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Anastasia Campbell


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a character in “The Tribes of Imos 2”, as played by CommonSoul


Anastasia Campbell


Full Name:
Anastasia Campbell | The Resurrection of the Twisted

Eventual Titles:
The Untouchable | Her title originated from her exquisite defense of which has yet to be surpassed or broken. Legend goes that not once has Anastasia been injured nor has she even been touched by an enemy.


Female | Although she was born a woman, for a large portion of her childhood, Anastasia was raised as a boy.

Sexual Preference:
Pan-sexual | Although she does not allow trivial matters such as gender or gender representation get in the way of her romantically like another, Anastasia has been known to be uninterested in either sex, allowing rumors to say that she is asexual.

The Air Tribe | Although she is currently a part of the Air Tribe, she hasn't always been and many say that she was even once associated with the Fire Tribe.

Position in the Tribe:
Personal Body Guard | Anastasia is the personal body guard for siblings, although her line of work mostly resides with the brother as he is in current position of authority. She does, however, guard over the sister whenever she is within the quarters.


Negative Traits:
|-|Silence | No matter how much one speaks to Anastasia, unless she is spoken to by the siblings, she will not speak. This has often caused conflict amongst other guards and has hindered her ability to create relationships other than the friendship she holds with the siblings.
|-| Dependency | Anastasia has a bit of a dependency issue when it comes to others as she has not interacted with very many people before. She is unsure on whether she could depend on one or not and more times than not, she will act of her own accordance and become independent. Yet, her actions always seem to have a reason that often feeds to her dependency on others. Compare her to a stray dog who has just found a new master after a life time of not having one.
|-| Gluttonous | One thing people can often tell is that Anastasia is glutton when it comes to food. She will easily out eat anyone who dares put food in front of her face (as long as it follows her diet). It is also safe to say that she dislikes sharing quite a bit- especially when it comes to food.
|-| Innocence | Anastasia is quite the innocent child in terms of relationships and how human communication often works as she has not had hardly any experience with social interactions apart from the siblings and her previous 'master'.

Positive Traits:
|+| Loyal | To say that Anastasia has amazing loyalty would be a grave understatement. Her loyalty knows no bounds and if she must sacrifice herself for those she loves, Anastasia will do so without hesitation- that is, if the situation arises.
|+| Intelligence | Despite her lack of human interaction, Anastasia has a high intelligence level and is known to read movements of her opponents. While she is bright, she isn't the most brilliant color within the kingdom- just one whose brain is wrinkled more than the average human.
|+| Merciful| Even though Anastasia can be a silent warrior who only seems to speak with the royal siblings, she is quite caring and will help those in need- even if she does not know them. It is also noted that Anastasia, while faced various opponents, has never once killed. That includes animals as she is a vegetarian.

|!| Death | There is a very important reason as to why she does not kill- she detests it so much that it has manifested itself into a rather large fear. However, this does not stop her from making sure that her opponent cannot fight- in fact, she is infamous in battle for leaving her opponents half dead.

|♡| Food | Not a picky eater, Anastasia will eat almost anything that goes within the criteria of her diet- from cheese to fancy, rich cakes and tarts.
|♡| Rainy Days | It is something that has often brought her joy and those who spend time with her will know that every time it rains, she will be at her calmest.
|♡| Showing Off | Because of her silent, chic and confident demeanor, one would never have guessed that Anastasia loves to show off. Only those close to her will often see how much effort she puts into certain tasks to try and show off.
|♡| Dressing Up | Giving into her girlish nature, she will often dress herself up in private and play around as she has not done this when she was a child. Anastasia has always adored dresses and loved the feeling of luxury clothing.

|☠| Killers | With a burning passion, Anastasia truly detest those who kill for no reason as she believes it is barbaric and disgusting. 'Those who evolve, should act like it since they are considered a superior being. If not, then they are not truly superior but merely beasts with no control or little intellect.'
|☠| Children | While she may not completely 'dislike' them, Anastasia has no experience with them and therefore pays little to no attention to them. She doesn't quite like the fact that they are smaller with no common sense any adult would like and she definitely detests the fact that a child cannot hold their tongue.
|☠| Meat | While she doesn't eat it for a completely different reason, Anastasia honestly dislikes meat as she cannot seem to get use to the taste- that and it often causes her some major digestion problems that will have her in the water closet for hours.
|☠| War | Even if she must participate in it, Anastasia has great disdain for such a trivial and ignorant thing. To her, it is something that solves nothing but only brings pain as there is never a good side since both parties are at fault and both parties are equally evil.

|☄| Finding Fantasia | The mystery man who not only took her in when everyone else had abandoned her but who also raised her. The story is long but the bottom line is that he had disappeared around the time that the tribes began to forget about the stones.
|☄| Peace | While a childish and naive dream, Anastasia still wishes for an unbreakable peace where everyone can understand each other and everyone can respect each other.


Hair Color:
Snowy White | Her long, pure white hair goes down towards her bum and is often worn either up in a braided bun or down with two pieces tied to prevent hair from getting in her way. Rarely does she have her hair down in a normal, simple fashion.

Eye Color:
Luminescent Blue | Heavily hooded eyelids and long, thick eyelashes frame her sapphire eyes which seem to glow with the right lighting.

| The Blue Monarch Brand | A brand of a blue butterfly sits right above her hip with the dull impression of the numbers, '246'. This brand was used amongst the factories to keep track of the orphans which worked or lived there. This brand is now faded and very dull; the blue ink now a rusted color and no longer a vibrant and bold 'tattoo' it once was. Because of its location, no one has yet to see it.
| The Scar of Fantasia | A thick, gruesome scar scatters across Anastasia's chest (the exact location of it is between her breasts). While small (the size of one's hand), it is obvious that the scar was quite deep and took a long while for it to heel.

Five feet and six inches

One hundred and twenty-two pounds | Anastasia has a dancer's figure, with long legs and arms yet with narrow hips and waist. While she has little to show off as her bust and bum are nothing remarkable, Anastasia will wear clothes that compliment her figure and give an illusion of an hour glass type. Yet one can only go so far to trick another's eyes; once her clothing is off, it is often apparent that her figure is nothing worth noting except the word 'average'.

