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"We are ONE! We are Legion!"

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a character in “The Twelve Guardians”, as played by Deallo


Gorrister Yaraya

Role: Villain No.5

Gender: Male
Title(s)/Alias(es): The Goblin King (albeit not a name Gorrister likes), Legion's Ruler, The Revolutionary
Age: 52
Race: Goblin
Love Interest: No one
Password: Fettuccine with Alfredo sauce. *.*

ImageAppearance: He's green. I know, surprising. Besides being in his fifties, his body doesn't look like a day over 40, and is body is lightly riddled with hair. His sideburns are long, hair cut to the neckline, and a small stubble is ever-so-present on his face. His muscles aren't profound and as muscular as he wished them to be but they are toned, as well as his build. That's what you get for lugging around a suit of armor, I guess.

Preferred Clothing: Varies between two outfits. On the battlefield, he wears his metal, rusted, plate armor, which has saved himself in more then one occasion and helps identify himself to his men. In a casual setting, a simple brown tunic often suffices, and anything more just seems to be overwhelming for Gorrister. (Albeit, even in a formal setting, he'd simply wear a brown tunic.)

Height: 4'7
Weight: 115 Lbs. (With armor = 150 Lbs)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Light Blue

Personality: The word "Villain" doesn't strike Gorrister and other people would agree so as well. He’s a hard-headed, charismatic soul. At first, his jovial attitude coincides with his small body, but upon further inspection there is an intellectual, almost philosophical nature to Gorrister. As an avid practitioner of arithmetic, he displays a logical understanding of events, and is very creative and innovative.

While some people may view him as manipulative and others may look up to him; both sides must agree that without his silver tongued words he’d be nowhere. He relies incredibly so on people but at the same time, they incredibly rely on him. Gorrister thoroughly enjoys being in the presence of others, easily flattered at times, and does his best to instruct, aid, help, and attack alongside his companions. Gorrister holds classes for his followers, and finds plenty of joy in teaching things varying from blueprinting to blueprinting to woodworking to arithmetic .

This goblin is probably the bravest little green thing out there in the Kingdom of Waterfall. He isn’t afraid to fight when the time comes but he knows there are better ways of fighting and knows when to retreat. He’s brave. Not stupid. Often times, he’ll emphasize this, and emphasize it for his followers as well to do the same. Nay, Gorrister has a plan and plans to the plan if the original plan doesn’t work. He lives by the model "Those who fail to prepare prepare to fail" and goes by things in a practical matter. As well, I should mention this; he severely does not like the idea of the crown and royalty controlling everything. Why should matters concerning their lives and well-beings go into their hands...because they were born to do so? To Gorrister, No man or woman should be born to choose the fate of everyone. No Soverign nation should be allowed exist.

Oddities:Sleeping in the most random areas - It doesn't matter where Gorrister lands his back on, but to others, it may seem odd seeing a little green corpse dangling from a tree branch with it's legs. Then reilize it's not a corpse.

Looking out in the distance - Sometimes, in different times of the day, Gorrister thinks and tends to space out. Some may think it's an undesirable quality in a leader but to others it shows an introspective side to the goblin.

Prayer - Strange seeing a monster pray isn't it? Hands clasped, helmets off, Gorrister enjoys the beauty of Cathedral, sights and smells of various religious paraphernalia, but most importantly, finds comfort in the idea of a higher power.

    ☺ People
    ☺ Teaching
    ☺ Machinery
    ☺ Building
    ☺ Celebrations
    ☺ Strategy
    ☺ Leading
    ☺ Music
    ☺ Poetry

    ☹ Mindless Action
    ☹ Needless killing
    ☹ Wasted Time
    ☹ Fighting
    ☹ The Past
    ☹ Purpose of Royalty
    ☹ Burden of Responsibility
    ☹ Other Villains

    ❤ Designing & Building
    ❤ Teaching
    ❤ Reading
    ❤ Writing Poetry

  • Failing
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Being Betrayed

Reason(s) why you want to kill/take over the kingdom:

Genocide, Slavery and Reserves: Before this king was made king; valuable resources were needed for expansion. Soldiers were sent from royalty to clear out goblins, trolls, and others in areas that were rich with resources (though certain monsters weren't worth the venture). Whether or not these soldiers were sent from the last king of Winterfall, or from another kingdom didn't matter, as soldiers slaughtered entire families, and took those who gave up willingly as slaves. Some were merciful enough to offer to move them to the reserves but on that fateful day, where soldiers mercilessly killed his mother and father, older brothers and sisters, and took him to a life of labor. But that isn't why he's doing this. No. Not at all.

