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Arclius harfog

the traveling researcher

0 · 163 views · located in Airedale

a character in “The Tribes of Imos”, as played by Eihcra the maker


They are craving for power and destruction.


Full Name: Arclius harfog

Age: 26

Gender: male

Tribe: fire

Position in the Tribe: none

Negative Traits: kills innocent people that are not little girls

Positive Traits:
devious when arclius talks to people he normally prefers to control that person
untrustworthy normally would back stab you or betray that person
intelligent because of his many travels Lolita complex in his mind

Sexual Preference: lolicon

Likes: war fighting playing chess mystical items scrolls maps killing taking advantage of someone weapons little girls

Dislikes: boredom

Fears: none

Personality Description: very skilled swordsman arclius likes to take control of peoples mind by words and lies he is not known for peace or friendship but a brutal killing spree he likes his travels very much and sword fighting he would very much like wars to occur everywhere he also loves little girls because of his Lolita complex and doesn't mind telling people that he does

Biographical History:he had and battle training child hood all his life at age 15 he began to participate in the war against fire and water at age 16 he was promoted to a high rank for killing more water tribes men and there leader sort of general at age 18 he quit the army and went on a mass killing spree and started killing all his fellow tribes men at age 20 he escaped with some supplies and his favorite killing sword then began exploring and traveling

Hair Color: white

Eye Color: purple

Tattoos/Markings: none

Weight:79 kg

Height:179 cm

Brief Appearance Description:wears a very gentlemanly outfit that he got from his travels and has a belt for his sword he normally puts a bag pack on but takes it off while fighting scruffy hair from his travels

Carrying:death the sword that killed many fire and water tribesmen he also holds mystical objects, several scrolls and some writing tools with some paper and a scroll containing baking recipes and some cooking ingredients and cooking hardware.

Notable Skills/Abilities: very good at using the powers also found out a way to limit the fire barriers power draining he also has a blue fire and expert at fire control also master swords man and an expert weapon user because of his murder killing days and is very good baker

So begins...

Arclius harfog's Story


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Arclius harfog

"yawn" just waking up from a nap at near a tree Arclius yawned and then smiled what a "marvellous day in Airedale I better leave this place by tomorrow to go to Shadowfen" Arclius stood up and picked up his bag he looked everywhere and he could see birds singing and the wind whistling and then he thought of whistling himself while walking to Airedale village as he was walking he was looking at the wonderful scenery and the morning sky he went past the fence and walked up the stairs to Airedale village and started looking for the merchants and there goods Arclius asked this women "do you know were the merchants are" he asked politely and grinned the women gave him the directions and he replied with a "thank you" he walked a bit more and finally reached the merchants arculius goes up to a merchant and asks "do you have any bread" the merchant nods and arclius pays him arculius then walks out of the town and starts walking in the forest near Airedale he sits back down to eat his bread and after a while of relaxing he senses something approaching he then throws his sword and hits it right in the heart it falls and it seems to be a type of bird after he killed the bird he notices someone saying "that's my bird" the person had brown hair and blue eyes he seemed to be of the earth tribe arclius replies "I Don't need it but I do need food so ill keep it" the person walks off and says something to himself "I heard the earth and the fire tribe might make an alliance if they do ill make the best food ever" arclius overhears the conversation to himself and backstabs the person and leaves the body he takes the sword from the body and leaves the bird he finishes his bread while walking to a nearby tree after a while of looking at his map and reading scrolls he sees the sun set he lays his head on the tree and begins too sleep


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Character Portrait: Fi Lynx Character Portrait: Arclius harfog
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Arclius harfog

Arclius wakes up in the night because of nightmares he's never dreamt before but in Airedale he thinks of staying at the village for a couple of days so he takes his blanket he thinks to himself air tribe are friendly people so they shouldn't try to kill me after a while of traveling back to airedale village he asks many people to stay at there house but they answered no after trying many more houses he reached a big house more bigger than the villagers but he sensed someone was awake he knocked on the door "hello is anyone there" he said while knocking on the door suddenly someone opened the door it was a girl with white hair and there was also a scythe on her back he had recognised the weapon from when he once used a scythe in a murder arclius asked "can I stay at your house"