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Clarissa Nereus-Argyros

And one day, we will return to the ocean from whence we came...

0 · 766 views · located in Elk River, Louisiana

a character in “The Town of Elk River”, as played by SithFaced





Clarissa Adonia Nereus-Argyros
Alternatively, she has been known to sign her artwork in Greek:
Κλαρισσα Ατονία Νηρευς-Αργυρος

Clarissa (by acquaintances)
Clary (by close friends and family)
Addi (by her family, on a rare occasion)




Dialogue (#ad2929) || Thought (#ff8c8c)


Clarissa is... interesting, if one had to describe her in only a word. Being a part of a wealthy family with a more-than-wealthy history has both its pros and cons, and even with the unique person that Clarissa has become over the years, she still finds that parts of her past invade their way into her present. Raised to be proud of her history, she accepts the sacrifices and triumphs of her ancestors past, and, for the most part, respects the decisions that have been made that brought the Nereus and Argyros families to where they are today. Her believes are a stretch from those of her parents, but reflections of the family she comes from sometimes seep through when she least expects it; her family, being of decent from the legends of Greek Mythology, has some deep-seeded belief of social elevation. Clarissa tries to take a step back from this - from the stories of Nereus and Atlas - and remind herself that to the rest of the world, she is simply just another person... But every so often, that entitlement slips back, and she has to actively remind herself to put it behind her.

Her view of humanity is mixed. Humans, and their constant curiosity, have a way of destroying things that they seek to discover and learn of. They've done a number on the planet that gave them life, and only until recent times do they seem to give a damn about any of it. Clarissa can almost feel the pain eminating from the earth, like it's whispering in the back of her mind. That is simply one of the cons of being a Nixie. Earth is her home, the vast waters giving her shelter and peace of mind, soul, and body. She wants to do whatever she can to protect the planet, and more often than not, she is reminded that not every living creature thinks along the same lines that she does. She has met plenty of humans that aren't terrible creatures, even has a few as friends - something her parents definitely didn't agree with. To them, living with humans is a requirement, if only for now. Being the moguls of a large buisness empire puts them in the field of humans constantly, and the one thing they're good at above all else is being actors. The end-game is to rebuild Atlantis, to disappear from the world as they know it to a world where the Nixies can repopulate and become as strong as they once were, left to their own devices by the people who once nearly destroyed their entire race. Clarissa is expected to continue toward this goal, and while she wants nothing more than to see her people brought back from the edge of extinction, her view of humanity isn't as negative as her family.

ImageOthers might believe that Clarissa is a bit odd, a bit lost in her head. It wouldn't be too wrong of those around her to get the feeling that she's an eccentric, someone who is perfectly happy with wearing the newest avant garde creations from Europe and Asia. Her access to money brought with it a boredom of the mundane, and she spends an excessive amount of time hunting through second hand stores, estate sales, and online postings for oddities to decorate her suite with. Her parents seem perfectly content with the way their daughter is, further encouraging her decorative habits by giving her free range over the majority of their home. Even still, the house is clearly that of a family of wealth, though it seems to have more vegetation within it than the rest of the expansive flats in her building. According to her parents, they'd be content with living anywhere near the water, but appearances had to be kept up. While they would rather not live in the metal and the concrete, they do it to survive. But it doesn't mean that the younger Nixie won't just decide to take mini-vacations to the ocean whenever her heart desires it, or trips to the backwoods and the wilderness to find a lake or the like. These decisions help contribute to that eccentricity that she is known for, especially when someone sees her out walking wearing street-friendly Yohiji Yamamoto, Thierry Mugler, Gareth Pugh, or Lena Hoschek designs. People around her seem to be getting used to it, but she honestly never really noticed the stares.

Clarissa believes herself to be a rather nice mix of emotions, experiencing the general range of feelings that those around her seem to experience. Clarissa, by all appearances, seems to be a rather nice girl. It isn't to say that this isn't true, but she can have a rather nasty mean streak, easily able to fool people into believing she is not the culprit. When she was much younger, there was an incident at the Private School her parents had sent her to in California involving her ability to mimic voices with uncanny accuracy. Some people got hurt, and her parents were quick to pull her out of the school and back to live with them year round in Elk River before anyone could put two and two together. She preferred it there to California, even with the Pacific Ocean so close in the other state. Being able to be nearer to people who understood what it meant to be different gave her room to breathe. She preferred the Louisiana town she grew up in, preferred the schools, preferred the people. And there was certainly nothing like the way the wood whispered to her, like the songs the water seemed to sing to her...

As far as friends are concerned, Clarissa has many acquaintances, but few close friends. The addition of money in the picture that is her life means that not everyone wants to be around her because they like her... Her parents keep relatively few true friends, mostly people from their own community of Occult. Though, they truly believe that saying of 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer'. Clarissa isn't so sure about that one...

