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Sly The Sneaky Vixen

"I want what I want and I get it. And if not, I bury you...literally."

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a character in “The Tribe: Youth of the Nation”, as played by Blondie104


The Mercenary Tribe


I'd say better you die than I...but half of the world's already dead. So...haha!

Full name: Adrianna Candice Sinclair Not like this was any of your business

Nickname/New Name: Sly, The Sneaky Vixen Why? Because I'm the sneakiest one

Age: 18

Gender: Female Do you not see my boobs?

Ethnicity: 1/3French, 1/3English, and 1/3Bulgarian

Bi-sexual What can I say? I like it both ways


We're a family...or at least a fucked up version of one.

Role: Warrior I'm a fighter. It's in my blood

Tribal Mark Placement: Lower back I had to make it sexy

Years with Tribe: 2 years

Rival Tribe: Echelon Hate them holier-than-thou sons of bitches

Allied Tribe: Power and Chaos I can hang with them. They're wild...even for me. But I like 'em.


She's just a girl, but she's on fire. Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway!

Personality: Adrianna was a trouble child even before the virus spread. Her parents hardly knew what to do with her. She was rude, sarcastic, and hardly acted like she cared for them. And it's not like she doesn't care; she cares a lot. It's just that if she doesn't find you or the situation important, she's not going to waste her time feeling an emotion that seems irrelevant to her. She likes fun and when the mood is right, she likes chaos. She has moments when she's completely blunt about whatever she feels and she means what she says. So, if she insults you, nine times out of ten, she actually MEANS it. But that's not saying that Adrianna's a cold person. Contraire to popular belief, she has a nicer side, but she only bestows such a blessing on the worthiest of people. And if that's not you...well, you're kinda outta luck.

Adrianna's a natural fighter and is analytical. She observes people and picks up on their habits faster than they realize they actually have habits. She has quick reflexes and is hardly the person you want to pick a fight with. With that background in martial arts, she's not the person you want to mess with. She has a temper, but instead of immediately attacking you, she tries the psychological approach. She's known for mental torture though physical...physical can be just as bad. She's selfish and came from a family that gave her what she wanted because they didn't know how to approach her, so she's spoiled. She loves sex and wants it with anyone and she's definitely sexually aggressive, even coming off as seductive at times. She flirts a lot too. She thinks firstly about herself, but her family (The Grave Diggers) are her number one priority. You screw them over, she screws you. And buries you!

But all in all, Adrianna never was as cold as her parents thought she was. She was a girl that grew up too fast because her parents had always been busy when she was younger, so she forgot to be just the teenage girl. She's a girl who loves blindly (if she loves at all) and will love so intensely that it will consume her every thought.'d have to fight to get her to love you. She's got a lock on her heart and she'll be damned if anyone opens that up. But she does have a weak spot for both JinX and FC: Alexander. Is it really wrong to want them both...and not them together?


  • Knives
  • Sex
  • Fun
  • Chocolate Who doesn't like chocolate? Scratch that. If you don't, you're an idiot
  • Dancing
  • Living
  • Being on top

  • Jinx and Alex being together I don't know. I can't stand seeing them together...especially without me
  • Idiots You annoy me and you have no purpose in this world
  • Super-Christians It's not that I don't believe in God; I just don't need to be all sanctified and shit
  • Bridges Phobia

  • Flipping hair What? I have a lot of hair
  • Rolling eyes I get bored easily
  • Biting lower lip

  • Hand-to-hand combat I trained in jujutsu, judo, and a little boxing
  • Hyper-aware - I see movement from my periphereal. And I can slightly hear crap
  • Stealth I'm not sneaky for nothing, baby
  • Flexibility Gymnastics was good for something



History: There you go. Not minding your own damn business...again. Whatever. Wake me up when you're done snooping through my diary.

Adrianna had a pretty nice childhood. Her family were descendants from some noble family back in Bulgaria that somehow moved into France and then finally America, so she spent her entire life in the upper class. She was the youngest and had an older brother who was twenty-six by the time the virus spread. Before that, she honestly disliked her brother. He had a habit of trying to be better than Katherine and although she had her parents love later, they weren't exactly there for her when she was younger. They babied her brother so much as she grew up, ignoring the fact that they had a little girl. Sure, she had everything she could've wanted. She had toys, friends, school, gymnastics, and was pretty popular. But she wasn't too happy at home and when she turned ten, she stopped being the good girl for them.

