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"Knowledge is the ultimate key to everything."

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a character in “The Tribes of Imos”, as played by Gladis


They are craving for power and destruction.



Lord of the Phoenix
Keeper of Scrolls
Hand of The Inferno

Full Name and Title:
Lord Mazus Solomon





Position in the Tribe:

Royal Advisor (sort of)


Negative Traits:Image
Hard to Satisfy- Due to his personality, he is not an easy man to please.
Greedy- for knowledge.
Picky- Mainly with food.
Cold- One could even go as far as to call him emotionless. Due to his calculating nature, he lacks the ability to thoroughly enjoy something. He doesn't understand the true meaning of love and has never experienced the feeling of genuinely caring for someone. He does have things he is passionate about, yet most of them are either extremely far out of his reach, or simply too artificial to count as being emotionally passionate about them. Mazus has yet to learn what it means to be human.
Cruel- without doubt, he is cruel.
Obsessed- his goals are his life... And he has a tendency to get momentarily obsessed with solving problems too, if they pose enough if a challenge. During this time he can neither eat, sleep nor think about anything else.
Alone- as for now, he has been unable to ever make real friends... Mainly because he is unable to see people as anything but chess pieces he can move in his game of life.
Hypocrite- As his philosophic and calculating nature clash, some of his views... sort of tend to make him look like a hypocrite.

Positive Traits:Image
Cunning- No matter how you look at it, Mazus is cunning.
Patient- Mazus knows well how to bid his time.
Intellectual- He is a VERY intelligent man.
Ambitious- both in his long term goals and tasks given by his leader.
Fierce- He does not let anyone trample on him- be it in battle by silencing them with his sword or by casting a brat a menacing look.
Sharp- Quick to pick things up and understand them.
Poetic- Surprisingly enough, he is rather poetic, and has the ability to detect beauty in things. It is a sign of that he might actually least a little human.
Philosophic- Mazus is very philosophic and often expresses this. It is a contrast to his otherwise calculating nature, and is connected to his somewhat poetic tendencies.

Sexual Preference:

Mazus beds whomever Mazus wishes to bed. He does however not show any particularly strong need for sex, even if he is neither unexperienced nor dislikes it. He simply mostly has other things on his mind, and generally sees delving into pleasures of the body as a waste of time.

Reading || Learning/Studying || Playing Chess || Mind Games/Challenges || Rain || Libraries || Scrolls and Books || Taking Strolls || Gardens || Beautiful Flowers || Tigers || Myths and Legends || Flames || Being in Control || Order and controlled Chaos || Smoking || War || Amusing/Interesting Individuals || Poetry || Dogs || Cats

Being Disturbed || Being Outwitted (although he hardly thinks it is possible) || Losing Games or Challenges || Idiocy || Losing Control || Rudeness|| Barbaric Actions (only to a certain extent) || Arrogance (despite being somewhat arrogant himself) || Bad Liars || Clingy People || Boredom

Being Outwitted
Losing Control

ImagePersonality Description:
Mazus's public image displays him as a capable and powerful warrior, known to be matched by few. He is loyal to the leader of the fire tribe, and a valuable asset to the tribe not because of his supreme skills in combat, but because of his intellect. Indeed. Mazuse is a man of knowledge who bids a lot of his free time studying scrolls recording history, ancient writings in long forgotten languages and science. He believes that knowledge, and not violence or force is the key to success. Despite his somewhat imposing persona, he is also known to have a kind side to him, which he has expressed in several occasions of unexpected mercy, or when he has offered people he seemingly has no connection to help. What people tend to miss, is the bigger picture.

Mazus does none of this without a reason. In fact, every single action he takes might have a hidden agenda. Displaying neither fierce hatred for the other clans, nor extreme love towards his own, Mazus can be considered a rather cold and hard to influence individual. In fact, very little seems to be able to aggravate him, and he usually treats most situations objectively, from a calculating standpoint. He calculates his every move, assesses every situation. Even if he to the public may appear kind or fierce, he uses it all as a means to slowly bring him closer to his final goals and missions. Not many occurrences have much of an impact on him, meaning that he is also a very hard man to please, or read. in fact, he keeps up a more or less emotionless expression most of the time. When he does not, it is usually an act he uses in order to exert his will on others via manipulation. Mind you, Lord of the Phoenix might even be the schemer of the century. He has ideas, is a master of making plans as how to coerce others into obedience, without the use of direct violence or force. The words are his weapons, the human psychology his playground.

