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Setsuna Fanir

"The true esence of clairvoiance, is knowing where and how to look."

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a character in “The Tribes of Imos”, as played by Gladis


The protectors of the Element stones.



High Priestess of the Winds
The Bird Witch


Full Name:
Setsuna Fanir




Position in the Tribe:
High Priestess


ImageNegative Traits:
Blunt- This could be seen as both positive or negative, depending on how one chose to view it. She is extremely blunt, and almost even painfully so. The fact that speaking her mind could hurt someones feelings or be seen as offensive in certain situations has never even crossed her mind. She simply always states what she believes to be the truth.
Absentminded- It is not unusual for Setsuna to simply... drift off from time to time, disparaging into her own thoughts. This wouldn't be a problem, hadn't it sometimes interfered with her work or her social life: albeit; drifting off in the middle of a conversation may, yet again, be perceived as rude.
Slightly Clumsy- Especially when she is tired, she had a tendency to mess up. Usually, she manages to keep her clumsy nature in check, though you will still see her nearly tripping or bumping into something from time to time.
Physically Frail- Although she does have means to defend herself physically, in a combat against a trained soldier Setsuna wouldn't stand a chance. She isn't weak exactly, but seeing as she was not trained in the art of combat, her skills in this area are limited.
Cold- Especially towards strangers, she may appear exceedingly cold, and in some situations maybe even ruthless. This is, despite her always being polite. She simply had a tendency to keep everyone at an arms length, and since she is rather quiet of nature (unless she has knowledge to gain), this is how she often is perceived. She rarely lets her emotions show, yet in actuality, however, she is a rather warm and kind person.

Positive Traits:
Perceptive- Of both people and her surroundings. She is also a surprisingly good listener, and can from time to time spout some pretty helpful advice.
Patient- In moth situations, she remains calm, treating everything with patience. Only rarely does she lose it.
Studious- If there is one thing where she doesn't hold back, it is when she is given the opportunity to learn something now. Studying is a vital part of her life and persona- she loves information and knowledge.
Loyal- To her tribe. She would do anything for her people- her heart.
Kind- Despite accidentally being rude sometimes and acting cold, Setsuna has a kind heart.
Curious- Setsuna is a very curious individual, loving to experiment and explore. She wants to know. To her, knowledge is the most precious thing the world has to offer.
Dedicated- To her work and her people.

Sexual Preference:
Has never shown any interest in being involved in a relationship before, and thus this fact remains unknown. This may or may not ever be revealed.

Snow || Clouds || The Moon || Fire, Water, Earth and Air || Birds (especially owls) || Studying || Learning || Writing || Reading || Peacefulness || Beauty || Gardening || Flowers || Windy Days || Storms || Thunder || Foxes || Kittens || Sweet Foods

Noisiness || Crowds || Plume || Small Spaces || Whiny Brats || Morons || Unnecessary Conflicts || Arrogance || Having her private sphere invaded || Embarrassing herself || Being reminded of her Height || Being Disturbed while Working || Being treated as a child

Small, dark spaces || Her village coming to harm || Being Useless

Personality Description:
Setsuna isn't one to openly share her emotions with strangers, and usually keeps a rather cool and blank attitude around them. While seeming to lack emotions, especially at initial meetings, Setsuna does not hesitate to voice her opinions. She is blunt but honest, saying what she thinks is right without giving much thought to how others might feel about it. She does have a softer and kinder side to herself, which becomes especially apparent when she interacts with her family and loved ones. It is clear that she has become the mother figure in her household, and she sure as hell lives up to this position. She can be a suprisingly good counselor when asked for advice, despite the fact that she is blunt. Where her personality truly shows, and perhaps also her cuter side, is when she is talking about her studies or given the chance to gain knowledge. It is almost like she makes a total personality switch and becomes extremely excited, easily starting to ramble about everything she knows with sparkling eyes. It is perhaps also proof of that she is actually still a child, and still far from a grown adult. She can have moments when she sort of drifts off into her own world, and becomes rather absent minded. During these episodes, she can very much be considered somewhat...strange.

