Stephen Finnigan

The Moody Waiter

0 · 102 views · located in A fictional town in London called Burrow Hike

a character in “The Town of Burrow Hike”, as played by TheWriterofRubbish


Stephen moved to Burrow Hike for the same reason everyone else does--university. However, he found himself unable to focus on his classes and was practically forced to drop out. There was no reason to go back home to the same whiny people and girls he'd already slept with. Besides, that tiny, rural town was old news before he's left. 'Why not just stay here?' he thought. And so he did just that.

It's been a few years, but he's managed to find employment at a small Italian restaurant that people who don't know any better take their dates to. Between that, drinking, and sleeping Stephen doesn't do much else. Well...unless you count being bitter. Winter is coming up quick and he knows just what that means--he'll hole himself up in his tiny flat and immerse himself in MMORPGs and various other time-wasters until the cold passes and people come crawling out of their homes like cockroaches.

Stephen is just an inch or two taller than the average 20-something year old guy. He's got a slim build, dark brown hair and honey-coloured eyes. Really, there isn't much about him that isn't fairly average. This, of course, does absolutely nothing to smooth out the chip he's got on his shoulder. Not in the slightest.

So begins...

Stephen Finnigan's Story