Calm || Polite || Particularly Good Judge Of Character || Convincing Liar || Knows How To Keep A Secret || Trustworthy || Intelligent || Quirky

Tends to actually Be A Bit Lost In Her Head || Can Be Compulsive (Especially When It Comes To Going To The Wilderness Or BackWoods) || Stubborn || Expects To Get Her Way || Can Be Considered Quirky To An Extreme

Singing || Painting || DIY designs || Quirky Accent Pieces || Designing & Making Clothes || Water || Ventriloquism || The Backwoods & The Wilderness

Trampolines || Extreme, Unsecured Heights || Getting Rained On || The Feeling One Gets Right Before Sneezing || The Color Lime Green || Humans Who Don't Respect The Earth || Freezing Temperatures || Aquariums

☠ Her Family Being 'Discovered' By Outsiders ☠ Fire ☠ The Death Of The Nixie Species ☠ The BackWoods and Wilderness No Longer Being 'Safehavens' For Her ☠ Being Forced To Transform Before Someone



Mother (FC: Julie Benz) - Myrrine Thais Nereus-Argyros
(Also written as Μυρρινη Θαις Νηρευς-Αργυρος)
47 years old - Goes by Myrrine (pronounced: Mur-rin)

Father (FC: Viggo Mortensen) - Kallius Abraxas Nereus
(Also written as Καλλιας Αβραξασ Νηρευς)
50 years old - Goes by Kal

Clarissa also has a brother, but as for now, I will leave him unidentified in case anyone would like to take on this role.

*The families have attempted to retain their original Greek heritage by the use of their Greek names. As far as their bloodline is considered, many have married into it, but surnames have been maintained at all cost across generations. Specifically, the maintenance of Nereus is considered of utmost importance.

Voice Mimicry, The ability to shift between her humanoid form and her true Nixie body, The 'Scream Of Death', Telepathy, The ability to communicate with animals, The ability to coax nature to her will, The control of water.


Fashion, with a Minor in Vocal Performance (Music)

Clarissa is always looking for something to do on the side when she gets bored... There is no necessity for her to work; instead, having a job becomes something she would rather do for fun. As it stands, she paints and sells her works at one of the galleries within the town, as well as online. She also spends some time working on a side project she likes to call 'Mix Tape', where she sings covers of various songs around the bars or on her YouTube channel (she has gathered a dedicated following online, partly due to her quirky appearance and the DIY videos she posts). But she's always got her eyes open...

The family Nereus and the family Argyros had long standing significance in the world of the Nixie. The Nereus family were descendants of the original Rulers of Atlantis. The Argyros family were descendants of some of the Generals of the military of Atlantis. Clarissa has heard various rumors about being related to the God of the oceans fish and something about the Titan Atlas, who was apparently rightful king of Atlantis. Or so it's been said... She doesn't pay much attention to these stories of ancient Gods, of Greek Mythology, because she believes they are merely stories. All she does know is that she is a part of a family descending from the bloodlines of some of the original rulers of Atlantis - whether or not Gods and Titans are real is an entirely different story.

With her last name comes responsibility. Her father is the mogul of a business empire grown by his forefathers. The end-game intent of the business is to provide funding to produce the 'new Atlantis', to begin again the dedicated home of his fellow Nixie. Her family has been in the public eye her whole life, and even longer. With the constant knowledge that they are not just anybody, it also isn't too hard to guess that keeping their identity as members of the Occult under wraps is like second nature, like a mask that is assumed every minute of every day. Even with Clarissa's eccentricity, she is a master of lies, has memorized her lines well, and just comes across as an odd girl, instead of an impossible girl. She takes more risks than her parents, who never spend time near the water (outside of the special pool the had installed in their flat, or the fully enclosed pool in their vacation home in the Wilderness). Clarissa enjoys the beach too much and the lakes too much to avoid them for long, though she has become quite a master of almost disappearing into the waters, unable to be tracked by her ability to remain submerged almost indefinitely. Thankfully, to this point, people seem to simply think she's off in her own little world, and for the most part, pay her very little mind if she seems to be going for quite a long walk.

As far as her childhood in concerned, Clarissa would say it was normal. Uneventful. At least, to her it was that way. She took to growing her hair out at a young age, her mother insisting it make her 'look the part' too well for her own comfort. Clarissa had laughed at her, only around 11 at the time, telling her mother that part of the easiest way to hide was to hide in plain sight. And it's seemed to work well for her. The only incident that Clarissa ever had was one where she nearly pit half of her Private School's female population against one another, simply by manipulation of her voice. It had been something she'd done out of extreme boredom, something she'd done in the dorms and bathrooms, convincing other girls that members of their year were talking trash about them behind their backs. Some people got hurt, and to those involved, Clarissa seemed like just an observer of the mess, rather than the instigator. Her parents found out about it real fast, and as an excuse to get their daughter back with them and out of California before anyone

knew the true nature of the mess at hand, they withdrew her from the school halfway through the year, claiming to the school that they didn't want Clarissa to get involved by having the girls attack their precious girl next. She finished her 7th grade year back in Elk River, re-enrolling in the schools at home to keep her close. There, she thrived, happy to be somewhere where she could hear the Earth talking to her, instead of the ever-cemented LA... And it is there in Elk River that she has remained, perfectly content to study at LSOA and travel for fun to wherever her heart takes her.

Clarissa's family has quite the collection of cars, and for the most part they only own electric or hybrid cars.
Silver Bentley Continental GT Speed - Her father's business car
Black Tesla Model S - The 'family' car
Maroon Toyota Prius - Clarissa's personal car

As for pets, her family was never truly fond of her having animals in the house, but they gave in to their daughter.
Interestingly enough, Clarissa has three cats. They're very docile, and can usually be found sleeping or trying to climb in their "mother's" lap...
Charcoal Bengal named Mr. Mistoffelees
Silver Marble Bengal named Chairman Meow
Marble Bengal named The Admiral

Clarissa can write and speak fluently in Greek.

Her tail is akin to that of a White Koi, with a few rainbow iridescent scales near the fin end.



Kerli Koiv


So begins...

Clarissa Nereus-Argyros's Story