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"Behold the Pluvia Mortis, a weapon without equal!"

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a character in “The Twelve Guardians”, as played by The Protagonist


Alban Chastain

Role: Villain No. 1

Gender: Male
Title(s)/Alias(es): Bloodshed, the name that is given to the wielder of the Pluvia Mortis.
Age: 49 (Pluvia Mortis has existed since ancient times.)
Race: Human but his blade gives him a demonic presence.
Love Interest: None.
Password: Pizza.

Appearance: In his normal state, he seems calm and relaxed with a smile and a face that you can trust. He does look proud of himself and does seem to consider everyone beneath him if you pay close attention. What little can be seen of him through his armor in his Bloodshed state shows that he has red, hateful eyes that are ready to kill and consume your soul.

Preferred Clothing:
In his normal form, he long robes complete with gloves in darker colors. In his Bloodshed state, he takes on the form of an evil knight with dark blue armor and a long horn. His monstrous right armor is real and a part of him in that state. Do not be fooled into thinking that it's some prop.


Height: 5'10" (unarmored) 6'2" (armored) 7'0" (if the long horn is counted)
Weight: 165lbs (unarmored) 336lbs (armored)
Hair Color: Blond (normal state) Red (Bloodshed state)
Eye Color: Blue (normal state) Red (Bloodshed state)

Personality: Growing up, Alban Chastain had been a kind, thoughtful and loving man who was fiercely intelligent. He had a knowledge of politics and leadership, something that carries over to this day as he leads his organization. Chastain had a daughter, Isobel that he loved more than anyone else and it was that love that led to what he is now. Having lost her and now believes her to be dead on the order of the King, he has let the power of evil corrupt him. Wielding the Pluvia Mortis, the power of the demonic weapon had enhanced the evil and anger within his heart but it hasn't entirely taken control of his will. Bloodshed (name given to the one wielding the Pluvia Mortis) takes pleasure out of the pain and suffering of others, watching them bleed before their souls are consumed by his blade. Often he takes a mocking tone, calling his foes "weak" and "foolish", telling them to "tremble in fear". He doesn't treat his underlings much better as Bloodshed, but do as he commands out of fear for their life.

When he is in his normal state, he takes on the role of the manipulator. He convinces people to do his bidding while hiding his other side, making deals with traders and businessmen to get ahead. He seems like nice person, but underneath there is a demonic evil presence. His quest to murder the King and get revenge is one that he will sacrifice anything to make, he will kill anyone that stands in his way and when he has the King in his clutches, he will make him suffer and die slowly.

Oddities: Bloodshed has one that no one can see. Whenever he speaks, he has a twisted and evil smile but no one can see that since his helmet hides it.

    ☺ Revenge
    ☺ Battle
    ☺ Making his enemies suffer
    ☺ The Pluvia Mortis

    ☹ The King
    ☹ The weak
    ☹ Those who oppose him

    ❤ Collecting souls
    ❤ Manipulating others
    ❤ Slaughtering the weak

  • Not being able to succeed in his plans
  • Losing in battle
  • Losing his beloved sword.

Reason(s) why you want to kill/take over the kingdom: First and foremost, upon obtaining the Pluvia Mortis he had seen a vision of his lost daughter that he loved with all of his heart had been lying on the street cold and starving. The King, escorted by his knights had saw her and ordered a knight to kill her and "put her out of her misery". Regardless of whether this is true, Bloodshed will not stop until he has his revenge.

Skills/Talents: Bloodshed is fiercely intelligent (though arrogant) and exceptionally skilled in battle even without the Pluvia Mortis.

Preferred Weapon(s): The Pluvia Mortis and zweihander that literally means "Rain of Death".

Power: Demons. Bloodshed has gained demonic powers with his blade.

    -Shrouds himself in demonic energy, increasing his physical strength and the strength of his weapon.
    -Increase his defenses with a demonic barrier that eventually breaks after enough damage.
    -Creates close-to-mid range blasts and explosions of red demonic energy.
    -He can create a less powerful clone of himself that he controls.
    -He doesn't carry the Pluvia Mortis with him, he calls upon it and it appears in his hand with the armor forming around him and his right arm changing into its monstrous form.

-The blade grows stronger as it kills more people and collects their souls.


    -The Pluvia Mortis becomes stronger as it devours more souls; however if it doesn't see enough battle and if it doesn't kill enough people, the blade actually becomes weaker.

    -The blade itself relies on energy, expending too much of it can cause the blade to grow weaker as well but it takes a lot of energy to do that.


Personal History: Alban Chastain was born to two wealthy nobles and he was nurtured for success. Chastain was always either the best or second best in his classes and easily breezed through his 12 grades and college. After he was done with schools, he used his families vast wealth to start a company that specializes in weapon and armoring crafting to help contribute to Snowflake City's protectors. A chunk of his profits had went into helping build schools and orphanages for the less fortunate and many people loved him and looked up to him. Eventually, he met a woman who would end up being the love of his life, Amelia. The two eventually married and had a daughter named Isobel. Chastain loved her with all of his heart and he always made sure to stand by her, protect her with his life and be there for her. Chastain promised that he would never lose her, no matter what.

That was a promise he couldn't keep.

