the Non-Believer Clan.
Jeremiad, the Thief [13] A crimeboss from the depths of the underground, he's ready to make a killing on his newest job.
Seth black [3] A servitor of the Demon Saints Cult.
Hayes Kingsley [3] Excels in combat; witch

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The next stage of the fight began. Asdom was still fast, although not as fast as he was initially. Lance felt great, like he could move a thousand miles per hour, leap across the entire stadium, and dodge and deflect so fast, it couldn't be caught by the naked eye.

So, he did.

Every punch, kick, and jab thrown in his direction was dodged, blocked, or deflected in some way, shape, or form. A right hook was stopped by an elbow block. A left cross pushed inward. Lance straight up front flipped around a roundhouse kick. And he wasn't even tiring from the constant barrage of attacks. He was getting faster and faster.

It got to the point where it became almost too easy to see the next attack and prepare to defend against it. It was this moment that he chose to strike. Another punch whipped forward. Lance instead chose to use Asdom's outstretched arm against him, using it as leverage to leap up and kick him with both feet at once, like a sweep to the legs, only aimed at the head. The force and momentum behind the kick would most likely send Asdom flying and Lance corkscrewing into another stance, ready for phase three.