Adelai Girard Haricot

"There was only so much he could do to protect me while I was human. So, I suppose this was all for the best."

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❝When it comes down to it, it seems that there are two halves to me. Though, I wouldn't suggest making either one mad.❞


❝The Basic Facts❞


| Name |
"If you must know, it's Adelai Girard Haricot. Though, I doubt you'll even remember it later."

| Nickname |
"A nickname? Why would I have one of those? Adelai is fine, and it's what you will call me."

| Gender |
"Unless I am wrong about anatomy, which I am not, I am most certainly a male."

| Age |
"Can you not tell? Shame. I happen to be twenty-seven."

| Sexuality |
"Getting a bit personal now, aren't we? No matter. A body is a body, be it a male or female, it does not matter to me."

| Role |
"That would be the Male Vampire. Obviously."

❝The Disguise❞

| Eye Color |
"My eyes? I suppose you could describe them as a Golden Brown. Though, sometimes they do tend to look an almost strikingly Yellow-Gold coloration. Which...some find to be a bit odd. Though, it's not as if their opinions matter too much."

| Hair Color |
"Can you not use your eyes, dear? It's a Brown mixed with a Dirty Blonde color."

| Height |
"Oh, such boring questions you have. 6'2."

| Weight |
"My, my...Getting a bit risky there, now aren't we? If you must know, I come in at 171 lbs."

| Skin Tone |
"Once again, your eyes would come into great use here. My skin is obviously a pale sandy tone."

| Distinct Markings |
"Well, I do have an odd mark below my left eye that looks something like a strange scar."

| Physical Description |
"Well, I would consider myself to be a well built creature. Though I may not seem to have the biggest definition within my torso or arms, I feel it is just enough. My figure tends to look more smooth and 'flowing' than those with greater definition, which I am perfectly content with. Those with large muscles seem to be rather grotesque anyways, don't you agree? But, that is besides the point. Besides that little fact, my facial features are a strange mix between hardened and just soft enough. I suppose how my facial features are seen would depend on the eyes of the viewer, as many things are in this world. My hair tends to be a bit on the wavy side of things, though I prefer it that way. I see it as adding character to something that can be so bland when done incorrectly. I can generally not do anything with these locks of mine and they will fall into place all by themselves, though, that fact may be a bit obvious to some that gaze upon me. Seeing as it tends to look a bit messy at times. With all of these things being said, I suppose I have nothing left to say on this matter fore, as I have stated before, you do have eyes to look with."

❝Outside The Façade ❞

| Habits |
"Well, let's see. I tend to lightly chew upon my bottom lip quite a bit, a rather odd habit I will admit; I'm not quite sure why I have that one to be honest. I have been told that I seem to laugh completely randomly, not having any reason to do so. As for my third habit, I would say that that would be blowing kisses to people. Not that I do it to flirt, I simply do it to get a reaction out of those I aim them towards."

| Likes |
"That would be blood; but of course, I'm sure you assumed that on your own. Now didn't you? As for my two other likes, I suppose you could say I enjoy storms far more than all the other forms of weather. I also enjoy formal clothing, and it looks rather good on me as well. Haha. Oh, I guess you could add that I adore birds. They are such lovely creatures, don't you agree?"

| Dislikes |
"Honestly, I don't truly like other people, I only stay around certain ones because it gets rather boring when there's no one around to mess with. On top of that though, you could say that I don't typically like being inside of large buildings or having to listen to other people cry. As I find crying to be the most pathetic display of emotion that there is."

| Strengths |
"My strengths? Ha. I would say that my ability to lie is a strength. If anyone ever needed me to come up with a lie for them, I could do it right on the spot and make it seem like the most believable thing you've ever heard. I would also have to say that I am quite good with knives, though, not much of any other type of weapon. Which, with that being said, you could say a strength of mine would be using my own body as a weapon. Now then, I do not mean by seducing others, though I could do that as well I suppose, I truly mean literally using my body as a weapon. My head, fists, feet, etc."

| Weaknesses |
"Must I really tell you my weaknesses? Jeesh. I guess if I have to... Most people seem to think that the fact I can only use knives well when it comes to weapons to be a weakness. Though, what I would say are my actual weaknesses is the fact that, when I make someone I am 'friends' with a promise, I keep it even if it goes against someone else I consider to be a 'friend'. I do not hold loyalty to one person higher than the next, you see, except for my brother. Speaking of which, I suppose you could say my elder brother, though, even if someone did try to harm him he could very well take care of himself. But, if he ever asked me to go against everyone I knew, of course, I would do it."