6 years ago, Isobel went missing at night when the family visited a social event. Chastain hired numerous people to search every inch of Snowflake City as well as the surrounding forest but they had no luck in finding her. The loss of Alban and Amelia's beloved daughter had eventually destroyed their marriage, with Amelia leaving and taking a portion of Alban's fortune with her. As one could imagine, all of this had led to Chastain being heartbroken on the inside. Eventually, even he had to give up searching for her, believing her to be dead in some alley. Chastain had deciding to use his wealth to explore and search for valuables to fill in his emotional void.

On one of his routine searches, Chastain had found a map that was buried into the ground. It was difficult for him to make out but it had looked genuine and that it would lead to something valuable. Chastain hired a search party of treasure hunters to accompany him as the map led to an ancient tomb that was hidden deep within the forest. Chastain and his party eventually made it into the treasure room but what he saw in the middle was not any gold but a sword. Chastain was disappointed but still curious of it. He picked it up and at that moment, he saw a vision.

Isobel has been lying down on a path in the forest that lead to the Kingdom in a cold, winter night. She was exhausted, beaten and starved. The King had been making a return trip back to his Kingdom and he was accompanied by knights. This was her chance to be saved from this. Using what had felt like all of her strength, she yelled out at them "HELP!" They turned her attention to her right away. One knight tried to pick her up but she had screamed in pain from her numerous injuries. It seemed like she was dying a slow death and they wouldn't be able to treat her fast enough. The King had ordered, "There is no helping her now, put her out of her misery." The knight had obeyed that order, followed by a loud piercing cry that echoed in the night's sky.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chastain had screamed out on the top of his lungs as he saw this, with the blade raised high into the air. Armor had formed around Chastain and his arm mutated into something monstrous. His search party tried to escape out of fear but Alban Chastain or as he now was, Bloodshed had slaughtered them all to vent out the overwhelming anger that had filled him. Everything had become clear to him now, he is the new wielder of the ancient Pluvia Mortis. He has taken on the mantle of Bloodshed, the name that is given to all of those who wield it. But..... he is not like the others. The others had became slaves to the evil blade but he will not be one of them, he will be the one who controls the blade to carry out his mission. That mission is: Skewer the King and make him suffer. After that, he will tear his Kingdom down into dust and drown the rest with blood. He used his resources to form a secret organization that would serve him as he is powerful but not strong enough to do all of this alone.

On the inside however, he is actually having to constantly battle the blade's will to keep it from taking over, he cannot allow it to take his will because of his important mission at hand. He will have the Kings blood and his soul absorbed by his blade.

Theme Song: Haven't found one yet.

Source(s): Neoseeker, Deviantart, SoulCalibur wiki.

Other: Nothing yet.

So begins...

Bloodshed's Story

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Bloodshed ~ Somewhere in the forests near Snowflake City

Alban Chastain had been out in the depths of the forest, enjoying the views and tranquility. Well, that is what it looks like anyways. Truth be told, his blade is hungry and it needs more souls. Anyone would believe that he is just taking a walk and looking around the forests, why wouldn't they? He's one of the most trusted figures in Snowflake City. After a little more walking, he had reached his destination; a small but open field. After a few moments, two knights had shown themselves and both of them had a lowly scoundrel handcuffed and carried over their shoulders.

"Sire, we have captured some worthless filth like you requested." One of them had spoken with a small hint of nervousness in their tone. "Good, now leave." they had dropped the two scoundrels on the ground and paced out of Chastain's sight. The two were squirming on the dirt with the handcuffs in place. "W-why did you bring us out here?! What do you want?!" One had demanded. Chastain had a sinister smile on his face, "I am just needed some replenishment is all. Here, I'll help you those." Chastain had unlocked the handcuffs and they had gotten back up on their feet. "Thanks man, I've heard that you are one of the richest guys in town. Out here, in the middle of nowhere, nobody is ever gonna find you!" One had thrown a punch but it was stopped by something that felt strange...

The scoundrel had been blocked by a seemingly mutated arm, the scoundrel had a visibly horrified expression on his face. "What's wrong?" Chastain had asked, mockingly. His eyes began to glow red and a slasher smile was seen before an evil suit of armor had covered him. A zweihander was wielded in his left hand and although zweihanders are meant to be held with both hands, he didn't seem to have any trouble using only one to use it proficiently. Chastain grabbed the man with his mutated arm and slammed him into the ground with his scream only being interrupted by his finishing blow, a quick stab through the heart. The second ran away as fast as he can but with him not paying attention to where he was going had tripped and fell into the ground. The man was paralyzed, "Who are you?! WHAT ARE YOU?!" A small, evil laugh had been heard by the demonic knight. "I... I am Bloodshed, far from the first but superior to the others. As for this blade, it is the Pluvia Morts, a weapon without equal!" Before the man took in the fact that the myth was true, that the Pluvia Mortis existed, Bloodshed was standing right in front of him and quick stab ended it right there. As their souls had been absorbed by the blade, he took a moment to relish their deaths and continued demise. "Ah, your suffering. How it does sooth me."

Bloodshed returned to his normal persona and returned to Snowflake City as a rich and highly respected member of the community. There was much to be done and little time to waste. King Jelani, the tyrant the murdered his daughter has recently promoted twelve guardians to protect him. How troublesome but no matter, he still believes that he is just a wealthy member of Snowflake City and nothing more.