Equipment and Abilities

|Twin Swords| Anastasia, while only carrying this when she leaves the Tribe, owns two twin swords that attach at the end. These swords are not hidden and are often within a sheath of their own which hangs from her hips.
|Fantasia's Necklace| It is something she always wears, no matter what. The necklace is as blue as her eyes with a bolt-box like symbol holding it together.
|The Baton| Unlike the twin swords, Anastasia carries this everywhere she goes and like the swords, she keeps them on a belt that hands from her hips. This baton separates in the middle into a long chain that Anastasia can control and whip around.

|The Air Shield| Unlike those of the Air Tribe, Anastasia possesses the ability to create an almost invisible 'force field' around herself and those which she must protect. This 'force field' is made up of dense air that spins quickly around the target- so quick that it cannot be seen by the naked eye. With this ability, one cannot touch or attack the target nor can they even lay a hand on them. It is a powerful defense that has gave Anastasia her title and has protected her and her targets countless times.
|Air Manipulation| She is somewhat strong within this area as well, able to easily take the breath away from an opponent yet for some odd reason, she cannot affect the environment around her.
|Psychical Combat| While not an actual power, Anastasia is extremely good at physical combat, whether it be hand to hand or long distance (although she excels at hand to hand).

|Duel Powering| Even if her life depended on it, Anastasia cannot use two powers at once. Therefore, if she'd like to rely on her Air Manipulation ability within a battle, she must drop her Air Shield otherwise she will overpower and lose consciousness.
|Environmental Manipulation| While she can manipulate air, Anastasia is unable to do any drastic changes to the environment. She cannot create typhoons nor can she make the breeze violent.
|Breeze Morphing| Unable to morph into a breeze or even float for that matter, Anastasia is completely useless within this category. She cannot even lift herself off the ground much less float and become invisible.


Brief History:

|Number 246 | Maria |
Maria was once a woman apart of the Air Tribe as well as her husband but left to discover more of the world outside of their village once the two married. They wished to discover such a large world and hoped to understand human nature- perhaps even change their perception of the Tribes. Their lives, however, changed when they arrived within the Blue Monarch Kingdom. It was a horrid Kingdom who even deprived their civilians of names but instead, gave them numbers and brands to identify another with. Within the Kingdom, the two kept their powers to themselves, afraid they may be killed if they reveal themselves.

The civilians are given numbers instead and branded with a blue monarch butterfly either on their hips or chest depending the gender, age and brander. Usually, girls are given the brand when they are younger on their chest right above their left breast while boys are given the brand on their right hip, also when they are young. However, if older, the roles seemingly reverse themselves as women are branded on their left hip and men are branded on their right side of their chest. Women and girls were sent to prostitution houses while the men and boys worked. Young girls were sent to the house for training until they become sixteen. Once sixteen, the girls are officially put out on the market. Boys are sent to work throughout the kingdom and then placed in a prison like camp where they act like slaves to the king.

Maria became a known prostitute within the Kingdom of the Blue Monarch after her husband and her were captured. With all the horrors that faced Maria, she grew to dislike humans- and hated them with all of her might. Little did Maria know, she was pregnant with her husband's child. At first notice, Maria wanted to tell as she wanted to rid herself of something like a child however with careful words from Sarah, the eldest worker, she reconsidered the pregnancy and went through with it. It became a secret between Sarah and Maria as each one began to carefully care for the child in secrecy.

They gave the baby no name and while it was born as a girl, the two firmly raised it as a baby boy. Of course a secret like baby could not be kept within the kingdom and therefore sought help from an outside party- Sarah’s younger sister who often visited Sarah with a hefty payment for each visit. They exchanged the child during one of her visits and Sarah’s sister cared for the child and followed Sarah and Maria’s wishes to raise it up a boy since Sarah’s sister’s husband was already involved with The Blue Monarch.

At the age of ten, the child was once more, placed within the hands of The Blue Monarch. Sarah’s sister and her husband were taken away from their homes to work within the kingdom. Before leaving, she swore to Sarah’s sister to remain as a boy as long as she is within the Kingdom of The Blue Monarch. Therefore, the child was taken in as a boy and the Blue Monarch branded her with a blue monarch butterfly and named the child ‘246’. Number 246, although happy that she was called something other than child or kid, disliked being branded like cattle.

Number 246 was put to work within the kingdom and acted as a boy; even when the children got the rare opportunities to bathe, Number 246 was always extremely careful to leave on her bottoms. When questioned, she simply told them that men with class do not undress in front of others which of course led to a beating but they ceased questioning her. When alone, she’d scream into her pillow or arm until her voice was horsed enough to be mistaken as a boy. Number 246 went through extremes to try and make herself a boy. It was only luck that she didn’t develop breasts until later within her teen years.

When she turned eleven, Number 246 met Number 563, a young boy who also originated from the Air Tribe. Number 246 and Number 563 became good friends and Number 563 even showed her his magic trick with air that he could do. When Number 246 exclaimed how amazing it was, Number 563 showed her how to do it and said since she has white hair like he did, she should be able to do the same magic. The two bonded and became even closer- brothers almost. They became the light in each other’s dark worlds. It was when Number 246 turned twelve that Number 563 figured out her true gender. They had been playing in the rain one night after work, on their way back to where they had lived and decided to change once they arrived there.

After years of pretending to be a boy, Number 246 had foolishly forgotten that she was indeed, a young girl since she had grown so comfortable with Number 563. Although it came as a major shock to Number 563, they still maintained their sibling relationship. Number 563 even tried to protect Number 246 various times and the two even snuck out and into a nearby river within the kingdom so that the two could bathe in peace. However, this did not last long as The Blue Monarch quickly found out their little private baths. It was pure luck that the two were discovered before they even undressed.

Of course, Number 563 protected Number 246 and said it was all of his idea but both of them were heavily punished. Number 246 was whipped until her back split open and Number 563 was punished brutally until his right eye became completely useless. The injury was severe and it became so infected, The Blue Monarch ended up removing his eye and to make it seem as if it were a punishment, they did so in front of the civilians without anesthetics. However painful it may have been, Number 563 stayed strong and did not cry out. This caused Number 246 to realize the power of silence and because Number 563 did not make a sound, he was punished further.

After his various punishments, Number 563 finally had enough. He told Number 246 that he wanted to escape. She was hesitant considering that any child who tried to escape was killed in front of the civilians. He replied back that even death was a better treatment than how they were treated now. Number 246 agreed and the two began to devise an escape plan to escape the Kingdom. Although power users such as Number 563 and Number 246, were rare, it was certainly possible and those who exposed their powers were slaughtered instantly therefore those gifted or those apart of the tribal world often stayed silent about their prowess.

About a mile away from The Blue Monarch was the forest that separated the world of normalcy from the tribal world. Once one entered this forest, they no longer had the threat of humans loom over their head and if it so happened to be a human who entered the forest, they'd mysteriously go missing. The entire kingdom was surrounded by walls with a rather large fence-like gate propped up against it, sharp enough to pierce skin and originally there to prevent climbers and escapees.

It was a long shot and Number 246 was scared beyond belief but Number 563 seemed to comfort her and convinced her further more. The night of their planned escape, Number 563 told her that even if he was caught and even if he was killed, to keep going and never stop running even after entering the forest. He told her that she shouldn’t stop even if she sees him die or if she sees him captured. He told her that if he is captured, he is dead without a doubt and she shouldn’t worry about. He said that he’d do the same if she too, was captured.

Only he didn’t. Right when her collar was grabbed by the guards, Number 563 turned and did something Number 246 has never seen before. The air around Number 563 became whirlwind and thrashed into the guard and nearly killed him, knocking him down and freeing Number 246. The two continuously ran, not stopping even when their feet bled or their lungs raged with fire. They were only a few inches from the wall when a knife stabbed through Number 563’s chest, pulling him back. Of course Number 246 stopped to turn which resulted in a scream from Number 563 to continue running no matter what. She was defenseless and useless- pitiful.