Slave no more: The thing is, goblins aren't generally well recieved, especially since they're still popularly regarded as monsters. They're too far and few; considering most are still employed as servants. Gorrister's animal instinct dissipated after 35 years of labor, thus leaving him without the proper knowledge and skills to survive out it's lonely. There's nothing for a goblin to do besides to be a slave. Almost nothing.

I have a dream... When Gorrister escaped from the Noble's house; he had an intense hatred brewing about for mortals. He wandered about Winterfall and noticed the poverty stricken population. (Even if Winterfall is wealthy, it'll still have poverty because every rich nation has one.) Gorrister compared their lives to that of the nobles he used to work for and found it unfair. Broken. No one should have to live like these people and be ruled upon by the fat and rich. This is tyranny, is it not? What makes royalty so special? Just because they are richer and dress fancier, does that make their blood cleaner, does that make them fit to lead a nation? Isn't it always the fault of the king who brings it's people unwillingly to war? Everyone is ONE. Poor, rich, fat, ugly, skinny, human, monster, everyone should be united, measured by their blood, sweat, and tears. We are One. Legion.

How loyal are you to the king: "I hope he dies a slow and painful death."

Skills/Talents: Gorrister is a decent swordsmen although anyone wouldn't call it a talent. His real talent would be in designing and building anything from war machines to buildings and it's a talent only amplified by his forces which utilize his inventions. Sometimes, he has no idea what he's drawing, let's his mind wander and quill fly, and creates something alien like. He's also intelligent; while at times it can come off as cowardice. Not to mention he's a leader who takes into consideration the wishes of others, has the humility to accept others' opinions and admit when he's wrong, and lastly inspire confidence and drive in his followers. To a lesser extent, Gorrister is practicing alchemy, although he's not at the stage to use it as a weapon, he's excited about integrating it with some of his machines.

Preferred Weapon(s): You think that large rusted sword (large to Gorrister anyway) is his weapon of choice, you're dead wrong. In fact, it's his LAST choice for a weapon. He carries it around because it's a waste to throw away even though it can't cut for heaven's sake. The goblin likes to strike with his followers, manning either some sort of machinery, using a weapon from afar, and at times, traps.

Power: None

Abilities: None

Limitations: None

Personal History: Gorrister was born in the Yarayas family and into a small village in the forest with three brothers and four sisters. Her father was a relentless mathematician who stressed the importance of the role into his sons and daughters for years on end. Life was good, already at the age of 13, and to be married to another goblin, Julia. The marriage was consummated and Gorrister was recognized as a man in the eyes of the community.

One day, soldiers had came by, trying to negotiate a deal with the goblins in order to move. The Chief of the village spat in the face of their leader, no easy feat by his height, and told them they’d rather die then move. The small village had pride in its massive weapons built by engineers but that pride was misled. It did nothing to stop the slaughter that had taken place and those who didn’t resist were taken as prisoners. Gorrister watched as his wife was slain, father stabbed through his cage, older brothers beheaded and one younger sister slashed.

Everyone else in the cages were taken back to a kingdom and sold as slaves. Gorrister was separated from both his older brother and sister who’ve been spared and forced to work in the salt mines. After a supposed cave-in that killed his owner and other goblins, the guards were called again, and round up all the other goblins left alive. Deeply malnourished, weak, injured with a bleeding leg, Gorrister and many other goblins didn’t have the fight to escape, and awaited their “capture”. He was 30.

He was sold again but this time as a servant of a noble household. He got his leg disinfected and bandaged and, for once, was happy. Hopeful. By all means he was still a servant but he got treated properly with respect as he did his duties of cleaning. Gorrister was taught, slowly, how to read and write by his fellow workers in order to leave notes and read chores when need be. Sometime in the years, he was stricken by the young maiden named Victoria and would do everything extra to just be near her. He was 37.