Indeed, Mazus is cunning and manipulative as hell. He can be charming when he needs to be, intimidating if so the moment requires... Or even kind and helpful. It all depends what he stands to gain, and there are only actually a few things he wants.

Mazus, as mentioned above, has a never ending greed for knowledge. He would like to know everything, if that were possible, and spends a lot of his time studying. Knowledge is definitely something he has devoted his life to. Another thing he enjoys is letting what he tends to call 'interesting' or 'amusing individuals' run wild and simply stand by, watching and studying them. As he easily gets bored, few have ever managed to keep his interest for long, and most of them have ended in horrible deaths. If Mazus was directly involved with them or not, is unknown. Usually, these individuals tend to be people deriving from the 'normal' mindset. He also enjoys wars, but wants to wage them in more than one way... And with everything eventually leading to one final goal: a unified world.

He is ambitious and hard working, seeing past conflicts, hatred and morals to achieve his goals. In fact, while his general view is that happy people are the easiest ones to rule, and global peace is the way to go... He would not even bat an eye if wiping out an entire population to achieve his means would be required.

He is cunning, he is cold, he is cruel, he is deceitful, sly and manipulative. While he can be a very good ally as long as you are aware of whom you are dealing with, he is a very dangerous foe. The reason he remains loyal to The Blazing Inferno, is mainly because his position lets him enjoy the few things he likes in life, such as playing challenging mind games, participating in war and delving into studies. This is a position he is content with... For now.

Biographical History:
Mazus's past is quite an obscure one, and very little is known about him. There are many rumors about him before he became known to the public, but none of them have been proven correct. One day about fifteen years ago, Mazus simply appeared. He proved himself to be useful, and thus was given a job. In the past fifteen years, he has simply been working his way up in rank, until he finally reached the position he has today.

His past will be elaborated on during the course of the role play.


Hair Color:


Eye Color:


A large symbolic tattoo of a phoenix on his back, concealing a scar. He's got several more scars from battle, and although he doesn't mind them, they usually end up being concealed by his clothes.

79 kg

182 cm

Brief Appearance Description:

Mazus is a tall, well-built man with red eyes. His hair too, is flaming red, longish, and he often wears part of it tied back in a small ponytail, while he lets the rest hang freely. His eyebrows are thin and creaked elegantly, which can make him look both stoic and menacing- depending on the situation. He is of fair complexion, which compliments his features well. Most often, Mazus can be seen wearing a combination of red, black and white. His choice of clothes is neat and elegant, while remaining comfortable. He wears a metal cauldron on his left shoulder, which resembles a tigers head.


Carrying: Image
Phenex- His trusted sword.
Paper- He always makes sure to have a few small, blank scrolls with him.
Ink and Quill- Why carry paper without anything to write with?
Four Daggers- Hidden in his garments.
He is rarely seen without books some book or scroll he is currently studying.
Grace- ]He has always been fond of tigers. Although, she is usually safely kept either in a cage or simply in his living quarters. Although she is a trained animal, Mazus knows she could possibly cause a disruption amongst others, and therefor is careful with where he takes her.

Notable Skills/Abilities:
The Scholar
- Reading
- Writing
- Mathematics
- Scientific Knowledge

The Schemer
- Plotting/Planning
- Observing/Assessing Situations
- Rhetoric Skills
- Charismatic
- Manipulating
- Creativity

The Leader
- Commanding
- Organizing
- Swordplay
- Keeping his Cool

So begins...

Mazus's Story


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#, as written by Lyysa
Fi Lynx

In the middle of the city, just by the tribe’s biggest house - the leader’s house, all the leaders live there while still ruling - sat Fi outside the vault. Or vault, it was a house where the tribe’s treasures were kept, things like gold, jewels, secret tunnels leading underground to the most secret things. The stones. Fi knew she guarded those stones but no one has ever told her why, they called them "The element stones" but there was only three of them. A blue, a brown and a deep red one.


Fi looked up at the sky and yawned, it was nice weather today and here she was sitting all by herself with only a door and the scythe as company. She looked around at the people going around the square, looking at what the merchants had today, talking and having more fun than her. It was not like she was forbidden to talk with people while guarding. But she choose not to, she once nearly told a stranger about what she really was guarding. And since then she has only waved hi when people greeted her.

It was a peaceful day, some days where exhausting because people was bugging her about her job. Or just talking about how she should do more with her life than run around all day. Some days were a total chaos because someone had seen other tribes close by. When that happened she or someone else had to be inside that dark basement with the stones. She hated those days.

While she was playing around with the dust on the ground, making it fly around in circles one of the other guards came and smiled faintly. "Your shift is over, it's my time now."
Fi flew up from the chair, "Finally! Have fun." She smiled while grabbing her scythe and ran away as fast as she could.