Number 246 turned to climb the sharp wall and cried at the same time while Number 563 desperately tried to hold the guards back while she tried to escape. With his last bit of strength, Number 563 forced a small typhoon on surrounding area which greatly aided in Number 246 in her escape. Even with a blurred vision, runny nose and her constant sobbing that prevented her from breathing, Number 246 did not stop running. She did not stop even when she reached the forest, even when she has long since gone numb and even when the tears had dried up, she did not stop.
It was the last time she has ever saw Number 563 and The Blue Monarch Kingdom.

|Fantasia | Anastasia |
Fantasia was a man that originated from the Fire Tribe but left once his wife and daughter died. He was a strong fire user who retired from the military that once served to protect the stone which he personally knew hardly anything about. He was an older gentleman who, while rough and rugged, had a good heart and a friendly demeanor. He practically towered over Number 246 being roughly six feet and two inches with an intimidating muscular body that could seem to withstand even the strongest storms. Their fateful meeting was a dimmed day when Fantasia was on his way for his garden that lied close to the boarders of the forest, hidden from the various animals and wanderers.

He saw her passed out with battered feet, all cut and bruised up with a dirty body. Fantasia picked her up and continued his way towards his garden before heading back to his home which was merely a cave that took the appearance of a melted house which he carved out from his ability. There, he treated her wounds and scrubbed her uncovered parts with a wet rag, oblivious to her gender. When she awoken, he introduced himself and asked for her name. When she replied with her assigned number, he merely shook his head and ruffled her short, white hair. He gave her a smile and a pet name of ‘Cronk’.

Of course Number 246 disliked it but said nothing of it since he was indeed her savior. That was beginning of their relationship. The two quietly helped each other out during the day, Fantasia telling her how to pick the foods from the garden and taught her about the living beings within this earth. He even taught her about the tribes that dwelled within this world as well as telling her about his ability. When she replied that her brother and she could also use a similar ability, Fantasia merely smiled and told her he could help her out with controlling her ability.

He never once asked her about the painful emotional scars which the Blue Monarch left on her nor did he question the fact that she always bathed with pants on even though they were both male. He merely watched over Number 246 and taught her about her own ability and strengths. It was when Number 246 turned fourteen that he had discovered she was indeed a female. Of course Fantasia was shocked beyond belief and even went as far to question his sanity considering that he had, indeed revealed himself in front of her. Despite his comedic break down, he did not abandon her nor did he keep her name.

He bestowed a new name, Anastasia which meant ‘Resurrection’ and declared Anastasia his new daughter, giving her his last name of Campbell with the meaning of ‘The Twisted’. After her gender discovery, Fantasia no longer bathed with her nor did he expect her to dress up like a boy and even spent nights making her dresses. He truly treated her like his own kin. Fantasia, being an extremely talented bender himself began to train Anastasia on her abilities uniquely, giving her a power that is her own which cannot be copied by anyone else- the ability to use her air powers like that of a fire bender. He taught her how to create an extremely strong and impenetrable barrier around herself of which she can maintain even in her sleep.

She honed this skill with him and the two grew even closer. When she had completely mastered this skill, Fantasia rewarded her with a beautiful choker and a story that changed Anastasia’s view on things. He told her about the death of his wife, Audra and his daughter, Orzora. He told her about how the two went outside the boarders of the Fire Tribe to search for new medicinal herbs when they were confronted by a small group of the Water Tribe who were also looking for the herbs. The relationships between the two were never good so it didn’t come as a shock that they were killed by the hands of the Water Tribe. However, Fantasia harbored no ill feelings of those of the Water Tribe and when Anastasia questioned him why, he merely replied with upmost sincerity and kindness.
“We are more evolved than the beasts which roam our lands. We shouldn’t kill those who are weaker than us simply because we can or for such ignorant thing as vengeance. That is what can truly separate us from lowly beasts and devils- the compassion and mercy we hold for world which we call our own and those who live within it.”

|The Scar of Fantasia | Betrayal |
Because Fantasia was like a father to her, Anastasia was shocked beyond belief that he tried to kill her- especially with a sword no less. However, what did not cause her to wail out in sorrow that infamous day was not the sword that was drilled into her chest nor was it the blood that poured out of her heart and mouth but the tears that fell from Fantasia’s face as he touched her one last time. The remorseful warmth that was left on her cheek burned into her skin as she watched the one man she loved more than anything in the world walk away from her dying body.

It was a spring day that had scattered showers within the forest and Anastasia was merely coming back from a long day of maintaining the garden. She could sense that Fantasia had company which was rare beyond belief but Anastasia kept her distance from him as she could tell that it was serious; Anastasia would question him about once the company had left and she was alone with Fantasia. However that did not happen and when Anastasia had came home, the man who had visited Fantasia was killed and the next thing she knew, a sword was driven deep into her chest.

From the strength of her own will, Anastasia followed him out and called out Fantasia’s name with blood flooding her mouth and throat. She collapsed onto the grass and watched him as the rain began to softly fall. It was then she realized that even if she was killed, she could never hate Fantasia. Anastasia knew from then on that if she survived and Fantasia remained at her side, she’d continue to stay by his side. Fantasia must’ve noticed it too because as soon as he saw her eyes, he walked over and crouched down, kissed her cheek and began to weep. It was then that she began to sob and wail. He left her as soon as her tears hit the grass. She screamed out his name and then passed out.

It was four weeks afterwards that she regained consciousness. Anastasia had been submitted into the Air Tribe’s medical unit after travelers from the tribe had found her. The most mysterious thing was the fact that her wounds had already been healed when the travelers got to her- they where soldered shut to prevent any further bleeding and practically saved her from death. Anastasia knew for a fact that Fantasia was the one who not only killed her but saved her last minute, even when she thought he had left her for good. It took her a total of fourteen months to fully heal and another sixteen months to gain her true strength back. By the time she was twenty, Anastasia had grown stronger since she came to the Air Tribe and enrolled within the royal guards.

|The Air Tribe | A Body Guard |
After spending five years in the Air Tribe, Anastasia was able to reach the position of becoming the two’s body guard. In the beginning, she was only to assist the two (more specifically, Ara) whenever they left the Tribe. When she first started out, Anastasia didn’t speak much and kept silent even though Ara continuously tried to strike up conversations with her and while it didn’t work much in the beginning, Ara eventually cracked Anastasia’s hushed mask. After that, the two started to bond and became somewhat of friends. She enjoyed Ara’s company and even when Anastasia was off duty, spent her time with Ara. The girl followed the woman around like a baby duck.