Biographical History:Image
Setsuna's childhood was far from a unhappy one. She, as the eldest daughter of the Fanir family had her future set out for her from the day of her birth. For as long as she can remember, she has known that she would one day take over after her grandmother, a well respected village elder and also the high priestess of the air clan. Well aware of this, Setsuna has always felt a sense of responsibility. This is not to say that she couldn't enjoy her childhood, and she has many fond memories of spending time with her brother.

Quiet as she is- and was, even as a child, she spent a lot of time playing by herself, or studying by her grandmothers side. A big portion of her childhood consisted of studying, learning not only different rituals and procedures mandatory to be part of the high priestess knowledge, but also reading runes, writing, healing, death, birth and marriage procedures, knowledge about plants, herbs and other ways that can be used for healing both the body and the mind. She adored studying, and learning even more. She could spend hours and hours doing nothing else than indulging herself in her studies.

Although the disappearance of her father was a sad occurrence in her life, she knew she was far from the only child to lose their parents on an early age. Once it was decided he was most likely dead, a traditional death ceremony was held for him. Not even once during the procedure, did she cry. Instead it was her brother, who usually always wore a smile on his face, who cried for the both of them. This was what saddened her the most. After their fathers 'death', Camio started spending more and more time on his own, away from the village. Setsuna never even once questioned why or asked him to do otherwise, as she knew he had to sort out the turmoil within him on his own. As a result however, Setsuna was left alone caring for both her ailing mother and baby sister alone. Almost to her relief, their mother passed away a few months later. Even if Camio did his best to help in any way he could, he was more or less useless in this matter. Then there was her grandmother, who despite her old age also did her best to aid the family- yet her efforts did little to make it easier for the young priestess. During this period of time, Setsuna matured a lot. When she later at the age of fourteen was made the new high priestess of the air tribe, she could no longer be considered a child.

Today, not much has changed. Despite her young age, she is clearly the mother figure of the family, and cares for both Camio and Mio to the best of her abilities, while full filling her duties as the tribes high priestess.

She was given the name of the 'bird witch', as she inherited her grandmothers ability to communicate with, and to an extent, also control birds. This does not apply to soul animals, and the compulsion drains a lot of her energy- when overused going as far as being able to put her in coma. Nonetheless she has always had a strong connection to birds, which shows a lot in her relationship with Amon, Marchosias and Dantalion. These she has raised and trained on her own, starting from the day where they hatched. It is a tradition of the Fanir family to keep birds as pets, messengers and even spies. As her favorite bird is the owl, her choice was obvious.


Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Several markings connected to rituals and practices of her trade have been burned into her skin and can be found all over her body. Due to her garments, however, these usually remain obscured for the public eye.

41 kg

152 cm

Brief Appearance Description:
Setsuna is very short, even for her age. Because of her height and petite, rather flat and formless body form, she is often mistaken for a child. Some might even go so for as to compare her with a life sized doll. With her refined features, it isn't too far fetched. She is fair of complexion and has long, white hair cascading down her shoulders, reaching to her mid thighs. A neatly cut fringe frames her face, ending a small distance above her large, golden/yellow eyes. When not adorned in the traditional of the high priestess, which usually consists of many layers of fine materials with charms, necklaces and other jewelry to go along with it, her sense of fashion is rather simple and practical.


Leather Pouch- containing medical herbs.
A Small Dagger- For self defense, often hidden away in her garments.
The High Priestess Staff- Although usually carrying it around, she does not do so at all times.
Charms- Several, though the moon stone framed by gold is the most noticeable one, and also her most prized possession.
Marchosias, Amon and Dantalion- her three pet owls

Notable Skills/Abilities:
The Priestess
- Scrying
- Leading Ceremonial Procedures
- Bird Whispering

The Scholar

- Medical/Herbal Knowledge
- Reading
- Writing

The Housewife

- Cooking
- Gardening
- Handling Children

So begins...