The sweet maiden never left the house and aged from her ripe age but the changes were little. One day, a man suited in armor came by the house, and went into the maiden’s chambers. Concerned for her safety, Grubeck went off and peeked through the opening at the door to see the knight sharing lip with Victoria. Stunned, he walked away, having his dreams pathetically crushed. Gorrister couldn’t stand being in the household any longer. It took him a year to plan an escape, not because it was overly complicated, but because he often lost the will to do anything, often crying himself to sleep. In the time of his despair, he spent more and more time contemplating why this had to happen, and continouly found himself the rich, the king, the nobles.

When he escaped, he started to preach about Legion and the practices of breaking down all walls, the thought of a kingless land and spread his vision. Some agreed with his plans. Others didn’t.

As time went by, the idea of being truly equal is finally getting to some people, and Legion started to grow. Now with the meeting of the Guardians, Gorrister is convinced, that getting rid of the king will be harder than ever, and curses the times Legion has failed.

Theme Song: "Korobeiniki" - Nikolay and Metal Combat For The Mortal Man

Source(s): Deviant art

Other: Gorrister has acquired a force in the last year, named as Legion, who wish to break down all walls and unite Winterfall under a Communist Legion rule. So far, they have striked using guerilla methods, often attacking and escaping, and stressing the necessity for traps. Sometimes, they have let loose a few war machines here and there, but haven't proved to be a major threat since they refuse to kill innocent lives. The Legion dream is a romanticized life that only becomes more glamorous with time. More and more people accept the ideas of Legime, in particular, poor and middle class citizens.

So begins...

Gorrister's Story


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#, as written by Deallo
Jea Ledera ~ Rooftop Near The Castle Gates

The brush moved fluidly across the canvas with a skilled hand and genius many don't have the pleasure of seeing. The morning of Winterfall was always a most beautiful time of day to paint...along with it's evenings, noons, twilight, and nights. Jea was a woman going over 60 but not even age could affect her bright smile and natural beauty that flared when her greying brown hair blew in the wind despite the worn wrinkles that riddled her eyes. She'd always love to sit atop her house during the mornings and paint the wonderful scenery that would always emerge. By no means would she ever call herself a famous painter. Life as a painter was indeed a difficult venture, one that brought in little money if they couldn't market themselves to royalty or nobles, and Jea was such a painter. She'd marry a man whom she never loved in the first place to avoid being thrown in the streets, forced to live as a beggar, and give up her aspirations of creating art.

How she survived years living with an ill-drunkard husband she didn't know. Now she just thrived in his death and did her part for the future. No sunset or Winterfall kingdom was on the canvas today though. She had a mission today. Portraits of each entrant that got past the gates to the castle were painted on these canvasses. On one, there was a tall young man with hair that fell down to his cheek, sucking on a piece of candy, an amusing piece indeed, while on another was a blossoming woman with long silver-blond hair that ran down all the way to her back, The Oracle Of Winterfall. Jea took her time with her portrait, making sure every detail was right, hoping deep down she could be sympathetic with Legion.

The time it took to make her face right took it's toll in the next portrait for the taller woman who held a significant tan as it was obviously hasty and not as clearly drawn. It was imperative that she'd get the face right but she was afraid she'd might mess up the details that were right about it. Gorrister told her not to worry about dresses and attire; just to get the face right.

Gorrister ~ Graveyard to Alleyway

It wasn't long before the sunlight attacked the goblin's eyes; forcing him to open them and look to the tombstone in his left and then the one to his right. He cursed himself again and again until his words felt numb and battered. So close. He was so close to ending it all and storming the castle with his followers; to put an end to the rule of kings. By no way was it even Gorrister's fault. How could the soldier have seen the ballista wasn't the problem, the fact that he got skewered by throwing himself in the way for the lineage of nobles and royalty to continue ruling their lives, was truly saddening.