However, when Ara was poisoned and grew ill, Anastasia couldn’t help but to blame herself somewhat and confronted Ara about it but was only fed with silence or a ‘no worries’ smile. Around this time, Anastasia and Cailu had their first meeting. While Anastasia had seen and guarded him before, she had never once spoken to him until then. When he became the new leader, threats arose all around him and he became even more at risk than before. It was also the time that Ara had asked Anastasia to guard over Cailu to make certain that no harm comes to him. Of course Anastasia could not refuse and followed through with the order even with her own doubts about the man. She knew all about betrayal and Anastasia knew by experience that even if Cailu was the one to poison Ara, she’d still stand by his side.

Cailu and Anastasia have hardly the connection like Anastasia and Ara do, but she is considered to be close to him since she is with him practically all the time. It isn’t rare (quite common actually) that Cailu and Anastasia would spar together and while Cailu has never once broken through her Air Shield, he always managed to kick her ass during their powerless, physical fights. Not only did their sparring help each other understand the other’s powers and ability and improved their own, it also told Anastasia that the possibility of Cailu poisoning Ara was very low. With that knowledge she assumed from their battles, Anastasia was able to whole heartedly give her all when it came to protecting the two. Therefore her term as a body guard for them continued.

|Finding Fantasia | Side Job |
Despite being so dearly attached to the two, Anastasia tries to take as much as she can to try and search for Fantasia who had left her for what seemed like an eternity ago. She wishes to see him once more, to hug him and to not only question him but to return their relationship back to normal. When she isn’t protecting the two or spending time with Ara, Anastasia is out collecting any kind of information that she can get about Fantasia and his whereabouts. However, espionage and data collecting isn’t her strongest suit and therefore has found little information about him. Even when she hires someone to research him, they are unsuccessful.

Fantasia seemingly disappeared and while she hates to admit the fact and will not cease her search for him until she finds him, somewhere in her heart she knows that even if she did find him, he’d attempt to kill her once more. Deep down, she knew that his first attempt was a warning- as if he were saying, ‘don’t search for me and just forget about me otherwise I may not be able to keep you alive’. Yet for some reason, Anastasia cannot stop looking for him but has pulled back the search since she officially became the body guard of the two, only searching for him on the side or whenever she can.



So begins...

Anastasia Campbell's Story


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#, as written by Lyysa



When Cailu entered the house he had grown up in, the place that now belonged to him, the tribe leaders house. Even if it made him feel uncomfortable to stay there since it felt like it wasn't really his, he still liked it since it made him able to stay with the only family he had left since his younger siblings had decided to travel together to study other techniques and learn more. Because he still had Ara here with him, on the upper floor and when he returned home from meetings he usually always walked up the narrow stairs to knock on her door. He didn't wait for her to open or call out that it was okay to come in because they both knew that it was, so he just opened the door and lowered his head as he walked inside seeing her sit by the small window as she usually did.

"How did it go?" Ara didn't turn her face towards him as she spoke, obviously too mesmerized with the scenery outside to bother with such unnecessary gestures. Cailu could hear how important the question was anyway, he knew it even before it was brought up that it would be the first thing she would speak of.

"I think it turned out fine."

Ara turned her gaze from the window, as did she turn her body towards him. Looking directly at him with a wrinkle between her eyebrows, clearly not satisfied by the answer. But Cailu was happy anyway because she didn't look that worn out at the moment. Even if they were concerned at the moment her eye's still looked lively. "What do you mean?"

With a small smile Cailu stroke the back of his neck, "Well... I didn't really remember what you told me to say so I improvised... But they decided to keep on trading with us so it's good, right?"

Ara blinked a couple of times, confused by what she heard, surprised even, "You improvised? Do you know what problem that may have caused us if you hadn't succeeded?"

"Of course I do, I can think for myself you know."

"This is not about you and your thoughts, this is about you almost making us lose a trading partner."

Cailu quietly looked away, he knew there was nothing that he could say that would make her believe that he could handle the situation by himself. Ever since he had told her about how anxious he had felt about the leader position being put over him, how he felt crushed be the pressure of the expatriations she had been controlling his every move as the leader. Sure, he had appreciated it at first, to get that help, to not feel like he had the whole tribe positioned on his shoulder. Getting more pressed towards the ground by every single day that passed by, but now it felt like it was Ara that pressed him towards the ground more and more by every single thing he had to do. But it was not like he could take that away from her, he knew it was the thing she appreciated the most, to feel needed even when sitting in this room every single day. Even he would try to revolt it wouldn't bring him anything more than perhaps an angry mob chasing him out from the tribe. He knew that if he displeased her so she could easily take the position from him since she had the tribe’s approval and love. She could easily take his place without doing more than just ask their tribesmen to do it for her, she wouldn’t even need to raise up from the chair.

"I'm sorry for forgetting," Cailu walked over to her and lightly picked the flower she had in her out from it just to replace it with a new one, mumbling while doing so, "I'm very sorry."

Ara waved away his hands from her face and shook her head quietly, "Fine. Even if you didn't listen to me you still succeeded and that is all that matters," As soon as she had uttered the sentence her face lightened up by a smile as she leaned back in the chair again, "So now tell me about what happened, who did you meet? How did it look? Oh, Anastasia was with you right?"

Cailu just chuckled slightly at the questions that continued to be sounded be Ara's mouth as he took the second chair in the room and dragged it over to her. When he had placed it beside her before he sat down and started to try to form some sort of answer to the questions that had always been voiced while more continued to come to life.

The setting changes from Airedale to Imos


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The large man scuffed as he crossed his arms, his eyes closed in frustration as he watched her carefully, tapping his rather large fingers on his forearm. He grunted once more, adjusting his seating as he began to think of all the times the child before him had revealed herself to him- how he never once suspected anything particular about this specific person. He looked down at the child, who had her head bowed down and plastered to the grass as she silently begged for his forgiveness.
“Well,” He sighed, rubbing his stubbly jaw line as he looked upwards. “I guess I can’t call you Cronk from now on…” The large man peered down from the corner of his eyes, trying to see her reaction which consisted of her lifting her head in disbelief. He merely smiled and shot his eyes back upwards. “It is a man’s name after all.”

“A horrid one at that, if I may be so bold Mr. Fantasia.” Fantasia shot another look her way, this time in disbelief as he watched her more carefully. Her ivory skin was colored with pink happiness that mostly stained her cheeks as she gave him her usual crooked smile. This sight caused Fantasia to smile broadly and let out a hardy laugh that caused the small girl to slightly jump at the suddenness.
“Well, I guess with the discovery of a woman comes her own spice.” The man slapped his knee, confusing the child even more with his adult talk. She looked at him, her head cocked to the side with her brows furrowed. He merely shook his hand in front of her while covering his mouth to prevent himself from chuckling further, seemingly mocking a gossiping crone. “Well then, since Cronk did not suit your ever high expectations of a name, does Anastasia sound much better?” He leaned forward with a strong smile, watching her dazed face.

