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Olivia Patterson

I'll do my best, I guess. You'll love me, right, if I succeed?

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a character in “The TriWizard Tournament”, as played by Rann


Olivia Patterson


Nicknames: She lets close friends call her Liv.

Age: 13

Gender: Female

House: Slytheryn

Height: 4’9”

Weight: 102 lbs.

Build: petite, no curves at all

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Appearance Description:When you see her, you see a diminutive girl, buried in her too-big robes and sporting an inquisitive look. Her hair is long, almost halfway down her back, and she hardly ever does anything with it, letting hang messily down. To her annoyance, her breasts hardly exist, her body hasn’t filled out at all, and she’s almost painfully short compared to other people her age. Olivia owns hardly any casual clothing, always sporting some sort of robe that’s too big for her to wear. She wears a wristband usually hidden in her sleeves, that acts as a sheath for her wand.

Wand: 9 inches, Hemlock, dragon heartstring, crooked

Magical Skills:
Although she hasn’t completed her OWLS yet, her predicted grades are the following
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Exceeds Expectations
History of Magic
Care for Magical Creatures
Study of Ancient Runes


Hogwart’s Robes – It’s the only clothing she feels comfortable wearing, okay?
Conjuring paper creatures –This is what charges up her special move, so of course she feels fuzzy and warm when doing this.
Cake- Light and fluffy goodness of cake. Anyone would like this, right?
Granola Bars- A nice pick-me-up of a snack in case she feels hungry or tired during the day.
Singing- Her voice isn’t terrible good, but when Olivia goes all out, it really helps her relieve the tension her household gives her.
Telling fortunes- Yes, Olivia takes liberal usage of the Wagram effect when doing this.
Divination- But of course, Olivia would like to one day be able to tell genuine fortunes. Too bad she’s terrible at Divination.
Duelling- Even with protégé, it’s hard to effectively defend against an army of razor-sharp paper munitions. Olivia is surprisingly skilled at winning duels.
Spring- A season full of rain and fog, fits well with her personality, and helps her feel at ease.
Faded, dull colors- Bright colors hurt the eyes. Bring on the colors that don’t!
Thestrals- Creatures that only those who have seen death can see? It makes Olivia feel like she’s in an exclusive club. Of course she loves them.


Unicorns- These things are overrated and easily exploited for power. For some reason they irk Olivia.
Quidditch- Okay, so, you can fly a broomstick and throw large balls at hoops. In what way can this help in real life?
The Tri-Wizard Tournament- Her last mission ended with seeing a death. It’s no surprise that Olivia is dreading the next operation by Voldemort’s supporters.
Failing to meet expectations- The cold, disappointed looks from her parents each time she fails really scars a girl’s heart.
Potions- She never got the hang of this. No real reason why.
Toads- Back in first year, a toad jumped into her robes. It took days to get the feeling of slime off her breasts.
Seafood- It smells bad, it tastes bad. She despises it with a passion.
Tight clothing- Why would you want to show off your body like that? You don’t gain anything!
Muggles- Those with magic are obviously superior to those that don’t, right? It’s like evolution. Or the food chain.
Jewelry- Ever since she lost a bracelet her mother once gave her, and the subsequent scolding, Olivia has been averse to any sort of jewelry.

Personality description:
Although her parents have always tried to shape her to be just like them, Olivia failed in most aspects. Sure, she shares their dislike for the muggleborn, but Olivia’s dislike isn’t strong enough for her to want to continue the fallen Voldemort’s legacy. She’s curious about how magic works, and how to become stronger but despite that, she was limited magical potential, unable to cast stronger curses or spells without a lot of practice. Olivia suffers from an inferiority complex because of her lack of talent, thinking that she won’t be able to achieve the things she wants in life, and only made Slytheryn because she begged the Sorting Hat to let her in. She has ambition, definitely, but she lacks the drive to back that up, leaving her filled with unfulfilled dreams and wishes. Olivia is particularly shy when it comes to the opposite sex, acting cold and disinterested when she really just wants to be able to befriend them. Her biggest wish is to make her parents proud, however, and hopes that she’ll find some kind of magic she’s good at to gain their love and affection.
Even if that means making herself work for those who continue the Dark lord’s work.