Setsuna Fanir's Story


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#, as written by Lyysa
Fi Lynx

In the middle of the city, just by the tribe’s biggest house - the leader’s house, all the leaders live there while still ruling - sat Fi outside the vault. Or vault, it was a house where the tribe’s treasures were kept, things like gold, jewels, secret tunnels leading underground to the most secret things. The stones. Fi knew she guarded those stones but no one has ever told her why, they called them "The element stones" but there was only three of them. A blue, a brown and a deep red one.


Fi looked up at the sky and yawned, it was nice weather today and here she was sitting all by herself with only a door and the scythe as company. She looked around at the people going around the square, looking at what the merchants had today, talking and having more fun than her. It was not like she was forbidden to talk with people while guarding. But she choose not to, she once nearly told a stranger about what she really was guarding. And since then she has only waved hi when people greeted her.

It was a peaceful day, some days where exhausting because people was bugging her about her job. Or just talking about how she should do more with her life than run around all day. Some days were a total chaos because someone had seen other tribes close by. When that happened she or someone else had to be inside that dark basement with the stones. She hated those days.

While she was playing around with the dust on the ground, making it fly around in circles one of the other guards came and smiled faintly. "Your shift is over, it's my time now."
Fi flew up from the chair, "Finally! Have fun." She smiled while grabbing her scythe and ran away as fast as she could.

Finally outside the village she exhaled, Free. She stretched her stiff body that was starting to hurt a little from sitting down for such a long time. No more chairs for today. She looked around at the forest surrounding her home smiling to herself, it was pretty. She ran a little further away from the village and then started climbing the highest tree she could see. It was a bit difficult because her body was still not that awake and she moved slowly. But she reached the top - or the highest place she could sit down at without breaking the branch, she looked out at the forest. The wind was swirling around her and tried to make her fall by pulling on her clothes. She looked down at the main road you traveled on to get to the village, Oh a person, oh... That's too bad, no white hair.

She closed her eyes and focused on dissolving herself, when she was completely gone or invisible she flew down from the branch and traveled along the road. When there was some space from her and the stranger she reappered with the scythe in hand smiling. "Well hello there stranger, may I ask why you are traveling on our land?"

The setting changes from Imos to Airedale


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In order for fear to bloom it must first devour the mind of the host it inhabits

A shock of white hair and red eyes greeted her in the mirror, tanned and muscular hands scratching at a scar right above her eyebrow, a habit from her younger years. A deathlike vise on her hairbrush, wooden splinters biting into her left hand made the female face reality. The nightmares had not ceased to terrify the Village Leader, every night it was nearly the same dream in different variations. A hand reaching out into the darkness, the guardians of the Element Stone shooting blindly; searching for the creature that would wrap the stone in its grimy palms and crush it to smithereens, then disappear into the dark cellar once more. That wasn't the only terror, some night, Noir was forced to relive her parents demise, meeting the same end they had and others she had failed to protect her village and would return from a hunt only to find blood running through the streets, homes raided and bodies littering the area.

Her throat burned, it felt like she had swallowed fire. That realization was what brought Noir back to reality, there were still enemies out there, in the real world. The ones in her night terrors could wait. Standing upright, Noir straightened her robes and attached the white lily flower clip to her hair, she sheathed her trusty moon sword into the scabbard that rest on her belt and slipped her feet into a pair of worn leather hunting boots. Noir was never truly ready to face the perils of a village leader, but she knew that if she didn't do it, then no one else would.

Closing the door behind her, Noir scanned the outlay of the area with trained, cautious eyes. Everything seemed normal and so Noir went about her day off, wondering what she would do first. Normally, Noir would seek out the Priestess and ask about what sort of ceremonies would be up and coming, but because it was Noir's day of rest, she had planned to spend it avoiding those she would normally see and instead attempt to interact with the other villagers of Airedale.