“An… Anastasia?” She repeated as her mouth slightly gaped opened and she continued to repeat the name within her head. With a small nodded from Fantasia, her chapped lips pulled back into a wide smile and her already pink skin was now cherry red from the amount of joy she had in her small body. “I love it! Oh, I love it so much!” The small girl leaped forward with such gusto that she practically knocked Fantasia back when she made contact with him. “Such a beautiful name must truly suit someone like myself, am I correct?”
The amount of personality that suddenly illuminated off of the child made Fantasia open his mouth wide to match her smile and laugh. “Of course as only my new daughter can be suited with such a beautiful name!”

Her slender, gloved hand reached out as she leaned outside of her windowsill. A large, black raven suddenly flapped to its landing spot and his talons hooked around her gloved hand. Her snowy hair danced with the wind around her small face as her sapphire eyes carefully watched the raven become still on her hand. Anastasia slowly brought the bird within her room, closing her large bay windows so it would be unable to leave until she permitted it to do so. The bird seemed to pick up her thoughts as he cawed in protest to the locking of the windows.

Around the bird’s charcoal feet laid a band which tightly hugged the animal and had a small box like object sticking outwards from the ring. Anastasia lowered her hand onto her desk, allowing the bird to step down from its former ledge and settle onto the desk. She gently grabbed the bird’s leg, avoiding the violent beak that pecked down at her in objection. Anastasia opened the box, placing her gloved hand over the raven’s mouth to hold it shut as she tried to pull a small, white sheet out of the box. The animal cawed in complaint as she let go, pulling away from the beast all together to prevent from getting bitten.

Before opening the letter, Anastasia looked over at her door cautiously. She was a bit worried as she had left Cailu’s side quite quickly upon their arrival back at the kingdom. However, it was necessary as she was desperate to get to her room and retreat the messenger bird so she could review the message that the espionage group she hired had sent. This group was quite different from all of the others of which she sent as this specific group specialized in the information that often remained classified- such as royal military records. She bit her lip nervously as she looked down at the rolled paper, her slender fingers at either end, ready to reveal the contents.

Three days have passed since we started the initial search and we have yet to find information on one who labeled himself as Fantasia nor were we able to succeed in finding records that matched his description. We are asking for immediate relief as suspicions may rise within the Fire Tribe if we continue our search. For now, we take refuge outside of the Tribe as we wait for further instructions.
The Raven.

Even with a skilled team such as The Ravens, information on Fantasia seemed to disappear just as he had that fateful day. She bit her lip harder before leaning forward against her desk, now nibbling on her thumb as she carefully went over her resolves she had in the matter- if she had any. The only one that was reasonable and sensible would be to call of the search entirely. The last thing Anastasia wanted was to be any more conflict for Tribes than there already were. With a small sigh, Anastasia took out an equally miniature paper and wet her quill pen, keeping her writing short and sweet with the few words of, ‘Permission to resign granted. Meet at the rendezvous point for payment.'

Anastasia made everything else as quick and cautious as she could possibly make it, quickly placing her own letter inside the box and grabbing the despicable cawing raven by the sides and sending it on its way back to his owners out of her window. She immediately closed back her windows after she saw the animal take off beyond the golden tree linings, praying that it has a safe journey. She stepped back in her room and dusted herself off, picking whatever feathers that stuck to her clothing off. Anastasia then turned on her heels and headed towards her door, leaving her room with a calm face.

She silently made her way down the hall, deciding to give Ara a visit. Because Anastasia had left so hastily when she and Cailu had gotten back, she had neglected her duty of reporting back to Ara. Although Anastasia had doubted that Ara would mind as she rarely ever reported back immediately after her and Cailu got back, giving the two sibling-like cousins sometime to speak amongst themselves without her own interruption.

Anastasia approached their door noiselessly- not even allowing her footsteps to make any type of noise- and knocked on the door, sounding off her own name to give the two the knowledge of who was entering. She waited several moments before entering the room, seeing that Ara and Cailu were in the midst of speaking. Anastasia simply bowed her head in apologies before voicing out her own acknowledgements. “If I am interrupting something, I do apologize.”

The setting changes from Imos to Airedale


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Cailu had already explained how he had exchanged words with their trading partners, retelling every single word that had left his mouth and the other ones as well. Describing it all in detail, the movements and how he had felt. Ara wanted to hear every single detail, he couldn’t leave anything untold, even if he didn’t remember everything correctly he was forced to pretend that he did because he knew how much she liked to hear it.

When he had been put in this situation the first time he had been confused and not known why he was forced to do it but as time passed by he had started to get it, it was because Ara pictured the whole situation in her head. Pretending she was there to witness it, that she was the one doing it by herself. But as he started to describe the environment he had seen. All from the nearby forest to the mountains that could be seen in the distant and how clear and open the land got the closer to the sea they came it knocked on the door. The both of them got quiet and turned their gaze there when the one outside spoke out.

As soon as the name had been sounded Ara turned her gaze towards Cailu again after giving her approval to Anastasia to come inside, “Continue.”

Cailu hesitated however, feeling uncomfortable with Anastasia coming inside, he had always had a hard time speaking in front of people. Stumbling on his words, repeating the same ones again and again, which was his biggest fault when it came to being the leader. Without Ara’s guidance he would probably had destroyed many of their connections at this time. But now he felt securer in the position, he hadn’t been forced to do anything mayor yet either. So from being extremely outspoken, voicing everything Ara wanted to hear he got quieter, only mumbling out some of the answer’s to her questions. Which clearly annoyed her since she got a wrinkle on her forehead again.

“If I am interrupting something, I do apologize.”

Cailu shut his mouth tight, looking out the window, you could think he should had gotten used to his female companion by now. Even more so since he trusted her with his life most of the time, but it was only because Ara trusted her. It was her orders that Anastasia should guard him, Cailu thought he probably would be able to guard himself but he didn’t want to cause trouble by opposing Ara’s request. But most of the time he did felt rather anxious around her, mainly because he didn’t know what to say to her, they spent so much time around each other but nearly never spoke more than a few words. It was a strange relationship they had, it seemed to only circulate around Ara.

Ara on the other hand turned around on her chair and smiled cheerfully towards Anastasia as she entered the room, “No, you are not interrupting anything. We are already done with the crucial information. Cailu was just describing what he could witness with his eyes, it sound incredible indeed. I wish I could have traveled with you.”

Cailu silently patted her hand while giving her a concerned gaze, he knew how much she wanted to go with them. But he had no idea what to say to cheer up either, but in a clumsy attempt he mumbled, “Perhaps you will be able to come with us next time.”

Ara met Cailu’s eyes under silent as well, taking in his words, printing them in her mind. Next time, “Yes, perhaps I will.” She turned her head around towards Anastasia again still smiling, “Come and sit down, I want to listen to what you have to say now. Or perhaps you don’t want Cailu to be here? He can leave if that is what you want.”


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Out of old habits, the moment Anastasia entered the room she extended out her powers to the two sibling-like cousins. Her air barrier covered them in familiarity, molding to their bodies perfectly and in the upmost care. Only due to how long she has been guarding the two and how often she uses it, they were the only ones who could notice the barrier. Her snow white hair fell over her shoulders as she bowed her head, bright sapphire eyes looking through her eyelashes at Ara.