At the time, Gorrister was both angry and wrought with guilt over the outcome that happened, but he managed to stay away that feeling. Keep a calm demeanor until Night arrived, cancelling the attack, and calling for the artist, Jea, to keep track of who goes in and out the castle gates.

The graveyard felt like a proper place to sleep.

It still feels like a proper place but the goblin knew he had to get over this. He had people relying on him and he couldn't afford to mope around the death of an innocent. It wasn't the death of an innocent. He was a soldier. Soldiers die. He lied to himself. He secretly knew that he didn't have to die, that he didn't raise his sword first and tried to cut him too, that he just layed on the floor, in a pool of his own blood. Yet the lie was comforting enough to stand up. Not many people visited graveyards in the morning or at night; but he still took the precaution of getting a cloak.

When he finally get up and stretched his body, he figured out that he was still right on that night, that his drive to pull daring escapes from the guards if they ever saw him, abandoned him then and still abandoned him now. He kept his hood low and looked at the tombstones in the distance. It would be impossible to find the man he inadvertently killed especially since he didn't even know his name and probably wasn't even buried yet. The massive crucifixes that jutted up from the ground mystified him and immediately captured his attention. He pressed his hand up against the cold stone to feel the courseness before pulling back, and turning around. He heaved a sigh and exited the Land of the Dead.

The goblin took his time with his walk, the sorrow slowly whittling away, perhaps maybe he was a little elated with some of his blood flowing again. It would made the task at hand easier; finding the perfect candidate. It has to be someone sane, so that made going to the beggars a little risky. Someone taller then Gorrister himself; which excluded children. No shop-keeps as they don't have the time, and in no way was he going to reward a noble. Someone in a good mood. He was unsure with the people that lay scattered here and there in Snowflake City as they all look like they're in dire need to go somewhere.

Then there was one woman with an ever-so-present smile on her face. Obviously he was taller then the goblin (but then who again wasn't) and her clothing suggested a steady stolen income as it wasn't tattered rags but cloth made for speed. The daggers on her hips didn't dissuade him as he knew with his dirty black cloak; he didn't need to worry about being stabbed and robbed. As she was walking towards him, Gorrister waited, putting his head down until she passed him, before he could walk beside her and ask her a question, a simple question anyone could answer.

"Would you like to fly?"

The setting changes from Snowflake City to The Kingdom of Winterfall

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Susan Williams ~ Snowflake City

Susan observed the couple for a bit longer as they conversed with another. Mary was chatting away about something that probably would of hardly held her interest even if she was listening. Enveloped in her own thoughts, she thought about the guardians for a moment and then back to her wants. She knew well the necklace would probably come in handy cash wise, or a use of causing some sort of chaos. She licked the corner of her mouth, a nasty greed in her eyes as she continued to observe the woman named Alice. Her husband seemed to have left the area, while she went about shopping around for some produce. ' That may just wor-'. Once again interrupted, she was snapped back into reality by Mary's question " Would you like a carrot? It's on the house." her smile welcoming.

" As much as I would love one, I'm afraid I'm a bit full." she rubbed the back of her head. " I guess apples fill me up in the morning quite quickly." Mary gave her an odd look, but laughed a bit. " Maybe that's why you are so skinny, alright well be safe. I will talk to you later then." Susan nodded and waved goodbye as she walked back into the streets, moving a bit quickly, trying to relocate Alice. After making her way through the crowd she finally found the black haired beauty shopping at the same shop she had stolen the apple from; it's core now laying on the ground after being eaten. Alice was grabbing the last of the apples he was selling, lucky her. Susan waited for a moment until she began moving again, this time making sure she would run right into her.

Alice had fallen back from the impact she made with Susan, Susan herself stumbling a bit as well. " I'm so sorry!" she quickly made her way over to the fallen lady, some of her produce now scattered about. " Oh no, I ran into you; my great apologis- aren't you Susan? A friend of Mary?" Susan pulled her up and began to collect the fallen produce before placing it back in the basket she had dropped as well. " Yes, Mary is a good friend of mine. We chat quite often in the morning, I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going. I tend to space out at times, I guess I'm not aware of my surroundings as much as I would like to believe." She laughed softly. Alice extended her hand out for her basket " It's alright, I still believe I ran into you though, I should be the one apologizing."