Finally outside the village she exhaled, Free. She stretched her stiff body that was starting to hurt a little from sitting down for such a long time. No more chairs for today. She looked around at the forest surrounding her home smiling to herself, it was pretty. She ran a little further away from the village and then started climbing the highest tree she could see. It was a bit difficult because her body was still not that awake and she moved slowly. But she reached the top - or the highest place she could sit down at without breaking the branch, she looked out at the forest. The wind was swirling around her and tried to make her fall by pulling on her clothes. She looked down at the main road you traveled on to get to the village, Oh a person, oh... That's too bad, no white hair.

She closed her eyes and focused on dissolving herself, when she was completely gone or invisible she flew down from the branch and traveled along the road. When there was some space from her and the stranger she reappered with the scythe in hand smiling. "Well hello there stranger, may I ask why you are traveling on our land?"


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#, as written by Gladis
(Did the same misstake. X( )

The setting changes from Imos to Murtovaara


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#, as written by Gladis

Mazus silently moved through the corridors of the corridors of the undying inferno's stronghold, his long black cloak dragging along the floor behind him, and his loose satin clothing swishing around slightly in his movement. He was carrying a stack of scrolls, and had just left the library after twelve minutes of searching through all the diverse knowledge it had the offer. As a result, he had decided that these scrolls were most likely what his lord was looking for, gathered them up and was now on his way bringing them to the undying inferno. As usual, his face was an emotionless mask.

"This must be legend, it doesn't make sense?! How will ever I be fated for greatness without being this!" he hollered loud enough for others to hear him outside the room and a bit down the hall. "How does one become this? Why am I not great enough?"

Hearing is his lord from the other side of the room, a slight smile of amusement crossed Mazus lips. It was unusual for his master to study, and the thought that it was frustrating him was a very satisfying one for Mazus. Why, he wasn't entirely sure himself, but seeing the undying inferno taking a break from his usual 'slaughters' and try so hard with another method, even if it would lead to further slaughter, was almost cute. He hesitated briefly before raising his hand and knocking on the door. Not awaiting an answer, he opened the door and strode inside. "Here are the scrolls you requested," Mazus said, the ghost of a cunning smile tugging the corners of his lips. "Milord," he added, placing them down on a fairly empty spot of the table.

He let his eyes wander across the table, arching an eyebrow as he saw what it was Zeddicus currently studied. Indeed, this method of controlling flames was not only terribly hard to follow through, but also extremely risky. As Zeddicus was most likely questioning himself if it was truly worth going to such extremes, Mazus thought it to be utterly foolish. There were other ways to win than simply taking to brute force, and he thought that procedures of this kind should only ever be used in absolute need. This, he decided to express to the leader of the fire tribe.

"Milord... there are other ways to gain control of the resisting tribes, rather than exhausting your life before your time," he stated, keeping his blood red eyes trained and the man sitting before him.

The setting changes from Murtovaara to Imos


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The Undying Inferno
"Fire burns brighter in the darkness."


Deep into his focus Zeddicus ignored and blocked out the sound of a knock at his door. In came the lord's adviser, Mazus, also known as Lord of the Phoenix. The man set the scrolls against the surface of a table with free space.

"Here are the scrolls you requested, Milord," Mazus responded in a way to break apart the silent that oddly flooded the room.

Zeddicus remained silent as he nodded with his head resting in the palm of hand with his elbow pressed against his desk. Zeddicus was rather tired, he had stayed up the entire night. Zeddicus just could not bring himself to rest while fearing he was not the strongest man in Imos, or at least not feeling prideful enough to claim so.The lord felt rather dizzy, not because of the lack of sleep but because anything related to reading or studying has always been difficult to him. It was because he was not forged to become a scholar but a warrior. In fact, Zeddicus did not learn how to read until he was in his mid-twenties.

"Milord... there are other ways to gain control of the resisting tribes, rather than exhausting your life before your time," Mazus informed, staring directly at Zeddicus.

"I suppose... You are correct, I'm better with a sword stained with blood of my enemies, rather than book adorn with... words," Zeddicus answered lifting his head up and scanning the room, surprised at what had become- a catastrophe. "Well damn, this room very much looks like a battlefield itself."