“No, you are not interrupting anything. We are already done with the crucial information. Cailu was just describing what he could witness with his eyes, it sound incredible indeed. I wish I could have traveled with you.” Anastasia raised her head and gave the woman an innocent but remorseful smile, desperately wishing that Ara could come with them every time. It had only been of recent when her condition worsen that she was even prohibited to leave her own quarters. Before hand, the three of them would walk around the royals’ house but now Ara was unable to even do such things under orders of their Tribe’s best doctor.
“Perhaps you will be able to come with us next time.”

She couldn’t help but look up and stare at Cailu for a moment with a stoned face before her dark crystal eyes flicked over towards Ara who heard his words through and through. While it was a grave thought that brought a lump to Anastasia’s throat, she couldn’t help but to think that there may never be a next time of when Ara could accompany them. Anastasia kept this thought deep into her stomach, keeping it out of reach of her face and heart. “Yes, perhaps I will. Come and sit down, I want to listen to what you have to say now. Or perhaps you don’t want Cailu to be here? He can leave if that is what you want.”

With a slight nod, Anastasia gracefully made her way over towards the two, sitting down in a chair next to Cailu. She gave the both of them a small smile before resting her hands on her lap and sitting up straightly. “I have no problems with Cailu being here. I merely came to say my greetings.” Anastasia looked at Ara, examining her well being. Her barrier hardened around her as if Anastasia was desperately trying to protect her from all of the terrors of life, trying to prevent a precious belonging from breaking. “The trees are quite lovely today aren’t they? Have you seen the crows that populated the boarders,” She asked, looking out the window. “It makes me feel as though harvesting season is quickly approaching us.” A wide, crooked smile pulled tightly on her lips as she continued to speak friendly with Ara.

“Perhaps once it does approach, we could grab ourselves some Red Delicious.” Anastasia loved Red Delicious and she loved sharing them with Ara even more. The girl almost idolized the woman as Ara was the first friend, the first bond she made outside of Fantasia- after he had betrayed her and left a whole in her heart and chest.


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“I have no problems with Cailu being here. I merely came to say my greetings.”

Ara lowered her head slowly in a nod, lowering her hand as well that was just about to shoo away Cailu from the room, she was well aware of the troubles both of them had with talking in front of people. Or that was Cailu's problem, why Anastasia didn't say much was not something Ara had thought much of, she just knew it was a very obvious part of the girl. Not that Ara minded it, or well yes she did, when she finally got some other company than the doctor that came and checked up on her once every week it was these two. Ara loved them both dearly but their silence could be a bit irritating at times, she wanted to listen to other's speak. She was pretty sick and tired of her own voice since she listened to it all the time every day when she was talking to herself.

“The trees are quite lovely today aren’t they? Have you seen the crows that populated the boarders, it makes me feel as though harvesting season is quickly approaching us.” Again Ara nodded slowly as the girl spoke, listening to her words, carving them inside her head. Not because they touched her like Cailu's had done but because she wanted to remember them when she felt lonely. When the both of them were away on business and she was all alone in here she often replayed the conversations they have had with each other, listening to their voices in her head and answering them again. She knew it was a sad thing to do, but she rather did that than call for someone she didn't enjoy conversations with. “Perhaps once it does approach, we could grab ourselves some Red Delicious.”

"Yes, perhaps we can do that," With a smile Ara paused, looking out the window. She had noticed that, how that season had started to creep closer. The changes outside both made her feel extremely depressed and happy at the same time, she enjoyed that time of the year but to just sit inside and watch was not something she wanted to do. She wanted to be outside with the others. Leaning back tiredly she dragged the hand over her face, "Do you think anyone would notice if I opened the window and flew out for a while?"

As soon as Ara spoke the words Cailu jolted out from his thoughts of how he hadn't even had the time to see how the time passed by as the other two had, staring at her before grabbing her other hand, "You can't do that. I won't allow that."

Ara smiled slightly before patting his hand which was holding hers, "Dear little Cailu, you may be bigger than me in size but I am older than you. You can't command me what to do, but I know you only mean well but no matter how hard you are squeezing my hand I would still be able to get away if I wanted to."

Cailu got quiet again, hesitating at first before letting go of her hand. He knew she was right, it didn't matter how hard he was holding on to her because if she wanted to get away there was no chance for him to keep her in here. You can't hold on to air, even if he tried she would probably be able to leak out through some tiny crack. In shy manners he was staring down onto his hands which was clasped together in front of him while mumbling, "I just don't want you to get weaker again or lose control while being too high above ground. Because neither me nor Anastasia would be able to protect you if that happens."

Ara's smile died and she turned her face towards the window again, "I know, I was just daydreaming. I apologize for worrying you, you too Anastasia. I will not mention it again."


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Anastasia’s hands fisted in between the fabrics of her dress as she listened to Ara. She knew that no one would ever be happy confined to her bed, hidden from world only but to watch it go by like some sort of twisted movie. For some odd reason, Anastasia could easily empathize with Ara as she too, was once held against her will and unable to enjoy her life. However, Anastasia always had her friend with her back then suffering with her through the hard times and making the bleakest situations seem bright like the sun’s rays.

Unfortunately, Ara did not have a companion to share her woes. Anastasia knew very well that Ara refrains from her dark thoughts in fear of worrying others as well as the fear that she may give up on herself too. Perhaps Ara already did give up the hope of recovering. Sapphire eyes looked over towards Ara with a silence that seemed to contain more pity than any type of sympathy or empathy yet it disappeared almost as quick as it surfaced, Anastasia made sure she was careful to not allow Ara to see her true emotions behind the mask she always seemed to wear.

Eyes closed as Anastasia reached over and grabbed Ara’s hand, her barrier quickly disappearing. “While the risks are very high,” She began, ignoring Cailu and anything that Ara may or may not say. “If you truly wish, I can allow you to accompany me to the market.” Her eyes opened to meet Ara’s. “It is bold of me to suggest something such as this but I see you as a dear friend. With a cloak and fabric face mask, it should be alright.” Anastasia watched her a little, readying herself for whatever punishments or tongue lashings she may receive.

“I believe that perhaps a little fresh air will help clear whatever doubts and worries you may have that fill your head at the moment. The exercise may even make you feel much better.” For the first time for a while, Anastasia’s eyes read her emotions. She wished that Ara lived a fulfilled even with such a crippling disease; if the woman wasn’t permitted to even arise out of bed, then what would prevent her from thinking thoughts that would eventually crush her. “I may not be able to protect you from the illness within you but I am confident that I can protect your body from the outside forces.”

Once again, Anastasia bowed her in apologies of her bold speaking but the look in her sapphire eyes told everyone within the room that she did not regret her words and welcomed whatever Cailu may say or whatever Ara may order.