Susan noticed her hand and shook her head " Allow me, it's the least I could do for causing you all this trouble." Alice smiled, her eyes practically spelled gullible. Susan didn't expect this to be so easy, though Mary did mention Alice did have quite the kind heart. " Thank you so much, I owe you one. " They began walking through the busy streets and headed to her home. ' The sweeter they are, the easier they are to fool.' she thought. " I saw a man give you a necklace of some sort? I'm surprised you aren't wearing it." Susan had took notice of this, she had hoped Alice knew there were plenty of pickpockets about; she didn't want to compete. " Yes, that was my husband. I suppose a lot of people saw didn't they? I wish he hadn't done it in public though, I don't want anyone getting ideas now." Alice replied.
"I know what you mean, especially on busy streets like that. Though, you aren't wearing it? If I received something like that I would want to wear it right away." Susan blushed " Ah...well, he wanted me to wear it on our honeymoon..." It got a bit quite after that, a slight awkward feel to the atmosphere arose. " Oh." Susan's eyes trailed off to the side. " Looks like we are here!" Alice sounded a bit nervous after what she had said, but she tried hard to break the awkwardness. " Come in and have some water, you must be thirsty after having to carry all that." she smiled down at Susan, she was maybe 2 inches taller then her. ' You're practically inviting a thief into your own home, do you trust everyone like this?' she thought as she entered the home. It was indeed quite simple as Mary had told her.

'Time to get to work.' Susan knew well the necklace would probably be in the basket under all her produce, since she was wearing a fairly simple dress. She had caught glimpse of it when she was placing the produce that had fallen to the ground back in it. It was a semi smart idea of her, but placing it on her neck would have been safer; but this woman is humble and wouldn't dare show off the treasure. ' Now to get her to leave the room.' " Don't worry about the water, it's quite alright." she said in humbled tone. Looking around the room while Alice was unloading the produce, she knew she had to think quickly. She caught eye around the corner in another room the rug, she glanced to Alice who had been looking the other way. Susan brought out one silver coin, a spark hitting the rug; enough to cause a small fire to begin. " Uhm, Alice...your rug?" Alice blinked, a bit confused, noticing Susan staring around the corner. She peeked over herself and scrambled over to put out the fire. Susan quickly made her way to the half way unloaded basket and pulled out the necklace and placed it into her own pocket and headed back over to where she had been standing before Alice left.

Alice seemed flustered up from the event " My, how could that have happened?" Susan shrugged " I must be going though, you have a great day and tell your husband I said hello." she walked out of the home, feeling quite accomplished 'That was easier then I expected, gullible women are the best'. A bright smile on her face, then she ran into an interesting little creature. A goblin who had stopped in front of her and asked an odd question " Would you like to fly?". Susan blinked, a bit suspicious of the creature. If she wanted to fly? She stared down at him for a moment, curious, but also cautious of him. " I suppose it would be interesting, why? Can you grow wings on my back?" she said jokingly.

The setting changes from The Kingdom of Winterfall to Snowflake City


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#, as written by Deallo
{}Gorrister ~ Snowflake City{}

Gorrister took her words as a yes. As for the question about whether he could make her grow wings, the goblin answered frankly:
"Yes". He said on the dime and paused for a brief moment. "In a way. They could be your wings if only you spare a few moments of your time." In the middle of walking the goblin turned his head to a team of men rebuilding a half-broken house and rolled his eyes at the sight of their unknown shoddiness.

"Oh Gods." Gorrister said with dread as he stopped in his tracks to look with disbelief. Suddenly, he turned around, and started lecturing the one man on the ground on the proper way to build a house.
"First of all, where's the foundation? What're you gonna do when the rain comes and the house dips into the mud? And those support beams are too thin to hold a roof, thin enough to be a toothpick but not a beam, and where's the ceiling? It's like a floor but for the top and that's where the roof sits upon but most importantly where's the metal pole? What're you gonna do during a thunderstorm? Burn and die because the house will be on fire that's what."

He was a young man, perhaps 17, or 18, and he awkwardly shrank back at the small creature badgering him with advice.

