Jason Hawk

"There are no so-called second chances"

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a character in “The Trek”, originally authored by Sibrand, as played by RolePlayGateway


NAME: Jason Hawk
AGE: 37
SEX: Male
CONVICTED CRIME: Framed for high treason and Conspiracy against the government state.
HEIGHT: 190cm
WEIGHT: 210lb
LOOKS: Jason is an Asian with short black hair, a short black beard and light brown eyes. He's got a tattoo of a red hawk engulfed in black flames on his chest. He's got a long scar running down his back and there's several scars upon his chest and there are minor scars on his face as well.
CLOTHING: All Jason wears at the moment is a white shirt, blue jeans, black leather boots and a red bandanna over his head.

PERSONALITY: Jason is very cold person and tends to focus more on his own needs than others. However, if you've proven yourself worthy of his respect he will protect you whenever he can do so. To his enemies he will show no mercy and to his friends he will be more of an anti-hero; This means he could sacrifice one man to save two others.
OTHER DESCRIPTIVE QUALITIES: There’s a crimson touch to his eyes and his left hand tends to twitch heavily from time to time.

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