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#, as written by Lyysa



Cailu's eyes grew from sorrow into shock before turning to anger, staring coldly at Anastasia as she spoke. He was very much aware of the fact that he gave Ara expectations and hopes that probably wouldn't turn real but he ignored his own flaws and got angry at her anyway. He believed that he had the right to say things like that, being Ara's cousin and at some point seen as her younger brother, Anastasia wasn't family. She was an outsider, a friend to Ara. Nothing more than that. From Cailu's point of view she didn't have anything to say in a situation like this, and he clearly showed it through his eyes. Giving her angry looks as soon as Ara couldn't see him, he was well aware that he was acting childish but it was the only way he knew how to act. It was in his body soul.

"No! The doctor told her to stay inside until the weather got warmer, I won't allow it. She's not leaving thi--," Cailu never got to finish his outburst since Ara raised her hand. Silently telling him to shut his mouth and he listened. Even if it was unwillingly, he was still against it all and despised the suggestion. But to get Ara even more depressed then she already were was not an option.

"What I chose to do is none of your concern, Cailu. It's only me who can feel how I'm doing at the moment, neither you or the doctor can decide that for me and I feel like I'm rotting in here. I'm good today, no pain and I'm not that tired so I want to go outside," As she spoke Ara began to struggle to get up from the chair. It all ended with Cailu helping her get on her feet’s, supporting her until she had found her balance.

When she was fine standing by herself he walked over to the closet, still giving Anastasia angry glares whenever he could because of what she had done. It wasn't hard to find the cloak, even though Ara's relatives were the wealthiest in the villages it didn't show in her room. Mainly because Ara herself hadn't been able to buy things for herself in a long time, the things she owned seemed to disappear instead. Getting thrown away because of the risk that they somehow were infected and would only make her sicker by having them near her. Cailu didn't believe in such things but it was not like he could argue with the doctor.

He lightly hung the cloak over her shoulders and as he fastened it he shyly asked, "Perhaps you shouldn't walk? I could carry you."

"That's out of the question, I can walk by myself. If you are going to continue to act like this I don't want you to be presence, you probably have other things to do anyway."

Cailu adverted his eyes from hers, nodding after a while, "You can walk by yourself but... please, let me stay so I can see that everything goes smoothly."

Ara didn't respond to that, she just smiled towards Anastasia before starting to limp forward to the door. Sure, she would be able to move around a lot easier if she used her abilities. But she didn't want that, it wouldn't be the same thing as walking beside them and that was what she wanted to do. Not just be present. When she had finally made her way over to the staircase Cailu was there again, looking at her with his concerned eyes beginning to stretch out his arms and open his mouth to speak. But she raised her hand again, giving him a hard look, not allowing him to even utter the words because she was very much aware of what it was that he was going to say.

"I don't need your help, I can get down stairs on my own," Just as the last word left her lips she vanished from sight, spread by the wind. Cailu jolted as she did, feeling the breeze touch his cheek and tried to chase after it. Afraid that she wouldn't materialize as she had passed the stairs, afraid that she would vanish. Fly out the door where none could catch her. But to his delight she reappeared in front of the gate.

With a bright smile she looked over at Anastasia, "I'm sorry for being so slow but I'm really thankful that you bring me along. So where is it that you need to go?"

The setting changes from Airedale to Imos


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Sholeh Kanaka

“Kill you? It sure seemed that way. Don’t worry, I just wanted to give you a little surprise in the throne room.”

Sholeh's eyes went big. “Wait, so you were just having fun with me? But...” She paused to think about then grinned. “OK, I probably deserved it. You really had me, too.”

“But if you are worried about dying, you may want to get back to ground, rather than sit at the edge of the fence. Let me have your hand. Wouldn’t want to fall yes?”

She took the hand he offered and hopped off the fence, but couldn't resist a little teasing. “It sounds like you're doubting my flying skills. I should have you know I've only broken three bones falling off of buildings.” She settled for leaning her back against the fence and facing Vinicius.

“I want to promote you,” he said, and she was actually glad that he got her down from the fence, because she surely would have fallen right over the side wasted said promotion. She even literally felt her jaw drop and was positive that she was staring at him like a crazy person. She was so happy that she almost missed what he said next.

“You are courageous, and though our soldiers are known to be a fearless bunch, the truth is, due to history, due to the type of kings we have developed through the past, people fear our kings. But you didn’t, I like people who can take a stand. Well not like that. I mean… Errr… I do like you..."

And now she was being complimented for being courageous when everyone else just called her stupid and impulsive. Most people just look down on her for the way she is, but here was the king of the entire fire tribe praising her for it. She had to bite down on the inside of her cheek to keep from grinning like an idiot.

"I admire your courage, for you to approach me. I have never seen anything like that before, a soldier standing up against her king. And I don't see it as treason either, treason is disloyalty. You to face me, I must say... It was an honor, though I did not fight back. And because of that, I personally invite you to the royal ball, the town criers will go out today to the public to announce it. But I thought it be better to invite you myself."

Sholeh was so touched by his kinds words that she forgot who she was talking to and threw her arms around him. “I am so unbelievably grateful for all of this! I can't believe I'm being rewarded for...” She suddenly remembered what she was doing, and quickly withdrew and took several steps away. “Oh, I am so sorry, you know I have impulsive control issues, and I probably just violated every one of your boundaries. So, assuming I didn't just ruin everything, I would love to come to the ball. Maybe someone will do something so stupid there that everything I do will pale in comparison.”

Her mind drifted back to their earlier conversation about the earth tribe. She stepped over to the fence and faced the city. “You know, I don't think the people will be upset if you don't retaliate against the earth tribe. I mean, some will be, but I don't think the majority will be.” She glanced back at Vinicius. “Do you know how many funerals I've been to for my comrades? I've lost count. The common folk just want their loved ones, they barely pay attention to the war. And we're the winning team, I can't even imagine how many loved ones the common folk of the losing teams have lost.” She gave a half smile. "Not that I'm complaining. I love being a soldier, and I'm on your side, war or not."


After days of traveling, Kala and her group could finally see the edge of Airdale. She hoisted Lnoli up on her shoulders in his usual place, and turned to address the warriors who had accompanied her. “Alright, you guys stay here while I go talk to the guard. We don't need them to think we're coming to attack.”

She left the ten warriors and the supplies behind while she approached the outskirts of the village. There were a few people that Kala assumed were guards, and she approached one of them. “I come from Northpass hoping to trade some rugs, clothing, and hides for food. I come with ten other warriors solely for protection. May I be permitted to speak to your leader?”

The setting changes from Imos to Airedale


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#, as written by Lyysa



Even though Airedale wasn't the most well-guarded or the most populated village in all of Imos, they still had a small but skilled force. They were loyal to the little tribe, it was their home and their family. There were no other place for them were they could belong, not because they wanted to ever leave this place. But the tribe had struggled the past couple of years, with their position being so close to the fighting people feared for their security but there wasn't much they could do. They didn't want to leave their home.

