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Elysia Rose

"I hope this works out, I wouldn't want to have to kill anyone."

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a character in “The "Treaty" of Heaven & Hell”, as played by Willow Stardust


Elysia Rose

The Princess's Protector




Elysia has a caring, but also very fiery disposition. She has and always will protect the people that she cares for in her life, even if it means putting herself in harms way. This is a result of the way that she was raised, and is permanently a characteristic of hers. She's very genial and effervescent, but she also has a a fiery streak that many may not know of. She won't hesitate to put someone in their place, verbally or physically, should they step out of line when talking about someone she holds dear. Most often, this is displayed when she fights. She isn't a quitter either, whenever she's determined to do something it would take a bullet to the brain to make her stop. She's a little headstrong, but it doesn't make her reckless. When others tell her to give up on something that usually makes her more passionate about whatever she's doing. Of course she always follows her orders, she doesn't purposefully disobey her superiors. Elysia takes her job very seriously, but she isn't some scary individual waiting to rip your head off--most of the time. She's sweet and a very good friend to have because she'll always have your back.

Brief Description
Elysia has the body build of a ballerina, she's tall--reaching 5'8'' and weighs approximately 119 pounds. She stays active and keeps up a healthy workout routine and diet, but she doesn't have bulky muscle. Her body is lithe and her muscles are lean. Her head of silky raven hair frames a heart-shaped face. Her facial features are accented by a pair of oval-shaped, sapphire eyes that always seem to sparkle. Her eyelashes are thick and heavy, and the same dark color as her hair. Her nose is the appropriate size for her face, and below them her mouth, which is always turned up into a smile, has a down-turned upper lip.Normally she dresses in flowing outfits that are flexible and easy to fight in, should she ever have to. Her favorite colors are white, gold, and different shades of green.

Elysia is physically skilled in a sense that she can successfully pick up just about any weapon and learn how to use it after only a few minutes of practice. She is exceptionally good with a bow and arrow, ever since she was young her favorite hobby has always been archery. Don't be fooled by her knowledge of weaponry though, she is very capable of engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Aside from physical skills, Elysia has also worked on further developing a rather peculiar ability. If she can physically touch someone, then she can transfer a calming feeling from herself to whoever she touches. Serenity is the only feeling she can share though, she hasn't been able to transfer other emotions such as anger or sadness. She doesn't know much about the power, but she's always trying to see if she can do more than just calm someone in a stressful situation.

Her bladed bow and arrow set, she never goes anywhere without them. As her favorite hobby, she's always carrying a bow and at least ten arrows, poised to use them if needed.
Her dagger set, she keeps five on her person at all times. Normally she uses them to disable or distract a person during a fight.
Juttes, she keeps two strapped to her back in X formation, they're good for rendering enemies unconscious or blocking attacks.

The night time, she enjoys looking at the stars
Sparring, she's very competitive
Pastries, she has a bit of a sweet tooth
The princess, she considers her to be a good friend
Being a bodyguard, it's only been her entire life

Waking up after a sleepless night, though she usually never has a choice
Spicy foods
Losing, she isn't a graceful loser
Anyone who tries to harm the princess, obviously she won't have a problem dealing with them
Uneventful days, she can't stand being bored

Apiphobia- Fear of bees
Arachnephobia- Fear of spiders

Elysia isn't the first person in her family to be a bodyguard. She actually comes from a long line of people who trained their whole lives to protect others. Both of her parents served the royal family during their careers and it only seemed appropriate that their daughter carry on the family tradition. She trained under them until they, and the royal family, saw that she was fit to protect the princess. Ever since she started her duties she's devoted all of her time to keeping the princess safe. Both of her parents passed on, from natural causes, a while back and their deaths have only made Elysia want to be the best that she possibly can. Sure she has a ways to go, but she only plans on getting better. When she heard about the "treaty" that was made she was naturally skeptical. She knows that there are both angels and demons unhappy about the arrangement and has put herself on high alert should someone try to harm the princess.

Love Interest
No one at the moment

Hex Code

Nothing really, except that she isn't too thrilled about the "treaty".

Shinjitsu no Uta by Do as Infinity
The crimson-stained sun
has illuminated everything; now and the past
is what I have imagined within this twilight
more than my own hands can accomplish?

Please teach me how to live
a little more vulnerably than i do now
won't you taint me just a little?
that way, even if I get hurt
and lose everything around me
this song of truth will flow through my heart

This dispute will probably go on
about that which is most precious
i've become a rebel, I've overlooked things
even the gentle smiles of strangers

If eternity knows what manner of darkness
and when pain will vanish,
then that way, you shall taint me
I looked always to yesterday, to the castles in the sky
when will I be able to follow them?
this song of truth shall be my guide

If eternity knows what manner of darkness
and when pain will vanish,
this song of truth will flow through my heart

Now, please, taint me just a little
please, just taint me, only a little

This song of truth shall be my guide

So begins...

Elysia Rose's Story