As soon as she got to high school, her parents noticed her but it was too late. Adrianna was partying, drinking, having sex, and hardly coming home. Her mother was disturbed that her daughter was becoming a careless whore, though Adrianna didn't sleep with a lot of people. She actually only had two boyfriends and a girlfriend, the only people she actually had sex with and she was smart; condoms and birth control were involved. But she let them think what they wanted and in response, her father tried grounding her. That didn't work. Her mother tried yelling at her. That only recieved a backlash from Adrianna that made her mother cry and Adrianna couldn't help but laugh. After all, how are you gonna give it to someone if you can't dish it? So, they settled for spoiling her, though she actually began a close relationship with her mother. After all, Adrianna really was a Mama's baby and wanted her mother more than anyone else.

Then the outbreak began and Adrianna came home from school one day to see her father dead on the living room floor. Fearful that someone would be in the house, she grabbed the nearest gun from the liquor cabinet (because her Dad was a cop and he stashed a lot of weapons in the house) and ran to see if her brother had come home from his trip. He had and he was dead in the shower. Both deaths hit her hard, but the one that destroyed Adrianna was her mother. After discovering her dead brother, Adrianna heard wheezing and ran into the master bedroom to see her mother kneeling on the ground. She held her mother and called for the hospital, tears and sobs erupting from her. But it was too late. By the time paramedics arrived to attempt to help, her mother was gone.

It would be a year later that Adrianna would join the Grave Diggers. She likes them and thinks of them as her new family. But a small part of her is still haunted by her mother's death, leaving Adrianna not ready to lose anyone else close to her. Or her own life.

Theme Song: Prima Donna by Christina Aguilera

So begins...

Sly The Sneaky Vixen's Story


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Every time we lie awake
After every hit we take
Every feeling that I get
But I haven't missed you yet

Every roommate kept awake
By every sigh and scream we make
All the feelings that I get
But I still don't miss you yet

Only when I stop to think about it

I hate everything about you
Why do I love you?
I hate everything about you
Why do I love you

Sly nearly collapsed when she was done with her laps. She had woken up at six this morning, irritated beyond belief and ready to punch someone. Literally. Yesterday, she had to deal with Nick and JinX giving each other looks and pretending as if neither did anything. But Sly saw it - she saw through them. And hated them both with a passion. And if it wasn't bad enough, they had to deal with burying a shit load of bodies the yesterday and the person that asked for it tried Sly's patience so hard. They had the audacity to try not to pay them the full amount. Sly had pretty much ignored Nick and had her blade at the bastard's throat before Nick could even threaten him. Sure, it might have been her overstepping her boundaries, but Sly had already been low on patience.

Naturally, Nick snapped at her for her carelessness and although Sly usually bat her lashes and flirted with him to get him off back, but it hadn't worked. He got up in her face and usually, Sly would be turned on by his powerful presence. But yesterday...she almost thought he'd hit her. JinX only gave her a look that ensured words later on and Sly was left feeling beyond pissed, irritated and ready to kill someone.

"Fuck," she growled under her breath, leaning down as she breathed heavily and rested her hands on her knees. After a few seconds, she rose up to stand straight and swiped the sweat from her forehead. "Might as well deal with it. Besides, I don't give a fuck about either of them." She ignored whatever part of her brain that disagreed with her statement and hurried to get back home.

It took Sly fifteen minutes to get herself together. She had to bathe and just sat there for a few minutes, using some of the strawberry-scented body lotion that she had left. She had two bottles and the one she was using was handled with the utmost care. There was no telling when or if they'd be making these types of lotion again. Finally, Sly got dressed in her outfit for the day. And yes, she did still wear heeled boots. She was a girl, damnit. She was allowed to be sexy and the heels didn't affect her abilities. In fact, they might have helped. Sly released her long, curly dark brown hair from its ponytail and it fell around her elegantly. With a wink at her reflection, she strutted out of her room with a flip of her hair, ready to start her day and find something to eat.