Drake White

After all is said and done, a hell lot of a lot more is said than done.

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a character in “The Tragic Truth”, as played by Arik223


❝Drake White❞

❝ The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them. ❞


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❝The Basic Facts❞

| Name |
Drake White

| Nickname |

| Gender |

| Age |

| Sexuality |

| Role |
Male Hunter

❝The Disguise❞

| Eye Color |
Light Green

| Hair Color |

| Height |

| Weight |

| Skin Tone |

| Distinct Markings |
Tattoo on the right bicep

| Physical Description |
Athletic and Fit

❝Outside The Façade ❞

| Habits |
-Waking up very early
-Blowing off important conversations
-Cracking fists and neck

| Likes |

| Dislikes |
-Smug & Coocky people

| Strengths |
-Melee Combat

| Weaknesses |
-Not taking things seriously
-underestimating opponents
-Frequent headaches

| Weapon(s) |
-Dessert Eagle & Silver Bullets
-Hunting knife
- Sniper Rifle

| Personality |
Drake is very outgoing, he seems to ease in to every conversation he has had. He is fun and laid back. Aside from not taking things seriously he can actually become very aggravated and offensive. Drake is also sometimes flirtatious but not a lot. He makes sarcastic remarks and likes to joke around.

❝My Background and Family Life❞

| Potential Interest |
None really, just doing his job and enjoying it.

| Family |
Father: John White | 67 | Deceased
Mother: Mary White | 63 | Alive
Siblings: Oscar White | 12 | Alive

| History |
Drake had an average history, there are some things in it that drove him to be a hunter in the first place. As a child Drake grew up normal, had lots of friends and was liked. Back at home he had a satisfactory life, loved his family and they loved him. When drake turned 16 his father was murdered right in front of Drakes eyes. He wasnt normally murdered though, a vampire killed him, sucked his soul right out of his body. After his fathers untimely death Drake started practicing hand to hand combat and learned how to use a gun. He learned to shoot a sniper rifle. When he turned 20 he decided to become a hunter. He would bring revenge on all vampires.

So begins...

Drake White's Story

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#, as written by Sammael
Ashley Chambers

Ash floated in the air as a scream was quickly quieted. Pieces of burnt embers floated around as a woman kneeled, a silver knife protruding from her hand. She flicked it off as if she had water rolling down her skin and slowly stood up, a smile lingering on her face. Tonight was a good night. She had tracked down a group of nomadic vampires that were terrorizing the city, leaving mutilated bodies in the alley ways. It was all over the news, a mass murderer on the loose killing innocent women and men alike. The only thing the men and women had in common was their unnatural beauty. Or at least that was what the press wanted you to believe. Ashley knew better though. She’d seen the marks on their skin and the way the bodies seemed almost void of blood. The sudden vibration of her phone brought her out of her stupor as she answered.

“Chambers speaking,” she spoke, waiting for the voice on the other end to reply. She didn’t need to know who it was as only one person would have called her: Damien. He was the current leader of her group and he was reaching his retirement quota. That’s what he liked to call it at least. When he spoke, it wasn’t the same voice she recognized. It was deep, more masculine and defined in its tone. It almost sent chills down her spine and caused goose bumps to crawl on her arms.

“You’re next,” were the only words to be announced before the sound of a click signaled the end of the one sided conversation. For a minute, Ashley kept the phone to the side of her face. The words didn’t register in her mind; all she could think about was Damien. The voice didn’t belong to him, but she had heard that voice before…somewhere. She quickly flipped the phone over, typing a note before sending it to her two comrades: Infinity and Drake. She slapped the phone shut before quickly running off.

Damien’s dead, we have a problem.

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#, as written by Arik223
Drake stood at the end of the alley, eyes fixed on a certain group of thugs harassing a girl, maybe in her 20's. His eyes widened, he took out his flask which always lay filled with some kind of scotch or cognac, he only had one place to put it, alas the place he always put it his back pocket. He took a quick gulp and sealed the top. With a light sigh he approached the group, "You know, it isn't very to steal and do it is whatever you scums of the earth do." The thugs turned, the one who seemed to be their leader turned, evil fills eyes, he looked like the kind of man who wouldn't mind being turned. Oh well, one more shit-beg in a coffin. The man pulled out a somewhat dull and old looking knife, he span it around a few times while laughed loudly and obnoxiously, but drake didn't even blink "You better get the fuck outta here before I poke ye'r eyes out.". Drake smiled "You call that intimidating?" within a split second the man was on the floor with drake on-top holding the same the dull knife to the thugs throat. The other thugs stood in awe at the speed drake showed "One step and his blood is on your hands." Drake looked at the pathetic man crying for mercy with eyes. "Uh- Uh I meant no disrespect.. I -" he was cut off by a Punch to the eye. "I talk, you listen." the man nodded. "If I ever see you again, your'e as good as dead. Now apologize like a good boy and get out of my sight." , Man, some people. Hopefully ash and infinity get finished so we can get the fuck out of here Drake stood and jammed the rugged knife into a wooden fence. The thug apologized and the group ran off. "Uhm- Thank you sir." Drake had been so preoccupied that he had completely forgot the reason he came in this alley in the first place. He turned and spoke kindly, cheerfulness in his voice. "Not a problem." He turned to the fence and pulled out the knife, turned it over and handed it to the girl. "A pretty girl like you shouldn't be wondering around without a form of protection, keep that." He smiled once more, before she could even reply he turned and walked out of the alley.

It least something was good in this city, the lights of the high towers illuminated everything around them. The city looked good at night, it wasn't the very least quiet, not like in that alley any how. Its amazing how one shortcut can get a man killed these days, better stick to main walkways. Drake looked up and saw a neon sign hovering over his head, Jacks Bar "Uhm now that I think of it, I'm starving, and bored." he walked into the bar and ordered a dozen wings and a beer. When the group arrived in the city each had their own task to take care of, it was Drakes part to take care of a underground group of Vampires, luckily for him they were so weak and untrained that it he killed them all without even taking a single breath. He was extremely bored and dozing off, he had no idea what the rest of the hunters were doing but patiently waited for the meeting place to be determined once everyone's finished. Meanwhile he sat eating and drinking. Beep- BeepBeep, Drakes was shaken out and he pulled his phone out. It was from Ash, Thank god, shes done.. He opened the message, what it read though was completely unexpected. Drake stared at the bright light of his cell phone, not moving or thinking anything. He snapped out of it and ran out of the bar leaving a hefty $100 behind. He quickly pulled his phone out and dialed Ashley, it wasn't how they usually do things but matter called to it.