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Ell Casper Valentino

"It's all the mindset"

0 · 662 views · located in Elk River, Louisiana

a character in “The Town of Elk River”, as played by SilverLutik



"I'm stronger than this"


Ell Casper Valentino

Casper. Occasionally Ellie or Valentine much to his chagrin.


Occult | Werewolf

Demisexual. Homo-romantic tendencies

#D4D43E & #800000

"Don't turn your back on me"


Ell has always been comfortable with what he and his family are. Since he was little he never wished that he was human like his mother. He came from a supportive upbringing both parents taking equal tasks in raising him. His grandmother, surprisingly, was the one that taught him to tread carefully and be forgiving. He maintains a rather cool and calm demeanor over all. This has developed from his generally peaceful loving family life and all the fishing that he does.
He is very creative and likes to think through his problems and tasks logically regardless of what task he needs to accomplish. This often deters him in completing or understanding abstract ideas or problems. His self-discipline and determination keeps him trying and he will not move on to another task until he has finished the one on hand. It would take lots of convincing and reasoning to get him to do otherwise. Ell is a perfectionist and his ability to be extremely patient and level headed has fueled this obsessive impulse. This also tends to keep him from completing tasks on time.
Ell likes to use sarcasm as a defense mechanism, which draws some people close and pushes others away. He trusts people openly giving them a chance to prove if they are worth his trust. It is not the same as letting people into this life as he knows the repercussions of doing so blindly.
He is incredibly loyal to his friends and family always watching out for them when he's able to. He's ready to talk to them and open up to them. Ell will not tell anything that could be used as blackmail when testing a person’s trust. Nor will he say anything that could be potentially dangerous to anyone.
Ell’s lives by what his grandmother told him:"Forgiveness is not the same as Trust. You may forgive someone who has broken your trust but that does not mean that you will trust them again. Nor should you ever again."



Loyal | Determined | Trustworthy | Responsible | Swimming | Patient | Forgiving

Obsessive | Heights | Trusting Motives | Time Management | Perfectionism | Leadership | Romantics

Astronomy | Camping | Logic Puzzles | Antiques | Fishing | Aesthetic Symmetry | Order | Birds | Ginger and Lavender Ice-cream

Pushovers | Bullies | Flying | Coffee | Chocolate | Moodiness | Stubbornness | Perfume/Cologne

☠ Abandonment
☠ Being caged
☠ Being misunderstood
☠ Losing those close to him
☠ Losing control of himself

"I'm not ashamed of what I am"


Ell's family includes his father, mother and paternal grandmother. His mother is human. During the full moon she goes to see her family in downtown. As a precaution. She is the one with ties to the town. Her family is blissfully unaware of the home situation. Though the Valentinos do not have ties to any of the werewolves of the town through blood. They hold sympathies with the Faelan Clan.


Majors in photography. He has some talent for pottery and prides himself in his fishing ability.

Ell sells the daily fish catches. Typically they are sold to other backwoods residents and those in the suburbs. He’ll also do just about any odd job that he receives.

Roman and Angelina, Ell’s parents, meet while attending the same university. It was love-at-first-imprint, on Roman’s part. On Angelina’s it was not so simple. It took two years until there was any payoff and their story could have been a romantic comedy of sorts. Carlotta, Roman’s mother, has never been supportive of their union but because Roman was bonded to Angelina she knew that there was nothing she could do without also losing her son. Carlotta and her husband moved from Italy to the states when they were in their 20s. Whenever Ell asks about his grandfather Carlotta tells him simply he is lost.
Since Carlotta never liked Angelina they have a strained relationship, though Angelina does try to smooth things out. Ell typically gets caught in the middle of things which proves to be emotionally exhausting. After such times he goes to fish, or practice his photography, so he can unwind. His relationship with his maternal grandparents is similar and he only really sees them on special occasions. Ell enjoys their company but is reserved around them because of their close minded views. For example Ell is not aloud to mention the backwoods to this grandparents. He can talk about his activities so for the most part they talk about school and if there’s anything he needs.
His grandmother is a full-blooded werewolf. The pain of the transformation was so vivid in her mind when she had Roman that she decided she did not want the chance of losing her only child. As she already also lost her younger sibling to it. As Ell grew up and matured, she decided that she wanted him to go through the ritual. Of course she knew that she had to do it when his parents were out and couldn't stop the oath. Things didn't go as planned, however, so Carlotta never did get what she wanted. She hasn't stopped trying to entice Ell into it since, however, and this strains his relationship with her.

Speaks slowly and enunciates the words he says. Uses his hands when he speaks and sometimes fiddles with whatever is in front of him. He has a couple of birds a female Pink Cockatoo and a male Sun cheek Conure.


Dane Dehaan


So begins...

Ell Casper Valentino's Story