The goblin turned back and returned to the woman's side once more after he got it out of his system. "Apologies for the disruption. I can't stand to see such terrible craftsmanship. I have a school so that this kind of horrid work can be avoided. It's actually a bit to the south of here and it's where we can see if you can fly or not." It wasn't a lie. Well, a half truth actually.
"I haven't properly introduced myself, have I?" He cracked a smile and looked up at the woman before walking towards the direction of the "school" once more.
"Gorrister is by far a popular name." The goblin said, clearing his throat, assured his first name wasn't as popular an alias as "The Goblin King" or "King of Legion" or something like that. He was sure she wouldn't know his name because he didn't recognize her as one of Legion. Unless of course he's forgotten a face.

The setting changes from Snowflake City to The Kingdom of Winterfall

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Susan Williams ~ Snowflake City

"In a way. They could be your wings if only you spare a few moments of your time." Susan raised a brow, obviously not expecting such an answer. Though this did indeed sound interesting, just as along as his version of "flying" was tossing her off a roof like some chicken. What was most interesting was the fact a goblin was standing in front of her without trying to hackle her of her cash or trying to "take her home". He seemed polite, well manner, as far as she knew. It was known that goblins were a bit of some trouble makers for the kingdom, but nothing serious. She watched as he lectured the men on their poorly job of house building. Half listening to him, she was a bit surprised how much he knew; she would have never known how difficult it could be to make houses.

Her hand moved to her pocket, reassuring the necklace she had stolen was still there; it was. She snickered a bit, not only to her success, but the goblin's scolding to the two men. Once he came back over he apologized and noted that he couldn't take such craftsmanship. She laughed softly " It's not a problem, sometimes to learn you have to beat the information in them; verbally...I mean." she held her smile as he went on to tell of a school he had and that would be the place she would be going to see if she could fly. "Gorrister is by far a popular name." " It's a pleasure to meet you sir." Susan refrained from mentioning her name, it would be best to keep that information till later. Though his name did sound quite familiar, perhaps she heard the name around town? Perhaps not, it wasn't like her to not know this information. " As much as I'm excited to be able to sore through the sky, you must realize how odd this sounds correct?" she walked beside the goblin. " In a way it sounds a bit...suspicious. How exactly do you plan for me to fly?" Although Susan didn't want to get into too much trouble, she couldn't help but be a bit curious of this whole flying matter.

For a moment Susan stared behind her from the corner of her eyes, she wanted to make sure no one was following the two. " I must say, today has been some decent weather. I also heard the guardians for the king were arriving today." she walked calmly beside the goblin as she observed him a bit further. He didn't look as if he held anything too valuable, perhaps some money on him; but perhaps stealing from the person whom may give her wings was a bad idea. She drifted off in the thoughts of the kingdom, the riches, the polished floors. Susan hoped there would come a day where the kingdom would celebrate...ANYTHING; just so she could grab some riches. However, that was more of wish then a dream to come true.

The setting changes from The Kingdom of Winterfall to Snowflake City


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#, as written by Deallo
The guardians! So that was who the King was supposed to meet with on this fateful day. What a coward; to have more people to throw in the way of his imminent death. He had heard from word of mouth of his own followers that guardians were subject to strange powers but for now he was grateful that he sent the artist over to sketch all who were past the gates. The paintings would serve useful in pinpointing who they were among the masses. Already he had the upper edge!

Gorrister had a ghost of a frown on his face as she refused to give her name when he introduced his. She may have been cautious and still has that right to be; luckily she either didn't know what his name was or knew it and stood with his values. Leaning towards the first thought, the goblin thought it would be appropriate to answer her concern, if not she'd have probably thought he'd be a liar. "Well, some people use magic, some use imagination-" He said with finger quotes and an obvious sarcasm. "-but I have a much simpler method." Gorrister proclaimed, about to give her his theory as they walked towards one of his headquarters.