Olivia was born to Roman Patterson, and Angie Keller, both staunch supporters of Voldemort during the Second Wizarding War, and his rise again when Harry Potter came into view. But even if her parents want her to help in their activities, Olivia never felt any personal stake in it, and only joined in in the hopes of some parental love.
Then it became time for the sorting. The Sorting Hat had wanted to put her into Ravenclaw, but after mentally begging for it, it relented and gave her her wish to join Slytheryn.
She was always proud to be a pureblood of course, but her parents continually compared her magic to be as weak as a half blood, despite her efforts to get stronger. Even without natural talent however, Olivia eventually proved that hard work could make up the gap, by starting to show the results of her training in second year. In the process, her social life suffered, leaving her basically isolated in her year and dormitory. Luckily, she found her niche- conjuring razor sharp paper familiars, and using the spell Oppugno to send them slicing into a foe.
Late in second year, Olivia was tasked with sneaking into Hogsmeade to spy on some man she never knew. She didn’t know that she was being tracked by her parents, but she was excited to know she was doing something right for once as she stalked the man. Unfortunately, she also managed to see the site of a battle between Death Eaters and unsuspecting man. The brutal reality of death seared itself into her mind, traumatizing the young girl.
Knowing that her third year of school would bring the Tri-wizard Tournament fills her with dread. Although she’s not sure what, she knows her parents are helping plot something big for Hogwarts, and for once, Olivia really doesn’t want to get mixed up in the trouble, in case she comes face to face with death again.

So begins...

Olivia Patterson's Story

(technical difficulties, ignore this one. Sorry)

Vladimir found it rather symbolic that the two guest schools would arrive near simultaneously. Unconscious habit resulted in him pulling out a Muggle cigarette, they helped him think, and light it. Before he could truly begin to smoke, it was destroyed by a nearby professor. He should have expected something like that, but he was still annoyed at the prospect. The walk from the ship into the Great Hall was much longer than he would have liked. In fact, he had to put on a poker face to disguise the fact he was getting winded. It was at this point, the host school would get a show from its guests- his school and Beauxbaton.

The french students went first, and they chose a rather graceful ballet. But he couldn't help but note that one student in particular hid in Madam Maxime's sizable shadow. His own school went next, a more militaristic show went under way...but he found himself preferring the more delicate show of the ballet. He seated himself at the Slytherin table with his fellow students, one in particular was immediately next to him but for the life him...a name couldn't be associated to face. At this point the Hogwarts Headmistress began the speech for the Triwizard Tournament- something he entirely zoned out. He used this chance to glance around the hallway, in particular a couple students at each table stood out to him. Of most importance from what he could measure was the girl from Maxime's shadow, a Ravenclaw girl as tall as himself and two Hufflepuffs- a male and female. It was really more gut instinct than anything that caught his eye. A family teaching was- the powerful naturally command their environment as they see fit. The two Hufflepuffs naturally had all the attention of those nearby. The French girl and the Ravenclaw girl had caught his eye with how inconspicuous they were attempting to remain. He was unable to examine the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables before the speech ended.

"Guess it's time for us to set the standard," he clapped the crimson robe next to him as he stood up. For his family, reputation was highly important. The Triwizard Tournament demanded the best students, his own accidental reputation demanded utmost pride and utter control. This made him stride to the Goblet of Fire with deliberate ease, he dropped his name in on a sheet he had also prepared in advanced. This let him get himself together, catch his breath and provide a better atmosphere.

"Is there no one else prepared at this night," he loudly called out to the full hall. "Beauxbaton, you provided a most excellent dance...but is that all you learn at your school?" His gaze traced the full carpet of blue,ultimately falling onto the one from before. He pointed to the Gryffindor student, "I heard your house is prized for its courage...I'm not seeing it now."

He arbitrarily chose a random student from the Hufflepuff table, one too young to enter. "Surely your House has its own pride, or is the stereotype true?" He instantly rounded towards the tall girl from the Ravenclaw table, " Your house is claimed for its genius." Oddly enough, another girl caught his a bit closer to himself, "Could you think of a better validation of your methods than this very tournament...the ultimate test is right here." From here he looked to the Slytherin table...a rather young girl in particular- one just entering her teens.

"To your House I'd like to offer the thanks of my school for welcoming us to your table. In fact I'll thank everyone present for the Tournament. But Slytherin, your House is known for cunning, nobility and ambition. I simply ask this: prove it." He deliberately kept his tone challenging and defiant. He also stood his ground inside the Age Line, he'd be a poor sport to not welcome those he himself had just called out. He had to force himself from grabbing his throat, addressing the entire hall had been like swallowing a glass of needles with each syllable. Due to an issue from birth, his voice was naturally quiet and talking somewhat painful...this had been his equivalent to screaming his voice out. As he swallowed, hoping to lubricate his raw throat- a metallic taste filled his mouth.