Standing up Zeddicus wore his usual leather-armor vest with straps of the same material tied around his arms. Though he was not wearing embellished bottom part of his outfit, because it can get rather uncomfortable sometimes, and instead was wearing ordinary slacks. Most of his armor was leather, yet most may say the quality is quite weak Zeddicus would disagreed, and instead say, If you are quick and fast on your feet, then you won't have to worry about your armor taking damage for you. Though compared to his adviser, the Undying Inferno was short and four inches less than him. But Zeddicus uses his shortness in his advantage through dodging his enemies' attacks.

"I will confess, I am not feeling quite awake and alive like I should be. Thus, a match of wrestling may wake me. Please send forth one of my guards to my training grounds outside. If you wish to speak to me, please wait after-- I would hate to be interrupted during a good match."

Zeddicus swiftly turned his whole body with a twist of his heel as he exited the room and to his training quarters outside his living.

The setting changes from Imos to Murtovaara


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#, as written by Gladis

Zeddicus was out of town, dealing with his lost Raven, and he had taken his dog with him. With Nero out of the way and his master not present, whilst he had complete control over the fire tribe... this was the perfect opportunity for Mazus to act. He would certainly not waste this rare opportunity he'd been given, though whatever he may have been thinking at the time remained completely concealed by his emotionless mask. It was always like this with Mazus, and the few rare moments when he actually showed emotion, it was impossible to tell if these were his true feelings or not. He was truly a man built from solely numbers and calculations.

Tapping his finger against the surface of the table in an unbroken rhythm, he let his gaze wander across the scroll in front of him. Currently it was blanc, as he yet had to compose the letter he would soon send on its way. How tedious... he thought, letting his gaze drop down to the large tiger resting on the floor beside him. She was chained as to avoid panic from any potential visitors, yet there was no doubt that this was a trained beast. She obeyed Mazus every command and had been his ally for many years. Reaching down, he gently patted her head before pausing as there suddenly was someone knocking on the door. Straightening up, Mazus cleared his throat, taking the quill he had intended to write with between his fingers.

"Yes?" he asked calmly.

"Lord Mazus," the voice of a boy sounded from the other side of the door, "you requested me?"

"Indeed," the advisor replied, dipping the tip of the quill into a bottle of ink before letting it connect with the surface of the parchment scroll, "come in..."

The door opened, and a young man of fifteen stepped inside. He had ash gray eyes, raven black hair and wore the attire of a typical page.

Mazus flashed him a slight smile before letting the quill glide over the scroll surface as he quickly but carefully composed the letter. Once he was done, he placed the ink to the side and once again set his ruby eyes on the nervous servant. "I want you take two guards and deliver this letter to the air tribe. Make sure they understand that you are coming in peace, and do not intend to cause any harm. If a situation demanding violence should arise- rather run than attack. We want to show them that we are willing to negotiate on friendly terms- not burn them to the ground... understood?" he asked, patiently waiting for the ink to dry. The boy nodded his head and bowed politely.

"Yes, my lord," he assured.

"Good boy..." Mazus said softly. Once the ink had dried, he rolled the scroll and handed it to the page. "Now be on your way. We are running out of time..."

This is all in the Fire Tribes best interest...

The setting changes from Murtovaara to Imos


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Walking through the city of Shadowfen, Zeddicus felt the weight of failure and defeat pound against his shoulders. Time in war acts so precious, and here he has wasted a day only to gain nothing. Zeddicus was angry, at Toa for his naive and ignorant mind, at Nero for misleading him, but above all for himself. The Inferno thought to himself, I have too equipped myself with both of their weakness. I like Toa, was too childish to believe that an alliance would actually bond. And like Nero, I misguided my kingdom. I, unfortunately, have not a right to be angry.

Once upon his horse, Cole, Zeddicus whipped his hood against the hairs of his head. Zeddicus was unusually quiet, often when failure srikes his path he blames someone anyone, but now he only stared downwards in disappointment. He then muttered, "Damn... I thought maybe... Maybe this whole alliance would be a reality, and not just an idea. That we would be cheering and drinking till we could barely see straight, and all in favor of a new found alliance. What a bloody dream."

So, My Lord, what would you have of me? Nero asked. "Should we return to Murtovaara after such a quick and unsuccessful negotiation? We could simply continue to fight the Water on our own."

"I've learned that doing the same thing, but expecting different results is insanity. Thus, if we could to fight the Water tribe with tactics just as before; would we not be running mad? I desired to say I won against the Water tribe fairly, but the only way we will ever end this damnation of a tribe is if we... got our hands dirt."

"I could create a situation where Toa would have no choice but to side with us. I can make him realize that the only course of action to protect his land and people is for the Water Tribe to be defeated, not negotiated with."