A small group of guards that was positioned to guard the village entrance noticed the company as they came closer, at first suspicious to it since it was such a large group. The Air tribe didn't get much visits from other tribes and usually it was just lonely traders, but this was a group of eleven people, it surely was an unusually large group. But when one of them left the others the small group of guards silently grabbed their weapons. They didn't take them out of their scabbard, but they were prepared in case they needed them.

“I come from Northpass hoping to trade some rugs, clothing, and hides for food. I come with ten other warriors solely for protection. May I be permitted to speak to your leader?”

The guards glanced towards the warriors, still doubting the amount they had with them. Most of them had never even heard of the place they called Northpass. One of them stepped forward towards the woman as he started announcing, "I can bring you to our leader, but your warriors have to wait outside of Airedale. If they need anything someone could bring that to them but they will not be let inside, we don't appreciate when people bring such large amounts of soldiers to our village."

As he finished speaking he held out his arm to show her the way towards the middle of the village, in front of the market, where the leader’s mansion was. It was the liveliest part of the village so it wasn't hard to find even if you had never been in the village, you just followed the sound as it grew louder. The voices shouting out their prices, people talking to each other of the news and gossip that traveled through Airedale. It was a part where most people spent their free time since you could always meet someone you knew there.

When they made their way there the guard stopped walking for a short moment, looking at the three people outside the leader’s mansion. It was the largest house of Airedale, but still not even close to those of the other tribes, it was not a castle or not even a fort. It was just an ordinary house, when it was built it had been one of the most beautiful building in all of Imos but the years had not been kind to it. It was old and torn like most of the village.

After the short stop the guard hurried forward to the three, glancing anxiously towards the woman who was leaning on the cane before he turned towards the only male in the small group, "There was a group that approached our city, they say they comes from Northpass and want to trade. This woman is the one speaking for them, the other warriors is still outside our city walls."

Both Cailu and Ara listened closely to what the guard told them, even if Ara didn't say anything about it. But both of them knew of Northpass since they had a small encounter with people from that place before. Neither one of them had harsh feelings towards those people however, they didn't have any opinion about them.

Cailu nodded quietly and slowly before turning towards the woman, "I'm Cailu Elre, the leader of the Air tribe." He glanced towards Ara who met his eyes silently, "Perhaps we should continue inside? If you come with me we can continue this talk in my office where only people who should hear will listen."

Before he left he took one last glance at Ara who still didn't say anything but as he and the woman went inside she turned towards the guard and sent him back to his position. When she had done that she turned towards Anastasia and smiled softly, "I'm sorry but I can't accompany you anymore it seems. But it was nice to get to talk to you again."

When she was done talking she molded into her breeze form and went inside, she flew back to her room which was placed beside Cailu's office so she would be able to hear what they talked about. Cailu knew she listened, he often went to her after finishing conversations to hear her opinion on how he had behaved. If he had done good or failed.

Cailu on the other hand had sat down on his chair in the room on the second floor and watched the woman, uncertain on what he should say as usual. It was a long moment of silence, he didn't open his mouth, all he did was fiddling with his hands before him on the table. As the long break came to the end he tried to look at the woman but ended up looking away instead, "So... You want to trade? Why? Oh, and perhaps you could tell me your name..."

The setting changes from Airedale to Imos


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Sholeh Kanaka

"Yes, I'm joking, I'm totally joking, ha ha. No, being serious, I want you to be captain, perhaps your brave motives and courageous actions may influence those of lower ranks below you, and even those of same position, and maybe even my brother may be inspired. But if Zaheed were to praise you for anything, then I would say you were from the divine, for that is doing of the impossible. Yeah..."

Sholeh smirked. “Yeah, he's a real sweetheart isn't he? He's a little too serious for us to really get along.” Not that they had ever interacted much. There were too many stations in between them for her to ever get any direct orders from him. But she always got bad vibes from him, and she was one to trust her intuition. “But at least he's...dedicated,” said, struggling for a compliment.

"But you shouldn't be looked as a weapon, no one should. I know that when I get a body count during aftermaths of battles, that it is not just a number, because it is a person. So many of our military leaders forget that, the thirst for blood has always ran rampant in this tribe. However, I never thought us perfect. But I also never thought us weak, either. And we won't be, not while I am king."

“I think the tribe being weak is the last thing you have to worry about. The soldiers I know are passionate about protecting their home and their king, and they'll fight to death. Their loyalty runs deep, probably because they're young enough to remember only one king, and they had it pretty good under him. They're hopeful about you, too. I definitely like you so far.” She grinned. “You're a very good sport about...everything that happened.”

The fact that he was rewarding her for something most kings would execute for still baffled her. Not that she was going to start bringing up points on why he should execute her. She'd tempted fate numerous other times before, and they never ended well, so she wasn't going to do it now.

“And when you find your queen, we'll be loyal to her, too. That's why you're throwing the ball, right? To find a bride? You know, I've never been to ball before. In fact, I haven't been to many parties since I joined the army. No time for fun when you've got training to do.” No time for fun when you've got something to prove, either. Her family was particularly adamant about her not becoming a soldier. They were more serious about women not joining the army than most of her comrades. At least her fellow soldiers gave in once she proved she could fight. Her family is still steadfast against it.

“You're going to make all of some seamstress or tavern wench's dreams come true. Almost every little girl in the world has dreamed about some prince...well, king, in this case...sweeping them off their feet and carrying them off to live a life of grandeur.” Except her. She preferred her feet firmly on the ground. “You know, you made my dream come true, but I was the one who literally swept your feet out from under you.” She giggled a little from the memory.


“So…If we now do have some crops that we can refrain from… What will we get for doing so? You forgot to mention what your people will offer in exchange...”

'Idiot,' she heard Lnoli say in her head.

'I was getting to it,' she thought back at him.

She fought back the eager smile at the possibility that trade would go through, and instead kept her face neutral. “We brought an assortment of rugs, hides, and clothing. Rugs for decoration, clothing for...well, not running around naked. Now, hides are the most valuable, because you can turn the leather into furniture, more clothes, whatever strikes your fancy.”

On the ground, Lnoli yawned and jumped up onto a chair that was probably where she was supposed to sit. He sat up on it and gave her look that she knew to be smug. 'Being a merchant is not your calling. So much for being clever enough to sell flint to a fire triber.'

She sent a glare his way, then turned her attention back to Cailu. “And this could just the first step in establishing regular trade between our tribes. And with regular trade comes good relations, and potentially an alliance. I think if we come together, both of our tribes would be stronger for it.” Even as she said the words, she wondered how the Chief would take the proposal she offered them without consulting him first, but she decided to cross that bridge when she got there.

A thought suddenly occurred to her, and she smiled. “And I could offer my own services, as well. You see, I'm a shaman, so I know a few rituals that could...tip the balance. I can help get revenge on your enemies, help your sick get back on their feet. I even know a ritual that can help a woman choose the gender of their unborn child. Now, I'll be the first to admit that the rituals don't work one-hundred percent of the time, but I have a reputation in my tribe as someone who can get things done.”