| Weapon(s) |
"As i've stated before, I mainly use my body as a weapon. Though, when it comes to my knives, I have quite a few of them, but two of them I do tend to favor. Those would be two Gold-Plated Trench Knives that I, oh so lovingly, call Romeo and Juliet. Cliche, I know. But I do like it that way."

| Personality |
"Well, when it comes to me, the best way to explain it to me would be that there are two sides to me. The normal side, and the animalistic side. As for the normal side, I tend to think like a normal person, but a bit more proper. Though, I am rather cold, I'm not so much so that nobody would wish to be around me. As I've said, as my normal self I am loyal and rather charming in my own closed-off sort of way. Though, I tend to care more for myself than for anyone else around me. As for my animalistic side though... Well, that is a whole different story. Apparently my animalistic side has been around for as long as anyone can remember, though I myself can not remember when it started coming out to play. My animalistic side, as the word animalistic would give, tends to make me seem like some creature without a humanistic care in the world. Loyalty, pain, relations; it cares for none of it. All I seem to care about when in this state is my hunger and having power over anyone and anything around. When I'm angered while in my animalistic state, I tend to go into a blind rage, unaware of what I'm doing until it's all over or I snap out of it. In this state I seem to be rather sadistic and sick, there generally being a twisted grin plastered on my face while I am like this."

❝My Background and Family Life❞

| Potential Interest |
"No one has caught my eye at the moment."

| Family |
Father: Leonidas | Was 46 at Death | Deceased
Mother: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown
Sibling: Jacoby | Thirty | Alive

| History |
"Seeing as my mother 'disappeared' only a few days after I was born, myself and my elder brother Jacoby found ourselves living with our father Leonidas. It was as normal of a life as it would possibly get with no mother around to help take care of us, but I managed well enough with my brother at my side. Though, I did find it quite odd that my father and brother refused to talk about my mother, not even to give me a name; even to this day I still do not know who my mother is...or was. But I figure not to think on it too much, as it only makes my mind reel in negative thoughts. That's besides the point though."

"Now then, my life seemed normal enough, growing up with all males seemed to be more fun to me at such a young age than I ever thought being around females would be. My brother and myself would always run about, getting into trouble with my father as we would do anything we could to get him to pay attention to us. But that wasn't to last as long as I would have liked it to. Only a few days after I had turned sixteen, we found that our father hadn't come home from work. We didn't think much of it at the time until one day turned into a week. Growing worried, Jacoby called up his work to see what was the matter, only to find out that he had been killed by some idiot who had come in trying to rob the place. They, apparently, had forgotten to inform us that he had passed away."

"It was at this time that Jacoby had to make a decision for the both of us, dragging me away to live with him and a few of his friends a few hours away from the home I had grown accustomed to. I was angry at my brother for taking me away from my home, and hurt that my father was no longer going to be in my life. But at least I had Jacoby there to keep me safe, to help me through it all; since he was going through the same thing as I was."

"About a year later, my dear Jacoby began to act differently. I figured it was just a phase in his life, as I figured I would go through the same phase as he would eventually. Oh, how right I was. His 'phase' seemed to be going none stop for several years, and it wasn't until I was twenty-two that I realized why."

"One night as my brother arrived back home after having been away all day, he came to me in my room. This wasn't an odd thing, seeing as he would always come to check on me, but this night...it seemed so different than the other nights. He sat on my bed beside me, his cold hand reached out and ran through my hair as he began to speak in soft tones. He asked me if I wanted him to protect me forever, and of course, I said I did. He told me he could make it possible, as long as I trusted him and let him do as he needed to. I didn't understand his words in that moment until I had already agreed and it became too late. The next thing I knew, he had changed me into the creature I am today."

"At first I was so confused, so angry, believing that he had tricked me. But then I realized that he had done this so that, even when he wasn't around, I would be able to protect myself; and it would be all because of him. He had given me a far better gift than I ever could repay; not that he wished for me to repay him. And as most brothers do, we both soon went on with our own lives, though I could always feel him with me, every time I fed."

So begins...

Adelai Girard Haricot's Story