"If I were to swing my hand as thus-"The goblin did, flailing one arm side to side as an example. "I could feel the air rush against my hand, arm and fingers. Now if I just get my hand and fan myself as such-" Gorrister did, much like a lady would in the intense heat of summer, for comedic effect. "-I could both feel and hear the air that I'm pushing from my hand with my ear. If you wish, try it for yourself." The goblin paused for a moment to see if she was going to do this for herself and looked around to see their surroundings were poorer and less crowded. They were in the poor district of the town and Gorrister could see one of his headquarters in the distance. There were six in the kingdom of Winterfall, two in snowflake city, four outside the capital, and a newly established area in Teardrop Forest, where multiple traps were employed around it to keep it safe from the curious animals, monstrocities, and curious adventurers.

Now when birds flap their wings, they push the air down, and raise themselves up." He noted as he approached the "school." It was a large building that spanned five stories tall, not jutting out, as oddly enough to the unknown eye in an area like this, all of the buildings spanned three or four stories tall. Almost as if they were intentionally built like that. The "school" looked to be an old homely building made of wood but the only thing that shown it's true nature where the hinges, if someone were to peek at the small gap to the side, would notice they were new, as well as the door itself. The goblin knocked on the door with the back of his hand and waited.
"Who is it?" A woman said from the other side as an eye appeared through the peekhole.
"The eye of the beholder holds the key to freedom." Gorrister said, hands behind his back.
"What're you talking about? Go away!" The woman said at once, sounding infuriated. The goblin waited ten full seconds before he heard the clicks of locks and entered freely inside. The woman inside must have been in her 30's while she showcased a stout body and a motherly bosom, following behind the pair with long black hair strutting behind her. "And this is the lobby." Gorrister said, most likely prolonging The first floor was designed like a bar but instead of drinking, people were looking down at maps, discussing amongst one another, until their heads went up momentarily to greet Gorrister and he passed by them who greeted them back. Noticeably, they all had either a sword or dagger and a crossbow by their sides.

By the time he got to the stairs, a small crowd consisting of four people followed him, the stout woman included, made the walk up claustrophobic.
"Gorrister, the spring loaded crossbows keep melting."
"Sir, there is a shortage of food in the kitchen."
"The smith had his arm broken two days ago, Sir."
"We need more wood and medicine, Gorrister."

The goblin still held face but can feel his pointy ears heat up as he tried to satisfy each problem.
"What's wrong with the springs?" "They keep melting after a few shots." "Melting? Are we still using tin springs?" "They're the cheapest metal we could afford." "Gods! find and use iron, steel, if they can't be found use copper and any other alloy." Then the engineer left.
" Check the second resting house on the other side of Snowflake City. They'll most likely have a surplus of food and would be more then willing to share some, Leanne." The stout woman then left.
"John had his arm broken and you didn't tell me sooner? Well, check with Reas, he lives in the brown house with a odd-looking roof, a few houses to the left. Send a doctor over." The middle-aged man nodded and then went back down the stairs.
"Don't worry about wood and medicine. The supplies from Teardrop forest are coming in the afternoon through the new proxy, that general shop owner in the square...Henry or something. Make sure to check-up on John, alright Phillip?" "No problem, Gorrister."

A sigh of relief was released as soon as the doctor left and he looked back up at his guest; rather surprised he hadn't lost her yet. "It get's a little busy here, as you can imagine." He noted as they still climbed up the stairs until they reached the top. The top floor has filled with corriders, which granted the goblin to speak a bit before he could get to his room. "The second and third floor are the classrooms. Feel free to drop by and attend a class if you're interested." They stopped in front of a wooden door, hastily painted in white, and in large capital letters, KNOCK was written on it. Confidently enough, he twisted the handle, and strode confidently in his own room which looked like a modest inn's save except for the copious amounts of paper strewn apart, hanging from walls, the desk, and such with either designs of siege weapons, regular weapons, and buildings on them, or his own personal musings. The only thing that seemed odd in the room was the collection of flasks that were on his desk and the various collection of powders in vials he had received from an alchemist, now put in a stand. "Watch your head." Gorrister joked, referring to the high hanging battering ram from the ceiling that would ram an intruder if he/she tried to burst in his chambers while he was in it or if they used the same door to escape.

"Let's see...I'm pretty sure it's around here somewhere." The goblin said, rummaging through the papers, inventions, and such. "Now, where was I before on this flying subject?"