"Aye, anyone could, boy. But not everyone could do it without being caught. The last time I took your advice, I ended up wasting my time. But I guess I am at a position with not many options. Listen, this will be your call, and if any disaster comes of this, I cannot be apart of it. I apologize if it sounds cruel, but I cannot put the tribe endanger. However, if you are successful, I will reward you secretly with anything you want, as long as it is just, You must want something, every soul does...

Though, I must return home. I pray to the spirits that Mazus has proven himself with be trustworthy yet again. But tell me, before I depart, what is your decision?"


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"Return where you are needed, My Lord. I shall stay here. Talon will likely ask you for my whereabouts. No need to hide it from them, but I ask that you do not send them my way. The steps I may have to take to insure this goes in our favor... they would just hinder my progress." Nero informed the Inferno as he bowed in respect.

"Oh course, I will let the men of Talon be acknowledge of your further actions," Zeddicus confirmed.

"I do not know what will come of this. If the worst should happen, I ask that you make Rourke the next Captain. He would by far be the best suited candidate. Even if things did not go the way we intended, I enjoyed the time, My Lord. It was refreshing to hear things from a perspective different from my own."

Zeddicus smiled placed his palm against Nero's shoulder as he spoke clearly, "Nero, I lost many good men because of this war, I don' want to lose another. You better be alive after this, that's an order. Good luck, boy, may the spirit being of fate, Ayman, be in your favor."

After Zeddicus said his goodbyes Nero vanished with a swift kick at his horse and into the darkness of the forest. Zeddicus was now alone with no light, travelling blindly would surely be a mistake. But if we were to rest until morning, there is a stronger chance other tribes, the water tribe would become suspicious. But nobody could tell from a distance that it was the Inferno, the hood covered his face and the darkness covered his body.

Zeddicus knew even if he pushed himself to keep riding that his arrival would be the next day in late morning, and that is at the least. The Inferno continued to ride, eager to be given a report on Mazus's process. But after three hours his body began to feel the burden of exhaustion. He could feel his head weigh down as his body slipped away from the horse. Zeddicus feel to the ground as his horse continue galloping without him. Zeddicus watched as Cole stormed off without his master. Too tired to chase after the beast the lord watched his belongings disappear from him. Zeddicus did not appreciate the situation but knew that he was not hopeless, he could survive without his supplies and horse. He was just now more... vulnerable.

There was a tree next to the path he followed, he leaned against the tree and began to doze off.

The setting changes from Imos to Murtovaara


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Zeddicus felt a cool watery liquid brush against his cheek, and that is how he awoke from his slumber. Being a fire lord and someone who spends each complete moment to bring the water benders to their knees, you could say he has a problem when mysterious water like substances make contact with his face. Zeddicus jumped, back rubbed against the tree he slept on. In surprise, he knocked a blow at whatever in front of him. When feasting his eyes upon what laid in front of him, Zeddicus stared at his black stallion, Cole.

The horse shook his head and whine from the strike.

"What are you doing here?" Zeddicus questioned sounding rather irritated and annoyed.
"Didn't you run off?"

Cole lowered his head gifted his owner with an apple adored with a chuck bitten off.

"What? Is this suppose to make me happy that you abandon me?"

The horse wined nudged the fruit closer to Zeddicus. The Inferno chuckled a little seeing the humor in the creature. He took a bite out of gift and then asked with a mouthful of apple, "You happy now?"

The horse prance about in a bouncy motion in praise, though Zeddicus spit his part out being that the apple was too ripe, perhaps it fell off a tree and was found by Cole because of that fact.

"Your strange....," Zeddicus claimed, dusting himself off before getting upon his feet.
"And old... but bear a young spirit. Where did the fire tribe get you? Nevermind, we've got to get out here."

After exhausting riding with only occasional breaks to relieve himself, Zeddicus arrived back to his homeland and the city of Murtovaara. Dismounting from Cole Zeddicus patted the best on his head, murmuring, "You're not so bad after all, I guess." Zeddicus has always been too stubborn to ride Cole out, but now that Zeddicus has given him a chance, he may have a bond between him and the horse.

But enough about his horse, the Inferno had a much more essential matter to attend to- Mazus. Zeddicus wanted to believe that Mazus stood for him good and well, but a kingdom always has their traitors...

"Is there anything I can offer you, m'lord, Undying Inferno," a mere maidservant bowed to Zeddicus as he entered the palace's front entrance.

"Yes," the leader responded with a hurried nod as he glanced at the room looking for Mazus.
"Summon Lord of the Phoenix. And I have returned from a bothersome quest, please send fine wine and my crimson spotted beetles."