Faye was quite pleased with the show the two foreign schools gave and clapped along with the rest of the Great Hall. After their performances, Professor McGonagall gave a short introduction to the Triwizard Tournament. It seemed that no sooner had she stepped down from raised dais where the Goblet sat that a Durmstrang student had marched up, hastily putting his name in the Goblet. Another followed shortly after him and as the second boy stepped down, the first who was the taller of the two, made a rousing speech, though unnecessary.

After he had finished, a rather determined looking Beauxbatons girl who had asked for a piece of parchment from her walked up to the Goblet, placing her own name among the two from Durmstrang. Faye had wanted to enter and she was still a little miffed about what the taller Durmstrang had said about her house, but she was not a Gryffindor and lacked a significant amount of courage to be the first from her school to enter.

No sooner had she had these thoughts that Al, her good friend from Hufflepuff practically leapt from his seat among his admirers to prove himself. As he passed her table on his way to the dais, he gave a smile and a wink, knowing that she was going to go right after him. Never one to disappoint, she got up from her own seat after hastily scribbling her own name on a piece of parchment and silently made her to the Goblet where the she let the parchment slip from her hands into the flames. She didn't longer and quickly made her way back to her seat among the Ravenclaws.

Alistair was rather amused by the Durmstrang's speech. He had never seen the Gryffindors and Slytherins so put in their place, and it made him chuckle. Not a moment after the pretty girl from Beauxbatons had put her name in the Goblet, Al jumped up and practically strutted to the Goblet smiling and winking at Faye on the way. He'd show that Durmstrang that he wasn't just another stereotype.

Using the slip of paper that he had taken from Kaylee, who had been sitting beside him, he entered the Tournament feeling confident. He passed Faye on his way back to his table as she made her way towards the Goblet and wished her good luck. It was the Hufflepuff in him to wish his competition good luck. It most certainly wasn't because he had a crush on her that's spanned four years. At least that's what he told himself.

#, as written by Rann
Stupid. Why are they celebrating this stupid thing?

That's the driving question behind Olivia, sitting with the Slytheryns during the whole opening ceremony. The Tri-Wizard Tournament. This is the reason why Olivia tried so hard to be allowed to just not attend Hogwarts this year, but her parents had adamantly refused with a threat of the cruciatus curse. Not knowing if they were serious or not, Olivia decided not to risk it. There had to be a reason why they wanted her at Hogwarts so badly, but no matter how hard the girl twisted and turned her mind, she couldn't think of anything she could do that no one else could, unless all of a sudden paper summons are the new favorite weapon of the Death Eaters. The only real advantage she can think of is that she can operate easily within school grounds.

There's something planned. Unfortunately, Olivia has no idea exactly what's in store.

These stupid seventh-years, getting so riled up at the idea of competing. And don't forget all the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang prospects. Is there really a not a single person even slightly wary of anything?

"'Course, it'll be me who gets in." Bragged a Slytheryn seventh year. "I'll pay back those other houses... we won't be looked down upon any more!"

Olivia vaguely knows his name to be Tobias something or other. She doesn't really know his last name, nor is she all that interested. All she knows is that she really wants to challenge him to a duel and test out a new attack pattern for her conjured paper creatures, designed to penetrate shields and bypass spells in order to attack the victim's wand arm. She practiced it on a fifth year Gryffindor before the ceremony, and it worked well, but he was an idiot to not be battle-ready at all times, anyways. The Head Nurse has probably already fixed up his arm. While Tobias stood up to enter his name into the Goblet, to the cheers of the Slytheryn House, Olivia just sat with her head propped up on her elbows, rested on the table, rolling her eyes with annoyance.

Still, Olivia didn't mind Tobias something or other's goals. Ever since the whole Voldemort thing, the Slytheryn house has been looked down upon with suspicion and distrust. Sure, perhaps it was for good reasons, but nonetheless. It still hurt, each time, even a little bit, when they were ignored in favor for valiant Gryffindors, loyal Hufflepuffs, or genius Ravenclaws.

One by one, students were writing down their name to put into the goblet, and one by one, all Olivia could think of was that they were willingly volunteering to become a sheep to the slaughter.

I hope they don't expect me to kill anyone.