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"I will do anything for my tribe."

0 · 126 views · located in Shadowfen

a character in “The Tribes of Imos”, as played by RedFox



Full Name:




Position in the Tribe:
Second in Command; Deputy


Negative Traits:
Deceptive, Stubborn, Easily angered.

Positive Traits:
Has the ability to manipulate - or rather seduce - people and bend them to her will, very skilled with her bow, very loyal to her tribe and Noir, emotionally strong.

Sexual Preference:
She doesn't think about it. Still, she would be with anyone if it really came down to it.

Though she may seem like a cool and cynical person, she finds great joy in a number of things. The simple feeling of running fills her with excitement and peace, and with that her ability to fly with the wind. She finds great satisfaction in helping others, specifically her tribe and Noir. She enjoys being needed, and though it is a simple human desire, she feels it exponentially. She lives for being needed, wanted, appreciated, and respected. Similarly, one of her absolute favorite things is the way Noir looks when she is happy. It not only means that the tribe is at peace, but that Eve is doing a good job.

Opposite of her likes, Eve hates being looked down upon and disrespected. She wants to be liked and adored by all. She wants to be desired. If she doesn't have those things, she doesn't feel complete. Moreover, she feels rather empty. She hates to walk away from a threat, fight, or insult.

Eve's biggest fear is being exiled from her tribe. The idea of doing something shameful enough to not be welcome in the place of which she'd spent all of her life and effort, the place she calls home, is unthinkable to her. Her second biggest fear is Noir's death. Not only would it mean that Eve had failed to protect her leader, but that would in turn place Eve into the position. While she would take the position with great honor she knows that she is not ready for such a high role yet. Her last biggest fear is simply fire. Due to this, the fire tribe is absolutely terrifying for her, though she passes it off as a distaste for them. Another rather odd fear of hers is the fear of falling in love.

Personality Description:
Above anything else, Eve is a loyal member of the Air Tribe. She'd protect her tribe, and her faithful leader, until her last dying breath. This is her most redeeming trait. She's a rather reserved person, and her feelings and thoughts are a mystery to anyone who hasn't gotten closer. With a calm, cool, and collected exterior, you can find she's a fearful woman underneath. She fears failing her tribe, and Noir. She fears disappearing without a trace. Her fears keep her going and fuel her motivation to be a dependable warrior for her people. She takes her position very seriously, and does not abuse her power. She's a disciplined and honorable individual. She gains immense joy from helping her tribe and for contributing.

Likewise, Eve has a dark side to her. She uses her appearance to her advantage and can easily seduce people into giving her what she wants - though only when it is very needed. She's a skilled liar - though once again, this is only used when necessary. She prefers to do things in a pure fashion before she delves into darker tactics. Due to her intense desire to be an incredible leader and protector to her tribe and Noir, she's a hot-headed individual who will fight when she deems it necessary. Coinciding with this, she is also very stubborn, and the only people who can normally sway her decisions are those who she highly respects. She prefers to leave small tasks to whomever wishes the task to be done, though in her eyes it is seen as a training mechanism on independence. With her leader, however, it is a different story and she will go to whatever end she must to fulfill her requests and needs.

Biographical History:
She'd always been seen as beautiful and desirable, even at a young age. She grew up being showered with love and adoration. With such acceptance and love, Eve trained quickly and diligently. She knew she had to live up to those who admired hers' expectations. She was also aware that letting them down was not an option. Eve's father was a topic never mentioned to her, and she never brought it up. The lack of a fatherly figure was something that had always bothered her, though she figured that there was a reason he was never brought up so she kept silent. Her mother is the one who trained her in combat, and had been excellent in herbs. The bow was her mother's, given to Eve after she had disappeared without a trace or evidence when Eve was 18. Eve had been appointed as second in command soon after Noir had been selected as the tribe's leader. She accepted the role with prestige, delighted to be trusted with such a position. Her fear of fire alighted when she was only a small child. Eve had heard fearful tales of the malevolent fire tribe that terrorized so many. Having never had an experience with an element such as fire before, she watched how it was made one night when a campfire was set ablaze and then crept out deep in the night to try it herself. She successfully lit a small flame and touched it with her curious fingertips. She jumped back in alarm at the burning sensation. The fire began to spread and grow, and she scrambled to put it out. In the process she burned both of her hands very badly, but luckily it didn't do any damage and she was only caught a few days later when her mother questioned her on the mysterious burns and she fessed up to it all. After that incident she would lay in bed at night and imagine the destruction that fire could cause. It's terrified her since.


Hair Color:
Snow white

Eye Color:
Deep turquoise

Burn scars cover the palms of both of her hands.

135 pounds

Slightly above 5'6

Brief Appearance Description:
Eve is a voluptuous, curvy, well-busted individual. She has thin white hair that goes just past her bust. Due to its volume, the wind easily picks it up, as well as movement, so it's hardly ever seen at rest. While her clothing changes, it always shows off her best features - including her bust - and includes a hood. She also is a fan of thigh-high boots and gloves for an added grip on her bow. She has a slightly tanned skin tone, though most would still probably consider her pale. Her lips are full. Her turquoise eyes are large, and she has naturally thick lashes. She's considered very aesthetically-pleasing in general.

She wields her mother's bow and arrow, and carries a set of arrows on a quiver that she straps to her back. She carries some herbs due to the little knowledge of herbs she acquired from her mother.

Notable Skills/Abilities:
Eve is notable for her amazing accuracy and precision with her bow and arrow. She manipulates the air of which her bow travels through after she's shot it, causing it to go with increased speed and certainty. Along with this, she is light on her feet and incredibly quick. Other than fighting abilities, she has an incredible singing voice. Though not many people have heard it, those who have describe it as mellifluous and angelic.

So begins...

Eve's Story