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Siona Hurhoth

A kind girl from the Earth Tribe

0 · 140 views · located in Shadowfen

a character in “The Tribes of Imos”, as played by iixii


Was once the friendliest tribe.


Full Name: Siona Gilon Hurhoth
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Tribe: Earth Tribe
Position in the Tribe: A lowly member

Negative Traits: Foolish, Gullible, Irresponsible, Forgetful
Positive Traits: Kind hearted, Cheerful, Gentle, Resourceful
Sexual Preference: Straight
Likes: The first rain after a long summer, the sound of wind chimes, the feel of a crisp leaf
Dislikes: Hurting others for no good reason, being too cold/warm, tripping and skinning her knee
Fears: Seeing her land be demolished because of carelessness
Personality Description: Siona is a soft spoken girl with a big heart. She's very compassionate and understanding, or at least tries to be. She's very in touch with nature, loving all of its creatures, even the slimy ones. She's not one for combat, hating to cause any sort of pain or discomfort to another being. She's the kind of person who watches where she's walking, to be sure she won't step on some insignificant creature. Siona can be somewhat of an airhead at times, often not remembering something somebody told her. If it's especially important, she's more likely to forget it. She can be a bit naive at times, straight away believing things that are told to her, even if they may sound fishy to other people.
Biographical History: Siona grew up with her mother and father. She supposedly had a younger brother, as her mother tells her, but apparently he died when he was just a baby. Siona is sorrowful that she never had anyone to grow up with, no one to share her secrets or to talk to. She spent most of her time outside in the forest by herself, not really doing anything, simply taking the birds, the trees, the sunlight, everything that nature has to offer.
Shadowfen is all Siona has ever known. She's never dared to venture out into the mysterious land and meet people of other tribes. Perhaps she's scared of what she might find, or maybe she's simply content with what she has now and doesn't want to disturb her serenity.
Her family did not have a high position in the village, making them unknown to the other more powerful families. This never bothered her much. She wouldn't know what to do with all the attention she'd get if she were of a higher nobility.

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Tattoos/Markings: Freckles
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5'8"
Brief Appearance Description: Siona is an average height, standing at about 5'8". She has long ashy brown hair that curls up below her shoulders. Her messy bangs come down right at eyebrow level. She has a few light freckles on her cheeks and her upper back. She has dimples, which are only noticed when she smiles real wide. Her eyes are green/brown, depending on the light source. She tells people they're green, because she thinks it's a prettier color. She has a slender build with a small torso and longer legs. Her nails are never pretty, always having dirt and other mysterious gunk in them.

Carrying: A small container with miscellanous herbs and food to feed animals.
Notable Skills/Abilities: She's good at calming people down and is quick, able to break away at the first sign of trouble.

So begins...

Siona Hurhoth's Story


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#, as written by Lyysa
Fi Lynx

In the middle of the city, just by the tribe’s biggest house - the leader’s house, all the leaders live there while still ruling - sat Fi outside the vault. Or vault, it was a house where the tribe’s treasures were kept, things like gold, jewels, secret tunnels leading underground to the most secret things. The stones. Fi knew she guarded those stones but no one has ever told her why, they called them "The element stones" but there was only three of them. A blue, a brown and a deep red one.


Fi looked up at the sky and yawned, it was nice weather today and here she was sitting all by herself with only a door and the scythe as company. She looked around at the people going around the square, looking at what the merchants had today, talking and having more fun than her. It was not like she was forbidden to talk with people while guarding. But she choose not to, she once nearly told a stranger about what she really was guarding. And since then she has only waved hi when people greeted her.

It was a peaceful day, some days where exhausting because people was bugging her about her job. Or just talking about how she should do more with her life than run around all day. Some days were a total chaos because someone had seen other tribes close by. When that happened she or someone else had to be inside that dark basement with the stones. She hated those days.

While she was playing around with the dust on the ground, making it fly around in circles one of the other guards came and smiled faintly. "Your shift is over, it's my time now."
Fi flew up from the chair, "Finally! Have fun." She smiled while grabbing her scythe and ran away as fast as she could.

Finally outside the village she exhaled, Free. She stretched her stiff body that was starting to hurt a little from sitting down for such a long time. No more chairs for today. She looked around at the forest surrounding her home smiling to herself, it was pretty. She ran a little further away from the village and then started climbing the highest tree she could see. It was a bit difficult because her body was still not that awake and she moved slowly. But she reached the top - or the highest place she could sit down at without breaking the branch, she looked out at the forest. The wind was swirling around her and tried to make her fall by pulling on her clothes. She looked down at the main road you traveled on to get to the village, Oh a person, oh... That's too bad, no white hair.

She closed her eyes and focused on dissolving herself, when she was completely gone or invisible she flew down from the branch and traveled along the road. When there was some space from her and the stranger she reappered with the scythe in hand smiling. "Well hello there stranger, may I ask why you are traveling on our land?"

The setting changes from Imos to Shadowfen


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Character Portrait: Siona Hurhoth
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#, as written by iixii
Siona's heavy eyelids fluttered open and revealed a blinding light. She quickly closed them shut again and lazily moved her arm over her face, to block out any more sunlight. Although it was too bright for her liking, she enjoyed how warm it felt on her face. It was nice being here--wherever she was. She didn't quite know, as she was still half asleep.
As her mind began to operate more correctly, she moved her arm away from her face and stared at the now more tolerable sky. Or, what could be seen of the sky. The different shades of green that were the trees took up most of the space above her, aside from the patches of blue scattered about.
She sat up, propping herself with her elbows, and looked around, now recognizing where she was. It was quiet. A nice kind of quiet, like everything is at peace with itself. The peacefulness wasn't unusual here, however. This part of the forest was especially calm. Siona relished the serenity here, and came here often.
It was a little secluded place not far from Shadowfen, perhaps a few miles out or so. But she could still see her tiny home in the village from where she sat, the lights dim from when she forgot to turn them out as she left. She had nothing to be worried about.
Her eyes gazed back up above to the trees, trying to determine what time it was and how long she'd been asleep. Perhaps someone was looking for her, most likely not, she figured. She wasn't especially hungry and didn't feel the need to go back to her home just yet. Maybe she'd stay around for a while.